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White Meat

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Erotica Sex Story: White Meat - A young man discovers that the social food club to which his parents belong actually covers a very large, very sexy secret... and his world is changed forever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Rough   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Foot Fetish  

Sometimes, a guy can peak in his teens. For example, a baseball prospect can get drafted at 18, sign for millions of dollars, then flame out and never make it to the big leagues. Sure, he can have a nice life after that, but he'll never again know the glory he felt on draft day when he was on top of the world. In other words, his very first introduction to professional baseball ends up as the highlight of his career.

This thought occurred to me as I took my seat at the edge of the pool for Stage 2 of Tic-Tac-Blow. As I've said, I'd played around with some girls at my high school, but outside of some make-out sessions and the occasional roaming hand, I really hadn't done anything too sexual before that night.

Now I was in the second round of blowjob competition that featured half of my immediate family. It was like I was living the punchline to an especially vivid version of an Aristocrats joke. Hell, the fact that you could actually FIND real girls to play a game like Tic-Tac-Blow went against everything I thought I knew about women. It's hard even getting chicks to notice you. But to convince 18 women of every shape, age, color and creed imaginable to participate in a marathon of oral sex? INCONCEIVABLE! That they seemed to be enjoying the game as much as I was-if not MORE-just blew my mind. Okay, that was a REALLY bad pun.

My mom, my stepmom and my sister were grouped with my Dad and me for a "lightning round" of hummers, which seemed like a slight misnomer since they were actually INCREASING the time limit to 90 seconds for each "sloppy yawn."

I didn't see any way that this night wouldn't end up as the peak of my sexual life, which was both worrying and exciting at the same time. Worrying, since I was just a couple months away from turning 18 and (hopefully) had a lot of years ahead of me. Exciting, because the night wasn't over yet.

Most of the folks who had been eliminated after the first stage of Tic-Tac-Blow were now standing in a perimeter around the pool, eager to see what would happen next. This didn't help my nerves in the least, but the women all seemed to enjoy the extra attention.

Kim was making a show of massaging Catalina's shoulders from behind, her perky breasts pressed into my stepmom's back. My mom's nipples were still on fire, standing tall; she was ready to go, with the eye of the tiger.

For this semi-final Stage, something called "Row or Snow" rules were in effect. Basically, if you were the first to guess all three women correctly, you'd win (or make a "Row"). Alternatively, if one of the girls got you to cum (or "Snow," I guess), you'd automatically lose, sudden death style.

It was coming up on nine fifteen, and apparently there was something else planned beyond this, so Jonas was trying to move the game along. Usually Cuisine Club fiestas were over by quarter to eleven so people could grab their kids from the basement and be home before midnight.

Dad and I strapped our goggles on our foreheads as Jonas brought a hush over the proceedings. He introduced the pairings one more time. My sister, Kim; my mom, Amanda; and my stepmom Catalina would be blowing my Dad and me. Beverly Gottweil, Andrea Tanaka and Maria Gottweil would be taking turns on Rod Jenkins and Beverly's husband Lincoln Gottweil.

I looked around at the crowd. As I stated before, most eyes were on us, but I couldn't help but notice that some extracurricular activities had also started. Cordelia Grant had her hand behind Monica Jenkins, and whatever she was doing, it looked like Monica was enjoying every bit of it. Her eyes were closed and her lips were quivering.

Ross Gottweil had his arms around Yara's naked belly, and his fingers were creeping slowly towards his maid's pussy. Jordan was kissing the back of Jessa's neck, but she seemed to be focused on the game. Behind them, Nessa was tongue-kissing Jordan's older sister, Riley.

Nessa finally pulled back from the kiss, her massive cans still perched above Riley's chest. With no makeup on and her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, Riley looked like no one so much as a younger Sarah Silverman, particularly with the wry upturn of Riley's lips whenever she smiled. And boy, was she smiling right now.

"Now I know what a nice Jewish girl's tongue tastes like." Nessa leaned in for another round of Frenching, and Riley simply parted her lips in ecstasy and surrendered.

She removed her arms from around Nessa's neck and brought them underneath her own breasts, which she immediately lifted to mash into Nessa's mountainous chest. To my Vivid-Video-trained eye, Riley was sporting no more than B-cups, and they were quickly surrounded by Nessa's overinflated DD's. Riley murmured something unintelligible at that point that sounded a lot like a slow, joyful moan. For her part, Nessa just grasped at Riley's shoulder blades and pulled her in closer, harder, for a deeper connection with Riley's smooth skin.

It was while witnessing this cock-stirring event that Jonas's voice broke through with a sharp command.

"Goggles on!"

I pulled my goggled blinders from my forehead to my eyes and took a deep breath. This was it. A hush fell over the crowd (well, most of the crowd-Riley was still on cloud nine from the sound of things), and the bodies of our partners broke through the water. I spread my thighs across the edge of the pool as far as I comfortably could, almost burning with anticipation at what was about to commence.

A lithe body paddled her way between my hips and took just the crown of my cock into her wet lips. She sucked upward while her tongue moistened the tip of my penis with saliva and then probed into my urethra, like Maria had at the beginning of the evening. For a second, I almost wondered if the evening's hostess hadn't pulled some sort of fast one and switched groups.

