Tag Petra: the Slutty Girlfriend

by Rachael Ross

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Petra is a fourteen year old freshman working hard to win a game called "Tag" and at the same time, convince her boyfriend that she isn't really the slut everyone thinks she is...But will Kyle really believe that it's all just part of the game?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Humiliation   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   School   .

"Don't," I whispered, pushing Kyle's hand away from my left breast for like the tenth time.

"Petra..." he whined softly in the flickering light of the movie and I just kissed him again.

That shut him up and I held Kyle's right hand against my tummy while my small, pink tongue explored his mouth. Actually, I knew his mouth pretty good, but you know what I mean. I love French kissing more than ice cream and I was good at it. Kyle couldn't complain as I ran my tongue between his lips and teeth, inside his soft cheeks, and flicked it against the roof of his mouth. And then I just wrestled with his larger, clumsier tongue as the sixteen year old boy tried to keep up.

I licked his tongue lightly, tickling the tip with mine and inviting Kyle to tongue fuck my mouth as he chased it. I sighed softly, even moaned as he filled me with his tongue, and I closed my pouting lips around it, sucking his tongue like it was a cock. Kyle took that as an invitation to steal second base ... again ... and I grabbed his hand as it moved north and pulled it back down to my soft tummy. He could touch me there, but I wasn't some kind of slut who let a guy grab her tits after going out together for just a few months.

If Kyle wasn't careful, he wouldn't see another month with me hugging his arm and giggling happily while we walked together through school. I was getting kind of annoyed with him and being the hottest girl in ninth grade like I was, finding a new boyfriend would take all of six seconds. I'm not saying that because I'm stuck up either, I'm just telling the truth and Kyle knew it. If I dumped him, he'd really hear it from his friends too.

"You'd better stop," I breathed, licking my lips and looking into his big hazel eyes. "I'm not kidding."

"Come on, Petra. I just want to make you feel good," he said, giving me his best pouting smile and it was a good one. Kyle was a hottie, the cutest sophomore in school. That's why he was my boyfriend, or one reason anyway, but a good one too.

"I do feel good," I smiled back at him. "I'm just not that kind of girl though. I told you that."

"But you're playing Tag," he frowned. "All those other guys..."

"I don't want to talk about it," I told him quickly, glancing around the crowded movie theater. "Not here. Okay? You want to make out or what?"

"Yeah," he sighed like a little kid and I rolled my jade green eyes at him, leaning close and kissing his ear.

I teased him with my tongue, licking lightly and breathing into his ear before I pinched and nibbled it with my lips. Kyle's face was buried in my long white hair, kissing my neck and shoulder through the silky strands. It was awkward sitting in a theater like that and the armrest between us was annoying, but making out was so much fun. We did it every chance we got too.

We made out at his house and mine, at school, in his car, we even made out in church sometimes. That's where we'd met, since we were both Russian Orthodox and there was a nice, big balcony that overlooked the church and all the people below. I'd excuse myself for the bathroom halfway through the service and meet Kyle up there. We'd spend a good twenty minutes making out hot and heavy before we had to rejoin our parents and that was the best part. Standing between my mom and dad, feeling my lips swollen and bruised from Kyle's teeth because he liked to chew them, and they never knew.

Sometimes I really, really wanted to have sex up there. Like, real sex, you know? That would be pretty awesome, but I just wasn't that kind of girl. Kissing was as far as I'd go and I actually felt sort of proud of my self-control. Mom had been telling me since the day I was born to respect myself and save my body for the man I'd marry ... after we were married, of course! My husband, whoever he might turn out to be, would want a bride who was pure, and once we were man and wife, my body would belong to him.

That's how my mom explained it and I believed her. My body would belong to my husband and he could do whatever he wanted with it. A wife couldn't say no and a real wife wouldn't want to! Mom had made that clear to me as well. When I'd been eleven and I'd gotten my first period, she'd explained to me about the birds and the bees and where babies come from. Sex felt good, she'd told me, really good, and not because God wanted us having sex all the time for fun. God wanted a lot of babies!

"Be fruitful and multiply, Petra," Mom had told me as she rubbed her big, round tummy. "That's why sex feels good and after you're married, you're going to give your husband a lot of babies."

"I will?" I'd giggled, being only eleven years old and trying imagine myself big and round like Mommy.

