Anger Not Those Wild Wyldewood Boys...
Chapter 8

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 8 - An Army veteran returning home discovers the mess that his younger brother has made of his marriage, and the extreme lengths that some of his other relatives will go to preserve their historic family secrets. An unusual story of a close knit mountain community and the terrible fallout that an adulterous wife creates, and the unconventional and forbidden love affair that results. Starts slow... lots of sex in the final three Chapters. Story will be continued in a Sequel.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Romantic   BiSexual   Humor   DomSub   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow  

Once the last fed was safely out of town a few days later, most of the shit storm finally started to die down at long last. There was a large public meeting sponsored by the Elders that was held downstairs at Joe's the next evening. Just too many folks wanting to add their two cents arrived to all squeeze in upstairs. As it was, the place was packed and an overflow crowd nearly filled the back porch as well. Needless to say, yours truly was at front and center for most of evening defending myself against every charge anyone could think to throw against me, up to and including high treason. Somehow I lived to tell about it.

Actually, all things considered, the crowd wasn't all that hostile against me, even from the very start. My speech to Joe that first night right after the big kaboom had pretty well gotten the facts of the case out into the general public, so I didn't have all that much misinformation to correct. I held firm and stood my ground and defended every action I had taken ... and pulled no punches about where I felt the planned operation had gone badly south. Specifically I mentioned my being overruled about the use of Walt's additional (and provably dangerous) drugs and the criminal incompetence of our former Sheriff. I say former, because the fat weasel had pretty much disappeared off in the night, taking most of his goon gang of trigger happy shooters with him. Probably the best thing for his future health really, still I was willing to make a bet that we hadn't seen the last of him. In the interim, until elections later this fall, Oliver would be taking over as Sheriff. He'd certainly do a far better job of things.

Inevitably, the probing questions about my sex life with a federal agent, the lovely Lindsey, came up for public discussion. I made it clear that anyone who didn't like whomever I happened to sleep with could all go take a flying fuck, and anyone who didn't like that option could meet me outside the saloon so I could finish the job of shoving their head the rest of the way up their ass. I didn't however volunteer the fact that I was planning on seeing her again ... soon. Out of sight - out of mind, I hoped.

By the end of the evening I left the bar to a full house of applause. In the end things really hadn't turned out too badly for the family. Four people were dead, it was true, but they had really done it to themselves with God knows how much explosive they had stashed away up there. The family secrets were all safe and the feds were all gone - and with little lingering curiosity about us other than our source for some really good beer. This time at least, we had dodged a major bullet.

I wasn't in the mood to stay and drink for yet another night in a row — I was way behind on my sleep! I make my excuses after a single token pint and let a few folks pat my back and I made my escape and headed home.

Unfortunately, I wasn't going to be getting any soon. Ensconced upon the top stairs by my door was the lovely widow Marsha holding a covered casserole dish in her lap and apparently waiting for me to come home so that I could eat it.

I wasn't unhappy to see her, quite the opposite, but I had to admit that our initial conversation was a bit strained for a bit until we both relaxed a bit while she reheated my now very cold dinner in the microwave. There was no mention by name of the lovely Ms. Lindsey, but she was an invisible presence with us at the dinner table for the entire meal. The equally delightful Marsha had definitely decided that the visiting fed was very much a rival for her interests and was wasting absolutely no time once she was gone to reclaim her rightful territory. Ouch.

In the lack of anything witty or clever to say to extradite myself from this mess, I did my best to just vaguely grunt to her innocuous table conversation and I tried to keep my mouth constantly full of food so that I wouldn't say anything suicidally stupid ... such as I think I love your competitor for my affections and I might want to spend the rest of my life with her. You just can't say things like that to a woman with her hands right next to sharp kitchen objects.

Actually, other than a slight possessive streak, there wasn't anything wrong with this charming and talented lady either. We talked for a bit after dinner, but she left soon right afterwards when an obvious initiation to stay for breakfast wasn't forthcoming. I tried to give her a fairly chaste kiss on the cheek, but the lovely little thing squirmed in my arms and I ended up smooching her lips instead. Damn, this was not going where I had wanted things to go!

