Sex With Librarian

by gonzalvez

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Romantic Sex Story: How I fucked the librarian of my college

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   .

Hello friends,

I am 26 old average looking guy from kerala, living in bangalore. I am a fun loving person, never miss any opportunity to enjoy sex. Though I have had sex with ladies of different age groups, I never revealed any data about them to my friends, since I always respect their privacy and confidentiality, after all they all gave their most valued assets to me :). It all started when I was back in my college during my teenage days...

In my second year Priyanka (name changed) came to our college as our new librarian. she was good looking, though not a hot girl like u guys say. She had 34 size boobs which was pretty hard. But there was always something in her, which made my cock erect when ever I see her. But I always hide my feelings since I dont know what will be her reaction. I used to smile at her, but she gave me those furious and unresponsive look. But I never lose hope, kept on smiling at her. She also started smiling one day and asked my name and about my classes. But I was waiting for the big moment, but she never came close to me.

One day, as usual I was asked to get out of class by my teacher, as I had no other place to go during my leisure time, suddenly it struck in my mind that library will be empty, since there are no library hours before lunch in my college. Suddenly I planned in my mind that I will somehow give priyanka hints about my desire about her. So I went there and saw that she was arranging books in a corner of the library. She was sitting on the floor. I went there giving her impression that I am searching for some books. Oh god, I saw her sweet cleavage through her churidar and suddenly my cock became hard. She bent further and I saw her round boobs!!! Suddenly she looked up and noticed where I was looking and gave me a stare. I just smiled at her. and didn't leave the spot. I knew I wil never get such an opportunity again...

Sensing that I am not leaving she stood up and began to arange books in the racks. She was wearing a sleeve less chudi. Whenever she raised her arms, the small hairs of her arm pits were visible and the sweet smell of some deo was peircing my nasal cavities. I was becoming more and more horny. I suddenly moved closer to her and took a book from the upper rack. In the process, I pressed my hard dick in her ass. Her butts was so soft that I couldn't ever imagine such a soft thing in this world. I kept it like that for few seconds and she didnt tell me anything. I sensed this as a positive nod and kept my book back again pressing my dick to her butts. She gave a naughty smile to me. And she just turned pressing her boobs in my elbow. And she told

"look students or staffs can come at any time. So lets not do anything silly now". Now I got what she meant. She is okay with whatever I am doing but in private. I said her okay and went outside, just pressing her boobs with my hands. She moaned beautifully and gave a naughty smile.

Then whenever opportunities came, I used to rub her body parts when there is nobody around. We exchanged our mobile numbers and used to talk till late midnight. She was very horny during our chats and used to talk dirty, but we never got a chance to do anything other that our rubbings. One day it was raining very heavily and suddenly she called me. I was very surprised that she never called me during day time. She told that she wanted to sent some urgent mail and asked whether I can accompany her to some cyber cafe in city. I sensed this as an opportunity and told her yes straight away. We met at the bus stand some 1 km away and took a bus to the city. We didnt sit together as somebody will doubt if they see us sitting together.

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