Marketi: Trying to Save Her Husband's Job
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2009 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Marketi, a tall attractive married woman, makes a very desperate attempt to save her husband's job. She goes to talk to his boss with the most extreme plans in mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Slut Wife  

Marketi had planned out precisely what she intended to do with her husband's boss, Larry Harmon. Her husband, Ron, was one of the company's senior vice presidents but Marketi knew that his job was in just as much jeopardy of going away in the current crisis as anyone's. She also knew that the big boss, Mr. Harmon, had the last word on who got laid off and who didn't. Since she and Ron had two kids at home still, she was going to do everything possible to get Larry Harmon on Ron's side -- everything.

Marketi first decided she'd try to appeal to the visual sight of her dressed in a nice business suit and she was also taking a "picnic lunch" to appeal to Mr. Harmon's stomach. But, she had much more planned than just knowing she was pleasant to look at and that she had prepared a very tasty impromptu lunch for him. Underneath what appeared to be a very tasteful business suit, Marketi had selected some of her hottest and most seductive lingerie to appeal to the basest desires that she knew probably lurked in Mr. Harmon's mind just like every horny man.

That morning Marketi had found herself getting very horny and aroused as she surveyed her wardrobe and the various lingerie she had to choose from. She felt slightly guilty at the hotness of picking out lingerie and clothes that she knew would attract her husband's boss and get him lured into wanting to fuck her. Marketi knew she had a very shapely and statuesque figure that would catch any normal red-blooded heterosexual man's attention. She'd specifically enhanced that by putting on a demi-bra that showed off her ample tits and a "barely there" thong that did not to disguise or cover up her shapely ass and long shapely legs.

Marketi introduced herself to the Big Boss's secretary and she was quickly show into Mr. Harmon's office.

"Oh, hello, Marketi," Glenn Harmon said as he noticed the very tall and attractive young wife entering the door of his office.

"Good morning, Mr. Harmon," Marketi said as she set the lunch basket down beside his desk and then she walked over, standing where he could easily survey how she was looking and what she'd chosen to wear just for him. Marketi knew without even asking that Mr. Harmon sensed she had come to see him and she was more than ready to do whatever it took to please him. Marketi knew she could easily seduce Mr. Harmon and as she stood there, feeling her heart beginning to pound as she tried to decide what to do, Mr. Harmon motioned for her to move closer to where he was sitting behind his desk.

"Marketi, let's don't play fucking games, OK?" he said as he looked into the beautiful married woman's eyes. "Let fuck, but let's don't play games," he said as he swiveled to the right and motioned for Marketi to sit on his lap. Marketi knew that he was quickly taking over the initiative and she could feel her control of the moment slipping out of her hands. Her nipples began to swell and push out firmly against the cups of her bra and her pussy began to seep lusty hot juices as she knew that in only a matter of moments, she'd more than likely have Mr. Harmon's cock filling her lusty hot wanton cunt.

"Play games, Mr. Harmon? What do you mean," Marketi asked as she reached down, grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up over her shapely long legs, gradually letting her husband's boss see that she was wearing thigh high stockings with a garter belt and when she pulled the skirt up so she could spread her thighs, Marketi spread her lesg and straddled the horny boss's lap. She settled onto his waiting legs and then leaned foward to plant a very hot lusty kiss on his lips as she reached down and grabbed both of his hands and led them straight to her chest.

"That's my girl, now you've got it," Mr. Harmon said as he moved one hand down off of where Marketi had placed it and ran it down between her spread thighs. Marketi was wearing a very sexy and skimpy thong that did nothing to conceal the wetness of her arousal and Mr. Harmon wanted to see if she was as turned on as he hoped she was. He first grazed a single finger back and forth over the material covering Market's cunt, and then he firmly eased the thin material of her thong back away from her smoothly shaved cunt lips and crooked his finger slightly, then pushed it firmly, feeling the tightness of Marketi's aroused pussy letting his digit penetrate her and slide up inside her hot pussy.

"MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Marketi moaned involuntarily as she couldn't believe how quickly Mr. Harmon had gotten her into a very compromising position and was already finger fucking her pussy.

"What, Marketi?" he said as he could already hear the sexy wet sounds of his finger sliding in and out of the hot beautiful MILF's horny pussy. "Does that feel good, Marketi?" he asked, already knowing the question but wanting this young married woman to verbalize what this was doing for her.

"Do you want me to give you something more than a naughty finger in this hot wet cunt, Marketi?" he asked. Mr. Harmon knew the answers to all of his questions now before he ever spoke them. He knew before Marketi even walked into his office, what she'd have in mind.

"Yes," Marketi answered almost breathlessly. She'd imagined she'd come to her husband's boss and that she would control the encounter. To her surprise, she'd lost control the moment his boss cut through her female playfulness and got his hand up her skirt.

"Yes, yes, Mr. Harmon, please, give me something more than your big thick finger, please," Marketi heard herself begging, not only realizing that was what she wanted but she also knew that was precisely what Mr. Harmon wanted to hear from her.

To her shock, Mr. Harmon was growing tired with the gentle sex-play he and Marketi had been engaging in up to that point. Now he wanted to show her who was in control. He pulled his hand out from her skirt, and reaching up, he grabbed the front of Market's blouse, jerking it hard and ripping the buttons off up and down the entire front. Her sexy bra cupping her large full breasts underneath was exposed and the violent ripping of her clothes, the exposing of her tits, and the awareness that she was now at the mercy of a very hot and lusty man nearly brought Marketi to the point of orgasm at that very moment.

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