An Evening at the Cabin

by Dragon

Copyright© 2009 by Dragon

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl is home alone while her parents are on vacation, and she decides to use the pool at her parents' cabin. But visitors arrive unexpectedly...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Spanking   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Size   .

My name is Sophie and I'm a 16 year old girl. I have a story to share about last summer a few weeks before school was about to start.

All of my friends were on vacations with their parents and family, so I was getting very bored at the house. My own parents had also left on vacation, but unfortunately they had opted for some sort of boring Wilderness-style vacation in Sweden somewhere with no TV, phone, Internet - or even electricity. So I had vehemently insisted that I be allowed to stay at home and assured them that I could take care of myself very well. Which was true - I was very mature for my age, both in looks and mentally, so my parents didn't take long to agree.

My mom told me that if there was any problems whatsoever I was to call my brother, who lives on his own about an hour away - which is the logical thing to do anyway and thus exactly what I'd have done no matter what in such a situation, but I nodded and looked like I was paying attention for the sake of my mom.

But now I was bored - horribly bored - and sweaty in a small town gripped in a major heat wave. So I decided to take a trip up to my parents cabin which was no further away than half an hour by bus and another 15 minutes by foot. But due to being situated at a somewhat higher altitude and at the edge of a forest it was a much, much nicer place to spend a warm summer day. And that would be true even without the nice indoors pool my parents had installed.

I quickly packed the bare essentials for spending the weekend at the cabin and hurried to the bus. As soon as I got there I got into my bikini and jumped in the pool. It was actually nice to be alone and just relax and cool off in the water. After a while I laid down on the air mattress and just let it drift around the rather large pool at random and I must have dozed off. I woke with a start at the sound of someone at the door and before I could react my 24 year old brother Peter walked in followed by 3 of his friends. I was so relieved that it was just him and not a robber or worse that I exhaled loudly and relaxed back on the mattress.

"What the hell are you doing here, Sophie?", my brother asked - obviously just as surprised to see me as I was to see him.

"I could ask you the same thing.", I retorted as I rolled back over on my back.

It turns out they had decided to spend the weekend drinking beer and chilling at the cabin, and at least my brother was none too happy to find me already there. Still we decided that the cabin was plenty big for all of us.

I noticed his friends staring rather unashamed at my scantily covered body and to my surprise I didn't really mind. They were a bit old for me but they were actually pretty good looking. So after a short while I got up out of the pool to dry and went over to the edge of the pool where the boys were sitting - and maybe I put a bit extra wiggle into my movement as I went over because I sure had the attention of two of the boys. I forgot to mention that I have pretty big boobs for my age and size and they jiggle nicely in my bikini.

"Hi, my name is Sophie", I introduced myself, "What's your names?"

"This is Jacob, Eric and Kerry.", My brother introduced the others, "They are all in my dorm at school."

Kerry looked a bit like a bodybuilder and was 27 years old. He had huge upper arms, a very nice six-pack and wore a tight fitting t-shirt that accentuated all his muscles. Eric was sort of like a young Brad Pitt. He was 26 and very charming with eyes that exuded sex and secrets. Jacob was the youngest apart from my brother at 25 and was very tall and perhaps slightly skinny. Still he did have some muscles and he was obviously very taken with my boobs.

After sitting and talking for a while and drinking a few beers the boys decided they wanted to get in the pool and quickly stripped to their swimming trunks. Jacob had forgotten his so he decided to just strip down to his underpants and got ready to jump into the pool. At this point my eyes got drawn to a massive bulge in the front of his underpants and my eyes got wide. Either he had some serious stuffing in there or he was literally hung like a horse! He looked at me catching my eyes and smiled as he adjusted his massive bulge before he jumped in the pool.

I was sitting on the edge of the pool enjoying all the nice looking male upper bodies displayed for me, but suddenly Kerry swam over to me and picked me up in his huge arms and throwing me over his shoulder.

"Hey guys. I've caught myself a hot little number.", he said and smacked my upturned butt lightly.

I certainly didn't mind. I was a little drunk and getting quite turned on by all these hot and mostly naked older boys. And apparently they didn't mind either as both Jacob and Eric came over to add their own smacks to my bottom. I laughed and screamed little mock screams.

