Wonder Woman: Versus the Dairy Farmer

by Angil

Copyright© 2009 by Angil

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Diana Prince escorts a squad of cheerleaders on a camping trip/vacation to a Dairy Farm. Wonder Woman gets milked for all that she is worth.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Superhero   Swinging   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Pregnancy   .

AUTHOR'S NOTE: "Story idea adopted, and inspired, from Black7 and from other interracial stories."

The smell of burning pine was thick in the air this summer morning, from the fireplaces last night. Rain had fallen the previous night and the smell of more rain seemed on the horizon. Batgirl had practically moved in with them when they moved near to Silverdale, Wa. Ben had gotten them property on the Indian Reservation nearby. Batman had objected to his charge leaving his city but Batgirl was completely enamored with Ben's cock. Or rather, she was enamored with being impaled on Ben's cock, and Wonder Woman grudgingly accepted the situation as she enjoyed having sex with her best friend too. This time Wonder Woman had sworn to her husband that she would stay far away from the Green Goblin and his monstrous banana cock.

Wonder Woman watched as Batgirl lurched along the side of the pool with Ben pile driving into her poor abused pussy again. Diana had paid attention and conveniently forgot to remind her best friend that she was fertile this morning. Naturally Ben took every opportunity to mate with the sexy British slut but today it seemed like he knew he was impregnating her. Diana felt that Barbara would actually like having a child being brought up in this particular family; Where, she was still free to explore her other interests and not have to raise a baby on her own.

"aaaiiieee ... aaauuu ... Aaaiii ... aaaeeeiii ... Aaahhh ... aauuuhhh." Barbara chanted as Ben repeatedly drove his massive black cock up her horney twat in the pool. She held a death grip on the side of the pool with white knuckles as the horney teenager was oblivious to what was really happening. Diana smiled mischievously as she cradled her own newborn. 'This will slow the sexy little tart down some' Diana thought ruthful to herself. She thought of maybe getting a job at the local kindergarten as she took classes and got a degree in say English to teach and follow her children through school ... though that might be hard with Ben continuously knocking her up.

"You like this don't ya ... Getting fucked senseless ... by your best friend's husband ... while she watches..." Ben grunted into Batgirl's teenage ear. The smell of sex had overridden the smell of the pool. The splashing of water thick in the air as they fucked like kangaroo in heat. "Ooohhh ... Fuck ... fuck yes!!! Never ... never stop ... keep ... fucking me..." Having submitted her virginity to him the previous week, she had remained here despite her boisterous claims to Diana's taunts a year ago. Somehow he saw through all that and now he was slowly driving his cock in and out of her fucked raw cunt. Frantic, and disconcerting, signals of pleasure were being emanated from her pussy and driving her inner reptile to new heights. "aaaiiieee ... aaaeee ... iiieee ... uuuhhh" she grunted in time with his thrusts impaling her on his huge blood engorged cock, as she had another orgasm from her pile driving her into submission of his ownership of her. "God ... I feel sooo full ... sooo good..."

Now she was emancipated from her former guardian to prevent him from interfering. She was a big girl now who took down carrier criminals and didn't need some stuffy old man second guessing her. Bruce had warned Barbara that Diana was an independent successful woman too; But, Barbara had closed her ears off at that point. After she was finished packing, she boarded Gotham Airlines to Sea-Tac to visit her friend and leave her husband with blue balls. Bruce tried coming here once but the open life style offended him too much and so he left.

"uuuhhh ... aaahhh ... eeehhh ... uuuhhh ... uuuhhh ... uuuhhh ... uuuhhh ... eeehhh ... aaahhh ... uuuhhh ... uuuhhh..." The chanting continued though muffled from the thick glass wall panel separating Diana from the heated outside pool. She had worked hard to regain her shape again and was proud of the results. After delivery of her fourth child she had settled into a regime and the natural energy expenditure needed to care for a baby and three toddlers. Again, there were was barely even a hint of stretch marks, as her belly snapped back to its silky smooth flat firmness that drove Ben insane with lust. Pile driven through another orgasm, Barbara could feel Ben's orgasm approaching and she tried to reciprocate the pleasure he was giving her by intentionally milking his cock with her tight BatTwat. "Ooohhh fuck yes!!! you ... you little whore ... who taught you ... who taught ... you how?" He growled and grunted into her ear as he fucked her brains out.