"Even more than me, I hope," Mom had said with a serious nod and I'd widened my eyes because I already had seven brothers and sisters and she was carrying number eight!

Nine children in twelve years? Yeah, my mom was real good at multiplication. That one, my youngest sister, Eva, had been Mom's last child though. She couldn't have any more babies, although she and Daddy sure did like to try! But that just goes back to what Mom had told me — Daddy owned her body and he liked sex as much as any man and even more than most, probably. Nearly every night our big old house was filled with the creaking of their bed and the hammering of the headboard against the wall, and Mom's long, high pitched wails of pleasure.

She was noisy!

I couldn't wait to get married and Mom was already excited about Kyle, since his family belonged to our church and everything. He'd make a good husband for me, she thought, and the rest of our parents seemed to think so too. Kyle's parents liked me just fine and his dad especially liked to tell his son how lucky Kyle would be to have a beautiful bride like me to knock up every year. A lot of dad's around town liked me a lot, actually, and it was kind of funny the way they'd bump into stuff when I walked past them.

We'd talked about it a few times, Kyle and me, and we both knew our parents were setting us up. We had plans though. He was going to marry me and once in awhile we'd whisper little things and share ideas, but nothing too serious yet. He was sixteen and I'd just turned fourteen, and marriage was still at least two years away. A girl couldn't get married where we lived until she turned sixteen, which Mom thought was the dumbest law ever. She'd written everyone from the mayor to the governor to get it changed.

She'd even started a few petitions and I remember those because Mom dragged me with her, door-to-door asking people if they didn't think a pretty twelve year old like me shouldn't be married and pregnant. It was kind of embarrassing actually and I remember blushing a lot, but Mom had been serious about it and there wasn't much I could do to change her mind. A lot of men had signed her petition, but most of the women just blinked at her.

"When a girl is ripe for motherhood," Mom had told my principal at the last PTA meeting, "she's ripe for marriage! Petra should have been standing at the altar when she was twelve!"

Unfortunately for Mom, most people didn't seem to agree with her. I was kind of glad too, since being the only married girl in sixth grade would have been really weird ... Not to mention being the only pregnant girl as well. So anyway, Kyle and I just kissed a lot, since making out was my absolute favorite thing in the world and while I'd have been in some trouble if we got caught, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. Mom would forgive me for that, maybe, and Daddy probably wouldn't really shoot Kyle just for sticking his tongue in my mouth ... But anything else?

No way!

As badly as Mom wanted to see me all knocked up and fruitful, it had to be after I was married. She'd made that abundantly clear from the beginning and a girl only got married if she was a virgin! She told me that she'd be there the next morning to check the sheets. Seriously. Mom wanted to see some virginal blood on my marriage bed and if that sounds strange to you, join the club. A girl who wasn't a virgin didn't deserve to get married; she deserved to be a whore, that's what Mom always told me and I believed her. Like, how could I not? She'd been telling me that since the day I'd been born!

So, you'll understand why I was pushing Kyle's hand away from my breast. Again! The boy just wouldn't stop and it was starting to make me a little mad, especially since he'd brought up the Game. Kyle knew I didn't want to talk about that with him outside of school, or even in school, for that matter. Once in awhile he'd bring it up though, complaining like we were already married and asking silly questions and accusing me of things that he had no right to even be a little worried about.

Kyle acted like I was cheating on him or something. Like I was punishing him for some reason and it was totally obvious that I wasn't. I mean, who was I sitting in the movie theater making out with? Kyle! So why did he have to get all uptight all the time? And why wouldn't he stop trying to grab my boobs? God! I should have worn a bra, I told myself, but I didn't like those very much. They itched and felt too tight, and I always had those funny red marks on my skin when I took them off. Just because I wasn't wearing a bra and I had some nice little tits with big fat bubblegum nipples wasn't any excuse for my boyfriend to be grabbing them.

"Stop it!" I bit my lip because it had felt pretty good for about three seconds while Kyle pinched my nipple through my blouse.

"Whatever." Kyle sat back in his seat and folded his arms across his chest, staring at the screen and ignoring me completely.

It was a really long movie after that.

"Petra!" Heather frowned at me and waved some boy away as he was right in the middle of telling her something.

