In Search of the Scent

by jackjohn

Copyright© 2009 by jackjohn

Fan Fiction Sex Story: An alternate ending to the episode "Beware Wolf" Justin meets Isabella, a girl from WizFace who Alex suspects is a dog. After sharing a kiss, Justin learns that Isabella's a werewolf and he's become one himself.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Magic   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

This story comes out of the episode where Justin tries to find a girlfriend on 'Wizspace', which is the wizard worlds type of myspace website. He meets who he thinks may be the girl of his dreams.Unfortunately, she left out one fact in her profile. The fact that she was a werewolf. Already having kissed her before he knew her secret, and the world of magic being as it is, Justin was now destined to turn into a werewolf each night along with his new found mate. His sister Alex figures this all out and, with the help of the rest of the family, they manage to rescue Justin. The twist in my story is instead of knowing the cure to reverse the werewolf change for Justin right away, they have to wait until a special delivery from the wizard world arrives the next day.

Justin had just been rescued from his dilema of meeting the werewolf girl on wizspace. He was glad to be safe at home. What he wasn't happy about was the reversal cure wouldn't be ready until the next day and he had to remain a werewolf until dawn when the spell would wear off. He had gone to his room to wait it out. Justin was finally able to remove his clothes. He stood before the full lenght mirror in his room, amazed at what the transformation had done to his body. He was hairy all over. His hands and feet were still normal, but hairy. He had a small snout where his nose was. And he was shocked to see that his 'boy parts' resembled a dog. A furry sheath encased his cock. He reached down and with a tenative touch, felt what his new 'equipment' felt like. He was still amazed at all of the hightened senses he had as a result of the change. The minute he touched himself, his furry member reacted and the red tip of his prick started to emerge from it's cocoon. While his cock stll looked like a humans, it took on the red color of a canine. This caused him to jump back. "Whoa Man ... that is SO weird ", he mumbled to himself. Justin put on a pair of gym shorts and went to bed, trying to fall asleep until the dawn and his returning to normal.

As he tossed and turned in his bed, he noticed something else. He had hyper sensitive hearing and sense of smell. His ears raised up at a sound he heard coming from a room down the hall. As he concentrated on the sound, he could clearly make out that the sound was a low, wimpering like moan. A few seconds later a scent wafted through the air. The scent was unfamiliar to Justin but it was having a strange effect of him. It was exciting him and he didn't know why. As he sniffed in the aroma, he felt his cock start to slide out of its doggie sheath. A primal urge seemed to be taking over his mind and body as he felt compelled to go and find the source of these sounds and smells. He slowly slid out of the bed and left his room in search of the source.

With his ears and small snout like nose guiding him, Justin sniffed and listened until he pin-pointed the source of his curiosity. He found himself standing outside his sister Alex's room. The scent seemed to be getting stronger and the moans more frequent. "Alex", he called to her in a hushed tone as to not alert anyone else in the house. More moans came from inside her room. "Alex, are you alright", he whispered against her door. Getting no answer and feeling she should have heard him, Justin slowly turnrd the doorknob and opened the door slightly. The scent he was following became very stong as the door opened a bit. All at once his tongue lolled out of his mouth and his tail began to wag furiously back and forth. He didn't know why but his werewolf body was happy and excited all at once for finding the source of the scent. He poked his head inside the door and his eyes focused on the bed in the center of the room. The nightlight in her room provided him with a perfect view.

There before his gaze layed Alex. Her nightgown pushed up to her chin. One hand clutching and squeezing her tits as her other hand was inside her panties moving rapidly. Now Justin was not very experienced sexually at all, but even he knew she was masturbating in her sleep. He entered her room and quietly closed the door behind him. He sniffed the air as all his attention was now drawn to the sight of his sister Alex. He always realized how cute and well built his sister was but she WAS his sister and he never thought of her in THAT way ... until now! Her tits were magnificent. He could tell she had a full 34c (well, he did look at alot of his Dad Jerry's old Playboy collection and the few porn movies he kept hidden) with silver dollar sized dark areole and dime sized pink erect nipples. That combination was accentuated by the Mediterranean skin tones she has inherited from a Latina Mom and Italian Dad. His gaze travelled down her body to the action taking place inside her panties. His small snout like nose told him this was the source of the scent that led him here. He heard her moan some more as her fingers moved quickly inside her panties. As he crept closer to the foot of her bed, sniffing the air as he did, his dick was now starting to hurt a little as it got even harder and longer. Justin started to reach up. His intention was to remove Alex's panties. The human part of his brain kicked in and he stopped short. He was affraid he might wake her and how in the hell would he be able to explain himself. He sat back on his haunches and franticlly looked around trying to figure out his next move.

