by Losgud

Copyright© 2009 by Losgud

Erotica Sex Story: An absurd premise. A story written for the title. That's why we call it fiction. But what would you do if your sister started sleepwalking again, each time ending up in your room jacking you off while you were both asleep?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

This girl I knew from school pulled up her shirt and showed me her tits. Chelsea was a cheerleader and normally never even gave me a second look. That's when I knew I was just having a sexy dream.

Since turning sixteen I'd finally gotten my subconscious trained so that most times when I had a sexy dream I could go on long enough to enjoy it, but wake up in time to keep from making a mess in my jams, or worse. I always slept in boxers, so my hard-on found it pretty easy to poke out the front slit. Rinsing out a pair of boxers in the bathroom sink was easy enough, but when the mess was all over the sheets it was a little harder to be discreet about what was happening to me in the middle of the night.

Chelsea pulled her shirt completely off and then giggled as I stared at her perfect breasts framed by her raven hair. Before I could even move to touch them she reached to her waist and unzipped her skirt--she wasn't wearing any panties! My god, and then she unzipped me and started stroking my dick. Her hand felt way too good and I started getting worried that she would make me shoot off when I was this close to having sex for the first time in my life. Sure it would just be dream sex, but even in my dreams I always woke up before I got a chance to stick it in.

Damn it, thwarted again! It was very dark in the room--I could hear rain on the roof--and I was hoping I could find a t-shirt or something quick, or maybe just get my dick stuffed back in my boxers because blast-off was just seconds away. Chelsea's hand felt so incredible, and that incongruity jolted me wide awake. A shiver ran up my spine as a shiver began running up my dick.

I was awake--there wasn't supposed to be a hand anymore!

In the dimness of the room I could make out Colleen's long light blonde hair beside my bed. I was in shock and almost lost my erection. What was my sister doing in my room in the middle of the night? Well, jacking me off, obviously. The real question was what was my sister doing in my room in the middle of the night jacking me off?

"What are you doing?" I hissed.

Colleen didn't answer. She just kept stroking me. I knew what she was doing; what she was doing was amazing. And I didn't want her to stop what she was doing, so I kept my mouth shut.

The weirdness of it all didn't matter to me anymore. Any softness I'd started getting was gone real fast. My cock was as stiff as I'd ever known it to be, and then I was groaning--and groaning oh no inside--as my sperm started shooting all over the place. I could feel wet spots on my boxers, feel globs on my chest, and tons of the last of my load and dribbled down my cock and onto her hand.

"God, that felt so good. God, thank you," I whispered.

Again Colleen didn't respond. She just stood up and walked out of my room, leaving me to gasp and pant and eventually fall back asleep amidst all the stickiness.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, I studied Colleen for some sign, a secret smile or something. But there was nothing, she was the same Colleen as always, a year older than me and as such always half-annoyed with me.

"Colin, why do keep staring at me?"

"I'm wasn't staring at you."

"Yes you were--so quit it, twerp!"

"Both of you quit it," Mom demanded. "It's too early in the morning for this bickering to be starting up."

I swear I'd been wide awake, but what I finally decided was the only thing that made sense was that I'd been having a dream-within-a-dream. That was certainly going to complicate my nights if my brain was going to start playing those kind of tricks on me.

I stayed up too late that night as Colleen had been perfecting a real knack for finding goofy old movies on t.v. This one was such a groaner even Mom and Dad gave up and went to bed. I stuck around with Colleen for awhile to see if something might happen, if she might give me some sort of clue. There was nothing, except the bulge in my pants from thinking there might be something. At the commercials towards the end of the movie, Colleen went into the kitchen to make a snack. I used the break to secretly take my boner to the privacy of my bedroom.

After I got into bed I decided to try and play it safe. I started thinking about Chelsea and started jacking off, but my attention kept wandering. I couldn't keep Chelsea in my mind. I tried other girls, but they too kept evaporating. I was almost getting mad, because if there's one thing a guy should be able to control, it's his fantasies as he's jacking off. But my brain kept tuning back to the image of my sister kneeling beside my bed, my right hand replaced by her right hand. Finally I just let go and went with it. I went with the idea of getting a hand-job from my own sister, and I let go a huge load of come into the safety net of an old t-shirt. I cleaned off my softening cock, then pulled my boxers back up, and fell fast asleep totally exhausted.