Mother had told her afterwards that was how Amazon women were and that they naturally regained their former shape after having given birth. Some sort of gift from the gods, mother had said one night while caring for her grandchildren that quickly earned her unconditional and absolute love. One of the triplets was male and Hippolyta {Queen of the Amazons} had become a regular fixture at their new estate. Ben had purposefully moved here so that Hippolyta would be coming back to "Mount Olympus" on the "Olympic Peninsula". He also had been steadily earning Hippolyta's sexual interest despite Olympic reluctance and resistance. That was one thing Diana put her foot down on though and told him under no uncertain terms that he was to leave her mother alone! "By HERA!!! Men are such pigs!" She exclaimed; As, Barbara was getting packed full with baby batter from her husband who daydreamed of doing the same thing to his wife's mother. Barbara could care less what was happening though as the saucy little teenage tart was fucked senseless; And, knocked up by a dirty old man.

Grateful, Diana was that the Green Goblin had only given her a daughter and that her first male heir was from Ben. Amazingly, she loved the pig more each day, even as she hated his guts. Along with her stomach, her breasts regained their perky firmness as well, much to the same effect from her husband. Though it took longer to weaned her man off her mother's milk than it was to wean her babies. Now that their new baby was taking formula Ben finally agreed to let her go out and do her job again. Only because the Queen had finagled Hera into eliminating any suggestions in her daughter's mind and make her immune to further mental manipulation. The last part required something mother still won't talk about but she seemed happy and so the Princess was happy.

The Justice League Alliance {J.L.A.} evidently felt the need to baby her come back tour because as soon as that was decided Linda Danvers {a.k.a. Supergirl} asked Diana if she would mind being the chaperon {bus monitor/tour guide} for her cheerleader group. Superman was on a J.L.A. assignment deep in space, and apparently being a cheerleader was a big deal. Barbara thought she might have to postpone being a cheerleader for a few months ... about nine. As she whimpered and moaned from feeling Ben deposit his seed directly in her womb. The intense pain was superseded by the even greater pleasure his cock caused her pussy to feel.

This new saucy little teenaged tart actually had the audacity to mention Diana still being on maternity leave as being a reason to ask her. Diana had coached the cheerleaders at Gotham in the past to help Batgirl, and the princess enjoyed working with the young teenage girls and providing a good role-model. Money was tight in the school with the economy in the first major depression in fifty years. So, the money the cheerleading team could generate from participating in the calendar promotion was very attractive to the school's principal. It was for a large diary that supported the school board with nutritious meals. Linda had mentioned her misgivings over the political move but if that is what it took to keep the school's extracurricular activities going, then she was grudgingly for it. Diana agreed to the request, and thought it should be different than the past few months of taking care of babies. Linda introduced Diana to School's Principal Dan, another overweight man, with balding greasy hair, and a sweaty grip who spent most of the time starring at her milk bags. She could almost feel him trying to milk her in his dreams and it made her stomach revolt with sickness.

Walking through the schoolyard, and into the chartered Greyhound bus that the farm had paid for, Diana gave her luggage to the assistants. Standing while milling about, eleven cheerleaders gravitated around Mrs Diana Sparks Prince, "Well Met ladies, I am Mrs. Diana Sparks Prince; And, as you know your coach can't make it. So I am taking his place for the camping trip this month. Is everyone here?" Buffy [The Bitch], the co-head cheerleader with Linda spoke up, "Ah Mrs. Prince," Diana turned towards the girl, "Starr isn't coming, she wasn't feeling good this morning, throwing up and stuff" the blonde responded. "Thanks well, we will just go with an eleven girl squad then" she missed Buffy's snide comment muttered under her breath to a girlfriend, "yeah she won't be on the squad next year, I bet it's morning sickness, I saw her riding Johnny's cock after practice for weeks now." She treated everyone badly and sucked up to the Cheerleading coach's cock which was the only reason he put her as co-head cheerleader with Linda. Linda had all the duties and responsibilities. All of this had even earned Linda her own cult following headed by a beautiful petite Asian girl named Constantine. Buffy also had the biggest breasts in the squad with C-Cups. Linda only had B-Cups and Buffy took every opportunity to haze Linda about them. It really pissed her off when the first string quarterback Kevin messed with her mind by making 'Mooooooiing' sounds when she could hear it. Plus the fact that he dated That he dated Linda Danvers drove her crazy.

