House in the Woods: Rhyslynn

by Shakes Peer2B

Copyright© 2009 by Shakes Peer2B

BDSM Sex Story: When an oppressed child of an Algerian father finally finds away from home, attending Washington State, she also finds herself tormented by forbidden thoughts and feelings. A friend refers her to Mike Brenneman who is only too happy to help her with her problem.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BDSM   MaleDom   First   Anal Sex   Fisting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Body Modification   .

If you think you know somebody who resembles any of the characters here, congratulations, but you're wrong - any similarity between the characters in this story and any real person is purely coincidental, since all of these characters are figments of my dirty little imagination.

This is my story, not yours. Don't sell it or put it on a pay site. You can keep it and/or give it away with all of this information intact, but if you make money off of it without my permission, you're breaking the law and pissing me off.

Author's Note:

I received the following from a reader. The story that follows is based upon that original message at the request of its sender. Please note that Rhyslynn al Kendra is not, to the best of my knowledge, a real person.

Dear Mr. Brenneman,

My classmate Aisha at Washington State suggested
that I write to you and explain my problem and
that you might be willing to help me. Although she
would not tell me exactly what you did to help
her, she did say that you helped her with a unique
research project and that she learned some things
about herself that she could not have learned

First, I should tell you about myself. I was
raised in the US but my Father was very strict and
my maiden Aunt home schooled me. As soon as I
turned 18, I applied to a college on the West
Coast and moved here as soon as I was accepted. I
have no brothers or male cousins. I have never
been kissed or even had a boyfriend. In fact,
until I left home for college, I had never seen a
man other than my Father.

My problem is that I have been taught all my life
that men and women must never touch unless it is
for procreation, never for pleasure. But I am
torn because I have such feelings around men that
I fear myself around them. Aisha says that what I
feel is a natural response but I don't know what
to do or how to react. I cannot speak to the men
in my classes but I cannot think of anything other
than men. If I cannot resolve this soon, I will
have to leave school and return to my Father's

Please help me, Mr. Breneman. Aisha has given me
your address and I will come to your town for
spring break. If I do not hear from you, I will
not return to school next semester.

Sincerely yours,
Rhyslynn al Kendra

I read the email twice, thinking about my response. Finally, I decided on a reply. It would either scare the hell out of her, or ensure that I had her permission to do with her as I chose.

Dear Miss al Kendra;

For your purposes, you may find the tutelage of my
friend Ted Marks more suitable, as my lessons are
neither tender nor loving.

If I undertake to instruct you in these matters, you
will learn, not how to love and be loved, but how to
serve a man sexually.

If that is the sort of instruction you desire, you
may present yourself at my front door promptly at
8:00 am on the first morning of your Spring break.
Do not wear clothing of any kind and be prepared to
spend the entire week with me. During that week, I
will do with you as I please, but by its end, you
will most certainly have experienced sex in many forms.


When I turned on the computer the next day, her reply was waiting in my inbox:

Mr. Brenneman,

Thank you for your reply. As my upbringing was neither
tender nor loving, I fear that I am unsuited for that
kind of instruction. I will arrive at your address as
you have requested. You should know that it will be
the first time in my life that I will be unclothed before
a man. I hope you find me a worthy student. I have
withdrawn from school and will only re-enroll if I
successfully complete your tutelage. I place myself
willingly in your hands as Aisha have advised me that
your are worthy of such trust.

Thank you,

I shook my head in exasperation at the same time my cock began rising in anticipation. I quickly shot off a reply:


You will NOT use me as an excuse for abandoning your
future. Your education is your responsibility regardless
of the outcome of your stay here.

If you learn one thing, learn this: Sex is recreation and/or
procreation. That's all. If it is more to you than that,
I cannot solve the problems for which you need solutions.

