Anger Not Those Wild Wyldewood Boys...
Chapter 9

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 9 - An Army veteran returning home discovers the mess that his younger brother has made of his marriage, and the extreme lengths that some of his other relatives will go to preserve their historic family secrets. An unusual story of a close knit mountain community and the terrible fallout that an adulterous wife creates, and the unconventional and forbidden love affair that results. Starts slow... lots of sex in the final three Chapters. Story will be continued in a Sequel.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Romantic   BiSexual   Humor   DomSub   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow  

I should have started to worry the minute I told Marsha that Saturday morning that I would be spending a week up at dad's cabin with Lindsey. She took the news far too well and way too calmly. No sulking, no dirty looks, no comments about my skinny fancy pants piece of ass, no threats to cut off my more delicate parts with blunt instruments. Nothing.

She gave me a smile, a wink and a bounce of her near ass length long hair as she gave me a big tonsil mashing smooch in my office in the back of the hardware store, and whispered cryptically that she'd see me later. Or did she say see us later? I realize now that I should have been very, very worried.

It didn't help things later when I got a cell phone call from Lindsey about an hour later saying that she'd had a late start and would be a little bit late getting there and that she'd plan on meeting me at my apartment in about three hours, around 5 p.m. or so. I thought I might have heard some giggling in the background but I couldn't be sure. Probably it was just her car radio.

Being male, and thus semi-oblivious to female Machiavellian plots even under the most ideal circumstances, I didn't even think twice about it and in fact got so tied up with completely catching up on the store's paperwork that I was too busy to watch the clock. I realized with a start a few hours later that it was nearly six o'clock and now I was late! I rushed over to my apartment and saw that Lindsey's Lexus was parked out in front and the car's hood over the engine was cold to the touch, so that she had already been there waiting for me for a good long while. We'd be taking my old 4x4 truck up to the cabin; her car could never manage the dirt roads even a quarter of the way there.

Opening the door to my apartment, I was greeted to the sight of a trail of feminine clothes leading to the bedroom, but there were rather more of them than I would have expected ... two sets of shoes and two dresses? The answer was obvious once I opened the mostly closed bedroom door and was greeted to the very unexpected but interesting sight of both Lindsey and Marsha nude in my bed and engaged in a wet and noisy 69. That explained why there had been no feminine underwear on the floor; neither of my women hadn't been wearing any for quite awhile.

I cleared my throat. "Ah, I see that the 'skinny tiny titty blonde trollop slut' and the 'big titted cow longhaired tramp' are just a bit better acquainted with each other than I had thought."

Marsha, the nude and curvy female currently up on top, lifted her head temporarily out of Lindsey's dripping snatch and replied.

"We got bored while waiting for you. We were originally just going to privately decide this afternoon which one of us would get to marry you, but we've decided instead that we're both going to share you, so you can now go ahead and marry us both! Didn't I tell you I'd agree to do anything in order to keep you? Now strip and get over here and fuck your fiancée's, because we're both too horny to wait much longer for your big hard cock!"

Lindsey muttered something in agreement, but her mouth was too full of wet dripping cunt and very busily engaged with a very large clit, for me understand exactly what she said. I shrugged and slid out of my clothes and moments later I joined them. It certainly wasn't going to do me a bit of good to argue with either one of them.

There are no words to describe the way that two tongues and mouths can caress one cock. Watching both of my women sexually intertwined together had certainly put me instantly right in the mood, so the two women, one on either side of me, had plenty of rigid cock for their competing mouths to enjoy. After playing dueling tongues for awhile, Lindsey got straight to business and sucked me deep down into her throat taking every single inch of me into her mouth before she slurped her way back up to the tip and offered my cock over to Marsha for her to do the same. With two beautiful women alternating sucking my cock I hadn't a prayer of holding my orgasm back and I spurted a massive load of cum across the faces and tongues of both women while they licked the top and bottom of my cockhead. Once my cock was quite empty and cleaned to their satisfaction, then they turned their attention to licking the cum off of each other's faces before they shared the last remnants together in a deep long kiss.