Buffy watched Diana as she stepped up into the bus causing her boobies to jiggle and show she clearly didn't even need to wear a bra to support her supple, pert, and firm C-Cup Breasts. A flash of cream colored skin and a hint of dark brown areole showed through her open blouse neckline as she twisted to get her small backpack on with her. "I don't think she's even wearing a bra, I bet she's a whore slut like Linda Danver" Buffy snipped quietly to her little group of bullies. "I heard she got knocked up by the Green Goblin making her kid a bastard." A bully sitting behind her commented with a whisper. "See? I told you she's a whore slut"

Constantine rolled her eyes at Buffy, already bored with the stupid card game, Buffy was no longer interested and started to look at pictures of hunks in the tabloids the girls had brought with them. A green mustang convertible full of four college boys and a girl with its top down pulled alongside the bus making whistling noses to the cheerleaders. They started waving to her 'this could be fun' she thought. She sat on the seat and blew them a kiss, her chest bouncing along clearly visible to the boys. One of them stood up in the back of the car and lifted his t-shirt showing off his bronzed, hairless belly; And, it was clear they wanted her to 'show us your boobies!!!' of course she wondered what else they would want, but she raised herself up on her knees on the bench seat and flashed her silky black lace water bra that made her tits look bigger to the boys.

She sat down giggling. The boys obviously exhibited the desired excitement of seeing her teenage bosom. They sloughed off their t-shirts 'Now your turn' was the intent. So she unsnapped her bra and hooked her thumbs up raising her blouse and bra off. They had the supple fleshiness, pertness, and firmness of a teenager; And, she was magnificently beautiful. The boys reached over the girl driver and started honking their horns in appreciation as she pressed her milk jugs up against the window smashing her dark brown areoles and nipples against the melted sand.

The destination was a couple hours of travel for the bus down the interstate freeway. The girls read, listened to music, and played cards as they do on usual school trips. Diana had been dozing, but her mind had been deep in a dream reliving having hot passionate sex with Barbara and Ben, when the honking horn woke the princess up. Nothing was in front of the bus, and all the girls were looking out the windows at the passing lane. Diana stood up and strode over behind Buffy quietly. The focus of the boy's attention was obvious, as did the focus of the cheerleaders all huddled on the port side of the bus. Buffy's bobbling boobies clearly displayed for animalistic gratification. "Miss Buffy Alaine Romerez!!! What are you doing?!!!" Diana declared with a resonating voice and face aflame with fury. Buffy tried to get her shirt down and herself onto her seat. Her thumbs entangled in the underwire, she eventually got her bra, and white silk blouse down over her magnificently beautiful supple endowment of womanhood.

She had clearly been busted, "I expected a bit more decorum from a co-head cheerleader, What kind of example is that lewd display?" With Buffy's mouth open she thought better of answering the obviously rhetorical question. Some of the cheerleaders were clearly bemused by Diana's literally busting Buffy, "I think I might recommend to coach and the Principal that they award Linda as 'Head' Cheerleader instead." Walking back slowly to the front of the bus, Buffy stared at Diana's ass as if she was punching daggers into her back. 'That bitch can't talk to me like that! Doesn't she know who I am?' Buffy was furious as she stewed in her seat, 'I'll teach that bitch a lesson if she even tries something like that'.

The buss passed the sign for Cutter's Creek and shortly their exit off the interstate. They arrived in a sprawling industrial ranch with a huge sign. 'Welcome to the Milk Man's Dairy Farm' it proclaimed over a huge Texas style Ranch sign. The sign had a lovely cartoonish, maybe teenaged, and young skimpily dressed woman standing bent over in front of a muscular dirty old man dressed in a Bull type costume. The man's hips were clearly being slammed into the teenaged vixen, dressed in half of a suit looking like a cow with udders from behind, and over a wooden rail the lovely young woman had her hand over her mouth forming a 'O' with a surprised expression. Diana had flash backs of her seduction at the Sisters of Salvation Hospital by Ben, her now husband. The cheerleaders were oblivious to the sign as they filed out of the bus after they pulled up next to the office. An enthusiastic young man dressed in a smooth Armani suit quickly hoped out to greet them with a bright warm smile.