The bad thing about jacking off while thinking about your sister jacking you off is then you start having dreams about your sister jacking you off. My emergency system was too slow, and in my dream my sister jacked me off until I was coming, which jerked me wide awake into reality where I was really coming, because there was Colleen, jacking me off. Again, once she was done, or rather, once I was done, she stood up wordlessly and left the room.

The next morning at breakfast, when we were alone in the kitchen, I decided to prod her.

"Hey, Colleen?" I spoke softly.


I gave a little smile. "Thanks so much for what you've been doing the past couple nights."

"What do you mean?" She looked so genuinely puzzled that I didn't know what to say. It was like she truly didn't know she'd been jacking me off.

"What're you talking about?" she insisted. I had to say something!

"Oh, I mean about how you've been finding those crazy old movies on t.v. at night."

"Oh yea," she grinned. "Wonder if I'll be able to work my magic again tonight. How come you didn't stay up last night for the end?"

"Um, I was suddenly really sleepy."

Colleen did indeed work her magic again that night. She found a great movie, and then again jacked me off enough in a dream to wake me up to her jacking me off. This night I guess the sky was clear or maybe the moon was getting full, or something, because it was very bright in my room. It was light enough for me to see my first spurt shoot high in the air and actually land in Colleen's hair. The rest spattered all over the place and the final couple loads just sort of bubbled out of my cock and dribbled down all over Colleen's hand.

It was light enough for me to also see that the whole time, while jacking me off, and afterwards while standing and leaving, her eyes remained closed.

As I drifted off, too tired to even clean up the mess, the explanation finally occurred to me. But then I fell asleep and forgot all about it. Until the following night as we watched another great movie. It was some slasher movie that was so low-budget it was almost slapstick. The twist was that the killer was never aware of what she was doing. She was just as frightened as all the other characters. She happened to be a sleepwalker, and got inexplicably murderous when in that state.

Colleen laughed. "Remember when I used to do that?"

"What, kill people in their sleep?"

"No, stupid," she threw a throw pillow at me. "Sleepwalk! What was that, like ten years ago? You were probably too young to remember."

"No, I remember." And then I remembered what I'd forgotten. That had to be the explanation. Colleen had obviously started sleepwalking again. Sleepwalking and sleepwanking!

"That's where this movie gets so hokey. I used to just sort of walk around the house until Mom or Dad led me back to my bed. It's not like you can actually do anything while you're sleepwalking."

That's what you think, I thought. Once the movie was over I went to my room. I wasn't sure what to do about my sister. I could just lock my door. But Mom and Dad had a strict rule about not doing that, like, in case there was a fire in the middle of the night. There was a fire in the middle of the night, every night, and Colleen was using my hose to help put it out! I decided the best thing to do was to just do nothing. Surely, eventually, Colleen would stop her late night visits, and until then I'd just have to suffer having an awesome hand-job every night.

And every night, like clockwork ... the only thing I changed was to start sleeping in a t-shirt so I'd have something right at hand to mop up the mess.

A few mornings later I was first up, already at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal when Mom came in to start the coffee.

"Good morning, Colin--what a surprise! You've been getting up early lately."

"Yep, just waking up, I guess." I didn't think it was a good idea to admit to Mom that my new-found eagerness to greet the new day stemmed from my sister jacking me off every night. I wanted to get the new day over with so it'd be time to go to bed again and get another great hand-job.

Just then Colleen entered the kitchen. She looked really grumpy and irritated, so I kept my eyes on the table. She started banging things around until Mom finally remarked, "You're certainly a bear this morning--get up on the wrong side of the bed, honey?"

"It's just so gross," Colleen about cried, "every morning when I wake up, the skin on my right hand is all peeling and stuff. It's like I have some sort of nasty disease--oh my god, it's like I have leprosy!"