Now, stop this foolishness and get back to class. I will
see you on the appointed hour of the appointed day, not


The appointed hour of the appointed day arrived, as did the young lady. I was a bit surprised to see that she had taken my instructions literally and had apparently driven here nude. She parked her Honda next to my pickup and tried to walk across my front lawn barefoot while doing her best to hide her private parts with her hands.

I stood on the front porch waiting.

"Drop your hands, girl!" I told her as she stepped gingerly through the dew-laden grass. "Why do you think I told you not to wear clothing?"

She shot me a stricken look, but reluctantly dropped her hands to her sides. Her chocolate skin glistened with moisture from the morning mist, and her waist length dreadlocks did nothing to hide the voluptuous curves of her figure. I racked my brain to come up with the name of the actress of whom she reminded me. Kim something or other. Fields! Kim Fields.

She was about the right height - five three or four - and her face had the same sort of wide-mouthed, elfin beauty. Her heavy breasts were slightly pendulous, primarily because of their weight, and I looked forward to testing the sensitivity of the huge dark nipples that centered her large brown areolae.

As she reached the porch, I said nothing, but left her standing there while I walked around her and completed my inspection. Her back was firm enough and her rounded buttocks tapered to thighs that could have used a little time on the thigh-master, but weren't too bad. All in all her backside was congruent with the overall voluptuousness of her figure.

When I returned to her front, she made as if to speak, but I shushed her with a finger over her lips. Grasping both nipples I tugged downward. At my first touch, her eyes closed and a shudder passed through her body. Her hands involuntarily moved toward mine, but stopped midway.

I continued applying downward pressure until she whimpered and her knees buckled. She continued downward until she was kneeling on the boards. I released her nipples and stood, towering over her nude, trembling figure.

"Why are you here, girl?" I asked.

"I wrote to you..." she began.

"I know what you wrote!" I told her, bending to slap the side of one breast. Even with her skin color the imprint of my hand was clear on the flesh. "Now tell me why the rebellious child of a repressive father would come to someone who promises to be even more repressive for instruction about sex."

"I-I do not know, sir," Rhys answered, head bent. "I - it seemed the best way to learn..."

I slapped the other breast, even harder.

"Do not lie to me girl! How many other avenues did you explore before you decided to come here?"

Her answer was almost a whisper. "None, sir."

"And yet, here you are. Why?"

"As I told you in my email, my friend Aisha recommended you, sir," she mumbled.

"And... ?"

She shot me a pleading look, but my face remained impassive.

Finally, she continued, " ... and it seemed the answer to my prayers that there would be someone who could help me with the sexual problems when I so needed such help."

"Your family is Muslim, right?"



"Algeria, sir."

When the problems in the Middle East first showed signs of spilling over into the rest of the world, I had made it a point to learn what I could about Islam and the Muslim people just to avoid the kinds of hysterical reactions that I knew would prevail, thanks to the unwillingness of the media to do their own research so they could properly inform their readers and listeners.

"So they are Sunni." It was a statement, not a question, and safe enough since the vast majority of Algerian Muslims are Sunni. As it turned out, I was wrong.

"Ibadi, sir."

I searched my brain for what I could remember about this conservative and less popular sect of Islam.

"Your family is from the M'zab region?"

"Yes, sir."

"How is it that a daughter of such a conservative sect is allowed to grow her hair in such a fashion?"

"M-my father never saw my hair under my haik," she answered, trembling, remembering once again that she knelt completely naked in front of a man.

"What would your father say if he saw you now, Rhyslynn?"

"He would disown me, sir," she answered in a low, trembling voice.

"So, have you decided to become khafir (unbeliever)?"

"I-I do not know what to believe anymore, sir," she was on the verge of tears, "only that I have become obsessed with thoughts of sex. I know that it is against Shariah law for me to be here and allow you to see me like this, but I no longer live in Algeria, and I am surrounded by people to whom sex is a daily part of their lives. They seem happy, and most of them are good people. How can it be so wrong when so many people enjoy it?"

"Then you are beginning to become wise, girl," I told her. "Do you, then, doubt the teachings of your Imams? How could they be wrong after so many hundreds of years?"