"Merry Meet!!! I am Bill the public relations director for the ranch." Diana introduced herself and the girls, "I noticed that you are on girl short?" He asked hesitantly "Yes, that is correct; she got sick just before we left unfortunately." The young man beamed a smiled as he eyed up Diana, "Well we really absolutely need twelve, you know one for each month" Diana's smooth black silk skirt hugged her trim unbelievably sexy and firm hips and ass and held the bottom of her silk white blouse that he could almost see her brown areole nipples through. Her supple, pert, and firm boobies clearly suggested by blouse hugging her chest. "How about you, as their coach step up to the plate?" He asked and the girls were already cheering as he soothingly cupped and rubbed her ass cheek soothingly. "Sure, Mrs Prince! Join us!" The girls exclaimed as Diana paused hesitating from correcting the young man's liberties in front of everyone. His hand actually did feel really really good, as if he was more experienced than he had any right to be. Submitting to his demands she sighed slightly, "Oh all right, I'll join you"

"Awesome!!!" The girls cheered on as they began moving, "Great! Right this way and we will get you some lunch, as I am sure you all are starving. "Then we will size you up for your costumes right after that and call it a day." Opening the door to the kafeteria the young teen womanizing boy continued, "Tomorrow we will start the photo shoots. First we will do the squad shot, then everyone will cycle through the twelve month shoots, and we will take the best from each month for the calendar. That should take a couple days. In the mean time you'll be staying at our guest dormitory where we have the summer students work, but we will get that sorted out after the fitting, this way to the kafeteria." He watched them march right on into the building slapping Diana's sexy ass as she walked in last. "Young man!" The girls giggled infectiously.

The owner watched them mill into the kafeteria, from the second story office window, "Is that the new cow herd?" She asked, "Yes! Sir!" came one of the handlers reply "Everything is ready in the kafeteria, for them" time was short as she had a business to expand. Ever since Dr. Evil had approached her with the formula she could tap into and turn an average female into a milk-producing cow she had literally seen the numbers in her bank account in Barbados skyrocket astronomically. Once she went public with her method she would have every grocery store in the world demanding her product as the only producer of human milk from actual human women. Yet, for now, she hid the product under the line of a "specialty" milk; And, she couldn't make enough of it to fill demand as it was.

A subordinate with a small mind had tried the drug out in Cutters Creek and she was amazed by the effect it had on the female mind. The grunt was also amazed at how effective it was to easily administer orally. With an appropriate steroid she was able to triple her milk supply. Unfortunately it had the normal side effect of diminishing returns and a cow was only mentally viable for a month or two before their mental faculties returned. The grunt in Cutters Creek found that out the hard way when he successfully tried to tame her for a time and was able to manage to knock her up twice. The first time was for obvious reasons of her being as dumb as a rock. The second time was because she let her empathy for the man, cloud her judgment. She left the simple man and set up this farm with support from Dr. Evil as she raised her children. Realization of her mistake in trusting the horribly rotten man came when she found him trying to forcefully steal her milk farm from her. He actually tried to rob her blind and leave her with nothing but her bra and panties. The slimy snake that he was became clear to her and she ended him. She had no idea what happened to Cutter's Creek after that but she didn't really care.

One of the side effects that was beneficial was that it made them fertile while lactating and put them in a highly suggestive state. The latter helped the owner expand her business without government interference. She didn't even pay taxes. "The cook has applied the supplemental vitamins into the food, and the costumes have been dusted down with steroids." She smiled, "Good, I can go play host now." Eager to meet the new cow herd to the ranch, she left her office.

