Chapter 2: You Lose Some, you Win Some

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Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 2: You Lose Some, you Win Some - Dave is a young English guy going to uni and sharing a flat with his best friend, Ron. After someone secretly leaves a pair of dirty socks on his pillow and a note with instructions, he will have to sort out the mystery. At the same time, Dave will have to learn some difficult things about his friends and himself, and the biggest mystery is that which the socks have stirred inside him

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Blackmail   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Mystery   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Safe Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Foot Fetish   Slow  

What was coming over me? I had just masturbated while sniffing someone's dirty, stinky socks. Not only that, but I had liked it, and I had added to the experience by imagining myself doing the most humiliating and degrading thing I could imagine. Yet that had only added to my excitement, and had in fact pushed me to one of the quickest and best orgasms of my life. Was I condemned to this perversion? So far all that had happened had taken place in my mind ... Well, my sticky hands forced me to admit that it wasn't all exactly in my head, but at least it was in private. But what if I started wanting to do this in reality, with my friends? I was so disgusted with myself that I was on the edge of crying, but I decided thinking about it all then and there wasn't going to help any, so I got up and tried to forget about it for now by following my usual routine.

I washed and dressed, and checked the time. It was around 11 and it was sunny. I thought of waking Ron up, though I wasn't very sure he'd thank me for that. On the other hand, he'd pulled my girl, so maybe he deserved it. I went to have some breakfast instead, and little by little managed to set aside that previous incident. Eventually I'd have to think on it, but not then.

As I entered the common room, I found Victor with a girl I didn't know. She looked Chinese, like him, and they were both having some noodles for breakfast. Although Victor seemed like a shy guy, he quickly introduced us. Her name was Sonia, and she was also a foreign student from Malaysia. Coincidentally she lived in one of the flats nearby, in fact on the flat right above us. I was a bit surprised to find two Malaysians so close, though our uni had a good number of overseas students, but they told me they tend to go for uni flats or halls ... After all they can't easily arrange private accomodation from far away, so it's much easier to get it done through the university.

As we talked, they told me they met by chance. Sonia was coming to our flat to introduce herself and meet her neighbours when Ron and I were gone, so Victor happened to open the door. I was a bit surprised that they were having breakfast together, but I guess a flight of stairs isn't that long a distance. I wondered then if they had something going, but I wasn't about to ask and they weren't about to tell.

Lisa and Ron entered the room then, and Ron looked disgustingly pleased. As introductions were made, I felt a bit left out, the single guy between the two couples. To make things worse, as Lisa was talking to Victor and Sonia, Ron winked at me! He had pulled my girl and he was rubbing it in. I'd definitely have to talk to him about this. It just was not on. Anyway, Ron looked at Victor's and Sonia's food and decided he'd made breakfast for us 3.

"No offence, but I don't get how you can have noodles for breakfast", he said.

He set the kettle to boil, asked us how many eggs we wanted, and made a couple of crumpets for each, then took out some juice, and as the kettle stopped, got some tea bags.

Although both Ron and Lisa looked wakeful enough, it was quite obvious they had had a long night and little sleep. Victor, Sonia, and I carried most of the conversation, while Ron and Lisa ate quietly. Lisa asked me how come I had left the party so early, so I explained I was a bit tired. She didn't swallow it, though, because she asked me whether I hadn't liked her friends. I had liked them well enough, as I told her, and I hoped we'd meet some time again.

Once we finished eating, Victor and Sonia left, and Lisa offered to do the dishes, but Ron said I would do them. After all, he had cooked, so I would wash. Although that was our usual arrangement, Ron said it in a tone I found annoying. I didn't like being ordered around. But it was our deal, so I had nothing to complain about as such. In fact, I thought I was probably just getting annoyed because of the whole deal with Ron and Lisa, so I nodded and went to the sink, as they left laughing.

That evening I was in my room when someone knocked on the door. I expected it to be Ron, but it was Chris. He wanted us to meet in the common room to talk a few things out and maybe have dinner together if we were up to it. So I went with him, and Ron and victor were already there. Alan was out somewhere, probably biking again, but hopefully he'd get back before we were done.

Chris told us that he'd lived in this same flat last year, and he was planning to stay until he finished his degree, so he had got an internet connection and a wireless access point. He said he'd be willing to set us up for access so long as we'd help pay for the connection, if we had computers with us, which we all did. Then he told us that last year he had had very messy flatmates, and that he was hoping this year things wouldn't get out of hand. He proposed to write a calendar with the household chores, so we'd take turns, and we all agreed, though we'd have to wait for Alan to come to actually set it down. Basically each week one of us would take care of the common areas, though everyone would take care of their own things like dishes and so on.

After that, we decided to make dinner together. Victor made some chicken wings, Chris made some pasta with mushrooms, and Ron made some pork roast. I wasn't much of a cook, so I made a salad. As we started to eat we realized we had made way too much food, so we were quite glad when Alan came by, with a girl.

They were quite surprised when they saw us with all this food, but they were glad to join. We had at least 3 decent cooks in the flat, maybe 4 if Alan knew his way around. Alan's friend was called Clara. She was also a uni student our age, and wore casual sports clothes. She was quite impressed about the food, so there was a good chance to get her to come back, and if Ron could pull up my girl, I could try to get Alan's, assuming they were even involved in any way, which didn't seem to be the case from the way they behaved. Alan had just gone biking, and he had met her en route. She was about to start journalism. Her hair was cut short, she wore no jewlry, and didn't look particularly neat, but she had a nice body.

We had a lively chat with the meal, helped along by a couple of bottles of red wine Ron and I shared. Alan agreed about the calendar, but he had no computer for now, so he wasn't interested in the network connection. A pity, we'd be only 4 to make up the cost, but it still came out pretty cheap per head.

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