Separation Anxiety

by pointless

Copyright© 2009 by pointless

Sex Story: It's Ally and Paige's last day together before Ally leaves college to go back home for a couple of months to visit her family and even though Paige is supposed to spend the day in class Ally manages to convince her to stay home instead.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   School   .

Paige and Ally were in love. There was no other way to put it. Ever since their first night together they'd become almost inseparable. It hadn't taken long at all for Ally to realize that she not only loved Paige, but wanted to be with her in a way that she hadn't been with anyone in a long time: in a serious, committed relationship. This was actually a huge leap for her.

Ally had just been so used to being a "slut" for so long that the idea of a truly monogamous relationship was almost completely alien to her, but Paige changed all of that. Of course, there were some compromises made that actually kind of surprised them both, but they had worked out great for both of them. Ally soon discovered that she actually quite enjoyed having a live-in lover who was also a close friend and confidante and Paige learned that there was a definite advantage to having a girlfriend that had been around the block a bit. Paige also found it fun to allow Ally to lead her down paths she hadn't quite been prepared to go down with any of her former male lovers (or her one previous female lover) and Ally found that aspect quite fun as well.

In fact, now that they'd been together for a few months their only real relationship issues were what to do with Paige's old room since she was now sleeping, fucking and what not in Ally's and whether or not they should get a new goldfish now that the old one, Mr. Muggles, had gone to the great toilet bowl in the sky. The room issue was actually quite easy. They were both of the mind to turn into an office since another roommate might make it awkward to have sex whenever or wherever they happened to get the urge. The only real problem with that idea was what to do with Paige's stuff. Paige didn't want to put it all in storage until their lease ran out, but she had far too many things to just shove them in the corner or stuff them into Ally's room. It was a tough call, but they had plenty of time to decide. Besides, there was room enough for the desk as it was. It was just a wee bit crowded.

The goldfish issue was actually a little more contentious. Ally had hated the damned thing. Well, not Mr. Muggles specifically. He was just a fish and she couldn't see hating a fish. What she hated was the smell of his bowl when Paige's class/work schedule got in the way of cleaning. It was terrible and because of this she really wasn't that sad when he died. Paige, however, had been mildly crushed. She appeared to be under the delusion that a fish she kept trapped in a tiny bowl and hid from her whenever she tapped on the glass actually loved her.

Paige had even cried when she found him floating on his side at the top of the bowl. It had taken all of Ally's inner strength not to make fun of her, but she'd succeeded admirably until Paige had insisted she was going to buy a new one a week later, the appropriate amount of time to mourn the death of a beloved pet apparently, and then the fight began. Not a big fight, but a fight nonetheless and a fight that went on a whole week without resolution before Ally finally caved and agreed let her get another "damned fish" with the stipulation that she'd put a bit more effort in keeping the bowl clean which Paige both agreed to and had so far actually done quite admirably.

Beyond all that though their relationship was, for lack of better words, pretty fucking awesome. The sex was mind blowing, they still got along like best friends and there were no other issues like petty jealousy or any of that nonsense. They got along great, had fun doing the small things together and fucked like bunnies on Viagra. What else was there?

Lately, though, there was one issue that was bothering them both. Well, it wasn't an issue really. It was more like an unfortunate scheduling conflict that had kind of crept up on them while they were busy discovering each others bodies and deepening their friendship.

Ally, reluctantly and sadly, was leaving for two whole months to attend a wedding, a family reunion, another wedding and do other fun family things that Paige couldn't go to. Not because Ally's was a bunch of homophobes, though there were a few, or anything like that. No, it really was just a scheduling conflict that couldn't be bypassed unless Paige was willing to sacrifice her awesome, reasonably well paying job and drop out of her summer semester classes that she really, really needed to take if she wanted to get her degree before she turned thirty.

If only they'd known they were going to be together in a serious way before Paige signed up for her summer classes or before she'd taken her new job that simply paid too much to quit something could've been done, but it just wasn't in the cards. It was something neither one of them was looking forward to. For Paige she was just sad at the thought of losing her girlfriend for two whole months and being stuck with just her fingers, toys and phone sex. For Ally it was that plus she really wasn't looking forward to being back in her crappy, old hometown with her parents, siblings and cousins. Especially the ones who still seemed to think she was going to find herself a nice man to settle down with anytime now just as soon she got over this little lug phase she was going through. Still, it was mostly the sex (and companionship) that both of them would be missing most. Though Ally had come up with several solutions to this problem including cybering and the aforementioned phone sex none of it seemed to make up for the fact that they wouldn't be able to spend the night and day together fucking, cuddling and kissing away their free time. They wouldn't even be able to go to the movies together on their days off, go hiking in the nice summer weather, spend the weekend at Paige's father's cabin(well, not when Paige wanted to, anyway) and so many other things.