"Merry Meet!!! Welcome to our ranch!" The stunningly beautiful aristocratic young woman burst into the Kafeteria. "Help yourself to whatever you like, you will find we have a wonderful assortment of fresh food here for our staff, you'll have to excuse the slight over emphasis on milk products but whether its milk shakes or cheese burgers it all comes from local production. I hope you enjoy your stay with us." She went on as she approached Diana. "After lunch, I believe your host will be taking you to get fitted for our Calendar "You all are lovely looking young ladies" She flattered them, "and we have the best Calendar in the whole nation, from what my staff and sources tell me. I am sure with such talent we will soon be best in the world!!! Thank you again, for joining us and accepting our invitation" with that she started talking with Diana privately as they both ate lunch. Although a tough crowd to sell too, the girls found themselves submitting to temptation and gorging on the milkshakes, yogurt, and cheese as sweet ambrosia. Even Diana found the strawberry shakes to be fantastic. The episode with the young man completely forgotten as she luxuriated in the wonderful food.

Sated and looking forward to supper Constantine, and the girls, marched over to a place down the first entrance hall labeled 'tack room, ' Inside on the walls were the Calendars from past years and some of the photos were blown up to poster size. They were obviously tastefully erotic, and showed off the female form to its absolutely best advantage. The girls looked on taking in the calendars, almost Norman Rockwell in style, and retro in fashion, but certainly extremely appealing for men and for the girls who want to strut their stuff. A young teenage female staff member came in from the backdoor. "Hi!!! I am Maggy, and I'll help you get your new costumes sorted out" she was slightly older than the cheerleaders and obviously a college freshmen. Maggy had a healthy glow, well tanned skin and a slight bulge in her belly that was marginally concealed by her farmer bib overall jeans and white t-shirt uniform. "Okay girls we have change rooms over on this side she pointed to the doors, I've based your sizes on what the coach sent me in advance. Mrs. Prince I'll have to fit you separately" she added innocently "Now Bill if you'll just git so we girls can get started with measuring" she playfully patted the young stud out the door erotically, and closed the door behind him.

"Okay girls, this year we're going to blend the cheerleaders outfit with that of our dairy cow model..." Maggy showcased a poster as an example, "As you can see it may be rather provocative." Smacking her gum and twirling her red pigtails she looked at the poster with the girls. It had a short cheerleader skirt, leggings, and a swishing tail with monocolor cow spots on everything. Holding out the custom from some hidden archive, she pointed out an example. At chest level it had the skin tone color of human breasts but the shape suggested cow udders tastefully, complete with teats matching the girls own individuality.

Buffy stood out reluctant, "I've tried to have ment not moo at me and here I'm dressing like a cow" she wasn't sure she wanted to wear this rig, "Ooohhh sister think of it his way, you can taunt them all you want in this get up and it's perfectly acceptable ... I think you'll look fabulous with this on, it enhances your figure ... I just wish I could join you!!!" Maggy said unconsciously selling the rig to the reluctant teenager. Slowly rubbing her belly she blew a bubble out of her gum innocently while she twirled her hair some more. Picking up her suit, Buffy headed for the change room.

Diana walked over, after Maggy motioned for her to come over to the counter, where she had the tape measure in hand. "Mizz Prince--" Diana corrected her with a rather annoyed expression, "Mrs. I am married thank you." Maggy looked innocently shocked but smiled, "Oh! Right! Sorry there now ... MRS! Prince if you could please slip off your clothes so I can take exact measurements that would be greeeaaattt" all the change rooms were occupied so Diana grudgingly complied as there was just girls there. She hung her jacket up and unbuttoned her blouse, hanging it on the chair back. Her breasts were magnificently beautiful!!! They were beautifully supple, pert, and firm as any teenager would dream of even before having four kids. Diana knew she was the center of attention with all the girls staring at her perfect boobies and her dark chocolate brown areoles and pink nipples. Buffy was purposefully ignoring Diana and all the attention she was stealing from Buffy. 'Damn bitch!!!'

Diana just stood there as Maggy measured her accurately and precisely, her shaved pussy also on display was the cause of numerous whispered conversations among the girls. Growing up on the Island of Paradise, Diana celebrated her body and was perfectly comfortable being nude in the center of Manhattan. That might cause a natural disaster though, so she made the choice to where cloths instead. Standing there impatiently while Maggy finished her measurements details who subsequently left her there and disappeared into the back room. Coming out she had a bunch more costumes for the rest of the girls. Another trip brought the rest of the squad's rigs. After a few trial fits for Diana, Buffy came out with her skin tight costume first. In fact it, hugged her body so tightly that her bra and panties were clearly visible.

