Chapter 1: Ensnared and Ashamed

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Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1: Ensnared and Ashamed - Dave is a young English guy going to uni and sharing a flat with his best friend, Ron. After someone secretly leaves a pair of dirty socks on his pillow and a note with instructions, he will have to sort out the mystery. At the same time, Dave will have to learn some difficult things about his friends and himself, and the biggest mystery is that which the socks have stirred inside him

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Blackmail   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Mystery   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Safe Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Foot Fetish   Slow  

I had looked forward to going to uni for a long time, and I was there at last! Not only that, but I wouldn't be there alone. My friend Ron and I decided to study together, so we got two rooms on a shared university flat. Most first years prefer to go for halls, but Ron and I never had any trouble making friends, and living in a flat gives you more independence and privacy.

It was a flat with 5 rooms, and we soon got to know our other 3 flatmates. There was Alan, a northern guy, tall and thin. He looked like a fit guy, and had a bike which he parked by the flat. Chris was not quite as fit, more of a nerd by looks, and kept looking awkwardly at us. We met him while he was moving quite a bit of equipment into his room: a desktop computer, speakers, and some stuff we didn't quite recognise. Victor was a Malaysian guy, a foreign student, and he seemed like a quiet guy, although maybe he'd unwind with time. We all were a bit disappointed that our flat turned out, by chance, to be an all-male flat, but there were girls living in flats nearby, so it could have been worse.

After I got to unpack most of my stuff, I went to Ron's room. He had been lucky! The room was far bigger than mine, and for some reason they had set a double bed. Probably they were counting on renting that room to two people, as the uni did have some rooms for couples, but my fortunate friend got it instead. It was also right next to a toilet with a shower, in a sort of little aside. The rest of our rooms were aligned on another corridor, so he'd get some privacy too. Ron still had a few things packed, but he was lying on his bed watching TV.

"What's up?"

"Oh, man, I'm knackered. Good thing it's intro week", he said.

"Yah. I managed to unpack it all but I don't feel like doing anything much."

"Wanna watch TV for a while then?"

"Yeah, let's order some pizza too. Maybe we can go out later. Shouldn't miss intro week parties."

There was a chair by Ron's desk, but it wasn't pointing towards the TV. It was set so that he could watch it from bed, as he was doing now, so I just sat at his feet. We knew each other from childhood and we had slept at each other's places many times, so I didn't think more of it. He lightly tapped my leg with his socked foot.

"Hey, man, how about a foot massage?"

"How about you fuck yourself?", I replied laughing.

"Yeah well, no harm in trying, right?", he chuckled.

A part of me thought about it for a fraction of a second, but it was far too repressed for me to dare, and anyway, most of me was rather disgusted by the idea. Ron changed the topic though, we got ourselves some pizza and watched TV for a while.

Later we asked our other flatmates if they wanted to go out, and we had a good time and a few drinks. when we got back it was quite late, and we were all a bit tired, so we just went to bed. As I woke up, though, I found two dirty socks on my pillow. I had no idea what they were doing there or where they came from, I had a bit of a hang-over and couldn't be bothered to think it through so I just drop them somewhere on the floor. As I moved them, I saw there was a little printed paper note.

"Wash these socks by hand on your room's sink by the day after tomorrow."

That was all it said. I was half angry, half amused: why would I do such a thing? I thought of going to check my flatmates and ask them if they were theirs, but then I thought about it twice and wondered what they would think if I went to their rooms asking if they had left a couple of socks for washing on my pillow. They could even get ideas that way! I thought it must be one of our flatmates who had a pranking disposition, and hopefully I'd soon find out who it was just by observation.

As time passed, I couldn't get those socks out of my head. I went to the intro events at the department, went to lunch out with Ron (we just got our loans so we had money), and so on. Whatever I did though, I kept wondering about them. They were normal thick socks, and they looked somewhat stiff, as though they had been well used. Part of me was tempted to do as the note said, to go along with the prank. but why should I? What a demeaning thing to do to handwashed someone's sweaty, dirty socks, and not just that, but in my sink, where I washed my face every day!

I spent the whole day pondering whether to do it or not, going from one extreme to the other. Whenever I was trying to concentrate on something the socks would come back to my mind all of a sudden. At times I would be telling myself how I should just go along with the joke, just to see what it was about, and at times I was asking myself what the fuck was wrong with me, and how I could even think of doing such a thing. At some point it must have showed, because Ron realized something was up with me.

"Hey, Dave, what's in your mind?"

"Oh, never mind, nothing really, just the changes I guess."

"Come on, Dave, don't bullshit me. You've been up in space for the whole day. We didn't even drink that much last night!"

"Yeah well, I'm just a bit distracted, that's all."

We were at the flat's common room, where we had a cooker, fridge, and some not too comfortable sofas. I thought Ron was going to keep drilling me about it, and really, I just didn't know how to get out of it. He'd always had a knack for knowing what was up with me and the best bullshit detector I'd ever seen. So when alan came in, I knew I had been saved by the bell. He'd clearly been biking some, and who could blame him? It's not like we get many sunny days in England, so may as well get the most out of it, and this was the best weather we'd be getting before next spring.

"Hey, Alan, how was the biking?", asked Ron.

"Not bad, you should try it. Would do you both some good to do some exercise, right?"

"Not me, I get tired fast. The only exercise I like involves girls", I said.

"Well, you got to train up your stamina, you know. Get some self discipline and all that, and girls like bikers."

