What Happened?

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2009 by TheMoose63

Erotica Sex Story: Sarah is invited to meet her husband's boss and some other executives for an exclusive dinner but what happens to this wife and mother is something that neither she nor her husband would have ever believed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

I parked my car in the open spot next to the elevator bank, turned off the engine and sat back and thought about what I was getting myself into. Why in hell would a 31 year old mother of a six year old agree to meet her husbands' boss, in his private suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown? What had he done to me last Friday that turned me from a respectable mother and wife into nothing more than a common slut?

Three days earlier my husband had called and told me that the company president had invited him, (he is a lowly VP for business development) and me as well as four senior VP's out for dinner and drinks at the Top of the Mark, a very exclusive restaurant at the top of the Watergate complex (yes that Watergate). He asked me to wear something sexy for the boss because this might be his only change to impress him and the other the higher-ups, and I was more than happy to oblige. I searched through my closet and found a great looking black cocktail dress with a nice center cut "V" that showed off my 34c breasts and was short enough (mid-thigh) to show off my runners legs. I loved to jog and my legs certainly showed it ... so did my ass. Once I was dressed I twirled around in front of the bathroom mirror and I liked what I saw. Hell I could have passed for a 25 year old!

When I arrived at the Watergate complex I was helped out of my car by a young man from the valet service and once my name was checked off a list I was whisked up the nine floors in a private elevator! God I just couldn't believe that I was actually dining at the Watergate ... just wait until all my girlfriends heard about this! Inside, the hostess smiled at me and took me back through the main dining room and then through a large oak door and into a small private room with a huge booth to the rear of the room a view of the Potomac River ... absolutely awesome! Seated around the table sipping on cocktails were my husband Jake, the company president George Farley, and four other men I had never met before, Bill Lambier, John Cousins, Mack Cohen and Vince Regan as they were introduced. Everyone seemed friendly and in no time the waitress had a vodka martini with an olive tree sitting in front of me. I'm not a real big drinker so by the time my second martini was gone and the third had arrived I wasn't feeling much pain. Everyone seemed friendly enough and as the only woman in the group I was getting a lot of male attention. If felt nice to have five good looking men paying attention to no one but me especially since my husband seemed to always take me for granted. That was until I felt a hand on my thigh! At first I was so shocked that I didn't do anything then I looked across the table at my husband for support but he wasn't paying any attention to what was happening, no help there! I took a breath and peeked down and saw it was George's hand sliding up and down on my thigh, sliding way higher that anyone but my husbands' hand should be going ... but what could I do? If I made a fuss George would deny it and Jake would never get promoted, hell he could even loose his job. I turned and smiled at George and removed his hand from my leg. He didn't seem angry he just smiled back.

A while later when his hand returned it was much higher up this time, again I looked to my husband for help but Jake was gone. I looked around the room and didn't see him and then I looked at George and asked, "Where's Jake?"

"Oh my dear I must have forgotten to tell you! Something came up suddenly and I had to send him back to the office ... an emergency, you understand. I did tell him that we would take good care of you and make sure that you got home safely. Is there anything I can help you with Sarah?"

I hadn't heard or seen George tell Jack anything, how had I missed that, maybe it was the alcohol? Now his hand was up to my panties and here I was trapped in the middle of the booth. I couldn't get out without making a scene and I really didn't want to do that, so instead I did nothing; I just sat there and let him paw me, my mistake.

George leaned in and whispered in my ear, "You have great legs Sarah and a nice ass too. In fact your whole body seems to be made for a man to worship. Your husband showed me a picture of you today and that's why I asked him to bring you here tonight."

I didn't know what to say so I just smiled, I mean what could I do? His fingers crept under my panties and touched my vagina and my entire life changed. As his fingers caressed my sex I would love to say that I didn't feel anything but that just wouldn't be true, in fact it was exciting to have someone touch me in such a public place, with all the strangers around. Hell, everyone had to know what was going on between George and me; still I felt an excitement welling up inside my belly, one that had never been there before. I let my legs part just a little, just enough that he could slide his finger inside my labia. As he penetrated me I leaned back in the booth, closed my eyes and let him finger me like we were the only two people in the whole place. I felt someone slip their hand behind me and then I felt the zipper of my dress being pulled down to the small of my back. I could figure what was going to happen next. I sat up and reached for my martini, more for courage than the need for more alcohol, and let the hands slip my dress off my shoulders and down to my waist. I had chosen a lacy black; low cut bra and the creamy white tops and sides of my breasts were there for everyone to see. Hell I didn't care anymore; I want them to see me, I wanted them to lust for me! As Georges' fingers slipped in and out of my pussy I looked as Bill unsnapped my bra and then I was topless at a table filled with high powered executives in suits and ties. I smiled, for some reason I felt like I had just won the lottery. Hands were everywhere, playing with my breasts and tweaking and twisting my nipples and fingers had already invaded my pussy and suddenly and unexpectedly I came with a shuttering climax that shook my whole body! "Oh fuck, Oh my God," I moaned as I writhed in the booth.

"Gentlemen," George said, "I think the lady is ready to start pleasuring us. You are ready, aren't you Sarah?"

His fingers thrust deeper into my pussy and I simply nodded my head - yes. I heard George ask a question and at first I didn't understand then I opened my eyes and saw our waiter, a young boy of no more than 20 standing at the table, wide-eyed looking at my breasts and hard nipples as the men continued to play with me. I listened as George made a deal with the boy.

"What's you name son?" George asked the waiter.

"James sir ... uh but everyone calls me Jim."

"Well Jim as you can see we have a situation here that calls for ... ummm, shall I say a little privacy and discretion. Can you close the door for us?"

"Yes sir, no problem. No problem at all and I'll make sure you're not disturbed. If you need anything, anything at all, just press the button on this and I'll come running." He handed George a device that reminded me of a garage door opener. George reached into his pocket and took out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to the boy. He watched the boys face for a sign of gratitude but there was none as his eyes stayed glued to my jiggling breasts.

"Do a good job boy and maybe you'll even get lucky tonight." George said.

"YES SIR!" He replied enthusiastically as he left.

When the doors were finally closed George looked at the rest of the executives. "Well men, this is what we have been waiting for, let's get her dress out of the way." I was pulled out of the booth and eight hands quickly stripped off my dress and panties. I probably should have been yelling for help but instead I just stood there and let the five men paw my body. I felt hands and fingers on my ass, my pussy, my tits and face and anywhere else hands and fingers could touch or probe. Finally I was turned around facing the booth. The one called John was sitting on the edge of the booth, his cock out and hard and waiting for me. Someone gently guided me from the back until I was in-between John's legs. Hands touched my shoulders and I knew what they wanted as I slipped down onto my knees and took John's cock into my mouth. I felt someone's hands lifting my hips up in the air and then a cock entered my very wet pussy and began fucking me — hard!

"God damn but she's tight guys!" George called as he slammed his cock into my hot cunt.

"She sucks like a vacuum cleaner." John replied as I sucked on his cock.

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