"Ooohhh!!!" Maggy smacked her gum some more, "I forgot to mention to take off your underroos." Buffy grumbled, "Now you tell me" and went back into the change room with a uff and a tizzie. Diana asked, "What's the powder for?" There was white powder especially in the breast cups. "Oh that's just talcum powder dear, it's to help fit it on all snug and tight like. It makes it easier to slip into" Maggy replied. The material was sure stretchy, and Diana had the top snuggly on like Maggy said, easily. The princess's breasts seemed to melt perfectly into the udder area of the costume. The fake teats looked beautifully real. 'This feels actually comfortable unlike the bras I have tried on' Soon, all the girls were modeling themselves before the full length mirror, the princess included.

Constantine, had the smallest breasts in the group with just A-Cups; And, that was a fact she was acutely aware of on a routine basis. However, this costume seemed to accentuate her pointed perky breasts perfectly, and she was fully satisfied by how the single udder melted her outward-bound breasts and enhances them without showing how small they were. Diana took the teenager under her wing and gave her subtle encouragements to help her feel better about her own magnificently beautiful body ... including her beautiful boobies.

They started walking and left the office building and crossed the ranch's main dirt courtyard to the barns proper. Bill talked pointing where certain shoots would take place, where the facilities were, etc. They entered an empty barn, "this is where the cows come in to be milked," Knowing he had a bunch of city kids in tow he asked, "have any of you actually lived on a farm or seen a cow be milked?" Only Linda and Diana had their hands raised, causing a wave of infectious giggling to wash over the squad. "How does it work you asked Constantine?" She blushed that he knew her name, though she had just asked to move on past the giggling at her best friend. "It's easier to demonstrate; And, could one of you be so kind as to volunteer to be the stand in 'cow', so I can demonstrate what happens?" An evil idea flashed across Buffy's air headed mind, "Mrs. Prince! Could you demonstrate so all us city kids can see?" she was going to nominate Linda but thought it better to tackle one problem at a time.

"Oookkkaaayyy..." Diana replied slowly, not entirely sure about this but feeling obliged to do it. Stepping in, following Bill's commands, she noticed that it was a freshly cleaned stall. Being coaxed down on her hands and knees, she had a bad feeling where this was headed as her magnificently beautiful udders hung down swinging naturally like the awesome milk bags they were. "Now often the cows" Pausing to find the right words, he continued, "find milking stimulating so they have to be restrained, can't have a hundred pounds of bovine bumping around" the sound of the shackles clicking around her calfs and arms gave her a start. "Now for milking" picking up the multiple suction cup rubber rig, "each of these suction cups fits over a teat" before she could say anything, he fitted the cups to each of her actual teats. The rubber cup pressed tightly around each of her real nipples that were expertly cradled by the skin tight costume. "Ooooooooooohhh" the moan was barely audible as he finished explaining, and motioning towards the controls, "This sets the suction and this starts the rig, normally this isx all automatic from the control room once all the cows are in, but today they are adjusting things in each bay ... we take real good care of our cows here" A twitter on his cell phone interrupted him, and he pulled it from his belt, "Excuse me ladies" wandering off the squad was left alone, so he could find a better reception.

The suction cup was the center of Diana's world at the moment as it was hitched to her nipple. Looking over her shoulder, Buffy whispered conspiratorial to a sister thug, "watch this" and she hit the suction button on the machine. Diana felt the cup tighten and relax on her nipples immediately, "uuuggghhh" she gasped a startled deep breath intake. Two of the sister thugs were restraining Linda and Constantine as the machine was cycling now pumping her mammaries trying to coax milk from them. The feeling was a recently familiar crutch for Diana who hadn't felt this since Ben had last suckled on her tits. 'Oh god this feels good' though it caused her considerable pain, the pressure accumulated on her nipples demanding she release milk. The sensation reached down the core of her being as if a thread reached from her toes to her nipples and was being pulled and yanked on by the machine. "Oooohhhh fuck yes ... please ... Please stop ... STOP IT!!!" The call went out but no one was answering as Linda and Constantine struggled in the submission holds the sister thugs had them in and the rest of the girls just watched in fascination. Linda was torn between saving her friend this pain and humiliation with her super powers and keeping her cover. The boobies were being pumped, as they sloshed up, down, and side to side for milk but none was coming. Not only cows found this stimulating, and Diana could feel her moist slit starting to heat up and juices were drenching her staining her skin tight suit.

