Harriman's General Store
Chapter 3

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Jerry manages a general store in a city. He catches many shoplifters, but has a novel alternative to jail for the pretty young females. There is a bed in his office. But then one day that bed brings trouble. From that point on, his entire life changes,in record time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Reluctant   Coercion   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

Jerry and Ruth spent the Christmas holiday as they always had, with her parents. For Jerry, it was a time that he could actually escape the tension and stress of managing a retail store, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Christmas had fallen on a Friday and Jerry, deciding that the only thing happening in retail on the day after Christmas was "returns" opted to keep the store closed until Monday and give his employees the entire weekend off. At Monday's opening, there was actually a line waiting for him to unlock the front door. As he expected, new sales were nearly non-existent; exchanges and refunds (God how he hated refunds) were the transactions of the day. They also put him in a foul mood. Tuesday and Wednesday, the returns line had diminished somewhat, but sales for the week were still a minus number. By Thursday, Jerry had allowed what was apparently a season of sales of poor quality merchandise top really bother him. By four o'clock, he realized that his Asian love had not returned. That both angered and disappointed him, because he had thoroughly enjoyed sex with her, and felt that she was enjoying it too.

Honestly, he had forgotten all about Marie, but at five fifteen, she marched into his office and moved directly to the private area behind it.

"I am in such a lousy mood, I'm not sure that I even want to fuck you tonight. Why waste the two hundred dollars?"

Marie immediately walked up to Jerry, reached down and thrust her right hand into his crotch and grabbed his cock and ball sac, holding it firmly from outside his trousers. Jerry's eye flew as wide open as they ever would in his life.

"Listen, buster, that two hundred gets paid even if you decide to stand on a chair and jack off. I won't warn you again about trying to fuck with me!"

For the first time in his adult life, Jerry was actually afraid of something. This woman was terrorizing him, blackmailing him, extorting him and goodness knows what else. And she scared the hell out of him too!

"Normally, I'll decide what and where, but tonight I'll even let you choose."

Jerry's heart rate was still pounding from her rather physical clarification of their agreement. He really wasn't sure he could actually get it up right now. He opted for another blowjob, if only because it was quicker and she would leave sooner. When she had finished, she was gone and out the door before he could get zipped up again. This woman was incredibly talented and scared the hell out of him.

New Year's Eve was a real bust for Jerry. He took Ruth to an upscale restaurant for a late night dinner, and then moved to a night club to meet another couple for a round of drinks and dancing. It was loud, the drinks were weak and the dance floor crowded. Unbelievably, Marie, his crazy cashier showed up at the very same nightclub with her date walking a few steps behind. Their table was directly across the dance floor from where Jerry sat. As soon as the music ended, Marie, date in tow, came over to Jerry's table to say "Hi", make introductions, and then ask Jerry for the next dance. Jerry tried to decline but Ruth encouraged him to dance with her, and thus, he found himself on the floor as the music began. Out of the collection of recordings in the possession of the disc jockey, the odds of a "slow dance" sensual tempo selection had to be the only one in his stack. Marie, hearing the beat and the sound of this very erotic melody immediately pulled Jerry tight to her, slipped a thigh in between his and proceeded to masturbate him with her thigh movements to the beat of the recording. Within the space of the few minutes of the record, she managed to make him cum in his pants. He knew that Ruth would be furious, thinking that he was the one leading them and that he was the one choosing to dance in such a vulgar way. When the record ended, many of the guests in the night club applauded Jerry and Marie. Marie smiled, Jerry blushed.

When Marie and Jerry returned to the table, his friend said to anyone who would listen, "Jerry, that had to be the hottest demonstration of sexy dancing that I have ever seen. Made me hard just watching you two." His wife said she thought it was disgusting, and that he'd better not be hard. Marie laughed and excused herself. Jerry said nothing and Ruth simply asked if he really had to dance like that.

But Jerry knew that Ruth was not happy and he found out just how unhappy she was when they finally returned home that evening. As he pulled into the driveway, Ruth got out of the car and said, "I think you had better find some other place to sleep this weekend. We can talk about this on Monday." With that, she slammed the door, turned her back on him and walked quickly to the house.

Jerry sat in the car in shock. He had never seen his wife react like this to anything he had done, and suddenly she walks away, locks the door and turns out the lights while he sits in the car! Jerry drove to the nearest motel and got a room for the weekend. He tried to contact his Ruth on Monday, but she did not answer his telephone calls. About noon, he received a call from their attorney asking him to come to his office at two that afternoon. When he arrived, he found Ruth and another attorney in a conference room along with the attorney that had called him.

Before anyone else had a chance to say anything, Ruth began. "Jerry, we have been married for fourteen years. I have never once criticized you in all those years. I have accepted your criticisms of me without complaint or argument. I have been as supportive of you as any woman can be of her husband. I have suspected for many years that you have been repeatedly unfaithful to me, and I have never even accused you of that, much less made an issue of it. But Friday night, you humiliated me in front of our friends, you publicly humiliated yourself by that obscene performance on the dance floor with one of your employees, and now, this morning I confirmed with my doctor, as I suspected, you have given me a venereal disease. Our marriage is over, right now. I want the house, the car, the vacation home and our savings accounts. You may come over to the house with your attorney to collect your clothing and sports equipment, but nothing else. There is nothing to negotiate about this, except maybe what time you can come to the house. Everything else is settled. You don't even want to think about arguing with me about this because you have angered me beyond your comprehension, and you have never, ever seen me in this mood. If you even blink right now, I will destroy you, publicly and privately, and you will have nothing when I am done, and no way to ever get anything again. Have I made myself clear?"

Jerry sat in silence in the room with Ruth and the two attorneys. Finally after several minutes he looked at his attorney questioningly. In a very meek tone of voice, he simply asked, "Robert??? Say something."

"Jerry, as your attorney, I could tell you all kinds of things right now. I could propose various plans to refute Ruth's claims and I could advise you to stand firm and let me negotiate a settlement that is more equitable. But, Jerry, I know you, and I know Ruth. I know your lifestyle, and to a certain degree, I can say that I know your marriage well enough to know that it is definitely over. I could propose all sorts of things to you that would allow me to earn a lot of money in legal fees. They wouldn't be successful, but I'd earn the fees and you would lose more money. What I can and will say to you is this. You have been screwing around for a long time. We both know that. This time, you got caught. But not only did you get caught; you got caught big time, and there is no getting out of it. My advice to you this morning is to accept that what she just said is the way it will be, and try to move on with your life."

The entire time that his attorney spoke, Jerry sat, slumped in his chair, looking straight at a wall with no emotion showing on his face. Finally, he nodded his agreement, stood up and left the room. "Call me, Robert, when you figure out when I can get my clothes." He drove directly to his club and spent the remainder of the day lamenting his troubles through the bottom of several glasses of single malt whiskey. Making use of the reciprocal members' visitors quarters while he searched for an apartment, Jerry and Robert retrieved those things that were exclusively his from the house. A few days later, Jerry managed to find a furnished apartment in an upscale unit not far from the business but even closer to the heart of the city's nightlife. In the interim, Jerry also made a visit to his doctor for treatment of the bug that he had contracted. Naturally he had to report all of his sexual contacts so that they could be notified, but he chose not to report the young Asian woman, mostly because he could not recall her name.

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