Mom picked up her hand. "Looks fine to me. Maybe a little pink."

"That's 'cause I get it all to slough off if I scrub it with soap and hot water."

"Well, maybe... " Mom whispered the rest in Colleen's ear.

"Mom! No!"

Mom whispered some more.

"Because I know."

This was getting interesting, and I stopped paying attention to the cereal I was spooning up to my mouth. Sure enough, I quickly had a little dribble of milk rolling down my lip. I'm so right-handed my left hand is like some dumb lobster claw--it took a couple tries to grab a napkin and dry my chin.

Mom decided to keep her mouth shut. She just gave Colleen an appraising look. And then made the mistake of saying, "It's a perfectly natural thing to do."

Colleen shrieked, "I know because I always use my left hand to do that, okay?!"

That piqued my interest as my clumsy hand had already dropped the soggy napkin on the floor, and needed a couple scrambles to retrieve it. "What do you always use your left hand to do?"

Colleen glared at me. "You, you just shut up and mind your own business!"

Mom looked at me. "Colin, you pay attention to your cereal, and quit aggravating your sister."

Wow, it was like one second it was a beautiful sunny summer day, and then suddenly the tornado sirens were going off. I rinsed out my bowl and left it on the counter and got out of there fast! I heard Mom gently saying, "If you want, we could make you an appointment with the dermatologist."

Through her tears I could hear my sister choking out the words, "Maybe so. Mom, I'm so tired of feeling like some sort of freak."

I went to my room. I knew I'd have to do or say something, but I was at a loss as to what. I just lay on my bed thinking. The one thing I knew for sure was that I'd gotten my last hand-job from my sister. That realization just ached. Of course, just thinking about that got me so hard I wound up doing something I never dared do before--jacking off while the rest of the family traipsed up and down the hall right outside my door. I came such a gusher I had to bite the inside of my cheeks to keep from giving out a groan so loud everyone would hear, and understand.

Later that night--the folks long off to bed--and the movie devolving into credits, I stopped Colleen. "Can I talk to you about something? It's about something pretty private."

She smiled, speaking, "Certainly."

Like an older sister ready to give her younger brother some girlfriend information.

"Well," I started, "the good news is that you don't need to go to a skin doctor."

"Huh, what?" she scrunched up her face.

I just didn't know how to get this awkward conversation on track. I sort of looked around the room trying to discover a different tack. Finally I looked up at Colleen. "I guess you're not aware of this, but you've started sleepwalking again."

"I have not!" she indignantly insisted.

I stared straight back, nodding my head. "Yes. You have."

"You're not kidding? That's really weird."

"Oh, trust me," I rolled my head, "it gets even weirder."

"What do you mean?"

"Umm, well, that stuff on your hand in the morning? It's not a skin condition. It's my, uh, umm, my dried up jism."

"Your what?" I thought Colleen was going to shoot through the ceiling. "What have you been doing to me while I'm sleepwalking? you pervert!"

"Nothing! It's not a matter of what I've been doing to you, it's what you've been doing to me. Believe me, this has been real freaky for me, too."

"So you're saying I've not only been sleepwalking, I've also been sleepwanking? My own brother?"

I solemnly nodded my head.

For the first time in her life, my sister was speechless.

"Late at night you wake me up, every night for the past couple of weeks."

Colleen blanched paler than her usual paleness. "Why didn't you stop me or something?"

"Colleen, I didn't know what to do! All I remember from back before was Mom and Dad warning me to never wake you. And if I did, how awkward and embarrassing would that be? For me, but especially you."

"Well, I mean geez, couldn't you just wake me up when I first come in your room. Or just lead me back to my room--that's what Mom and Dad always used to do."

"You're not listening! I'm dead asleep; you wake me up. I can't wake you up before because by the time you wake me up, you've been doing it long enough that I wake up because I'm just about to ... just about to ... you know."

"Blow a load of jism all over my hand?"

My sister was studying me. I think that in the blushing competition, I was winning. "Yea, that. I mean, I guess I could've led you back to your room, you know, backing down the hall since you had such a good handle. But all that would accomplish would be that I'd be in your room while you, um, finished jacking me off. I mean, Colleen, you have to understand. I'm dead asleep, then suddenly I'm awake and all groggy and I don't know what's going on except that it feels really good, and then it feels really really good, and then you leave my room."