This was just a warm-up for the women however. Marsha just beat Lindsey by a nose in mounting herself on my cock and rode up and down on me for a few minutes while Lindsey caressed and licked her large breasts. Then they alternated, and reversed positions, with Lindsey bouncing on my cock for awhile while Marsha suckled her long sensitive nipples. This was about the point that Marsha discovered exactly how overly sensitive Lindsey's breasts and nipples were, as Lindsey began to scream out in orgasm. It's normally hard for her to cum just via vaginal stimulation, but fucking plus nipple licking at the same time seemed to turn that motor on overdrive.

The women alternated positions for awhile and eventually they ended up in another 69 with Lindsey on top eating Marsha while I fucked Lindsey's cunt from behind while Marsha's tongue alternated between Lindsey's clit and my ball sac. The combined stimulation was eventually too much and I filled Lindsey's cunt to the brim with my cum. Marsha found this overflowing discharge considerably to her liking and put her long tongue to good work carefully exacting out every single drop of my semen from Lindsey's well fucked and licked cunt.

I had to admit that after that massive eruption I was going to need a bit of a rest for a few minutes but the women were far too wound up to snuggle, at least right now. They continued their mutual cunt lapping for quite awhile until each had enjoyed at least another orgasm, and then they mashed their wet vaginal juiced faces and tongues into mine and the three of us had a long kissing session with lots of wandering hands and probing fingers as we eventually migrated into a kind of triangular daisy chain. I was licking Lindsey's clit while she licked Marsha's, and Marsha was pumping my hardening cock in one hand while seeing how far up my ass she could get her tongue. You probably don't want to know the answer.

Once my soldier was once again firmly standing at full attention, it was time to find an orifice to put it into, and Lindsey knew just the place for it.

"Stick it in that slut's big ass! I want to watch her squirm taking every inch of that thick monster, and you know she loves it there!"

Marsha was more than happy to oblige. She moved to lay on her back and I propped a pillow under her ass to lift up her cunt and ass. Lindsey crouched down next to me to get a good view of her co-wife-to-be being thoroughly sodomized, and she gave my cockhead all of the spit it could hold for lubrication and helped spread Marsha's cheeks for me as I entered her delicious ass. The moans of pleasure started nearly immediately and Lindsey, mesmerized by the view, was hissing in my ear to "Fuck the slut's ass harder! Make her scream!" I was more than happy to.

Lindsey soon decided that Marsha's large clit also needed a tongue and corrected that deficiency right away. When Marsha very soon felt the need to scream out in orgasmic pleasure she had a slight obstacle, Lindsey's cunt, which was being mashed in her face, muffling a good bit of the screaming. Just as well, I was sure that I had pretty well annoyed both of my neighbors already by now.

Eventually I decided it was time to cum, but we weren't in any big rush. Marsha loves to be buggered virtually indefinitely and since I'd already cum twice earlier, getting out a third and final load was going to take awhile. Nevertheless, I eventually managed it and we all pretty much collapsed in a heap together afterwards.

Apparently it had been privately discussed and an agreement made by the two of them earlier that Lindsey would become the first wife and that Marsha would submit (especially in bed) to her as well as to me. She had indeed showed her willingness to literally do anything in order to keep me.

If I thought for even a minute that the women were done, at least for awhile, I was quite mistaken.

Lindsey herself was becoming increasingly intrigued with the new and endless opportunities that a very submissive second wife presented and started right out to discover what limitations or boundaries the younger widow might possess. As far as I know she's still never found any. She was fascinated by Marsha's massively stretched sphincter, and was playing with her asshole with one hand while gently rubbing her clit with the other. At against all odds and expectations, watching this pack of feral felines in heat soon had my cock rock hard once again. Marsha was soon wailing like a cat in heat with the extremely nasty things Lindsey was now doing to her bottom. When the noise got too loud I had to find something to occupy her mouth to keep her busy, fortunately my cock wasn't doing anything particularly important at the moment.

We changed positions for hours until somehow I managed one last weak load into Lindsey's cunt while she was mounted on top of me and Marsha's naughty tongue was alternating between my balls, Lindsey's clit and any other exposed and vulnerable place she could find to insert it.

That was more than enough fun for me for one night. I dozed off to sleep while my wives were candidly discussing what sort of diet and vitamin regiment to put me on to help keep my strength up. Around dawn, I work up briefly to hear the women once again giggling, kissing and playing stinky finger with each other's cunts. I put a pillow over my head and went right back to sleep for another hour or so before the sensation of two mouths playing with rising cock woke me right up.