Someone was always trying to talk to her, since Heather was easily the most popular girl in the whole school. She wore her cheerleader outfit again, a gold and blue one that showed off her long legs and large, firm tits. She was beautiful, sure, but lots of girls are. I was, so that's not a big deal. Heather had something else, you know, charisma. Everybody liked Heather and she pretty much owned the school and she definitely pretty much owned me!

"Hey," I smiled hopefully and swallowed hard as I walked towards her. She was leaning against my locker.

"Open your purse," she said and I sighed as she looked through it.

"Hi Petra," a boy I didn't know smiled at me as he walked past and I smiled back. "I'll see ya later, huh!"

"You will?" I frowned at him then and he just laughed. I'd thought he was being nice to me.

"Did you check the scores this weekend?" Heather asked me and I shook my head.

"No," I said, taking my purse back and spinning the dial on my locker.

"We're losing," Heather said and then smiled at a couple guys who were saying hi to her. "Bridget scored six points Friday."

"She did?" I asked, trying to sound interested as I shuffled books in and out. "How about Linda?"

"She only got two," Heather told me. "Don't worry about her. You gotta kick Bridget's ass today, there's only a week left."

"I know," I said, looking at her over my shoulder.

"I got you hooked up third period," Heather said, lowering her voice. "It wasn't easy, but..."

"Third period?" I narrowed my eyes.

" ... you gotta see Mr. Hanratty right after homeroom," she continued. "And then he's gonna..."

"What? Why?"

" ... cover for you third period," Heather smiled. "Okay?"

"What?" I blinked at her. "I don't understand. I've got home economics third period."

"Skip it!" she told me. "You gotta be in the boys' locker room when the bell rings."

"But Mr. Hanratty's gonna..."

"No! He's not gonna be there," Heather sighed. "Weren't you listening?"


"See him after homeroom," she repeated, "and he's going to be cool about it."

"Cool about what?"

"Your gangbang, silly!" Heather giggled. "God! You're so stupid sometimes."

"My what?" I stared at her and then the bell was ringing.

"I gotta go," she said. "Make sure you're there!"

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Third period, Petra!" Heather was walking backwards.

"I said, yeah!"

"Okay," she smiled and turned around and I watched her for a second before going the other way towards my homeroom.

I didn't really believe her, but I knew Heather wouldn't be making something like that up. It was Monday morning and the game was over Friday afternoon. If Bridget had gotten six points Friday, and Linda had only scored two, that meant I was still in second place. I'd gotten four and so ... I was eight behind Bridget and seven ahead of Linda. The other two girls were way behind, so I wasn't very worried about them.

Stupid Bridget! She was such a total slut too and she wasn't even that hot. I mean, yeah, she was definitely cute with her curly brown hair and freckled face, but she didn't have any tits at all. Bridget did have a nice butt though and cute little legs. Sexy legs, even I had to admit that, and she always wore little short-shorts, or sometimes a really short skirt. No panties either, so she could just stand there like nothing was going on while a guy fucked her.

I mean, everyone knew she'd fucked her lab partner right in the middle of biology class and nobody had even known it. She'd just kept looking through the microscope while her partner leaned over her shoulder, and the whole time his dick was inside her pussy. What a slut! The only one who'd known was Tina, Heather's best friend and another cheerleader. Tina was also on the yearbook committee and she'd just happened to be taking pictures in the freshman biology class that day. What a coincidence!

But that's why Bridget scored the point. A fuck didn't count if it wasn't captured on film! I'd been fucked four times over the last two weeks without getting a picture and it was a serious bummer. Bad enough I had to fuck the other guys, the ones who joined the game, but sometimes a guy would say he was playing just to get some free pussy. It wasn't like a girl could tell them apart and when I'd told Heather about it, she'd just laughed and called me a stupid slut.

That was money out of her pocket though, since joining the game cost a boy fifty dollars cash, and when Heather and her friends caught a guy playing without paying? He got his ass kicked! That was kind of a game too, for some of those guys. Like I'd heard there was a pool to see who could knock off all five sluts without paying ... or getting caught, obviously. I didn't know who was playing that game though and I didn't want to know. All I knew was that I really didn't want to come in second place after fucking 37 guys over the last ten days!