As he looked around the room, something caught his eye. Justin scurried over to the dresser. Alex had left her wand on the dresser top and an idea hit Justin. He grabbed the wand and retuned to the foot of Alex's bed. He stood up and pointed the wand toward Alex. "Asleepicus Keepicus and Awakus at Daybreakus " he chanted as he pointed the wand at Alex. A small flash of light enveloped her head for a brief moment. Justin dropped the wand and waited a few seconds. Alex was still moaning while squeezing her tits and rubbing her pussy. He wasn't sure if the spell had worked. He reached out and grabbed Alex by the toes and shook her foot. She didn't stir from her sleep. He shook both her feet and called her name, "Alex, Alex, wake up Alex". Not a sign of her waking up. The spell worked and now Alex was in a magical slumber. Knowing now that Alex would not wake up until morning, Justin returned to his mission. To reveal the source of the scent.

Justin made his way over the foot of Alex's bed toward her panty covered hand. He watched for a moment as her fingers deftly moved inside her panties. The aroma was becoming overpowering. He lowered his small snout like nose to her panties and inhaled deeply. Again his tongue lolled out of his mouth as he sniffed. He brought his hands up to her sides and hooked them inside the waistband of her panties. He slowly pulled at them until he felt them begin to slide down over her ass. Justin caught a glimpse of dark black hairs emerged from between Alex's fingers as the panties traveled further down. He pulled them completely off and tossed them to the floor. Soon her hand was fully exposed as he watched her rubbing herself franticly. Alex began to buck her hips as her orgasm rose from within. Justin witnessed Alex pushing two fingers up inside her pussy as she bucked and moaned. The scent was flaring his nostrils as Alex became more animated in her movements. A few times as Alex bucked, her pussy juice coated fingers brushed across Justin's snout and mouth. Justin licked at the wetness left on his face from Alex. His werewolf body reacted. His lower half began to hump the air in reaction to the taste. He pushed his shorts down and deposited them on the floor, releasing his furry member from it's confines. Justin made every effort to lick Alex's fingers every time she bucked up into his face. All at once, Alex arched her back and stiffened as her orgasm peaked. Alex released a flood of sweetness from her core as she came and Justin lapped it up as it flowed from the source.

What happened next suprised Justin. As he lapped at her fingers, Alex removed them from inside her pussy and offered them to Justin. He looked up to make sure she was still asleep. She indeed was, but now had a contented smile on her face. As Justin licked at her fingers, Alex slid them between his lips for a minute. Justin took them as offered and hungrily sucked on them. He gazed at Alex's now bare pussy. He could see her clitoris standing erect from it's protective hood and her sweet pinkish red labial fold, still swollen and parted. Alex withdrew her fingers from his mouth. A very contented sigh escapped from her throat. Again Justin was suprised as he felt Alex move her hand to the top of his head. Her fingers lightly clutched his hair. He felt Alex pulling his face into her pussy. He looked yet again to make sure she had not woke up. She was asleep. He could make out the faint sound of a slight snore eminating from her chest.

Justin pushed his snout into Alex's pussy. He drew his tongue along it's length and felt Alex shudder from the contact. His tongue hit her exposed erect clit and her body reacted, pushing her pussy harder into his face. His cock was now hard as steel. Harder than it had ever been. And his animal instinct told him it needed attention NOW! With the agility his new werewolf body gave him, he deftly sprang up over the foot of the bed, contorting his body so that he barely broke contact from her pussy with his mouth while he was able to bring his engorged, sheath covered cock up to the level of Alex's mouth. In a flash, Justin resumed his licking of Alex's pussy. Justin moved his hips slightly as he felt his dick dragging across Alex's cheek. The fur on his back rose as he felt Alex wrap her lips around the head of his cock and her tongue swirl around it's head. With her one hand stroking Justin along his back, Alex moved her other hand up and grasped Justin's cock. She slowly began sliding her hand up and down it's lenght as she suckled the head in her warm mouth. Justin involuntarily began to hump, his hips matching the rhythm Alex was setting as she stroked his red hot, red colored cock.