A voice then whispered into my ear offering the single nastiest suggestion I'd ever heard of in my entire life, but you probably won't want to hear about what happened next.

We got a very late start up to the cabin, in fact we never made it out of bed again until nearly noon on Saturday, and it was well into the afternoon when the three of us all piled into my truck with our supplies for the week and headed up into the hills where we reached my dad's remote mountain lakeside cabin around just before dark. Even in a 4x4, you don't get anywhere out in our wilderness on these bad dirt and crushed rock mining roads quickly. It didn't help that both women had lost most of their clothes already and had their hands full of cunt or my cock nearly the entire drive.

The rest of the next week was pretty much a blur. We gave up even trying to wear any clothes pretty much straight off the bat even though it was just early spring and none too warm yet. We were in a pretty remote region and dad had this lake pretty much all to himself. The water was ice cold — it always is — but that just made the women's nipples a bit firmer and a warm mouth or two that much nicer. We screwed in the morning before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, sometime during lunch, before dinner ... you get the idea. Anytime I got tired or worn out my fiancées', always seemed to find a way to delightfully amuse themselves. This boded quite well for the future.

The women had indeed partitioned their empire and by the end of the week had pretty well made all of the important and not so important, decisions amongst themselves. It had been firmly decided that I would indeed marry them both in a joint ceremony, but that for legal purposes Lindsey would be the 1st and senior wife of legal record. Lindsey would have to resign from the Secret Service, obviously, and she would move here with us. For now we would all move into Marsha's small house, being much better than my apartment.

Both wanted children, and almost immediately. Due to the declining health of her parents we agreed to make it a priority for Lindsey to get a bun in her oven first. Marsha was a couple of years younger and it wouldn't hurt for her to wait another year. They vowed that they would both try to avoid being pregnant at the same time, but frankly, I didn't put much hope in that particular miracle. I knew those two excitable women and they both couldn't wait to start producing a significant percentage of the next Wilde generation.

From the sound of things we were going to need a pretty large house, and soon. Actually, Marsha already had an idea or two on that subject.

To no one's surprise, my brother Ned and our successful voice imitator and would-be comedienne Emily, had hit it off like a wildfire. They were talking about marriage also and had the scheme of going off on the road and letting Emily get her feet on the first rung of the comedy circuit ladder. He wanted me to buy out his share of the hardware store and they planned to get a small mobile home or trailer and start driving the national circuit of the comedy clubs. It would take awhile, but Emily had the tools for success ... and more than sufficient ability to keep Ned under control. We could also offer to buy the land where the old family cabin was, now a large crater, and rebuild. Since Marsha's small farm was adjoining property this would allow us to have a pretty big sized spread of land.

Lindsey was 100% behind this plan and insisted on arranging for the design, construction and virtually all of the costs. No argument allowed, so we agreed. Money was never going to be an issue for us. I had my retirement pension and Lindsey earned money from the interest on her investments faster than she could ever spend it.

There was only one remaining fly in the ointment. Before Lindsey said the final 'Yes' to my proposal, she wanted a full and complete explanation as to exactly what sort of odd family she was marrying into. She loved me beyond a doubt, but really wanted to make sure our strange Wildewood clan wasn't some sort of weird cult or radical militia organization. I don't blame her; we're certainly a bit odder than most families.

She had been reading a few governmental reports on us, fortunately rather slim on details. She knew all about our infamous Mr. 880 (the Secret Service code for a counterfeiter) of the 1930's Hewlett Wilder, and had even found some historical accounts of our doings during the Carpetbagger War of the 1870's. There was at least one confirmed report of train robbery (the famous 1870 one), and veiled references to various Wilde clan members being 'persons of interest' in numerous later train disappearances up to the 1960's. Nothing ever proven, but ... before she said 'I Do' and was committed to being a potential accomplice for life, she wanted to know.

That sounded more than reasonable to me. Also Marsha was a Wilde only by marriage to her late husband, and he had never been involved in anything 'creative' as far as she was aware. She already knew all about our odd family and our rather mysterious Elders that managed things from the shadows, and she'd heard the usual rumors, innuendo and hearsay through the grapevine about certain dodgy activities that might or might not have occurred in the not so distant past.

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