I'd hit fifty easy and Heather had promised me a bonus if I set the school record for getting tagged, but that was 74 guys in three weeks, fifteen days, and that was a lot of guys! I mean that was like, what ... averaging five points a day? It doesn't sound like much, but it is! You have to consider that we had to go to class, we had to not get caught, we had to bribe teachers and the principal ... Even the janitors, Pedro and Luis, had double teamed me twice down in the boiler room. And then there were the guys who didn't count and I told you about them, and then there was Heather and her friends. All the cheerleaders wanted head like six times a day! God!

It is totally so much work being a full-time slut that it isn't even funny!

At least I was used to it. I mean, all the whispers and giggles and people talking behind my back, and all that stuff. It had bothered me at first, but not so much anymore. Now I just ignored it mostly. As long as my parents didn't find out, I was happy. Kyle's parents too, because they were just like mine anyway and Kyle had to marry a virgin! That's why I never let him do anything more than kiss me, see? We couldn't have sex! God! I had to save it for our wedding night and he knew it, but he just didn't understand how I could fuck 37 other guys and not even let him touch my boobs!

Boys are so dumb!

I walked into homeroom and got the usual looks and whispers and giggles. Like I said before, the kids all knew I was a slut, maybe even the biggest slut in school if I could beat Bridget and win the Game. I was the hottest slut too, believe me. I might have only been fourteen years old, but somebody forgot to tell my genes! I wasn't the tallest girl in ninth grade, but it was close. I stood just over five foot three already and weighed ... I dunno, maybe a hundred pounds or a few more, but muscle weighs more than fat and I was really strong, except I didn't look strong, you know.

My hair is so blonde it's white, which is way cool because it's thick, but long and straight and really silky. I parted it down the middle and wore it in a ponytail mostly, but sometimes I just let it go and it looked good like that. I have a strong face, Slavic cheekbones and a small mouth with puffy lips, and sort of a square chin to go with my straight nose. Sometimes I think my nose is too big, but it isn't. I just wish it was kinda pert sometimes, but that would probably make me look funny instead of beautiful. My eyes are killer too! I wouldn't change my eyes for anything because they're green like jade, not bright emerald green, but frosty green and cold like my pale skin.

Nobody knows where my green eyes came from!

My body is totally hot and I'm not just saying that either. My boobs are nice and firm and topped with really fat nipples. Like cow nipples! I swear! They're kinda gruesome when they get really hard, but guys seem to love those things! I mean, I hate my bra and I never wear one to school, so everybody can usually see my nipples pretty good anyway, and when I get fucked? Oh man! Those guys always grab my tits and squeeze my nipples! They're total go buttons too, like I just can't say no when a guy's digging on my boobs, you know?

My ass is kinda small, but round and perfect and almost as good as Bridget's, except she's got some baby fat going so she's got this bubble butt that everybody's been grabbing since she was like ten, I bet. What a slut! My ass is nice though and a couple guys really wanted to fuck me there, but I was like, "No way!" because creaming my rectum wasn't going to score me a point! The load's gotta go in my pussy or it doesn't count. Anyway, my hips are nice and my tummy is flat, and my legs are long and smooth and white as snow because I am pale all over!

It sucks too! Like, if I just think sunny thoughts? I get a sunburn. My family came from St. Petersburg way back when, and not the one in Florida either. That's why my name is Petra and why we go to a Russian Orthodox church and why my parents want me to marry Kyle, because his family came from Moscow way back when and he's just as pale as me! Our kids will probably be albinos or something!

Except I really didn't want to think about that, since birth control was against the rules of the Game as well and even if it wasn't, none of those guys were going to wear a rubber! Get real! And getting pills or a diaphragm? Yeah right! The only place I could get that stuff was from the only clinic in town and the pharmacist there was my mom's best friend! She'd come from St. Petersburg too ... way back when ... and they'd spend every Saturday in the kitchen making borscht and pelmeni and gossiping about who's slutty daughter was on birth control pills!

By my calendar I was just about ten days from my next period and I hadn't really been worried the first week, but last week ... Ouch! And if I hadn't gotten knocked up then, I was for sure ovulating that Monday morning as I strolled into homeroom! And Heather had arranged a gangbang for me during third period? That was at ten o'clock, just two hours away, and I could already feel my little eggs wincing deep inside my womb! They were gonna get a serious sperm bath probably, although I had no idea how many boys constituted a gangbang. More than three though, I figured, maybe even like five or six and that would be a lot of spermies swimming through my little fourteen year old cervix!