Still, the sex was a big issue. The big issue, really. They really did do it a lot. Almost every day and often more than once. Being a few hundred miles apart for 60 odd days would definitely put a stop to that and there was nothing short of Ally alienating her whole family or Paige wasting her parents tuition money while at the same time losing her ability to pay rent that they could do about it.

Well, there was one thing, but it really didn't solve the separation issue at all. It just kind of made it easier to deal with the time they had together in the mean time. Still, it was a really great idea as far of either them were concerned even though they were now barely sleeping and Paige was constantly late for her classes and work. Why? Well, because the great solution they'd both come up with to help ease the pain of their coming separation was to essentially fuck each other stupid for two weeks straight and they were doing exactly that much. If they were in the same room together there was a good chance that they'd be having sex. If they both had a the day off, they'd barely leave the bed all day long except to eat, go to the bathroom and shower and the shower didn't even count since they generally showered together and more often than not they ended up having sex there as well. They kept their cell phones off, the doors locked to even their closest friends and they spent their last few days together as intimately and passionately as possible.

And today, the day before Ally was leaving, wasn't going to be any different. It was supposed to be. Paige had a lecture to go to and then Ally was supposed to get busy packing instead of procrastinating after sleeping in late as had become usual since she was no longer in class or working unless you counted selling the occasional bag of pot. Later they were going to do something that they hadn't quite decided on yet, but, aside from a wonderful morning in bed together, that supposed to be it. After that nice morning together in bed however plans kind of changed and it all began with some playful talk and few bowl hits while cuddling.

"What you wanna do tonight?" Paige asked as she cuddled next to Ally in bed. They had just made love softly, sweetly as they had many times before and since their first night together only months before.

"Uhh," Ally started and then stopped to think. She was starting to regret her decision to smoke a bowl with Paige as they cuddled. Especially since Paige, who had class in an hour and a half, had only taken two small hits and left the rest for Ally. As a result Ally was pretty stoned while Paige was just a teensy bit high. It was not a good situation for thinking. Still, she tried her best to gather her thoughts together sufficiently to formulate a decent reply. Sadly, with the weed, which was very good, and the after glow, which was also quite nice, she just couldn't think of a single thing to say.

"Hello?" Paige finally said after waiting several long seconds for Ally to reply. "Wake up, you stoner."

"I am awake," Ally came back defensively.

"Well, then answer me, dummy. What you wanna do tonight?" Paige said in a teasing tone as she cuddled closer to Ally, her head resting on Ally's shoulder as she gently traced a circle around Ally's belly button with her fingers. It was just one of Paige's cute little habits that Ally found so endearing even though generally she wasn't much of a cuddler. At least, she didn't use to be before Paige came into her life. It wasn't helping her any at the moment, though, as she couldn't help but hope that those gentle fingers would find it in their heart to head a little further south.

"Why don't you just skip class and spend the day in bed with me?" Ally asked barely even registering the question this time. She really couldn't help it. No matter how often they made love there was something about Paige that her want to do it again and again.

"Again?" Paige asked sweetly as she continued to gently toy with her lovers belly button absent mindedly. She herself was barely satisfied with their early morning love making. Not that it wasn't great, but, much like Ally, she was definitely of the mind that she wouldn't mind being with her every minute of every day. She couldn't help it. She was in love with the beautiful girl who was now scooting down next to her and rolling over on top of her.

"What do you mean again?" Ally said with a hint of faux anger in her voice despite the wicked smile she just couldn't stop from forming on her face as she looked into Paige's eyes and playfully pinned her arms to the pillow as she continued. "You never play hooky for me. I'm beginning to think you don't love me."

"Maybe I don't," Paige teased back with a wicked smile of her own knowing full well what was coming next as she silently debated in her own head just how important it really was for her to go to class.

"Really?" Ally continued to tease trying her best to hold herself back as she eased her thigh between Paige's and began to slowly apply pressure against Paige's already wet pussy. Well, not quite already. They had, after all just finished fingering each other to a nice morning orgasm. She didn't let that fact hurt her pride any, though. Ally knew that Paige was fully aware of what she had in mind the second she maneuvered her thigh between her legs by the way she softly shifted her hips to grind her clit against Ally's thigh.