Bill came around the corner and Buffy covertly flipped the machine off. Reaching down to unhook the milking rig, he notice Diana's nipples were well stimulated. Quiet impressed, he was silently, as his reptile grabbed her boobies for a quick feel and squeeze. Rolling her tit flesh around in his hand, he tweaked her nipple spurring, "uuuuuuuuuuuhhh" a low moan as he did it. Unclipping her, she got up, her eyes out of focus, and her nipples were clearly distinguished from the fake udders for once as the ripe worked over buds were as hard as diamonds. "Okay, girls that will be all for today, our next meet is after breakfast tomorrow for the squad suit so be in your costumes before you eat ... I'll walk you back." His hand was kneading, and mauling Diana's ass roughly without complaint as her face turned beat red as she submitted to this embarrassment due to the Green Goblin's commands. Still dazed from feeling the effects of that milking machine on her sensitive boobies, she missed one of the sister thugs say, "I think she really liked that sucking machine, did you see those pokies she had on, and I think the good old Billy there copped a good feel" Buffy snorted, "I told you she was a whore slut" Billy was pulling her off to the dormitory for some fun with his hand slipping down her leggings and kneading, and mauling, her bare ass so roughly that there would surely be bruises in the morning.

The dorm rooms were an odd fit into the Dairy Farm motif. The rooms were more like stalls in a barn, but each girls name was in a lot on the paneled fence door. Bill spun Diana around bent her over a bale of hay as this young teenage boy fucked his massive cock up her tight cunt. "aaaiiieee ... aaaeee ... aaaaaaaaaaahhh ... nnnooo!!! Please stop!!! ... uuuhhh ... uuuhhh ... uuuhhh..." The princess whined and whimpered like a real cow as he pumped her wonderful cunt full of his blood engorged man organ. Dismissing her yelling, as a delayed effect of the hormone cocktail they were pumping into the squad, he continued pillaging and plundering her tight vice like pussy. "By Hera!!! ... not this ... again ... please stop!!!"

Bill grinned as he stretched the Princess's tight pussy obscenely with his cock. "You know ... you want this ... you bitch ... take it..." He muttered getting into this roleplay, slamming his cock into Diana still dressed in his expensive Armani suit. Loosening his tie off he wrapped it around and through her mouth like a bridle as he rode her for all she was worth. "'ease ... Ieee annn ... ayyyarrieee ... aaannn ... aaassseee ccciiilrrrennnn... 'ease ... aaaiiieee ... eee ... eee ... eee..." came her screams of orgasmic pleasure muffled by the Bridle tie he was gagging her with. Disbelieving was to put what he thought mildly, "What??? No cunt ... this tight ... had children ... and ... your ... husband ... should keep ... you ... in the kitchen ... or ... on his ... cock..." the sensation of her vagina walls milking his cock for his seed was causing his balls to tingle; But, he wanted this bitch to cum one more time.

Shaking uncontrollably Diana was spread eagle with her feet planted and her hand on the back wall of her breeding stall. She moaned in time with Bill's thrusts as she whimpered from the pain and humiliation of having this teenager fuck her up so thoroughly. Flash backs to her conversation with Barbara came to mind when she told Diana that every man wanted to fuck her and ride her hard. Naively she had thought that her best friend was just jaded from dealing with criminals too much. Now she knew the truth, that all men had a criminal in them as the teenager raped, plundered, and pillaged her body. Frantic signals of pleasure from her pussy, overwhelming her again, as she climaxed again. The teenage boy stuffed her full of his massive organ stretching her cunt completely. She was just grateful the girls were out eating supper and missing this humiliating experience as she reluctantly submitted to this teenage boy's domination of her.