This was gonna be bad! But what could I do? Heather had forced me to start playing and once I was in, things only got worse! I mean, you gotta hold out your hands and say, "Here we have 37 pictures of your darling daughter getting fucked."

Plus the video of me licking Heather's cummy pussy and then drinking Tina's hot pee straight from the tap, because that's what had started this whole mess in the first place. I shoulda never let her talk me into exploring my bi-sexual side, but I hadn't even known I'd had one of those until Heather made me cum like three times really fast with her awesome tongue! After that ... God! I wasn't going to say no to anything she'd wanted me to do, although I should have!

Anyway, then you look at the other hand, the empty one, and say, "Here we have the probable, but still only possible, possibility that your little angel might maybe be most likely seriously kind of almost pregnant."

See how it works? I'd take my chances with the empty hand and even the slimmest possibility that my parents wouldn't ship me back to Russia. I mean, who the hell wants to go back there? Not me! And you think I'm joking, but we got letters from our relatives all the time asking us when we were going to come back to the Rodina for a nice visit. If my parents found out I was a slut, I'd be on the next flight with a tearful good riddance and my broken hearted Daddy's good advice, "Don't bother buying a t-shirt, Petra ... You won't be a tourist."

"Mr. Hanratty?" I knocked on the door to his office as I opened it, peeking inside. "Oh!"

"You must be Petra," the man said, standing in a white jock strap and nothing else, which seemed so completely strange that I couldn't even speak.

He taught gym class for the boys and wrestling as well, and I'd never had any reason to speak to Mr. Hanratty at all during the first month of school. I only knew him by sight and now I was seeing everything! He was large and firm, kinda muscular and not especially handsome, but rugged kind of. He looked like a boxer to me and he had big hands. A big dick too, from the look of it. I mean, the pouch of his jockstrap was stuffed full with something and I seriously doubted he kept his lunch down there!

"Uhhh..." I blushed, the way I always do in situations like that and stared at his jock as Mr. Hanratty took the bulge in his hand and squeezed it.

"I heard you wanna bang some of my boys," he said. "Close the door and lock it, cunt."

"Y-Yes sir," I nodded quickly, feeling my heart stammer and my tummy knot up with nervous fear.

"I don't usually give a fuck what you cunts are up to," he told me. "You wanna toss your fuck hole around and gobble cock cream, that's up to you."

"Oh," I said with a hard swallow.

"But I love my boys," Mr. Hanratty sorta growled. "So if you wanna shovel spooge up your twat, you gotta earn the privilege. Understand me, cunt?"

"Um ... Maybe?" I offered, wondering why he was being so mean and hoping I wouldn't cry.

"Yeah, maybe," he snorted. "You ever been ass fucked, cunt?"

"W-What? No!" I shook my head.

"Well, this is gonna be fuckin' treat for both of us, ain't it?" he chuckled. "Get on your knees ... Down here, cocksocket ... I bet you suck pussy too, huh?"

"Y-Yes sir," I whispered, getting on my knees in front of the man so that his bulging jock was inches from my face.

"Fuckin' dykes," he shook his head. "If I was your Daddy I'd kick your muff lovin' twat all over town."

"Oh!" I winced at the thought of it because he sounded serious.

"Don't eyeball me, cunt! Get that jock down ... Don't touch me ... Use your fuckin' mouth," he sneered. "Keep those dick skinners behind your back."

"Ummm..." I tried to find someplace where I could bite Mr. Hanratty's jockstrap, but it was tight all over and I knew if I accidentally bit him, I'd be in serious trouble!

"Let's go, cunt," he said impatiently. "Any fuckin' day now."

I managed to bite the elastic waistband, feeling Mr. Hanratty's warm body against my face and smelling him as I pulled the jockstrap down. He smelled like sweat and old socks and something else, a rich musky smell radiating from his hairy crotch. It was thick and the scent of the man filled my head. His cock was fat, but not so long as I would have guessed and it jerked upward, bobbing up and down as it came free of the ribbed pouch that had held it trapped.

"What's the matter, cunt?" he chuckled as I sat back on my heels, staring at his thick penis and heavy scrotum. "Don't think it's gonna fit in your cherry ass?"

"N-No," I stammered nervously. "It's too big!"