Justin let out a sort of muted growl/groan/howl as he felt his cock sliding futher into Alex's mouth and down her throat. It was taking all his human restraint to keep his animal instint from completely ravaging Alex at this moment. He concentrated on Alex's clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth and tickled it's tip with his tongue. Alex bucked her hips, driving her pussy, her body enjoying the sensations it was experiencing. Every few moments, Justin would release the clit and lick down the length of her slit and drill his long tongue deep into her pussy, the length of it being able to find sensitive nerve endings inside her while he enjoyed the taste of the sweetest nectar he'd ever known. Both Alex and Justin started to increase the pace to almost frantic as both their orgasms began to build from within. Alex was the first to reach release. Again, her back arched as her body went ridgid. Another flood of sweetness poured forth from her center. Justin lapped and licked as fast as he could, as not to miss a single drop of it. Alex's sudden release triggered his own flood. From some where deep beneath his balls, Justin felt the rush of his load streak through his cock and burst, spurt after spurt, into Alex's waiting mouth. He could feel her throat muscles swallowing the hot cum from him as it splashed again and again. Justin stiffled the urge he had to howl his conquest to the world. Every hair on his body tingled and stood on end as he finished depositing his seed down the throat of his sister. Alex continued to suck on his cock even after he stopped cumming. Justin slowly withdrew his member from Alex's mouth. He saw Alex lick her lips a few times as another contented smile formed on her beautiful face.

Justin slowly retreated from the bed, watching Alex to be certain she remained asleep. Once he was off the bed, Alex turned over on to her stomach which gave Justin his first real look at her glorious ass. Sure, he had looked at her ass plenty of times, but that was when she had her clothes on. He always thought she had a nice butt 'for a sister', but had never dwelled on it beyond that. He now stood at the foot of her bed again, momentarily transfixed by the sight of her naked rear view. He also became aware of the fact that his cock was still as hard as it had been before he shot his load down Alex's throat. Justin again sniffed at the air as he detected another aroma blended in with the scent that drew him here in the first place. Once again, animal instinct kicked in and he was on a search for the new scent. He lowered his head and began to sniff the back of Alex's ankle. Justin licked the spot he sniffed and moved up a bit, licked, then moved his head to the other leg and repeated his actions. He switched from leg to leg, sniffing and licking all the way. The further up her legs he got, the stronger the new scent got.

As he reached the convergence of her thighs at her ass cheeks, Justin realized where his nose was leading him. The scent that now had him intrigued was eminating from between her ass cheeks. Her asshole to be exact. The human part of him was trying to keep from going there. He never understood what dogs (and now, apparently, werewolves) got from ass sniffing. But the aroma that wafted from Alex was not offensive to him. It was a musky smell, yet sweet and clean also. The latter being from Alex being so careful about her personal cleanliness. Justin lightly licked one ass cheek, then the other, working towards the center of the twin globes before him. His grasped a cheek in each hand and slowly parted them, exposing Alex's asshole. This was definitely the source of the new scent he sought.

The human side again tried to pull back but this time the animal side won out. Justin lowered his head until his snout hovered just above the wrinkled orafice. He sniffed several times before his tongue extended out from between his lips and he licked the source of the scent several times.

It tasted exactly as it smelled, musky yet clean and sweet. Justin noticed as he licked her asshole, Alex moaned and seemed to inch her ass upward, enjoying and wanting more of what he was doing. His licking became a bit more forceful as he now lapped from her pussy hole below to her asshole above. Alex stirred a bit. Justin drew back and watched as Alex changed her position, drawing herself up on her knees with her head remaining on the bed, and thrusting her ass back, presenting an easy access to continue. Justin wasted no time in returning to her asshole. He continued to lick from hole to hole, sniffing and lingering a bit longer at her asshole with each swipe of his tongue. Soon his tongue made it's first penetration of the orifice. Alex let out a deep moan as the tongue pierced the outer ring of her sphincter. As his tongue continued it's work, Justin noticed that Alex's asshole was seeming to relax and loosen a bit. His tongue met less resistance each time it penetrated. Justin also noticed an ache coming from his still engorged member. Justin grabbed Alex by the hips and slowly scooted her back a little with each round of licking. Soon her feet were hanging off the bed and her ass was thrust out over the edge.

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