Wife's Photography Class

by Chas

Copyright© 2009 by Chas

Erotica Sex Story: Wife is amateur photographer; she talks her husband and daughter into helping her as models in a photography competition. She did not plan on modeling sessions going as far or as hard core as they end up.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Father   Daughter   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

My wife Adele and I were married 17 years ago. We got married just out of High School after we found out she was pregnant from our fooling around on the night of our senior prom. Adele is a very attractive brunette with perky C cup breasts and an ass to die for. She teaches aerobics at a nearby club and is a budding amateur photographer.

Our daughter Stephanie is a very pretty athletic girl. She plays soccer and lacrosse and works out frequently. She is very fun and has become quite the tease as she gets older. She and her mother will tease me by wearing similar revealing or tight fitting clothing around me. I think they get off on seeing me get aroused and uncomfortable around them.

I'm John and like the rest of the family I work out and play quite a bit of sports to stay in shape.

Three months ago Adele came home all excited. She said there was a competition starting in a few weeks that she thought she had a chance of doing well. It was a 6 week amateur photographer competition with the first prize a substantial cash prize plus a spot with major adult film producer for producing still shots. She really thought she had a chance of doing well. She excitedly told us about the competition over dinner. Each week was a different assignment and a more challenging assignment. On top of that people get eliminated just like on some of those realities TV shows. Both Stephanie and I were very enthused and kept encouraging her to sign up. The bomb shell came when Adele said that it requires a male and female couple to pose in mildly erotic poses. I immediately suggested Adele's older sister and her husband. Adele said her sister is not comfortable in a bikini especially with her cesarean scar. Adele then suggested that Stephanie and I pose together. After all the encouraging comments we made we felt almost obligated to agree. I had to verify with Adele that nothing too erotic would take place. She winked and said the rules say nothing of that. I had a sinking feeling that I may be getting in way over my head.

First Assignment

The first week's assignment is to take the couple in swimsuits. I'm thinking this will be easy until my wife brings out a thong bikini for Stephanie and a Speedo for me. Adele gives me Speedo. I usually wear boxer type suit suits. This suit is pretty reveling I say to her. She laughs and says wait until you see Stephanie. Adele says "I picked up something from Wicked Weasel." Having seen some of their suits before I can only imagine what she bought. My mouth drops as my daughter comes out in a thong bikini. I whisper to Adele my concerns about getting hard especially in the Speedo. Adele winks and says that's the idea. "This is an erotic type shoot. I need you to get a bit excited." Stephanie comes out and says "Dad you look good. The daily gym workouts really show." I gulp a bit and say thanks and tell her that she also looks fantastic. The pictures are playful action shots meant to capture movements. It actually was a lot of fun posing. Adele had us simulating playing all sorts of beach games. She was trying to capture shots of bodies in motion. She had Stephanie do a lot of movements to cause her tits to giggle. That had the side effect of getting me hard although Adele did say that was one of her goals. Towards the end of the shoot Adele had us bending and reaching for a ball or Frisbee. One pose especially got to me where Stephanie was bending at the waist right in front of me. Adele caught me staring at Stephanie's perfect butt cheeks with a hungry leer on my face and a huge erection with the tip of my cock peeking out. For the final set of shots Adele had Stephanie on her back like she had just fallen trying to catch a Frisbee and me almost on top of her like we had both been trying to catch it. As I looked down at Stephanie I could see her very hard nipples poking through and I thought I detected a damp spot on her bottoms. It was a good thing the shoot ended then as I noticed a large wet spot on my suit as well. There was no way Stephanie could have missed that.

Second week's assignment

During the following week I was insatiable. Adele and I made love at least once a day. I hadn't been that randy for a few years. I was both excited about and also dreading the next week's photo session. I really enjoyed seeing my daughter in this new and sexy light but I was a bit worried about my own reaction to her. The session with swim suits was bad enough and Adele said in the second session Stephanie would be topless. It would be all soft with nothing directly showing but still topless.

Adele came home all excited from her second class. Her instructor said she was showing a lot of talent. This comment seemed to galvanize Adele into even more determination to win. Adele instructed us that this next assignment was to work with light and shadows. She said her instructor really liked the playful interaction between Stephanie and me in the previous assignment and that Adele should continue this theme.

"Stephanie, put on this bikini again and you put the Speedo back on. " Adele instructed us.