Mr. Hanratty's cock looked as big around as my wrist, I swear. Bigger than that even, since my wrists were kind of skinny. There was no way it was going to fit inside my butt! I should have gotten to my feet and run out of there as soon as I saw it. I wanted to. My heart was pounding and my tummy ached so bad I thought I was going to puke! I didn't know what Heather had planned for third period, but it wasn't going to be worth getting butt fucked by a Coke can, you know? I wouldn't sit down for a week afterwards!

"Turn around now," he told me. "Hands and knees, cunt. A stupid bitch like you deserves to get fucked like a dog."

"P-Please, Mr. Hanratty, I can, uh ... I can s-suck it or ... something," I said softly, pleading with my big green eyes. "Or, ummm ... You can just f-fuck me and, um..."

"Heh!" he laughed and took me by the shoulders, turning me around and I didn't try to stop him.

"Ohhhh ... But I never..."

"Yeah, I got that part, cunt," he cut me off as he pushed me forward and down, putting me on my hands and knees like he wanted. "Go ahead and scream if you want, most cunts do."

Mr. Hanratty flipped my skirt over my back and yanked my panties halfway down my thighs. I shivered and kept my head down, staring at the floor and praying this wouldn't hurt as bad as I suspected it would.

I winced as I felt something against my virgin sphincter, but it wasn't his cock and I relaxed. He was rubbing something cold and wet around my butt hole and then pushing a thick finger inside me slowly. That didn't hurt at all and whatever that stuff was, it was really slippery!

I'd been thinking he'd just ram his fat cock straight into my ass, but I guess that wouldn't have felt too good for him either. I was seriously tight back there, being innocent like I was, and pretty dry too. Except now I wasn't dry at all as Mr. Hanratty worked his slick finger deeper inside me. He'd pull out and squirt more of that stuff on my hole and then pack it inside my rectum and to tell the truth, I was actually liking it a lot after a few minutes.

"Alright, cunt ... D-day is here and your ass is Normandy!"

"Whaaaaah!" I gasped loudly as the air was kicked out of my lungs and the man was trying to shove a baseball bat up my butt!

"Take it, cunt! Ugh! Sweet fuckin' ass! Ugh! Like that cock, bitch? Ugh!"

Mr. Hanratty held my hips tightly in his big, strong hands and he was stabbing into my butt an inch at a time. He'd thrust and pause, thrust and pause, pulling back slightly every now and again, but always going deeper than before. My ass burned, even with all that slippery lube he'd used. It wasn't a sharp pain, just a dull, crampy ache that seemed to fill my entire body, but most especially my asshole. God! It hurt and I was trying to get away. I pulled myself forward and pushed with my knees, but that only made it better for him, I think.

"Ow! No! Ow! Ouch! Stop! Please! Ow! Oh! No!"

I couldn't say much more than that and only between gasps, between Mr. Hanratty's hard thrusts. The rest of the time I was too busy just trying to breathe. And then, suddenly, I realized he wasn't pushing anymore. The teacher only held me with my butt against his hips and I blinked because my eyes were wet. He was all the way inside me. All six inches of his fat dick were inside my butt and he was just enjoying the sensation of my protesting muscles as they squeezed him with slow, deliberate contractions.

"Ohhh..." I breathed, licking my lips and trying to figure out why the pain suddenly felt good.

"Hey, Mikey! I think she fuckin' likes it!" Mr. Hanratty chuckled and I lifted my head, wondering who Mikey was and glad to see we were still alone.

My butt was sore and it still burned, but the fullness of being stuffed with a thick cock was pretty amazing. My pussy tingled and my clitoris was throbbing. My puffy nipples ached and I wished he'd reach for my tits and give me a good, hard squeeze. Mr. Hanratty just held me by the hips though and then he started moving slowly, working his cock in and out of me and I nodded and smiled, licking my lips because that felt even better.

"Yeah ... Okay ... Uh-huh!" I almost giggled, feeling his cock like it was inside my pussy almost.

I mean, I could feel it pushing against the walls of my sex, rubbing me down there and the sensations were washing away everything else. It was the strangest thing in the world, like I was being fucked, except I wasn't. At least not in my horny cunt. Mr. Hanratty was fucking my ass and I was helping! I pushed myself back to meet him, rocking my hips and rolling my butt so I could grind on that fat cock before he pulled back. I whimpered like a little dog, a bitch in heat, and I could hear his breathless laughter behind me.