This was a personal favorite of Paige's and while initially Ally had found it to be a bit high school (though she'd initiated a nice session of it herself in the heat of the moment their first night together) she'd since gained a new, more enlightened appreciation for it. She still preferred some nice, traditional cunnilingus or the feel of Paige's long, thin fingers on and in her cunt, but tribbing was definitely a fun way to get nice and sweaty while they did their best to make each other come. In fact, it was even better than the strap-on, a toy they'd already sort of outgrown in favor of more personal, more skin against skin, pleasures.

"Maybe," Paige tried to tease back, but quickly found herself giving into her body's need to feel her lover pressed against her even as she tried to fight it. "You know I really should get up and get ready to go to class," she said weakly even as she felt herself begin to give in completely as Ally subtly shifted herself in a very pleasurable way as she bent down to kiss Paige on her neck softly.

"Then get up," Ally said knowing full well that Paige wouldn't. She'd won, but she still had to tease her lover. It was just the way it had to be. "I won't stop you."

"I mean, there's supposed to a very important lecture today," Paige in a voice that grew weaker as she spoke. Her will to fight had almost completely faded and she was already giving in to her desire. Her hips, while hardly going at steady rhythm, were already beginning to move almost on their own as she ground softly against Ally's thigh in response to Ally's kisses that were slowly working their way up to her earlobe.

"I'm sure Melinda will let you borrow her notes," Ally whispered into Paige's ear before taking Paige's earlobe between her teeth for a quick nip that made Paige groan and squirm a little as she again ground herself against Ally's thigh. At that point they both knew what was going to happen. Paige's sense of responsibility was dead and buried and any ideas about being a responsible adult in full control of her passions and desires were breathing their last breaths. The soft, long kiss that Ally placed on Paige's lips as Paige tried valiantly to come up with an intelligent response with absolutely no success was simply a formality. They were going to spend the day making love come hell or high water.

Paige finally allowed herself to completely give in to the urge to indulge herself by humping against her lover's soft thigh, but not selfishly. No, Paige was much more experienced now and knew full well how to please her lover even while allowing Ally the illusion of control. It could be a struggle at times, especially in their current position with Ally on top of her, but she always found a way. The soft sigh she managed to elicit from Ally as Paige subtly shifted her leg against Ally's pussy was proof of this.

"Ooohh, such a naughty girl" Ally said as she broke the kiss and found herself unable and unwilling to deny the urge to begin humping back, but not without a little teasing. That was it, though. Just a little teasing. She seemed to be unaware that she'd awakened a monster until Paige skillfully distracted her lover with another twist of her body before pulling her hands free and rolling Ally onto her back all in one fluid motion.

Ally had just enough time to gasp before she found herself buried under a passionate kiss as Paige maneuvered herself between her legs. With barely a thought Ally shifted her hips ever so slightly so Paige could do what she knew Paige was about to do. Their lovemaking was hardly boring or predictable, but Ally knew Paige well. She knew almost without even having to think at all that Paige was going to fuck her. Not with a strap on or any other such nonsense, but with her beautiful, wet pussy.

It was something she did often and something that she was quite skilled at now. She'd had plenty of practice in the short time that they'd been together, but that wasn't what made it so good for both of them. It was all about the pure animalistic thrill of being able to fuck each other like horny beasts as they devoured each other's mouths and moaned wantonly into each other's ears, neck and shoulders while holding each other tight and grasping at each other's soft, sweaty flesh.

And that's just what they were about to do. Ally would've smiled at herself for being able to read Paige so well, but as Paige's clit began to bump and grind so wonderfully against her own in a somewhat complicated, but deliriously sexual little dance she quickly found herself a bit distracted as Paige's sharp, but gentle teeth bit into her shoulder just hard enough that Ally could feel it as their clits ground against each other in a practiced rhythm that quickly caused the springs of their mattress to squeak loudly in a protest that was doomed to be ignored and would soon be cancelled out almost entirely by Ally and Paige's moaning.

It didn't take long for that to happen at all. No, Paige may have weakly protested against her lover's advances, but it had, of course, been just a front. Even after making love to Ally countless times over the last few months (and even more over the last two weeks) she just couldn't stop herself from wanting to be with her, to feel their bodies pressed together, to share pleasure with Ally every second of every day. Her grades were actually beginning to take a bit of a hit because of it, but she really couldn't care less. She was still passing all her classes even if just barely, but how could she resist this wonderful, beautiful girl who she'd lusted after for over a year and who was now hers to love and pleasure and be loved and pleasured by in return?

Still, Paige may have found it easy to become aroused by even the most fleeting glance from her lover, but that didn't mean she was simply out to get herself or Ally off as quickly as possible. No, it may have been hard, but even as she began to hump against her beautiful girlfriend's wet, bald pussy she tried her hardest to pace herself to prolong their pleasure. Deep down inside she may have wanted nothing more than to just pound her sex against Ally's until they were both exhausted and drenched in perspiration, but she knew that this was only the beginning and that it was wise to pace their lovemaking.