Colleen thought for a minute, then smiled to herself. "So why'd you wait all this time to tell me? Because it felt really really good?"

"Well yea, but I mean no. I mean, right now I'm having the most embarrassing conversation of my life. I kept thinking that maybe you'd just stop as abruptly as you started. And I'd never have to bring it up. I'd keep it a secret, so you wouldn't have to be ashamed."

"Really really good?" she snickered.

I glared at her. "Don't make fun of me. I'd never been touched before. So yea, sure, really really good."

Colleen considered that for a moment. "And so because of the really really good you never thought to just lock your door at night?"

I just recited the rule, straight-faced: "No, that was because if the house burned down in the middle of the night I would die because the firemen wouldn't be able to rescue me."

Colleen smiled at that. "I'm not kidding," I continued, "I know it's retarded, but they still check our knobs, in case you didn't know. Remember about a month ago when there was that big ruckus because I had to mow the lawn without getting paid?" She nodded. "That was my punishment. I'd locked it right when I went to bed, for some privacy, and then afterwards I drifted off without unlocking it."

"Okay," she agreed, "but still, but now this is all out in the open, I mean, you have to start locking your door."

I couldn't believe her big sister gall. "No, you should start locking your door."

"No, you lock your door."

"I'm the innocent victim here! I'm in my room in my bed deep asleep."

"The really really good innocent victim," Colleen smirked.

The conversation was going nowhere but ugly. "I never even asked for it. I'm not the freak wandering the house asleep and doing weird stuff to her younger brother."

She sat up stiff. I'd gone too far. "Okay," she stood up, "I'll be certain to lock my door every night." She turned and stiffly walked out of the room and down the hall to the bedrooms. "Bye-bye really really good," she spat over her shoulder.

That left me to stand myself to shoulder the burden of turning off the t.v. and all the lights. That didn't take long, but it was long enough to make a point. By the time I walked down the hall to my own room, passing my sister's door, hearing her lock click shut at such delay was an obvious punctuation mark.

I was like yea, fuck you, whatever. I got into my room and stripped down for bed. I thought about twisting--loudly--my door lock, but by then I was in bed. I didn't even feel like jacking off; I just turned of my reading lamp and plunged my room into darkness.

Before I fell asleep I did consider that if Colleen was able to walk around while asleep and come in my room and find my cock and jack me off, then perhaps the little knob lock on her door wouldn't present an insurmountable challenge. My sister was right about one thing: the really really good did feel really really good.

Things were getting so complicated I could barely keep track of what was happening. I seemed to be having a dream about dreaming about a dream, in which I was dreaming about my sister jacking me off. It was like peeling an onion, waking up through all the dream layers, until I was certain I was truly awake. But I had to be still dreaming, because there Colleen was again, jacking me off.

A small moan passed my lips and then I about died. Something happened that'd never happened before. Colleen's hand stopped moving up and down my shaft. Her head turned towards me. Her eyes were open. In the moonlight I could see a small smile play across her face. "Didn't lock your door, did you, you horny little bastard."

"What are you doing?" I gasped.

"Jacking you off, silly. What does it look like I'm doing."

"I meant... " I panted.

She shrugged. "I figured as long as I'd be sneaking in to jack you off anyway, I might as well be awake so I could enjoy it too."


"Sure," she grinned. "Making guys come is fun. I think it's really exciting. You're almost there, aren't you?" She began gently squeezing my cock.

I nodded. I was almost there, and her little squeezes were closing the gap fast. I gasped, "Oh god," and started trying to tug my t-shirt over my head.

"What are you doing, Colin?"

"Need something," I said as I struggled in the cave of the shirt, "or it'll be a big mess."

I heard Colleen giggle. "I know a much better way to make sure there's no mess." Her hand stayed where it was, squeezing, but suddenly I felt the head of my cock become engulfed in something wet and warm. I popped my head back through the neck hole. Colleen was looking up at me with a smile on her face. Well, as much of a smile as a girl can manage when she has a cock stuffed in her mouth.