"Little cunt likes a big dick in her ass, huh?" he asked me. "Are you gonna cum, bitch? Gonna get off on being butt fucked like a fag?"

"Oh yessss..." I hissed between my teeth, feeling my orgasm getting closer, " ... Harder ... Fuck me ... Fuck my ... Ass! Oh God!"

I didn't really have to beg for it like the slut I was, Mr. Hanratty was giving it to me just fine. He plowed my asshole eagerly, pulling back until his cock nearly came out, and then shoving himself back inside quickly so that his hairy nuts slapped my dripping pussy with a wet thwap!

He made me cum! I shook uncontrollably and my arms gave way, dropping my face to the cold floor. My ass remained high though, Mr. Hanratty kept me right there while he started pounding my rectum just as hard and fast as any boy had ever fucked my pussy. He could feel my orgasm build as my asshole quivered with pleasure and suckled lovingly at the man's prick. I saw stars and shut my eyes tightly against the flood of raw ecstasy that filled me. I'd never had a cum like that in my life. It wasn't just in my pussy, it was everywhere, like my butt was cumming or something. I could feel my rectum grabbing his prick and milking him for his cum.

"Ahhh cunt! Take it, bitch!"

Mr. Hanratty was cumming too, not slowing down at all either, but fucking me through his orgasm as my asshole was filled with his hot, creamy load. That set me off again and multiple orgasms rocked my body hard, and when he finally pulled his cock out of my well-fucked ass, I collapsed completely, laying on the floor and practically sobbing with pleasure. The emptiness was nearly painful and I moaned as I reached between my sprawled legs to find my cunt and rub my clitty. I got off again that way, masturbating with Mr. Hanratty's dirty spunk leaking from my gaping anus.

It's almost embarrassing now, but at the time I wasn't thinking clearly. No wonder Mr. Hanratty had such a low opinion of girls. He'd totally turned my fear into loving submission and I guess the look on my flushed face said it all.

"Get the fuck outta here," he laughed at me. "You had enough for one day. Stupid cunts, you're all the same."

"Y-You don't wanna do it again?" I breathed, moving slowly and trying to find my rubbery legs.

"What did I just say? Pull up your fuckin' panties and get your twat out of my fuckin' office. Smells like cunt in here now."

I walked gingerly into what was left of my first period class, American History, and Mrs. Barnes gave me a frown.

"You're twenty minutes late, Petra."

"Yes ma'am," I nodded, hoping I didn't look as fucked as I felt.

"Well, I certainly hope you had a nice ... chat ... with Mr. Hanratty," Mrs. Barnes smirked and there were some giggles from some of the other girls. "Find your seat now."

I didn't even try to figure out how she'd known where I was. Probably Heather had arranged something, made an excuse for me or whatever. It didn't matter. My ass was full of semen and it felt greasy, really squishy as I walked around, and I could feel it staining my panties. My pussy was leaking girl goo like crazy as well and I knew my thighs were wet with cum all the way down to my knees. Some of the kids were already pointing and whispering as I found my desk and sat down.

"Ow!" I winced and lifted my butt again, leaning on my elbows and making a face.

"Is there something wrong, Petra?" Mrs. Barnes wondered and I could hear the sarcasm in her voice.

"N-No, ma'am," I shook my head and sat back down, slowly this time. Carefully and my butt throbbed with dull pain now that the good feelings were wearing off completely.

"Good ... Now let's continue with Mr. Frost..." she started reading some poetry and I mostly kept my head down, hiding behind the long, white veil of my hair.

"Hey Petra!" Kyle found me between classes, smiling for a moment and then he frowned. "What happened to you?"

"Huh?" I looked at him as he fell into step beside me.

"You're limping ... or something," he said. "Are you okay?"

"I am?" I giggled nervously and shrugged. "Yeah. I'm fine."

"Hey, um ... I'm sorry about last night," Kyle said softly. "I was being kind of a dick and..."

"Hey Petra! How's your ass?" some girl I didn't even know asked me. A junior, I thought, and she had friends.

"I heard you're the new butt fuck slut!" another girl giggled.

Some other kids laughed because those girls had been loud and I burned with embarrassment, dropping my eyes and clutching my books to my tits.

