Harriman's General Store
Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Jerry manages a general store in a city. He catches many shoplifters, but has a novel alternative to jail for the pretty young females. There is a bed in his office. But then one day that bed brings trouble. From that point on, his entire life changes,in record time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Reluctant   Coercion   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

To those who were friends with Jerry Fischer's wife, Ruth, they would describe her as a woman who was extremely devoted to the concept of being a wife. She was an excellent cook, kept her household immaculate, and tried very hard to keep her husband happy in every way that she could. She and her husband had been married for fourteen years and had not been successful in conceiving a child in that time. Ruth was still hopeful that she would be able to fulfill her dream of motherhood, but she did not allow that to become a troublesome issue in their marriage. Ruth had worked two jobs, in the early years of their marriage to earn enough to pay for her husband's college education. Now that he was a successful business owner, he had allowed her to quit her outside jobs. There were two certainties in the Fischer household: the first was that a hot supper should be ready for them to enjoy, shortly after Jerry's arrival home after work, and the second, that Ruth Fischer should always be prepared and willing to have sex with her husband, regardless of the hour or anything else. She had once been severely reprimanded for not anticipating his desire for anal sex and she now made certain to visit her bathroom in sufficient time to ready herself for that contingency.

After fucking the young shoplifter, Jerry knew he would smell of sex, hers and his, and that he would need a shower before he even thought about doing anything with his wife. Jerry may have been a real asshole to many other women, and certainly did not set any records for kindness to his wife either, but he was smart enough to know that very few wives out there were as devoted to pleasing their husbands as his was to pleasing him. He saw no reason to taunt her or flaunt his escapades. He appreciated that she was always willing to have sex--that was a BIG always!!! From time to time, to show his appreciation for her, Jerry would buy some fresh flowers from those street vendors on the corners at traffic lights; nothing out of the way, mind you, only if there was one on the corner Jerry was on. Of course, as you might expect, Jerry always made a big production out of presenting the flowers to Ruth, an action that magnified the happiness that Ruth experienced from such a loving and thoughtful husband. Actually, if you could have kept track of his activities and the corresponding gifts of flowers, you would find that he only stopped for flowers on those afternoons when his cock had been buried in some other woman. Jerry was thoughtful that way.

That night was no exception. Jerry brought home some mixed variety of flowers, presented them with a flourish to his admiring wife and said he was headed to the shower. When he emerged from the bathroom, he found Ruth naked on their bed, on her knees with her head down on a pillow and her hands spreading her cheeks from behind.

"Wow! That's a surprise," Jerry said.

"You are so sweet and loving to bring me flowers all the time, I thought I would thank you in a special way. I know this is your favorite. Even though it always hurts me a lot, I want you to be happy tonight."

This was an opportunity that Jerry simply could not turn down. He stepped back into the bathroom for some Vaseline and then stepped up behind Ruth. Quickly smearing some of the jelly on Ruth's rosebud and on the head of his cock, Jerry moved ahead and pushed directly into his wife's asshole, not stopping until he was fully into her. Ruth no longer cried when he shoved his cock into her ass, as she did in the first several years of their marriage, but the size of his cock and the smallness of her ass still made his penetration quite painful. That didn't bother Jerry though, only Ruth. As soon as he was inside her completely and positioned behind her, he began his strokes in and out of her back door. On this night, he was thoughtful enough to reach around in front of her leg and play with her clit. That wasn't as difficult as one might imagine, because Ruth had the largest, most pronounced clitoris of any woman he had ever seen, in pictures or real life. When she was excited, her clit was so swollen that it appeared to Jerry to be quite like the last knuckle of a little finger sticking out of her crotch. It was at least that long, extending a half inch or more out from her labia. Jerry could find that thing in the dark! He would pull it, twist it, mush it back down against the pubic bone and then pull and twist it even more. Ruth would whine, whimper and call his name out, pleading for him to be gentle because she was so slight of frame, but Jerry just heard a voice speaking--none of it made any sense to him. When he fucked Ruth, especially when he fucked Ruth in her ass, he always drove into her very hard. This night was no exception. He was into her and pounding hard on her butt, encouraged by actions that he had seen on the porno movies he watched nearly every day.