It was then that I decided to look at his socks. I thought I'd check all my flatmate's out, and see if any of them was wearing socks of a similar design to the ones I had found. Not that they were very special, but I was kind of desperate for clues. He wasn't wearing the same type, though. Still, that didn't mean much: someone willing to prank me enough to get to unlock my room probably would go to the bother of using a different type of socks for his prank.

"Dave, what are you looking at?"

Damn, Ron had caught me in the act. In the act of what? Hell, didn't I have the right to work out who on Earth was pranking me? But even I had to admit it wouldn't do to just say I was looking at Alan's socks.

"Oh, nothing much", I said blushing lightly. "Just checking if Alan's biking shows in his muscles, he doesn't look that built up really."

I was lying my arse off, and I could see in Ron's face he knew I was, but fortunately he didn't decide to call me on it with someone else present, so he pretended to believe my line.

"You're right, I guess biking isn't really the thing to look all bulky, you want more of weight training and shit like that."

"Sure, but at the end it's stamina that counts, and even in a fight it's worth being able to run away", said Alan.

After dinner Ron and I checked to see if the guys wanted to go out. Alan came with us, but Victor and Chris didn't feel up to it. Victor seemed a bit shy, not exactly the partying type of guy, and Chris was obviously some sort of computer nerd. To be fair though, he was in his second year, so maybe he had a bit more in his mind than us.

I was just talking to some girl, and, in my own mind at least, quite close to getting somewhere, when Ron approached like a damn heat-seeking missile. Ron and I got along pretty well, but this was a quirk of his I couldn't stand: whenever I'd be talking to some girl, he'd come by and introduce himself, and more than half the time ended up scoring.

"Hi, Dave! Will you introduce me?"

"Hi, Ron. This is lisa. Lisa, this is Ron, my flatmate."

I hardly had time to introduce them, when they started dancing. Oh well. One of these days I really should talk to Ron about this, I thought. A little later she came back, as Ron was going for some drinks. I had some hope then, that this wouldn't be one of those times when my best friend pulled my girl.

Unfortunately, all she wanted to talk about was Ron. I must have showed something about my annoyance then, because she giggled.

"Oh, don't pout, silly. I'll introduce you to some friends of mine."

I got to know a few of her girlfriends, and they were OK, if not as pretty as her, so it wasn't a total loss. However, it was quite clear to me that I'd be going home on my own, and Ron wouldn't. I found it a bit difficult to get back into the partying mood, so I decided to just get back home. At least I wouldn't have much of a hang-over the next day.

As I got home, I went to the common room to get myself some water, always a good idea after some drinking and before bed, and I realized we hadn't done the dishes. I started doing Ron's and mine. He'd have a hang-over over on the next day almost for sure, and I was feeling quite OK, so it wasn't a big deal for me to do it. Then Chris came into the room, dressed in casual clothes and wearing a pair of slippers.

"Oh, you're home early. How was the party?"

"It was OK, I guess. Just not my lucky day. I decided I may as well do these dishes now, since I've not much else to do."

"Ah, a neat flatmate. That's pretty cool. You can do mine then, since you're at it."

"Ah, what a sense of humour!", said I. "Would that be all, or will you set me any other chors?"

"Hey, don't be that way. I was thinking we could organise ourselves a bit better if we all help each other out. that's all. Last year I had fairly messy flatmates, so I ended up having to do a lot of this stuff just for my piece of mind. I wasn't intending you to do my share. Not that I'd object of course", he said smiling.

"Oh, sorry, I guess it just sounded that way to me. Anyway, I'd not mind organising ourselves at some point, but now I feel like going to bed. See you tomorrow, I guess."

As I headed out, he went to get a glass of water. I took the chance to look at his socks without him realizing, and they matched! So this guy could well be the prankster. I wasn't sure whether to call him on it or not, though, but before I could think it through I was already talking.

"Hey, are you fond of pranks?"

"Not exactly, why?"

"Oh never mind. I think someone in this flat is. Anyway, night."

As I slowly woke up, I realized something was odd. The socks where back on the pillow, by my face! I stood up and checked the room was empty, and the door was locked. What the hell was going on? I checked the socks to see if there was another note, and there was.

"One day has passed. Remember your task or you will be punished."

I was trying to get angry at this whole thing, but it was just too weird for me to make sense of it. All I could do is wonder how someone had managed to unlock my room and place the socks and the note right by my face as I was sleeping. Well, that part maybe wouldn't be so difficult, I was a pretty deep sleeper, but the rest was just too strange. What did the note mean about being punished? The worst of all is I had noticed I was getting excited about this whole thing. At the beginning I could just blame it on the whole weirdness, but now I had to admit there was something more to it than that. I had always thought of myself as a guy with normal tastes about sex, but then I did enjoy all those tying-up stories and so on. What I had never thought about was anything to do with another guy. Well, not really ... I hadn't really ... Ok, maybe sometimes. Ron and I had played our share of tying up games, and thinking back it's amazing how often I ended up being the prisoner, or the madman, or whoever needed to be tied.

I went back to bed, trying to work all this stuff in my mind. I still thought the most likely explanation for it all was a prank, but what was happening inside me was a bit more difficult to take. Then I noticed I had started sniffing the socks, holding them to my nose with one hand, my other hand stroking my cock, which had gone hard a good while ago. I imagined the owner of the socks looking at me, laughing and calling me names: wimp, slave, dog. I imagined crawling to his feet, licking and nuzzling his bare toes, and then I came, and a terrible shame came over me.

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