And just like that I went from a great hand-job to an incredible blow-job. I didn't get to enjoy it for very long--my first blow-job lasted about five seconds. And then Colleen was going, "Mmm mmm," and gulping like crazy.

In the end, she released me from her lips and sat back up. A few globules of sperm were trickling out the side of her mouth. A drop stretched off her chin, and I felt it land on my stomach. "Well," she giggled, "a little bit of a mess, but that's easy to take care of." Her tongue couldn't reach it all, so she used a finger to scrape her chin clean and then popped it in her mouth. Then she leaned over and licked the drop of come off my stomach. "All clean," she announced, "and yummy, too!"

Then, abruptly as all the other nights, she stood up and left my room. This time, though, not only were her eyes open, they were looking back at me, accompanied by a smile, as she slipped back into the hall.

I lay there for ten minutes, in a total daze. And then some gear turned in my head. I sat up, pulled my boxers back up, and then got out of bed. I quietly closed my door behind me and crossed the hall myself. There was a soft glow coming from under Colleen's door. I gently turned the knob--it wasn't locked. I went into my sister's room without knocking. I closed the door behind me, very slowly, mesmerized by the sight before me.

Colleen was half lying in her bed, the covers kicked aside. Her sleep tee was pulled up to her waist. Her left hand was down the front of her exposed panties, moving rhythmically. With her right hand she put a finger shushed to her lips, and then beckoned me close.

"So when did you start sleepwalking," she whispered.

I shot her a shy smile. "Ever since my first blow-job, I suppose."

That made Colleen grin, and blush. "Bad boy, you kept me waiting," she hissed. "What took you so long? I had to start without you, see? This is what I always do with my left hand. It's an easy job for a clumsy hand, and that leaves my good hand to do all the delicate touching I also like." And with just a light brushing back and forth, she suddenly had a nipple tenting the front of her shirt. Just a cute perky little pup tent. I would've stared at the spot for the rest of my life, but then Colleen interrupted my reverie. "So, I guess you've never seen a real pussy before, have you?"

That certainly shifted my focus, watching as my sister lifted her hips and hitched down her panties. It was hard to see much as she shimmied them past her hips and down to her knees. She drew a leg up and pulled a foot free. She used her toes to pull the panties free, and then she kicked them up into the air. They floated down and landed right on her face. Colleen giggled and brushed them aside.

Then she canted her pelvis, reached her arms down and parted her thighs, spreading her legs wide. There, beneath yet amidst her light bush was her puffiness, split by a coral pink slit she spread wide with her fingers. "These are my pussy lips, my labia. When they get all puffy and slick and spread apart, that means I'm really sexually excited. Like now."

Colleen moved a hand slightly lower, and then slid a few fingers disappearing somewhere. "This is my vagina. That's where the penis goes. Or the fingers. Or the tongue," she grinned. Then she traced a finger all the way to the top of her slit to a little bumpiness. "And this is my clitoris. If you don't know what that is, you better learn real quick."

I watched, agape, as my sister illustrated her sex.

Colleen settled back in to masturbating, noting, "Usually when I do this I keep my panties on so I won't make such a mess. I'm kind of wondering if maybe there's someone who can return the favor and keep me from making such a mess?"

"I ... I've never..."

"Of course you haven't, not if this is the first pussy you've ever seen. But don't worry, baby, I'll help guide you."

I moved as though in a dream, mesmerized, crawling onto the bed and between my sister's spread thighs. I really had no clue what to do, but I figured I'd be learning soon enough. I grew heady from the piquant smell of her sex, amazed by the taste as my tongue parted her outer lips. I slowly drew my tongue up and down her creamy slit, making her lips even puffier. Colleen seemed to like that, but she seemed to like it even better as I paused to probe her hole. Then when I trailed up and touched her nub, and her whole body slightly convulsed, well, I figured I'd guessed the whole manual.