"It is ... difficult to continue to believe as I have been taught," she said in almost a whisper. "I have studied Islamic history at the University, and it seems that all the sects are simply based on different interpretations of the meaning of the Koran. Even The Prophet's life is full of contradictions."

"And how is it that a mere girl comes to believe that she understands Islam better than all the scholars in its history?"

"That is not so!" she trembled, still not having come to terms with what she was about. "I merely question the logic of their interpretations. I do not presume to know..."

"Yet here you are, showing your body to a strange man," I mused for her benefit, "in violation of all that they have taught you. Put your clothes on girl, and go back to your father, or grow a spine and admit that you think the teachers of your religion are wrong!"

She burst into tears, but the mind that had brought her thinking to this point was still working.

"It - it must be true!" she cried. "If I did not believe them wrong, then I could not have come to you like this! Allah forgive me!"

"Tell me, Rhyslynn," I said softly, raising her face to mine with a hand under her chin, "Do you believe that the Allah who supposedly blessed the consummation of the Prophet's marriage to a nine year old girl - a girl far too young to have children - could possibly think badly of an adult woman who gives herself to an adult man?"

"I ... It ... It is not for me to say, but I do not see how the Prophet could have been blessed for having sex with a child. It - it is too much to think about. I only know that something drove me here today. Whether it is my own base desires or the will of Allah, I cannot say."

"If Allah is all-powerful and all-knowing, how could anything not be His will?"

"I-I do not know, sir."

"Very well," I stood and freed myself from my trousers. She hadn't come here for lessons on religion. If these sessions haunted her later, at least the foregoing would make it hard for her to blame it on me. "Suck me."

She looked puzzled at first, and started to speak. I stopped that by shoving my groin into her face. Finally understanding, she reached for my cock. Her fingers were soft and cool, their touch tentative and innocent enough to begin erecting me despite the lack of physical stimulation.

She inspected my phallus from a few inches away, then took the very tip into her mouth and suckled tentatively.

"First lesson, girl," I told her, taking a handful of brown dreadlocks, "When a man says 'suck me' he means 'I'm going to fuck your mouth'. Now open up!"

She did as I commanded, though I suspect she intended to speak rather than have me shove my cock down her throat. I felt the sharp edges of her white teeth as I pushed inward.

"No teeth!" I told her, slapping a breast sharply.

Obediently, she opened wider, and soon realized that covering her teeth with her lips would provide further insurance. That was fine, but the best blowjobs include lips and tongue as well as throat. Never mind. There would be time to teach her the finer points later. For now, the lesson was about establishing our relationship - indelibly and irrevocably.

To that end, I slowly pushed my rapidly hardening shaft all the way down her throat until her brown nose was buried in my pubic hair. Her body convulsed and heaved as she fought her gag reflex, but it wasn't until she began to panic from lack of air that I withdrew far enough to let her breathe.

"Control your breathing," I said, not unkindly. That was all for the better. The longer she could keep me down, the more firmly the relationship would be planted in her mind. "Get ready."

She took a deep breath and opened to receive me, cringing a little, but braving it out.

Again, I planted myself root deep in her face and held, flexing my cock in her throat. The heaving and convulsing was less, and she kept me down longer before running out of air.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you. Control your breathing."

I started slowly, but it still took a few strokes for her to get the idea that she needed to exhale on the inward stroke and inhale as I came out. Once she got the timing, I forgot about her gag reflex and just started fucking, taking care to withdraw far enough to allow her to inhale.

Somewhere in the middle of my stroking into her, a change came over Rhys. Her lips uncurled from her teeth and wrapped lovingly around my shaft. Each time I withdrew, her tongue devoured my glans as if was the most delicious lollipop she'd ever had, and when I started inward, she came to meet me, swallowing my entire rod eagerly. Unbidden, her soft hands wrapped around my buttocks and urged me deeper as her face snuggled against my pubic bone.