It wasn't easy to maintain control, however, as Ally began to assert herself and her desires. Apparently she was of the mind to come and come quickly before moving on to other delights and she was pulling out all the stops to achieve this even as she submitted to Paige's humping. She, too, had learned plenty about her lover over the course of the last few months and she knew plenty of little tricks to make Paige lose control.

First, there was the biting. Paige wasn't just a biter. She also happened to enjoy being bitten a great deal. Just about anywhere would work, but there were a couple spots that worked a little better than others such as Paige's tiny and sensitive nipples which, funny enough, was where Ally's lovely mouth was headed right at that very second. As Ally's teeth nipped at the first one they came in contact with she was instantly rewarded with soft, shaky sigh and a series of more impassioned thrusts from Paige's hips before Paige momentarily regained control. The control was extremely short lived as Ally kissed and nipped her way across Paige's chest until she found the other lovely, little nubbin and placed a loving bite there as well.

Ally knew she had won the moment Paige's first whining moan escaped through her clenched teeth and tightly closed lips despite her best efforts to suppress the joyful noise. The wonderful little quake of her body was another good sign that almost made Ally smile before the little quake gave way to several solid, powerful thrusts from her lover as Paige gave in and began to fuck herself against Ally's soft, sweaty body with wanton abandon. The smile, though, never really came as Paige's well placed thrusts were hardly selfish or poorly executed. No, Ally's wish was about to be granted as Paige's body ground against hers creating a marvelous friction

Still, Ally wasn't about to let it go at that. She knew Paige had more buttons to be pushed and she knew there were rewards to making sure they were thoroughly pushed. They were simple things really, things a lot of girls Ally had been with in the past enjoyed, but none as much as Paige. Just simple things like when Ally kneaded Paige's soft bottom and squeezed as the muscles clenched with Paige's thrusts always seemed to get Paige going. As Ally's hands found their way to Paige's tight, velvety smooth buttocks Paige reacted as she almost always did with first a grunt of pure enthusiastic glee before diving in for a hard, passionate kiss before Ally could go to her next little ploy.

Not that Ally minded. Kissing her beautiful lover was something that never got old. In fact, it was the main reason she enjoyed this particular position despite the occasional complications (which usually surfaced when they were drunk). Just to be able to feel Paige's body pressed against hers and to feel Paige's soft lips on her own as their tongues occasionally playfully fought each other when they weren't being sucked or bitten gently. Again, this passionate kiss was no exception, but as Ally ground up against Paige meeting her thrusts in kind the kiss broke and Ally began her next attack.

It was simple really. All Ally did was talk, or whisper, as Paige listened. Just simple things really, nothing special, but just about anything seemed to get Paige just that much closer to completely losing herself. The fact that Paige was already thoroughly in the moment and concerned with nothing but their lovemaking at that point was absolutely meaningless to Ally. It was all just part of the fun.

"Oh, fuck me, baby," Ally began as she reluctantly brought one hand up from her lover's ass to pull Paige's upper body closer to her. It was just meaningless noise, but as she repeated it over and over with small variations thrown in for good measure it did its job. After only a few recitations Paige's grunts and moans were beginning to be almost drowned out by the sound of the bed as she fucked herself against Ally with incredible force for such a petite young woman.

Amazingly, even as Paige's orgasm grew closer and closer she never missed a beat and soon Ally was having a hard time teasing her as Paige's thrusts, while driven by lust and, thanks to Ally's teasing, a dreadful need to come, were hardly blind or haphazard. She was not a virgin at this, after all, and she was not so blinded by her own needs that she forgot Ally as she too made to pull her lover tighter to her as she ground her clit against Ally's wet, open pussy as they pounded their bodies together.

"Oh, fuck..." Ally began panting as felt herself nearing orgasm, "I fucking love you, oh god, oh fuckin'..." And on and on until she could barely form any words besides fuck and god as the bed springs creaked and the girls pulled each other tight. Paige, on the other hand, was having a hard time even grunting as she felt her orgasm approaching. She was so close she just couldn't help but bury her face into Ally's shoulder and bite down on her lover as she felt it building.

When she felt Ally's fingers dig into the soft flesh of her buttocks the building phase ended rather abruptly and with a long, low moan and a full body shiver she came. Her eyes shut tight as stars exploded with bright little flashes behind her eye lids. The only sound she heard was the blood rushing through her veins as her hips kept on grinding her pussy against Ally's.