If her clit was anything like my cock, I figured as much as I liked being licked, it would love being sucked. "Oh, god," Colleen answered, "stick a... ohhh," she groaned as I already had a finger going up her cunt. "Fuck! Give me two fingers!" And I did.

Her thighs clamped, threatening to squash my head like a melon. Her whole body shook, and then my whole face was sopping wet from her juices.

As she simmered down, I lay there, my head nestled between my sister's thighs, just a lick away from her swollen, leaking pussy.

Eventually regaining voice, Colleen moaned, "You are so lying about never having eaten pussy before."

I stuck out my tongue and licked a shallow line between her deflating labia. "Beginner's luck," I said. "Did I do it right?"

"God, did you make me make a mess all over your face?" she giggled. "Mmm, boy, are you ever gonna make the girls happy."

Colleen scooted back and sat up, then reached over for something beside her. She was holding her panties. "Here, sit up; let's dry off your face."

I moved up onto my knees, and then my sister started wiping my mouth and cheeks with her panties. It just made my face even wetter! The silky feeling and the lovely scent, just the thought of my own sister using her panties to smear her juices all over my face ... it was no wonder my cock hardened and then jutted out the front slit of my boxers. Colleen seemed to ignore it, focusing on now using the panties to wipe between her legs.

Then she glanced over at my hard-on, and gave it a playful swat. "You're gonna have to take care of that yourself," she giggled, "'cause I'm going to sleep now."

Perhaps I looked a little crestfallen. "Here, these should help you," she said, smiling, hanging the panties as if to dry on the hook of my cock.

The sight was so absurd I left it, as it were, dangling. I moved towards the door. Once I had my hand on the knob, Colleen turned off her bedside lamp. I entered the hallway my eyes plunged into darkness. With my sister's panties dangling off my dick.

I thought I saw a shadow at the end of the hall, but by the time I moved down and my eyes adjusted, there was nothing. The door to the linen closet was tight, as was my parents' bedroom to the right. If either of them had seen me strutting down the hall from my sister's bedroom with my dick out and dangling a pair of her panties, well surely there would've been words. It had to have been my eyes playing tricks.

In bed, lights out, I cuddled Colleen's panties to my face like a teddy bear. But that didn't last long. After a few minutes of snuggling with the fresh stench of our sex, I was soon on my back, rubbing my cock with my sister's panties. Pretty quickly I made them even wetter.

I fell asleep fast. My life had suddenly become so exhausting! And exciting!

The following morning was the usual. Kitchen, table, cereal, coffee, the straggling in. The pattern held for the rest of the day. Colleen paid me as much attention as before she started sleepwanking. As the evening wound down, she couldn't find a great movie. She barely even tried. Before long she stood up from her chair, yawned and stretched, and announced she was going to bed.

"What? Why so early? No bad movies tonight?" Mom asked.

"There's nothing, trust me," Colleen smiled sweetly. "And I've felt worn out all day long. Not sure why." Here she glanced at me. It was just a glance, unreadable at that, and the only glance she'd given me all day.

We all wound up bailing early. I lay in my bed in the dark, a pair of stiff but fragrant panties beside me. I thought about Chelsea, but I was so far beyond her that she didn't stick. Trying to think about Colleen failed as well. The sexiness of it evaporated as I always shifted away to wondering why she'd ignored me all day. I never came close to getting hard. I let the pillows take me.

Then there was the dream of the dream of the dream, except this time my sister was sucking me off. Which she was, when I woke up.

"About time," she whispered. "Here, let's save you the return trip." With that my sister got on my bed, still sucking, then swung her body around. As she settled her crotch down onto my face she pulled her sleep shirt up over her hips. She'd left her panties at home.

We feasted like starving animals. Right as I spurted into my sister's mouth, her thighs clamped against my head and I felt a smear of her juices washing down my face.

Colleen collapsed atop me. After a few minutes she apologized for crushing me. I grasped her close. "I love you crushing me."

Soon enough, and definitely too soon for me, Colleen disentangled herself and left my bed. She gave a little wave as she opened my door, then blew a little kiss as she closed it behind her.

There was no way for me to make any sense out of this. I liked it, yea. I liked it a lot. But there was nothing in the manual about it.

