Graduation Night

by L-words

Copyright© 2009 by L-words

Erotica Sex Story: A game of spin the bottle leads to a night of fun for two friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Lesbian   First   .

Allie and Kara walked excitedly up the sidewalk to Mike's house, where the big graduation bash was already going on. Allie wore a short, white frilly skirt with a pink halter top and pink strappy heels to match. Her long blonde hair was up in a messy ponytail, and she had pale blue earrings that brought out her blue eyes. Kara, a few inches shorter than Allie and curvier, wore her plaid "Catholic school girl" skirt with white knee socks, a white tank covered by a partially unbuttoned white dress shirt, and braided pigtails. Her brown hair was shorter than her best friend's, and she had an eyebrow ring and a tongue ring. The two really were a mismatched pair. Allie was the preppy type, while Kara was a little rebel. Nevertheless, the girls had grown up with each other and were inseparable.

The music was blaring Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" as they were welcomed inside by Mike and Joey. Both boys were on the football team and slapped the girls' asses as they walked by. The house was dimly lit and packed full of drunken graduates. They made their way to the kitchen where all of the alcohol was. A boy named Jason was playing bartender. "What's your poison, ladies?" he asked them.

"White Russians for both of us please!" Allie exclaimed. Kara smiled at her friend in agreement. As Jason made their drinks, the girls talked quietly about graduation and how they couldn't believe it was finally over. They downed their drinks and headed to the living room which was cleared out for the "dance floor." Kara grabbed Allie's hand and pulled her close to her and began grinding the taller girl's leg. Allie was soon in rhythm with Kara as they danced. Although both girls were gorgeous, neither had a boyfriend. They had discovered their standards were too high for the typical high school boys. So they tended to dance with each other instead of boys at parties and dances.

As the party went on, a group of guys decided they wanted to play spin the bottle. Allie and Kara got suckered in of course because they needed more girls. They followed four guys and two other girls into a spare room for the game. They sat in a circle, alternating boys and girls. Everyone was sharing a bottle of spearmint schnapps to keep their buzzes going. After a couple of quick pecks, the group decided that the kisses needed to go for at least 60 seconds. It was Kara's turn. She spun the bottle and it pointed to Allie. "OOOOOHHHH!" everyone shouted. "You have to do it!" one guy said.

"For 60 seconds!" said another. The guys were clearly excited.

Allie moved towards Kara on the floor, grinning at her friend. Kara leaned in and pressed her lips to Allie's. She pulled her friend closer and slowly slid her tongue inside of her mouth. Allie, surprised, moaned slightly. Kara could hear the boys counting in the background. They were only on 10. Kara decided to make the most of the kiss. She slid her tongue back into Allie's mouth and swirled it around until she found Allie's tongue. Kara flicked her tongue around Allie's and climbed into Allie's lap and wrapped her legs around her. She barely heard the boys counting in the background. She found herself aroused and grinding her body into Allie's as she kissed her deeper. Allie must have been aroused also, because she slid her hand up to her breast. Allie cupped her hand gently around it and squeezed. Kara moaned and pushed her pussy into Allie's body. Kara couldn't seem to kiss Allie hard enough! She couldn't believe she was French kissing her best friend and enjoying it. Allie had her hand underneath Kara's shirt now and was trying to remove her bra when she felt a tug on her arm. It was Lindsey, one of the girls playing spin the bottle with them. "Hey, why don't you guys get a room!" Lindsey said to them.

"Wow! Sorry, guys. Guess we got carried away." Kara responded, turning very red. She looked at Allie, who was just as red as she was.

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