"What are they talking about?" Kyle asked me, like I knew he would. "You let someone fuck your butt?"

"I didn't let him," I said with a frown. "It just happened, that's all."

"Why?" Kyle whined, looking around as we walked slowly and everyone was watching me.

"Its just the Game," I said. "Okay? It doesn't mean anything."

"Hey slut!" some guy smiled at me, a freshman named Stanley and I'd known him since kindergarten and he was pretty cute.

"Hi Stan," I smiled back at him and then caught Kyle's frown. "What? God! I can't even say hi to my friends?"

"He called you a slut though!" Kyle said kind of loudly and he dropped his voice. "Everybody thinks you're a slut!"

"It's just the Game," I repeated and that was always my excuse. "You know I'm not a slut, right?"

Kyle just stared at me.

"Right?" I stopped walking and stared back at him.

"Yeah," he finally agreed. "But..."

"Then don't worry about it," I smiled and grabbed Kyle's arm. "After the Game's over, none of this is gonna matter anyway."

"Yeah, but..."

"I'm just gonna be your girlfriend," I told him. "And, I dunno, maybe sometime you can, um ... you know..."


I looked around and leaned close, whispering in Kyle's ear, "Feel my tits if you want."

"Really?" Kyle smiled back at me and I nodded.

"Just a little though," I said. "I don't want you to think bad about me."

"I want to do everything though," he said as we started walking again. "Those other guys ... I mean, Robbie and Jared told me you fucked both of them Friday and..."

"Yeah," I sighed, because they were Kyle's best friends and I'd sorta hoped they wouldn't say anything to him about fucking his girlfriend.

" ... they asked me if we ever did it and..."

"What did you say?" I looked at him sharply, pulling some hair back and tucking it behind my ear.

"I told them no!" Kyle said. "I mean, I don't want them to think..."

"I'm a slut?" I smiled at him. "You're such a great boyfriend."


"Yeah," I nodded. "Don't worry, when I'm sixteen and we can get married..."

"Married..." Kyle smiled.

" ... I'm gonna do everything!" I promised him with a giggle. "I mean, you can do anything you want to me ... Okay?"

"Yeah, Petra," Kyle nodded.

"You're gonna own me!" I said happily, sticking out my tongue just to tease him.

"Oh man!" Kyle sucked his lips and I knew his dick was getting hard.

"We just have to wait, that's all," I sighed. "I want to be pure for our wedding."

"I know," he agreed and then the bell was ringing and we'd been walking halfway around the school, so we had to turn around and walk quickly to our classes.

"I love you!" I whispered from the doorway of my math class and Kyle almost walked into Ms. Talbot, the vice-principal, because he was grinning at me.

It was kinda funny.

Apparently, Mr. Hanratty had cancelled third period gym class for the junior boys, since they were all in the locker room when I got there. Or maybe he'd just decided to hold class there instead of outside, because he was standing next to Heather. Mr. Hanratty held a clipboard and wore a whistle around his neck, and I was glad to see he was dressed in his normal shorts and t-shirt. My butthole throbbed tenderly when he grinned at me.

Heather was holding her digital camera, looking completely bored even though she was surrounded by about thirty sixteen year old boys who were mostly naked it looked like. Some of them were dressed for gym class, a lot more of them only wore towels around their waists though and a few wore jockstraps, but a surprising number were bare naked and stroking their teenage cocks as if that would impress someone. It didn't impress Heather, that was for sure and she made a face as soon as she saw me.

"About time you showed up!" she said. "Take off your clothes! Come on ... You only got like forty minutes to do these guys."

"What guys?" I blinked at her and then I caught Kyle standing off to the side and he was one of the guys dressed in shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers.

"These guys!" Heather rolled her eyes. "Mr. Hanratty's got the list."

"Abelson, Conners, Daltry, Fritsch..." the gym teacher started reading off names in alphabetical order, " ... Everyone who's name I didn't call, let's get outside!"

He blew his whistle and the dozen boys who were dressed, including Kyle, shuffled out of the locker room with lingering, longing looks at me as I'd started undressing. That left something like half the class, maybe sixteen boys, standing around with big grins and happy whispers as they watched me take off my blouse and then my skirt. I glanced around nervously, feeling my body growing flushed and damp with nervous excitement.

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