For that Ally was quite thankful as she too had been right on the precipice herself before Paige dived head first over the edge on her own. Not that she minded nor would she have been all that disappointed if she'd not come at all from their wonderfully vigorous tribbing session. She trusted her lover to not leave her hanging when she was in need of a release. Paige wasn't one to roll over and fall asleep once she'd gotten herself off and besides there was a certain satisfaction in just holding Paige's writhing, quivering body as she came. Still, as the sensations overtook Ally she couldn't help but scream out her joy through clenched teeth as she too gently, but firmly bit Paige's shoulder. Paige panted with satisfaction even as she winced slightly at Ally's loving little nip before placing a soft kiss on Ally's damp, beautiful forehead.

This tender, little kiss quickly led to another on Ally's eyelid and then another on her lips that was eagerly reciprocated as both girls pawed at each other passionately as they briefly enjoyed their afterglow. Briefly only because neither was quite done with the other just yet. Two wonderful orgasms in less than an hour may have been enough for some people, but not them, not now.

Still, neither of them was in any hurry as they laid there, Paige resting atop of Ally, kissing each other with a slow passion simply enjoying the feel of their bodies pressed tightly against each other. The teasing was over, at least for the moment. Instead they merely breathed softly into each other and occasionally moaned lightly as their hands softly caressed each others soft skin.

Slowly, however, their positions began to shift. First Ally rolled Paige onto her side and for awhile they kissed and caressed each other in that position until, slowly and patiently, Ally cajoled her lover onto her back as her kisses began to travel away from Paige's beautiful face and sweet, soft lips. She did not, however, lay herself on top of her lover. No, she had other plans that quickly became obvious as she crotched over Paige kissing her way down to her soft, little breasts while her hand gently glided its way down Paige's tummy to gently stroke her thighs.

Paige just smiled to herself and sighed as Ally's fingers teased her stroking her thighs and tracing every square inch of flesh between her legs. Well, every square inch except those occupied by Paige's already heavily aroused pussy. Early on in their relationship Paige would've protested at the obvious attempt to tease her. Now she knew better than to bother. Ally's fingers would find their way to Paige's pussy when Ally decided to do so and not one second sooner no matter how much Paige might protest. In fact, if she protested too much Ally was not above a little playful tickling or worse (or better, depending on her mood) just to get Paige to stop. Not that Paige really minded the tickling, but frankly she preferred the fingering. She was a girl who definitely had her priorities straight.

Ally didn't mind that that game no longer worked with Paige. Really, Ally couldn't care less as long as she got to hear Paige's sweet sighs, see her abdominal muscles tighten and quake, watch her breathing become erratic and lick the sweat of her silky skin as she played with Paige's pussy. The teasing that came beforehand was just to make it that much better for Paige. The torture of the teasing was just a tool to build Paige's anticipation so that when the moment finally came it was that much better. Of course, part of the teasing did involve a few feints and quick caresses. It wouldn't really be teasing without that. Besides, watching and hearing Paige react to these teasing touches were half the fun.

Still, Ally was not a monster. She could only tease Paige for so long before she allowed her fingers to finally make their way to Paige's wet, puffy lips and aroused clit and remain there until Paige was screaming out in ecstasy. They weren't quite to that point yet, but the sweet sigh that escaped Paige's lips as Ally's finger traced the crease between her moist, swollen labia was a good start.

"You like that, Baby?" Ally teased as she kissed Paige just below her ear. She didn't, however, receive an answer because as she finished speaking she was slowly, but insistently sliding a long, thin finger inside of Paige's tight pussy as her thumb began to rub Paige's clit softly. Paige could only let out a shaky moan and buck her hips in way of response. Ally didn't mind one little bit. That was just the reaction she was hoping for.

As Ally's finger began to explore Paige's pussy Paige couldn't help but pull Ally tightly to her while her moans got louder and her hips began to buck almost of their own accord at an ever increasing pace. Ally's kisses traveled slowly all over and up and down Paige's beautiful face and neck, but her teasing words never really stopped. The soft kisses, licks and nibbles only served as pauses in a constant reverie of softly whispered words expertly picked to drive Paige wild.

They were simple words. Nothing special, nothing really all that poetic or flowery. Just little questions which required no answer and received none. Like when Ally, after placing a kiss on Paige's closed eyelid asked her lover if she wanted another finger even as she was easing her middle finger into Paige's cunt. The long, drawn out groan that escaped at that moment was almost musical and was more than enough to make Ally smile as she once again brought her lips to Paige's and found herself pulled into a hard, passionate kiss.

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