I released her head, but Rhys never missed a beat. This was not the kind of frenzied face-fuck seen in so many porn movies. Rhys took her time, lovingly swallowing my full length with each stroke, and sucking and licking as if reluctant to let me go on the way out. Her eyes were closed and her face was relaxed and blissful, as if she had been transported to another world - a world centered on my cock.

For ten minutes she made love to my manhood, never letting me out of her mouth. I held out as long as I could, but something magical was happening here, and my will was not strong enough to hold it back.

"Take a deep breath," I told her, once again placing my hands on her head.

It was as if she had been driving toward that moment - and perhaps she had. Rhys inhaled deeply then opened her big brown eyes to stare into mine. I didn't have to apply any pressure. Once more she buried me in her face, completely submerging her nose in my pubic hair. I strained to meet her as my organs spewed their contents deep in her throat.

As she felt the pulses of my ejaculation, Rhys growled and shook her head from side to side, like a dog destroying a rag doll. As the first blast subsided, she backed off, again closing her eyes, and drank from the end of my penis as burst after burst of ejaculate shot from my urethra.

As my spasms subsided, she gently sucked me dry, then looked up for permission to release me. I could not find words, so I used my hands to pull her head away.

When I finally caught my breath, I commanded, "Explain!"

She knew what I meant, and dropped her head in shame.

"I - I do not know what happened, Sir. I was trying to learn, and suddenly I understood why a woman's mouth is made to fit a man's penis. It is not meant to be easy for the woman, so she must truly dedicate herself to pleasing a man that way - to give him the gift of herself. Once I understood, something changed within me, and well, it seemed as if you were meant to be inside me - that I was meant to provide this pleasure for you..."

She trailed off uncertainly.

I grasped her nipples and used them to raise her to her feet. Women all over the world had probably felt a disturbance in the force when Rhys uttered those words, but for now, for my purposes, her 'epiphany' would serve me well.

"You did well, this time, so I will not make you crawl to the dungeon. Come!"

She followed docilely behind me as I led her through the hidden pantry door and down the stairs to my dungeon. The expected intake of breath as I turned on the lights did not come and I turned to find Rhyslynn standing, head lowered, staring at her bare feet.

"Rhyslynn," I said, "look around you. This is your home for the next few days."

Now, her hand went to her mouth and she almost doubled over, the breath leaving her body as she gazed at the instruments of pain and bondage on display. She went pale and looked as if I had punched her in the belly.

I didn't give her time to adjust. "You said that you realized why a woman's mouth is made to fit a man's penis. Let us test the logic of that revelation, shall we? You realize that there are two other portals to a woman's body that can accept a man's penis, do you not?"

She looked puzzled for a moment and started to form the question, "Two?" with her lips, when it dawned on her which apertures I was talking about. When it did, her eyes grew wide, her mouth clamped shut and her hands flew to her buttocks as if to shield that portion of her anatomy.

"Surely you do not intend to..." she began, only to be interrupted by the ball-gag I shoved between her teeth.

Before she realized what had happened, I had it secured behind her head, trapping her dreads within its straps. While her mind was struggling to understand the gag, I took advantage of the position of her hands on her buttocks to quickly trap her wrists in leather cuffs. These particular cuffs were suspended from a pulley by a chain. When I pulled on the other end of the chain, her cuffed wrists were forced upward, giving her no choice but to bend forward at the waist.

I squatted near the young lady's head as her breath snorted in short, heavy bursts through her nose.

"In this place, I do whatever I wish to do," I told her evenly. "You came to me, and I have the emails to show that you're here of your own free will. Now, with the preliminary explanations out of the way, let me give you an idea of what you can expect."

As I spoke, I took a length of tubing that was attached at one end to a vacuum pump. Into the quick-disconnect at the other end, I inserted a 'T' fitting that connected two shorter lengths of tubing. Into the quick-disconnects at the ends of those tubes, I inserted a pair of glass tubes that were about twice the diameter of the vacuum tubing and open on the other end.