After a few more moments of slow ecstasy my mystery girl drove her head downward, which caused my crown to slide against the roof of her mouth. Her hands gripped my legs for support, and she raised herself slightly in the water so that she could ingest my entire length. Once again, pre-cum was starting to flow liberally from my dick, and she was using my love lube to shove the last inch of me into her throat.

Having succeeded, she released my inner thighs and lowered herself back into the pool. Then she grabbed my hands, which I had been sitting on, and wrapped them around the back of her head. I was so close to cumming at this point that I couldn't put up a fight. It was all I could do to remember to breath.

And then she cheated.

With my hands wrapped around her head as she deepthroated me, she extended her arms to the limits of her reach and pulled my goggles down from my eyes.

It was my Mom, Amanda, with my fingers interlaced in her long, wet blond hair. With her wet mascara starting to run like dark tears down her cheeks, she looked directly up at me while holding my entire member in her mouth. The moment our eyes connected, she had me, which I guess had been her plan all along. The corners of her lips turned up into a big, foxy smile, and I groaned as loudly as I've ever groaned in my life.

This was the third time I'd ejaculated in the span of about ninety minutes, so I should have had next to nothing to release. Nevertheless, the first spurt felt like a tremendous load lifted from my mind and body. Almost involuntarily, I pulled her somehow closer, tighter, for the second wave, and sperm immediately shot out of the corners of her mischievous grin. The next blast felt rather puny, and by my fourth strain I really had nothing left save for a dull ache coming from my balls and the base of my penis.

She slowly pulled back, and my dick flopped out of her mouth. Two tiny streams of cum from each corner of her mouth had rolled down her chin onto her excited breasts and into the water of the pool.

"And in the first group, I believe we have our winners!"

Jonas's voice brought me back to earth. My mom winked at me, then raised her arms in victory.

I looked over to my right. Despite my defeat, Kim was still working away on my Dad. Seeing that equally taboo pairing, I felt a small tug of excitement once more down south, but I was just too spent to turn it into another full-blown erection. I may have been a horny 17 year-old, but I was still human.

"Amanda Craig and David Hunter have advanced to the final Stage in Group 1." It was weird hearing both my parents referred to by name as they won a round in a blowjob contest, but again, this was a night for such strange things.

For that matter, I wondered if my Dad had even noticed his victory as Kim continued to plug away. His head was tilted back in glee and I saw that Kim had spun herself in the water much like Jessa had done to me earlier in an attempt to take everything he had in one gulp. Unfortunately, it appeared my sister was not as well versed in this maneuver and she ended up just gagging halfway down his member. She released her grip and swam a stroke backwards where she wiped her mouth on the back of her wrist. She slapped the water.

"Dammit!" She smiled, then looked over to me. "I thought I'd have more time to work! Nice stamina, little brother." There was something surreal about being berated by my older sister for not have enough fortitude to hold out longer while my mother was blowing me so that she could finish off my father.

I just stuck my tongue out at Kim, and she giggled before swimming over to Catalina, who didn't even get a chance to try her technique this round. She mock-frowned at me before falling into a fit of laughter with Kim at the outrageousness of the situation.

Over in the other group, time ran out with Rod correctly guessing Andrea Tanaka. Lincoln was easily able to determine that his own sister-in-law, Maria, had been his partner. Andrea and Maria signed the guy's boards in the appropriate spots, and Jonas announced that it was time for round 2.

While Rod and Lincoln pulled their goggles down, my Mom exited the pool. Before she even reached for a towel, she went right over to Natalie Tanaka and gave her a deep, sloppy, decadent kiss. Natalie withdrew and ran her tongue around her lips, then looked down at me and winked before making a big show of swallowing what my mom had just deposited in Natalie's mouth.

This was hot, and yet, I was almost disappointed, like I had hoped my Mom would have personally gulped down everything I'd given her. Then I thought about what had just happened and how quickly I had become accustomed to the insanity of the evening.

Meanwhile, in round 2, Beverly was giving Rod's rod the once-over while Andrea was fiercely learning every inch of Lincoln's cock with her outstretched tongue. As time was winding down, Andrea brought a hand up to lightly massage the bottom of Lincoln's balls while she pumped his shaft furiously. Then, with just under ten seconds to go, Lincoln exhaled rapidly and squirted everything he had into Andrea's open mouth. She recoiled, and a second, smaller string of sperm landed on her cheek.

Andrea jumped up and down in a fit of joy, her tits jiggling all the while, and Jonas announced the results.

"And there are your winners from group two! Rod Jenkins and Andrea Tanaka!"

Their victory was met with a smattering of applause and a small fist pump from Rod. It was now just past nine-thirty, and Jonas quickly marshaled the winners to one end of the pool for the final showdown.

The final Stage was quite simple. Jonas switched up the partners again, so that Andrea would be blowing my Dad and that my Mom would be working on Rod. There was no time limit: first guy to cum would lose, while his partner would win the women's bracket. The guy who held out the longest would then obviously win the men's division.

Jonas announced that they were playing for a half-hour in something called "A Room With a View." Apparently, while all of us "losers" partied outside, each winner got to choose two people to accompany them to a private room in the house, where they could do anything they wanted to with their selected partners.

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