In the morning I was once again huddled before my bowl of cereal. Mom was pouring herself another cup of coffee. Colleen blew into the kitchen like a breath of fresh air. She was bright and chatty.

Mom finally laughed, "You sure sound like you got up on the right side of the bed."

"You could certainly say that," she said, smiling, then giving a quick turn to shoot a quill of lust arrows from her eyes straight to mine. I about shot milk out through my nose, along with the slurry of cereal I was chewing.

The rest of the day passed with just as much difficulty. Every time I turned around, there was my sister giving me looks so sultry I'd about shoot off in my pants.

At one point Colleen was reclining on the couch in the livingroom reading a book. I just happened into the room.

"Where's Mom and Dad?" she asked quietly.

"Dad went somewhere," I shrugged, "maybe the hardware store. Mom's in the basement running some laundry."

She lay her book on the back of the couch. Then she scooted down against the cushion and splayed her legs to a wanton width. While I watched dumbfounded, Colleen mimed jacking the cock she was sucking while caressing the head licking between her legs. "Mmm mmm." But that was silly, so she soon quit pretending. Instead she just slipped her left hand under the waistband of her shorts, while the right went up under her shirt. "Mmm mmm."

The front of my shorts were bulging, and I was so caught up in the show that I started to unzip. But then came the sound of Mom trodding up the basement steps.

In a flash Colleen shifted to a more ladylike position and retrieved her book. As for myself, I just flung myself into the closest chair and grabbed the nearest magazine to conceal my problem.

Mom poked her head in briefly, but thankfully not long enough to notice and wonder, perhaps aloud, what I was doing with a copy of Good Housekeeping in my lap.

After that, when Mom was safely away, Colleen's left hand moved back down into the front of her pants. With her right hand she kept on reading--with that agile hand, not only holding the book open, but with dexterous fingers flipping and holding the done pages down.

I just watched. I was pretty sure my sister fingered herself to an orgasm.

After that excitement, she focused back on her book. She was so very near the end. She clapped the done covers shut. And stood up. "That was a really good book." She approached my chair on her way out of the room. "Such a really really good book that now someone needs to change into a fresh pair of panties." With that she drew her left index finger under my nose, and then rubbed it between my lips, but doing it so quickly I barely had time to try and suck it into my mouth. I was left with just a lingering scent of my sister's soaked cunt; I savored the taste of her left on my lips, using my tongue so slowly to make it last.

I wanted to hop up--to hell with Mom and Dad--and storm into her room for more. But I couldn't even get out of my chair, not even to go jack off in my own room. First, Mom kept flittering here and there, never out of my way for long. And then Dad came home. While I'd managed to swap out for a more appropriate magazine, I couldn't risk standing up and blowing my cover--I had a hard-on the size of Montana.

Colleen never came back out of her room. Wonder what she was doing? In there. All this time. Don't think thoughts like that, don't think thoughts like that!

Finally it subsided enough that I felt like I hadn't peed in 48 hours. I stood up and crookedly walked, but I was nowhere near the bathroom when Colleen suddenly darted out of her room and into it. I heard the shower start, and the sound made my need to pee even more desperate. There'd be no getting to that toilet for awhile.

And Dad was in the master bath.

I danced around the house for a minute or two more, then slipped out the front door. I circled immediately to the back of our lot. Once safely out of view behind the tool shed I peed a solid pee for like three hours. The funny thing would've been to stay back there and finally get to jack off. I'd never done that outdoors before. I kept that cherry because I wasn't at all feeling sexy. I just wanted to do what I then did, sort of. Having retraced my steps, I snuck back in the front door, only to see Mom swoop through the foyer and stop to turn a look back.

"What've you been doing out there?"

"Just, just sitting on the front stoop, enjoying the weather."

"Well, go tell your sister that dinner is swooping down onto the table as you speak."

"Okay, sure."

I went down the hall to Colleen's room. I thought about just opening the closed door. But it seemed more mannerly to knock first.

"Who wishes to pass my threshold?" was the door-muffled thing I think she said.