"Put me down you fat oaf.", I said half in jest and not meaning it.

"What did you say you little bitch?", Kerry asked and gave me several good smacks to my ass, "It sounds like you need to cool off."

And with that he dunked me under the water and then pulled me up over his shoulder again and adding a few more spanks. I writhed and screamed in half in mock terror and half in real surprise at the dunking.

"Next time you're naughty I'm going to spank you for real", he continued and tried to sound angry and dangerous, but he couldn't quite keep the smile out.

"Ok", I said and hurried out of the pool with an extra wiggle to my bottom and feeling hot and turned on by the thought of getting spanked by Kerry.

Later that evening after we'd had some dinner we all sat down in the couches to drink some more beer. We had kept the bathing suits on and just pulled a few t-shirts on. The mood was very sexually charged and I wasn't hiding the fact that I liked looking at Jacob's huge bulge.

"Hey doesn't Jacob have a rather big dick?", I asked drunkenly and laughed. The others laughed too except my brother who seemed a bit embarrassed by his little sister. Jacob looked rather proud.

"Didn't I warn you not to be naughty?", Kerry asked with a small smile and then a demon went into me.

"Sure you're just jealous because bodybuilders have tiny dicks", I said knowing full well what I was provoking.

"I warned you girl", Kerry said and grabbed me and pushed me down over his lap.

I screamed a little, laughed and struggled, but I was no match for his muscles and if that wasn't enough the others all joined him in holding down my arms and legs. Even my brother helped with a laugh telling me that I brought it on myself. They held me down pretty good forcing my head into Eric's lap as he held my arms and I was unable to do anything. Then Kerry pulled down my bikini bottoms halfway down my legs so my bare ass was exposed to the air and I twisted my head enough to see Jacob ogling the view of my tight little ass with a big smile.

"Now I'm going to teach a bratty little schoolgirl like you to behave", Kerry said, and then he smacked me once.

"Ouch," I screamed because he smacked me damn hard, and then he started smacking me every 5th second at first but soon his hand started to linger longer and longer on my red butt cheeks and rubbing between them until he slid a finger all the way down to my pussy, which was dripping by now.

"She's dripping wet - she likes it", he declared letting his wet finger slide up between my ass cheeks to my little brown hole, which he pushed against until the tip of his finger slipped inside.

"Come over here and feel how wet she is", Kerry said to Jacob, who stood up and moved over towards me.

"Nooooooo", I screamed and turned my head, but I really meant yes. I really wanted Jacob to touch me and I was horny as I'd never been before.

Jacob stood next to me and put his hands on my sore ass and kneaded it a bit before he slid a finger down to my little pussy and slipped his finger inside me. I moaned as he pushed it all the way into my very tight little pussy and started sliding it in and out.

"So the little naughty girl likes big cocks? Then it's not so good that her pussy is so tight - that could easily hurt some then", Jacob said as he fingerfucked me.

I pretended again to struggle and try to get free, but I was really enjoying his fingering.

"What do I need to do to go free? I'll do anything", I said and moaned.

The boys talked for a little bit and then decided that if I'd be their slave and do anything they asked for the evening they'd let me go, and I quickly accepted. With that Kerry pulled my bikini bottoms back up and gave me a last slap on my sore butt as I got up.

"Ok sis", my brother said, "then we'd like 4 beers served topless. Right now, please!"

I went into the kitchen and took the beers out of the fridge. I was really turned on by being the slave to four older guys and I quickly shed both my t-shirt and my top before I returned to the boys with their beer. They made cat-calls and told me how great my boobs looked as I put the beers in front of each, "accidentally" brushing each with my boobs as I did so - even my brother.

"Now take off your bottoms so we can all see your pussy", Kerry said.

I didn't say anything, but I didn't hesitate to do as ordered and pulled my bottoms down in one quick move and kicking them into the corner. They all started at my completely shaved little pussy - even my brother, although he was very red in the face. But apparently he was drunk enough not to put a stop to what was happening. Then Kerry and Eric stood up and ordered me onto the couch where they'd been sitting.

"Now get on all fours and suck your brothers cock!", Kerry said.

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