Adele had setup her lights in such a way to allow her to capture darkened shadow pictures. I honestly didn't pay too much attention to how she did it; I was concentrating on watching Stephanie. The first set of shots had us standing and interacting with each other. Adele had me stand behind Stephanie and grasp her around the waist while Stephanie tilted her head back onto my shoulder.

"OK Stephanie, now bend forward and John slide your hands just under her breasts. John, now I want you to pretend you are going to pull Stephanie's top loose with your teeth. Slide closer to her." I moved in and her butt felt wonderful against my groin and I knew she could probably feel my erection pressing into her.

"OK John, now start pulling Stephanie's bikini top string with your teeth until it comes loose and then slowly let it free from your mouth."

I could just imagine the shot Adele was going to get as Stephanie's tits swung free. "Now reach your hands forward and gently grab onto her nipples."

"Adele, this is our daughter, what are you doing?" Just then Stephanie pushed her thong clad butt back into my erection and said "Lighten up dad, I can tell you are enjoying this so just go with the flow and lets help mom win."

I gently tweaked Stephanie's erect nipples as Adele continued to take shots. At one point she even adjusted my Speedo to get the tip of my erection free and directly against Stephanie's bare cheeks. That felt wonderful.

That ended the second session and like the previous week Adele and I were like teenagers in bed all week.

Third week's assignment

By the third week my wife was doing well in class. She really liked the class and thought the instructor really liked her work. This served to motivate her even more.

The third week assignment was all nude, soft cores only but with erotic positioning. Adele decided to use a semi transparent scarf and selective lighting to cover strategic areas to keep photos considered soft.

I was expressing second thoughts about this next set of poses until Stephanie kept on my case to help Adele out.

As I was hesitating to get undressed Stephanie went ahead and stripped down. "Come on Dad, you're always so slow, and don't worry that I'll see your erection, I'd be upset if you didn't have one. " With that I stripped down as well and I definitely had an erection.

The first pose had me on top with my cock dangling just inches from Stephanie's pussy. Adele positioned the scarf to cover what camera sees but not what Stephanie and I can see. I'm struggling to hold position. I'm dying to thrust forward but at the same time tormented by my thoughts. Just then my wife drags a finger over my butt hole causing me to jump forward and make contact with my cock on Stephanie's pussy. I could feel the heat and the wetness of her pussy.

The next shot is doggie with my hips drawn back and ready to thrust. I can see Stephanie's pussy lips spread open and copious amounts of liquid dripping down. Oh what a glorious sight.

The next shot has Stephanie on her back and leaning up on her elbows with my cock just inches from her mouth. Adele has her stick her tongue out towards the tip of my cock. As Adele goes to grab something I feel Stephanie lick around the tip of my cock. She winks at me and says "Sorry Dad, I couldn't resist".

The final set of shots has Stephanie still on her back but me moving down to eat her. Her labia lips are spread and there is a pool of liquid between them. I can sense her arousal and since fair is fair, I dip my tongue into her open pussy. As I'm coming up I catch Adele watching me. Instead of tearing my head off, she winks and smiles instead. What a strange turn of events

Forth week's assignment

As we were getting ready for our next photo shoot session my wife seemed a little distracted. Finally I asked what was wrong. She told us she had some great news as well as something she was having a hard time bringing up.

"Well then, start with the great news" I said. She then told us how the instructor was really impressed with the poses she chose and her creative use of the scarf to, in his words, make the imagination run wild. She said the instructor told her she was definitely in the top group. "So what's the problem?" I joked. After a few more hems and haws she finally says "They said there is more talent in the group than they expected. They need to up the difficulty of the assignments to winnow down the group. This next assignment sounds like it could be too much to ask you two. I don't know what to do; I think I have a good chance at this but this assignment..."

"Just tell us what they want" I butted in.

She proceeded to tell us how this week's assignment was again nude shots and still considered soft core but now she had to add in elements of more erotic positioning, some intimate physical contact, and had to make it look like the couple was having actual sex but not to submit any actual sex pictures. She mentioned that proper capturing of bodily fluids like saliva and natural lubrications along with blood engorged portions of the body would be the key to excelling in this assignment. She told us she had to definitely be pushing the boundaries if she wanted a chance to win.

Stephanie and I looked at each other and both agreed to do whatever it takes to help Adele win this competition. Adele tells Stephanie to get herself excited, pinch her nipples to get them hard and to rub her pussy to get her lips engorged and her lubrication flowing. Adele looks at me and says not to touch myself.

"I don't need you going off prematurely. "She laughs.

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