"Your stupid little brother. Mom says..."

"You may now enter."

I ... I opened the door and entered her room. Colleen stood there, radiant. She was in fresh clothes that showed her off. Her hair was stringy and a darker blonde--still damp and damn alluring. She wafted the flowery scents of her soaps and shampoos and conditioners. But once I adjusted to those smells, I realized that she was standing there like lit incense, masking the fact that mostly her room stank of her cunt. When she was smashing it down and flooding my face.

I stood there sheepishly. "Mom says dinner is about ready."

"Dinner has yet to begin," she announced. "So kind of the parentals to send me an escort. I did have a hand on my hip. She looped her arm through, and off we went. I was apprehensive as we continued down the hall in that fashion. But before we arrived she slipped her arm from mine, letting her hand lower and linger, giving my ass a quick spank-squeeze.

I was never so glad to sit down at the table. Scooted in, I appeared normal from the chest up. What was going on below my waist was effectively in the shadow of the tabletop, and thankfully well-draped by the tablecloth.

It was a delicious dinner--I felt blessed for the busy reason to keep both hands out of my lap.

As the evening waned well into night, Colleen found a bad movie so brilliant even Mom and Dad stayed up for the final credits. They were stretching and yawning at the end. Dad had a 7 a.m. tee-time, some company golf function that would segue into lunch--followed by an afternoon of cocktails on the veranda, no doubt! Mom was going to Grandma's around 8 to spend the day helping her mother with various stuff.

Mom explained all that like that meant it was bedtime for everyone. I wasn't going to argue with that: I liked it when everyone went to sleep and the night moved on into the wee hours, when maybe some fun stuff might suddenly happen!

But Colleen just started reading from the guide, the synopsis of yet another bad movie that was just starting on another channel. The description didn't make me want to watch it. Some movies actually do deserve their "no stars" rating.

"Please," she pleaded, "can we stay up until the end of this movie?"

"Really?" Mom replied. "It doesn't sound at all even good-bad."

"But it's Friday night! And Colin wants to see it, too."

"Really?" Mom replied, turning to me.

Well, there was certainly no point in going to my room if my sister wasn't going to her room as well. "Yea, though I'm sure it's a bad-bad-good maybe you old folk might not get."

Mom reached over and gave me a slight smack on the head, then tousled my hair. "Okay, but no falling asleep on the couch. And first you guys have to brush your teeth and put on your jams."

"Oh, c'mon, Mom. We're not kids anymore," I complained. Colleen had changed the channel. "See, the movie's already started."

"No, you're not kids anymore. When you were kids you were smart enough to know that if you wanted something special, and I attached a small condition, you'd get the condition out of the way."

Colleen started to speak up, in chorus, but I cut her off. No longer a kid, I understood that once Mom had laid down the law, if you came back singing the same old song, she'd just get pissed off.

"Makes sense to me," I sang, standing up. I looked at my sister. "I'll hit the bathroom first; I promise to be quick."

In return, Colleen wasn't nearly so quick. I was back on the couch fast enough I could figure out what I'd missed of the movie. It wasn't much.

After about fifteen minutes, I was still watching the movie alone. I wound up paying attention to it, because there was nothing else to do. I sat there with breath minty fresh, in my boxers and tee. I started getting chilly. The master bedroom was at the end of a long stretch of ductwork, and Mom liked to sleep cool.

Towards the end of summer, and I was glad to find an afghan on the back of the couch.

Finally Colleen sauntered into the room. Just the sight of her, in just her sleep tee, made me glad to have the afghan in my lap. It helped to disguise the rather unbrotherly reaction that was happening down there. Even despite what we'd been doing, I was surprised. It must've been because she was wearing an older t-shirt. Usually they were baggy and hung nearly to her knees. This one was much more curve fitting, its hem well up her thighs, revealing miles more of her shapely legs.

She came over, leaned down, and gave me a little kiss on the forehead. God, she smelled so good. And a nice peep down the neck of her shirt helped agitate my condition even more.

"What was that for?" I asked, while realizing it was the first time my sister had kissed me anywhere but my cock.

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