To ensure a good seal, I lubricated the tubes with gel and placed each of them on a nipple. In short order, Rhyslynn's chocolate nipples had been drawn about two inches into the tubes, impaling them about an inch and half onto the steel needles mounted inside the tubes. I don't think Rhys realized at that point that her nipples had been penetrated. I left the suction tubes in place briefly, just because I liked the appearance of the poor girl's elongated flesh.

When I broke the vacuum and removed the tubes, the needles stayed behind, protruding about half an inch from the brown flesh. It wasn't until I placed a thumb over the blunt end of each needle and rotated them within her tit flesh that she gasped and stared downward at her pinned nipples.

Sweat poured from her face and she strained to look at mine, struggling to say something through the gag. I gave her a friendly slap on the side of each breast and said, "Not to worry. These are temporary. You will get more permanent hardware later."

I moved around until I could examine the bound girl's nether regions. Her clit was large and would suit my purposes nicely, if I could fit the suction tube just right.

This tube was slightly different than the ones I had used on her nipples. I positioned it carefully before triggering the valve that opened the business end to vacuum, drawing Rhys' sensitive bud deeply into the glass cylinder. I inspected the position of her flesh within the tube and decided it could be better. I released the vacuum and repositioned the tube slightly, adding a bit of gel on one side. This time the result was pretty close to perfect.

Rhys had been trying to protest through her gag as I prepared her, but when I released the spring that drove the needle lengthwise down the little bundle of nerves, she shrieked loudly and tried to jerk away. The suction tube was tenacious, though, and followed her every move. All she managed to accomplish was slight changes in the angle of penetration, causing the sharp end of the needle to poke her even more than it would have.

"Be still," I commanded.

When she obeyed, I broke the vacuum and removed the tube, once again leaving the needle embedded. The movement of the needles as I attached the wires from the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit drew some new squeeks from behind the gag, but the needles were only an accessory to the torment I had in mind for the young lady. I strapped the unit around her waist and released her from her bondage.

She was free only long enough for me to walk her to the St. Andrew's cross. and bind her to it. Once she was secure, I removed the gag.

"Now, just hold still while I finish up here," I told her.

I attached an adhesive pad on the outside curve of each breast and connected each to the other half of the pair of wires attached to the needles in her nipples. Each pair of wires formed a complete circuit through one breast, electrically isolated from the other circuits. This would ensure that no current flowed through her heart when I turned the unit on.

Instead of a pad to complement the needle in her clit, I inserted a slender steel electrode into her urethra to complete that circuit. Since the TENS unit had four outputs, I inserted a dildo with an inflatable collar into her vagina, noting as I did the absence of a hymen.

"You've been experimenting on your own, I see," I told her as I inflated the collar inside her, ensuring that the dildo wouldn't move.

Rhys hung her head and nodded, "I was so desperate to experience sex ... I tried it with my roommate's hairbrush."

"Well, you are going to experience sex," I told her, "but perhaps not in the way you anticipated."

With the collar of the dildo inflated, the metal band around the shaft would stay fixed in the vicinity of her G-spot and the wire attached would connect that band to the TENS unit. To complete that circuit, I inserted a slender steel butt-plug in her nether orifice, attached to the other wire of the fourth output.

I like to tinker with things a bit, and I had modified the TENS unit to accept an audio feed which would modulate the frequency, pulse width and amplitude of each output. Since my dungeon sound system had five channels, I had set it up so that I could select which channels fed which outputs. In Rhyslynn's case, I left out the right rear channel and sent the subwoofer signal to her clit. Her tits received the front speaker channels, and her rear, the remaining rear channel, of course. I scrolled through the menu on the attached MP3 player and selected a song that started slowly, with a lot of guitar and violin, but eventually built up to heavy bass and crashing drums. At first, Rhys could only hear the music, but as I gradually increased the 'volume' of the signal going to her TENS unit, she began to twitch and jump as each peak in the music sent a modulated frequency electrical current through one or more pairs of the wires attached to her body.