"Fuck yes!!! Bitch ... you gotta ... come by ... and show ... me the little ... rugrat I am fucking ... into ... you!!!" Bill exclaimed he pile drove his hips into her ass. Stretching the Princess's pussy until she felt the dreaded familiar excruciating pain of him popping past her cervix and the magnificently beautiful soul bending earth-shattering pleasure of him directly filling her womb packed with baby batter. After packing her full of several more spurts of baby batter he pushed her onto the bale of hay, his cock popping out with a resounding echo. "bitch, if you ever need a real man to knock you up again, look me up ... I will love to seed that beautiful ass of yours again." Crying and curling up into a fetal position she ignored him as his cum poured out of her cunt still yawning in absence of his massive cock. What made matters worse was that she just stood there and took it... 'Damn it Hera!?! Why?' she thought Hera erased those dreaded commands but now she found herself still bound by them. Slowly she fell asleep on the bale of hay crying herself into the oblivion of sleep.

Supper was a bountiful spread, which was laced with estrogen and prolactin to help loosen up the girls. Constantine and Linda walked by a sleeping Diana and decided to go down and get some food for her. In the middle of the night she was ravenous and devoured it before falling back to sleep. When Diana woke up she felt different and could not remember last night at all. Her breasts which felt particularly heavy, and the girls felt the same thing though it was unlike anything they had felt before. Nipples were hard, rigid, and a bit longer than normal. However the pressure of the morning soon took over as she remembered the last command as she walked out of the barn with that dreaded Bill ... Doing what? ... Diana had felt this way before but her mental faculties were a little slow. Entering the showers showed the girls were all there wither her in the communal shower and some were massaging their mammaries. Everyone seemed more preoccupied with themselves to notice the trend though as they all donned their cowleader costumes and went to head a bountiful breakfast fit to feed a platoon of champions. There was some relief as the cowleader costumes udder area seemed to support their boobies more. After breakfast they were off to their individual assignments for the start of the calendar shoot.

Inside the small barn, Diana was dropped off at a milking stall. Outside was a camera setup on a tripod and a bank of bright lights. A young man in a bib overalls stood waiting. "Well Met! I am Tom. Mrs. Prince, your shoot this morning is really easy we're just looking for some posing shots in the stall amongst the hay." The word 'hay' caused her to stiffen for some reason at first but soon warmed to the role of model as he massaged her ass gently coaxing her like a farm hand would a cow. He was an easy going farm hand and she wanted to please him, even if she was not sure why, as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do. The cobwebs in her brain were thick now as there seemed to be something off but...

The first pose was on all four hoofs looking at him. The magnificently beautiful cow udders hung down invitingly, 'sooomeeethiiing iiis nooot riiight heeereee' she thought slowly. "Here" he fed her a bit to bite on, "look like your chewing on that ... Yes ... just like that ... Perfect." He passed her some straw which she took into her mouth. "Oooh that is beautiful!!! You make a sweet cow Mrs. Prince." He said as he was clicking away with a handheld thirty five millimeter, and she blushed at the compliment and smiled as a warm feeling was generated in her pussy for some reason. "Okay now lets have you prop yourself up on one elbow ... that's good ... now lift a leg ... perfect! Little more to the left ... yeah ... that's it..." The short cheerleader skirt fell open exposing her inner thigh "perfect!" the sound of the camera clicking filling the room, "Okay ... can you open your legs just a bit? That's it! Beautiful!!!" she reached down to smooth her skirt, he chided her "NO! keep it, it's perfect" the skirt fell away to expose the skin tight suit forming a camel toe around her pussy lips, the camera clicked away madly. Near lunchtime they finished and he thanked her for the wonderful shoot. Feeling pleased with herself from the compliment she headed for lunch.

The afternoon's shoot was entirely different. Diana once more followed a hand into the stall, inside was a milking apparatus plus the same setup of cameras and lights. "Mrs Prince, this afternoon were going to do the shoot like we are milking you." After her previous experience she balked and was about to say 'no' but his reassurance calmed her down for some reason as he massaged her ass gently. Getting down on all fours, her breasts felt really heavy now as they hung down next to the fake cow udders. He place the suction cups over her milk bags, "there we're ready to start shooting ... Okay give me a look over your should like you want it ... yeah, that's it." She wasn't quite sure what she wanted, as they continued the shoot from different angles. "I forgot! To add the bit to your mouth ... open wide" he fed her the leather bit into her mouth, "beautiful, you are a natural at this!!!

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