Jerry drove his cock into his wife with no foreplay, without anything romantic, just a plain hard fuck in her ass. To Jerry, fucking was meant to be pleasurable for the man and, if the woman enjoyed it too, so much the better. Ruth's ass was so tight that he could never last more than three or four minutes inside her before he would shoot his cum all over her intestines. Even if he had cum in her cunt earlier and it was his second fuck, he could still only manage a few extra minutes. The pressure and sensation of her sphincter on the head and crown of his cock was just too great. And on those rare occasions when she climaxed as well, her entire anal cavity sort of collapsed providing an extra tight sheath for his cock to slide in. Jerry did enjoy fucking Ruth's ass. There was no doubt about it.

The week passed quickly. Jerry had not noticed the young Asian woman walking back toward his office. Without saying a word, she entered, walked past him to the private area and switched on the light. She had appeared almost as a ghost wisping passed him as he sat in his chair. Turning the light on behind him actually startled him and he spun around quickly to see who had come into his office. He was very pleased to see Akemi.

Today, she wore a bulky turtleneck sweater and soft wool slacks. The sweater was a dark raspberry color and with her coal black hair, she looked beautiful. Jerry sensed a difference in her attitude and attributed it to being over the shock of getting caught, and possibly to the quality of the climaxes she had enjoyed. Perhaps, he thought, he was a better lover that her husband. He'd have to keep his mind open to the possibilities of future meeting with this woman. As he joined her in the private bedroom, he closed and locked the door and immediately began to undress himself. She was naked and laying on the bed before he managed to remove his shoes.

Once he joined her on the bed, Jerry wasted no time in his efforts to excite her. He was surprised that she had worn a very alluring scent that he found very desirable. "If she was only doing this because she had to, why would she get so dressed up and put on perfume," he thought to himself. He soon discovered that she was much more easily excited than she had been the first time. Her nipples hardened at his first touch, and actually began to swell when his lips touched them. His hand, traveling lower, discovered that her moisture was already flowing from her body, making his pathway slick and smooth. His mouth stayed on her breasts for what seemed like an eternity to her. He was extremely careful not to leave any marks of any kind on her body--no hickeys, no bruises-- because he knew that would set off an alarm to her husband. When his finger touched her clit, it had already swollen to be at least the size of a large grape and when he teased it with the tip of his finger, she moaned immediately.

"When is the last time you had sex with your husband?" he asked her.

At first she did not respond, and after he repeated his question, she said, "Last night."

"Did you have an orgasm?"

She shook her head to say that she had not.

"Has he ever given you an orgasm?"

She said nothing, and even when he prodded her response, she still said nothing. Finally she said, "A Chinese wife must never criticize her husband to others." That told Jeremy everything he wanted to know. She would be his for as long as he wanted her or until her husband figured out a few things about sex.

Jerry continued to tantalize her clit with his finger and then finally slid down to bury his face in her coal black muff. As he lapped and sucked and slurped his way through her hair, up between her lips and finally to the top where he surrounded her clit with his lips. her hips had begun thrashing slightly and eventually, as he sucked her clit into his clamped jaws, she slapped her thighs against his head and her body shuddered for three straight minutes. As soon as Jerry felt her body convulsing, he slipped two fingers into her cunt and held them motionless for a minute. After she had become accustomed to their presence, and essentially forgotten about them, he began moving them alternately, as if he was making a motion to call someone to come to him. The combined effect of two fingers and their individual motions pushed her to her brink quickly. He began a series of extending his finger and pulling firmly against the roof of her cunt, hoping to disturb the ever elusive "g-spot".

Finally he moved up and she almost pulled his cock into her. As he had done every time, he pushed himself in quickly, not stopping until he was embedded as far as he could be. Jerry began a series of extremely slow, firm and powerful strokes, slower than most men would think to use. He kept his cock in constant contact with her clit and within a minute of his penetration, she had another orgasm. Two more followed quickly, yet Jerry never increased his pace. It was as if he was in a slow motion movie. The pace and the constant contact with her clit created a pleasurable agony of frustration for Akemi. When she sensed her climax was near, she would rapidly thrust her hips up at him, but Jerry plodded along slowly and allowed her to control her own tempo. Jerry was almost like a machine until he sensed his own climax nearing. He felt the build up, fought its arrival twice and then decided it was time. Akemi was shocked to feel the force that his ejaculate made as it hit the wall of her womb. She had the feeling that she had been shot, but of course, it was just the hot blasts of his cum striking out against her sensitive skin.

They lay together, legs wound around one another, his cock buried deep inside her cunt until she began to feel his jism seeping from her and sliding slowly down the cheek of her ass.

"I must leave now," she said quietly.

"But you just arrived. Why go so soon?"

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