Marketi: Trying to Save Her Husband's Job
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2009 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Marketi, a tall attractive married woman, makes a very desperate attempt to save her husband's job. She goes to talk to his boss with the most extreme plans in mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Slut Wife  

Mr. Harmon would have preferred to take his time with Marketi and do with her what he wanted at his own pace. But, he also wanted to "hook" Marketi by getting her in the most compromising situation he could so he'd be sure she'd come back again. He knew that when he'd only slid a hand up under her skirt and fingered her horny wet pussy he really didn't have the control over her for the future that he wanted. But, he knew if he got her partially undressed, got her bra unfastened and then managed to penetrate her pussy and get his cock inside her and fuck her, he'd have her hooked permanently. Not only would he have the sexual control over her because she'd actually given in to his sexual desires and wants, but he'd also have the salacious control over her of being able to blackmail her with the truth of what she'd done with him if she ever threatened to tell her husband. How could she possibly tell him that she'd basically come to him and given herself to him sexually?

Having just ripped Market's blouse wide open, Mr. Harmon felt his cock jump in arousal as he saw the luscious curves and fullness of Market's big sexy tits inside the cups of her now exposed bra. Marketi was an amazingly sensual woman, and even though Mr. Harmon didn't actually see her as an Amazon, her 5'10" height and her very nice shapely figure and full tits gave her a physical presence that few women could bring into a setting with a man.

With Marketi already very aroused from his fingers fucking her pussy and her now being nearly undressed from the waist up, Mr. Harmon reached down and he boldly unzipped his pants in front of Marketi. There wasn't any point in beating around the bush with this sexy young married woman. She'd come to him and he wanted Marketi sitting on top of his cock, fucking herself and him as she rode his hard thick cock.

Mr. Harmon stroked his already hard thick cock as he sat there in the chair in front of Marketi. "Go ahead, Marketi, unfasten your bra and show me your tits. Then, I want you to suck this bad boy before you come sit on my lap, girl," he said as he stroked his cock steadily up and down, ensuring he was fully aroused and more than ready for Marketi to do the rest of the job in letting him sample her horny wet hot married pussy.

Marketi now realized she'd totally lost control of the situation and she stood, shrugging her suit jacket off and then she went ahead and finished unbuttoning the blouse he'd ripped open and pulled it off onto the floor, too. Then, she reached between her large breasts, unsnapped the single closure hook on her bra and peeled both cups of the bra away from her tits.

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