Late Night Encounter

by Sissycraver

Copyright© 2009 by Sissycraver

Sex Story: Sex with the wife has grown boring and stale. An encounter with the next door neighbor sends a man into a journey into a world he never dreamed of entering.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   True Story   Sadistic   Oral Sex   .

He thrust harder and faster into his wife's cunt finally feeling it boiling up in his balls. "About time too," he thought looking over at the clock glowing in the darkness of the bedroom. She gave a small sigh under him and he sensed her impatience. Not that she'd ever actually say anything. His mind cast off thoughts of her and focused on the orgasm building up deep within his body. "Oh I hope this one's a good one."

But just as he was about to erupt she shifted. In some small indefinable way that he never could figure out but just enough in exactly the wrong way so that instead of exploding, it was more like a damp firecracker. He could feel the cum shooting out but the accompanying orgasm was weak, muted ... dissatisfying.

He relaxed and rolled off of her, his cock still semi-erect but it was over. He lay back on his side of the bed while she got up and slipped out to the bathroom. A feeling of frustration was growing in him. "Damn it all. Every time!" A small growl escaped his throat.

But when she came back he kept silent. It wasn't any use anyway. Anytime he suggested something different she either acted like the silent martyr or outright refused. She mumbled something about the bathroom being free and slipped into bed. He lay there silently in the dark, staring at the invisible ceiling as her breathing slowed and soon soft snores began to fill the room. Shaking his head he stood up and reached for his robe. Suddenly he heard a noise, a shuffling sound just outside the window. "What the hell?" he thought as he grabbed his robe and pulled it over his shoulders.

He made himself walk casually out of the room as if going to the bathroom. But instead he moved quickly toward the back door and was outside in the cool night air in a heartbeat. He heard more noises coming from the privacy fence and in the dim light he could see a slight figure trying to climb the walls. "Easier to get in than out asshole," he thought to himself as he strode over to the character his fists curling up ready to crush this trespasser.

Just as he got to the figure in the dark it turned around. He braced himself to jump into a fight but instead the boy, as he could now identify him in the dark, turned and sank down with his hands up. "Please don't hurt me sir," the voice quavered.

He stopped a few feet from the cowering figure. "I know you," he growled. You're the kid next door. I thought you went off to school."

"I'm back for the summer," the boy answered him.

He nodded. "So did you learn about sneaking around in people's yards from going away to school? Or have you been doing it for years?"

He didn't wait for an answer. "Been getting your jollies watching people in their bedrooms. I suppose the police will be interested."

"No sir, please don't call the police. My dad would..."

"Hmmph, your dad ... Maybe we'll just go over there right now. Tell him that you've been missing your girlfriend too much."

"Please no sir, he would kill me. And ... sir I don't have a girlfriend."

"You don't"

"No sir. Actually ... I have a boyfriend."

He rocked back on his heels. "A boyfriend?"

"Well not a boyfriend exactly. More of a Man friend."

He stood there in silence and the boy rushed in his explanation. "Actually he's probably your age sir. I meet him my first semester. He's taught me lots of things."

He was suddenly conscious that all he was wearing was a robe without the front even tied. At the same time he felt a stirring in his balls. He grunted. "Taught you to be a cocksucker did he?"

The boy nodded eagerly his face more visible in the dim light as his eyes adjusted. He noticed him looking down at his open robe. At first he started to make a move to close it but some perverse feeling made him keep it open. "He taught me that and a lot more." the boy continued. After we got involved I went to his house a couple of times a week and every weekend. It was a lot of fun, especially when he had some friends over. He said I was one of the best bitches he's ever had"

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