by rache

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Thriller Sex Story: Two teenage girls find something that passes for love and romance together as they prey on society and their peers. (rache classic - all the caffeine, half-the sugar for the old, new generation why)

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Sadistic   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Violent   .

"Is that what we are?" Jill looked at me.

She was 24 and she looked like a Jill, with her long brown hair in pigtails, hanging just behind her ears. She had soft brown eyes and a pretty face, with dimples when she smiled. A real tomboy body too, thin and sort of slouching because she was self-conscious about being so tall. Jill was like 5'11 and she hated it. Small breasts, like just nipples really and her sex was so far down between her thighs you couldn't even tell she had one unless she spread her legs for you. She shaved too, so when she was naked, just standing there, she looked like a mannequin more than a woman.

I was 24 as well, and much shorter, just 5'2" tall and thin, but not skinny like Jill. I was more curves, where she was angles. My breasts weren't overly large, but nice enough. My black hair was short, cut to my collar and tangled really. It was thick and wavy and just shaggy. My eyes are blue, summer sky blue and it contrasts with my dark skin. My mom was from India, but my dad was English, and now I'm an American. Strange the way the world gets smaller. Jill was German mostly, not that it matters much, but I think knowing she was three quarters Nazi made her a little proud.

"Is that what we are? Predators?" Jill asked me again. She was opening a bag of microwave popcorn. She loves that stuff.

"I guess," I shrugged. "They say there aren't a whole lot of us around."

I was doing my homework for my biology and listening to the television. It was something about sexual predators on A&E but we'd missed the first ten minutes of it.

"Who?" Jill was tossing popcorn in the air and catching it in her mouth.

"Us. Female predators." I flipped through my text book. "The guy said there's only like one or two, or something."

"Well, here we are!" Jill laughed. "I don't feel like a predator though."

"Me neither," I sighed. "I feel like roadkill."

"Heh!" Jill grinned at me. "That reminds me, time for what's her name's fix."

"You didn't think of a name yet?" I looked at Jill and she threw popcorn at me.

"Nope. I was thinkin' like Courtney. You like that name?" She threw another one, aiming for my open mouth, but missed and it bounced off my chin.

"It's okay I guess."

"It's like Hole," Jill laughed. "You wanna feed her, or me?"

"I'll do it," I said, picking up the popcorn around me. "I need a break. Besides, if you do it you'll be in there all night."

"Yeah right, Mare! Like you won't?" she rolled her eyes.

"Not all night," I grinned at my best friend and roommate.

I'd met Jill when I was still in high school. We both went to Timmons, which was a private school for girls. Troubled girls mostly, the sort who don't play well with others. It was a good school though, and a real one, not like a reformatory or a convent, or anything weird like that. It was just a very structured environment with a very high teacher to student ratio. It cost a lot to go there too, which I always took to mean that rich people had very spoiled children. Because that was the only thing wrong with most of my classmates, so far as I could tell. They were just spoiled.

I didn't think I was particularly spoiled though, and I know Jill wasn't there because she was spoiled. We recognized each other right away. Maybe predators do that, I don't know. I could have spotted her a mile away and as soon as Jill saw me approaching she knew what I was all about.

"I'm Mary," I'd told her. She was sitting down by herself in the cafeteria, alone at a large table.

"I'm Jill," she said.

As soon as I sat down we were best friends. We sat together in all of our classes, had lunch together, and spent our afternoons and evenings together. Just talking mostly, asking questions and giving answers. We weren't completely open, not at first, but it didn't take but a couple days and we knew everything there was to know about each other.

"Get the fuck out!" I told my roommate, an overweight pig named Polly. I'd told her before that when I came into the room with Jill, she'd better be leaving. The first time she'd thought I was joking and I had to hit her a bunch of times. She didn't turn me in though. I'd already told her what happened to squealing little piggies named Polly.

"They get butchered," I'd whispered in her ear. It was dark that night. All the lights were out and I'd jumped on her stomach, slapping her face. She was 15 then, the same as me, and a total coward. It was hard to respect her anyway, but when she didn't fight back I almost lost it.

"Suck my pussy," I'd told Polly, sliding up her body, over her boobs and up to her face. I wasn't wearing any panties anyway and Polly just whimpered when I put my little slit to her mouth. "You bite me and I'll burn you in your bed."

It took some time, but she got used to it and sucked my pussy almost every night. After awhile she was waiting for it and it wasn't as good for me then, so mostly I just liked to slap her face and especially her piggy tits. They were fat and heavy and I liked hitting them a lot. I didn't think she'd ever like that, but she did. People learned to like anything after getting enough of it. Especially stupid people.