Soon she looked like she was having a seizure as pulses of high frequency electricity flowed through the needles into some of the most sensitive nerves of her body. Now mind you, TENS units are intended to supply their current transcutaneouly - that means through the skin. Sticking the needles into her made the pulses a lot more potent - partly because they were flowing through a very concentrated area, and partly because there's not as much electrical resistance in moist, internal tissues as there is in dry skin.

Suddenly, violently, and completely involuntarily, Rhys exploded in orgasm, her entire body going rigid while still twitching to the rhythm of the music. She had not even finished the first spasm when a second, even stronger one took her, followed closely by a third and a fourth.

I let this go on for about five minutes before turning off the unit and gently removing the electrodes. Almost by reflex, another small spasm shook her as I pulled each needle from its burial spot, the strongest coming as the needle in her clit was removed.

For many long moments, Rhyslynn hung suspended from the X-shaped cross, struggling to regain her breath and her strength.

When she finally regained confidence in her voice, she asked, "Wh- what did you do to me?"

"I demonstrated one of the goals of sex," I told her standing close enough to feel the heat radiating from her body.


"The reason your body has been demanding that you discard the restrictive teachings of your religion and see to its needs. The reason that sex is so addictive to so many people, and the means by which nature, God, or Allah, ensures that mankind continues to reproduce." I placed my lips near her ear and whispered, "Orgasm."

I swear, she shuddered through another tiny spasm as the feathers of my breath tickled the fine hairs of her inner ear.

I stood back and spoke to her again.

"You have just fulfilled your primary reason for coming here without being penetrated by a male organ. Do you wish to continue?"

There was hunger and pleading in her voice, which sounded like a little girl's, when Rhys answered, "Yes, please."

"Very well. You came to me to corrupt you, but I do not believe you truly understood just how much corruption awaited you here. Now, you will learn."

My planned next move was a little risky. If her psyche was even a tiny bit more fragile than I believed it to be, this could damage her beyond recovery, but there was steel in a woman who could, on the strength of her intellect, set aside the teachings of her religion, and I was confident that she could handle it. It would shock her to her core, but she could handle it.

I released my charge from the cross and placed her face down over a low, padded bench, securing her hands and knees to the bench. I blindfolded her and placed earphones over her ears. The music I selected had a solid, primal beat, and a wild, primordial melody.

As she lay on the bench, isolated from her surroundings, I gave a short whistle. In a few moments, my companions, Caesar and Czar, flowed down the steps of the dungeon like a swift grey waterfall. On seeing the girl bound to the bench, both knew why I had called them. They only waited to see who would go first.

For Rhyslynn's first time, I gave Czar the nod, since his knot would not inflate until he had given her a good screwing - and time to grow accustomed to her bestial lover.

On seeing my hand signal, Czar wasted no time mounting his new bitch. His long, pink, pointed cock already extended from its sheath, but not yet swollen to its full, massive thickness. Three searching probes was all it took for the experienced stud to find his mark, and Rhyslyn who had been struggling a bit under his furry weight, shrieked at the entry.

"No! Please, no! I did not want ... Agh! What? Oh no, oh no, oh no ... I ... Oh!"

Rhyslynn's barely coherent crys faded as Czar's magic wand worked it's diabolical juju on the helpless girl. As his arousal grew, so did his cock, driving painfully against the end of her almost virgin uterus at machine-gun speed, while it expanded to stretch the entire fleshy sheath of her vagina.

Small, involuntary cries issued from the poor girl's throat each time that bestial spear violated her, but her body had no choice but to stretch and accept the invasion. Czar was not going to be denied.