So I screamed at her to get out of my room and Jilly smirked and watched Polly go, all red faced and looking like she was going to cry.

"You got a roommate?" I asked Jill, sitting down on my bed, leaning against the wall.

"Yeah. That girl Valerie. You seen her?" Jill was on Polly's bed, facing me in the little room.

"She's a whore," I said. It was my new word, I'd just learned it from hearing some older girl use it, and it sounded sick. Fucking someone for money.

"Is she?" Jilly shrugged. "I hate her."

"Does she suck pussy?" I asked.

"I don't know. Why, your roommate does that?" Jill looked around, but there wasn't much to see.

"She sucks mine," I said. "She didn't want to before, but now she does it all the time."

"That's sick," Jill made a face.

"Yeah, totally, but she likes it now," I giggled. "I bet she'd suck yours if you want."

"I wouldn't ever suck a pussy," Jill told me.

"But you'd let somebody do it, right?" I pulled my left foot up, unbuckling my shoe.

"Yeah. I guess," she shrugged.

"It feels good, better than fingers anyway." I tossed my shoe on the floor. "You ever finger yourself?"

"Duh!" Jilly giggled. "Since I was like 12 probably."

"It's better than that," I told her seriously. I started unbuckling my other shoe.

"Fingerings cool," Jill nodded, watching me take off my shoe. "You wanna finger me?"

"Yeah," I smiled. "I ain't gonna suck you though."

"Yeah, I know," Jill smiled back. "I'll finger you too if you want."

We were laying down together on Polly's bed, cause I didn't want to get mine all dirty. Jilly wasn't shy or anything and neither was I, we didn't have any reason to be. We knew we weren't going to lie to each other or anything, and that's why people are shy. Because of the lies they might hear, or the lies they've told. If I wanted to do something, I'd tell Jill. If I didn't, I'd tell her that too. And she'd do the same. There was nothing to be mad about. It was trust like you can only get from yourself usually, and most people don't even get that much.

Neither one of us were much to look at then, being just 15 years old. She was tall and skinny. I was short and skinny. She had no tits at all and mine were just puffy little mounds with big hard nipples. I didn't have hardly any hair yet, and Jill had none at all. Not even a single curly pube.

"You look like your ten," I giggled.

"Yeah. I know." She was lying down and I was sitting next to her. "You ever kiss anybody?"

"No," I told her. "I never wanted to."

"Me neither." She licked her lips and spread her legs a little bit. "I think my pussy is really ugly."

"Yeah," I nodded. "Mine too. You want to kiss me?"

"Sure." Jill moved a little and I laid down next to her, trying to find a comfortable way so we could finger each other and kiss at the same time.

I'd never kissed anyone before and neither had she, but it wasn't like it was totally hard to figure out. It felt funny at first and we giggled a lot, but then it got better and pretty soon it wasn't so funny anymore. It was strange feeling another girl's pussy too. It felt like mine, sort of, but different too. And having Jill's fingers on me was nice, I liked it a lot. It wasn't really as good as having my pussy sucked, but since I was touching Jill at the same time, and we were kissing, the whole thing was actually better.

I remember hugging her very tightly at one point, squeezing my thighs around her hand and shaking so much I didn't think I'd ever stop. It was my first real orgasm and it left me breathless and dizzy. I tried to explain it to Jill, but it was easier to show her and as soon as I'd caught my breath I tried as hard as I could to make her feel the way I had. When Jill came, I could feel her tight little pussy squeezing my fingers. It was such a rush that I was almost cumming again myself.

After that we fingered each other and kissed every chance we could. She used to sneak into my room sometimes too, late at night, and we'd wake up Polly, making her suck our pussies, or just beating up her tits. Jilly really liked getting her pussy sucked though, even more than me, and she came sometimes. Polly never made me cum, but after we were done with her, Jilly would do me and give me a good orgasm with her fingers.

We did that for three years. We could have changed roommates. I mean, at registration there was a question about if you liked your previous room assignment. If you said no they'd try and change it, but we always said yes. Even Polly, because she was used to it now. She cried when summer vacations came and we had to go back to our families.

"You can't come with us, Polly," I told her for like the hundredth time.

Jilly and I were both going to Stanford and Polly wanted to come. She'd applied to Cornell though, because that's what I'd told her we were doing. By the time the little pig found out it was almost too late and when I'd caught her filling out an application for Stanford I'd ripped it up.

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