My guest was having a hell of a time reconciling what was happening to her with the effect it was having upon her. Her submissive nature allowed her to accept the virtual rape as her due, but a lifetime of familial, cultural, and religious prohibition battled mightily with the physical sensations that were driving her inexorably toward fulfillment. The music raging in her ears pounded home the sheer barbarity of the act while making it virtually impossible for her to marshal her thoughts. The only choice with which she was left was to follow her emotions as they careened from despair to joy to an agony of surrender and back to exquisite rapture.

Czar could not care less. His job - his only purpose at the moment - was to plant his seed inside the bitch and see to it that it did not escape before it had time to impregnate her.

I could only guess at the maelstrom of thoughts and emotions tumbling through Rhyslynn's consciousness, but from her expressions and the motion of her body, it was not hard to see that she had soon surrendered to the sensations, and strove to experience, once more, what the TENS unit had forced upon her.

Czar obliged - his knot growing in anticipation of the culmination of his mating ritual until it had locked him firmly inside the girl's body. His cock had expanded to its fullest extent and girth, and the extra stretching from the knot supplied both pleasure and pain. With the knot in place, Czar's thrusts, though still rapid, became shorter and more focused as he strove to plant his seed as far inside the bitch as possible.

Rhyslynn's body could take no more. With a bestial roar of her own, the poor girl bucked and writhed through a tremendous orgasm under the influence of the knot, and when she felt the superheated geyser of the dog's eruption inside her, filling her, she blasted off again, and yet again as Czar jerked and strove to pull himself as deeply inside as he could go.

Czar, knowing that his seed was being planted, was now done until his knot deflated enough to release him from Rhyslynn's body, so he dismounted, dragging one hind leg over her back to stand ass-to-tail with her. In the process, his still-swollen cock turned over inside her, triggering yet another spasm.

Rhys' chest heaved as she struggled to regain her breath, while Czar, satisfied with a job well done, stood with his tongue hanging out, panting at little above his normal rate. Occasionally, he would test his connection to the girl by pulling away, each time drawing a feeble complaint from his lover.

I knelt by her head and removed the blindfold and headphones.

"You have now had sex with a male," I told her. "Was it all you hoped for?"

Rhys shot me a venomous look, but I do not believe there was a dishonest bone in her body as she answered, "It was not what I expected, but I cannot deny that my body derived much pleasure from the - ooh - act. Please ask him to stop pulling! That is very painful."

I imagine it was. For a girl who had not had anything inside her bigger than a hairbrush handle, Czar's equipment would indeed be an adjustment. I signaled him to stand still, not to save her the pain, but to keep from being interrupted.

"Did you feel a paradigm shift?" I asked, half expecting her to tell me that it was Czar's cock that shifted.

Instead, she answered like a student, "I - I am confused. No, I am confounded! How could I receive pleasure while being the - the mate for a dumb animal, when no procreation is possible?"

"You are still thinking within the framework of your religious education," I told her, pinching a nipple to get her attention. "The answer to your question is biological not theological."

"This, I understand," she answered, "but if Allah designed this body, why would he make it respond to a beast?"

"That is a good question," I answered, "but questions of that sort can seldom be answered with knowledge. They can only be answered with beliefs, which leaves the answers always open to question and doubt. We can, however, apply a bit of logic to it, to test the integrity of the beliefs that form the assumptions on which it is based."

"I do not understand. What assumptions?"

"First, that Allah is omnipotent, and second, that he controls everything that happens."

"These are not ass ... Aiiee!"

Czar chose that moment to pull completely out of her, and though his knot had shrunken from its full size, it was still large enough to cause Rhys some pain.

"You do not think they are assumptions, yet, because they have been drilled into you as fact from childhood, but stop and think about it: Has anyone ever proven to you that these things are fact?"

"But they must be! There is much around us that supports those arguments. Who created the Earth and the heavens? It was not man."

"That's what we're going to test. If Allah is the creator of all things, could He not have created a perfect world, wherein all creatures live in peace and harmony?"

"But that is not His plan. I do not know His plan and neither do you. There must be a reason why he created a world full of strife."

"Must there? That argument is valid only if you accept the original assumption, which makes it circular. You are educated. Can you not think of another possible explanation?"

"Many," Rhys admitted grudgingly, "but not all of those explanations contradict the assumption of omnipotence."

"Granted," I replied. I had to admire a woman who could think coherently while strapped face down on a bench in the aftermath of having been royally screwed by a dog. "But the most likely of those contradict the second assumption, do they not? Perhaps in his omnipotence, Allah created the Earth, then stepped back to see how it would turn out. In which case, he is not controlling everything that happens."

"I - I see what you mean, b-but we are taught that nothing happens that Allah does not cause to happen"

"Then if we accept both of these assumptions, it leaves us with a few possible conclusions that we can draw about Allah. Either he is one cruel bastard, or we are mere playthings for his whims."

"P-perhaps He is trying to teach us something."

"And what do we learn from this?" I asked, having led her where I wanted her to be.

"Oh!" she exclaimed.

"You said earlier that you now understood why a woman's mouth was made to fit a man's cock. Have you had the same revelation about why her pussy can take a dog's cock?"

"B-but that is just coincidence, is it not? After all, dogs are similar in size to humans."

"Oh, then Allah does leave some things to chance."

"No, he..." Rhys stopped, confused.

I didn't give her time to think about it. I released her from her bonds and reclined on the bench.

"Use your mouth to make me hard," I commanded.

Back in familiar territory, Rhyslynn fell to with admirable gusto, and in a very short while I was standing tall.

"Get up and straddle me," I ordered.

Without a word, indeed, with some alacrity since she anticipated finally getting what she came for, she complied with my command.

I positioned her above my revived erection and said, "Sit."

Eagerly, she held me in position and began lowering herself onto my shaft. Having been stretched by Czar, she had no trouble accomodating me.

"Do you know why you find it so easy to submit to the things I tell you to do?" I asked, using her nipples to guide her up and down on my staff.

She moaned a bit before answering as her buttocks slapped my pelvis. "No."

"Because you have been trained to do so since your were born."

"No!" She cried. "My father would never have allowed such a thing!"

"And yet, he's the one who trained you. You have been conditioned by your family, your culture, and your religion to be subservient to men. It's not such a big stretch for you, then, to take orders from me, even when those orders cause you to perform shameful and degrading acts."

"Oh. Oh! Surely ... No. I see that you are correct, but..."

"But you are here because you are rebelling against that teaching, or at least certain aspects of it. Tell me, do you think that being submissive means that you are weak?"

"I must be. Why else would I submit to another's will?"

"Perhaps because you have the strength to survive it. I know many people who adopt submissive roles and others who prefer the dominant role. In many cases, the submissive is the stronger of the two. Think about it, Rhyslynn," I told her as I made her rise off the end of my cock.

I positioned myself an inch or so further back and watched her eyes widen as I again took hold of her nipples. She grimaced at the pain as her virgin anus slowly stretched to accommodate me, but continued downward, pushing through it, in spite of the pain and her religious conditioning.

"Why do you do this?" I asked as she gasped and shook with the tension of resisting the agony in her ass. "Why do you, with no more encouragement than my fingers on your nipples, impale yourself upon me in this unnatural way?"

"I don't..." she began, but as she settled onto my pelvic bone, she changed her mind, "I - it excites me to be required to do such things, even though they are forbidden."

"Or perhaps, because they are forbidden?" I prompted.

A shiver went through her body as she heard that, and we both knew the answer to my question. Without words, she groaned as she ground her pelvis against mine, completing the stretch that began with her taking me in.

"Ay! Allah protect me! I am lost! I must not feel what I feel, but I can do nothing to stop it!"

"Then why try?" I asked. "You came here for a specific purpose. Are you not achieving that purpose?"

"Allah help me, but I am!" she cried, rising to the very tip of my shaft, then dropping herself heavily upon her impaler.

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