Somehow I got her safely out my arms and outside the door, but I could tell that this was only a very temporary solution to what was going to be a very long term problem.

The next night was more of the same, except this was one of my late nights at the hardware store. Marsha was well aware of this and once again brought me dinner there, this time piping hot.

Really, I'm not a complete coward when it comes to assertive women. To attempt to prove this, at least maybe to myself anyway, I decided to stop beating around the bush, even if it was going to get me clobbered by a shovel. It wasn't fair to string her along if my affections really did lie elsewhere. Even here I was getting a bit confused with what I did exactly feel. Looking at Marsha's extra tight sweater hugging her large breasts certainly wasn't improving my concentration any.

"Look Marsha. I think I like you very much ... sometimes like now very much indeed, but it isn't fair to you to make false promises I can't keep. I sometimes think that you and I might someday be able to have a very special relationship, but at the moment I have promised another woman that I would have that sort of personal and intimate relationship with her. It's not fair to her and it's not fair to you to offer you anything else." There! I said it! Now to wait for either a lap of steaming hot food to get dumped on me or for Marsha to instead make for the nearest axe or large hammer. Either way, I was going to get it.

Instead Marsha just blinked at me and gave me a poor tired look one would use on a schoolchild who said something silly but obvious.

"Silly! I already know about that fancy but scrawny trollop you've been sleeping with lately. Everyone in town knows about her! Until you have a ring on her finger though, you're fair game and I'm free to try and sink my hooks in you any way I can think of ... and trust me I can be pretty creative! Now stop complaining and eat your dinner before it gets cold."

Well that pretty much put me in my place. She didn't stay long and didn't have to bend over much to give me a kiss on the cheek before she left. For a short little package, she had a lot of very obvious charms and knew exactly how to present herself in order to best be admired. She gave her ass an especially nice wiggle as she left which made me wonder once again if my cock would be nicer fit there.

When I phoned Lindsey later that evening she was surprisingly amused to discover that she had a challenger for her rights to my affection, and even shocked me a bit when she asked if my cock would indeed be a better fit inside of her ass rather than her own more petite butt. Rather astonished, I tried the gentlemanly response of replying that I didn't think the enterprising young widow was going to get the chance to find out. Lindsey's near hysterically laughter didn't improve my self confidence much. Apparently she was a far better judge of motivated pretty women than I was.

I took the high ground and muttered that I didn't think my gun toting girlfriend would appreciate getting two-timed, which could end up with a really nasty mess afterwards for someone else to have to mop up the scattered body parts. She just laughed and said that she wasn't all that jealous and until she had that ring on her finger she knew all sorts of interesting exotic and erotic ways to keep a wandering and faithless boyfriend coming back for forgiveness, especially if she thought she loved him.

I told her I thought I loved her too and we made concrete plans for me to come out and pay her a visit in St. Louis the next following weekend. Wild horses couldn't keep me away, I promised.

Despite the fact that Lindsey had pretty much given me carte blanche to give the lovely widow a test drive, I resisted her increasing direct advances for over a week until the Thursday evening before I was to leave and visit Lindsey. Marsha had tried nearly every trick in the book on me with only minimal results. I'd given up trying to avoid kissing her in the mouth, it never worked anyway ... and she was a very good kisser indeed. There was just something about how she popped her tongue as deep into my mouth as it would go that make my cock instantly rock hard, which Marsha could hardly fail to notice as tightly as she was pressed against me.

Still I managed somehow to keep my hands off her amazing large tits, which were being displayed to me in increasingly sexy outfits, and often braless. Her much larger D cups seemed to be surprisingly firm and relatively sag free and it was only with the greatest self control that I avoided grabbing a big handful to investigate them a bit more closely. It had taken the patience of a Saint not to strip and ravish her before now, and by Thursday evening my balls were just itching for relief. The sight of Marsha coming out of my bathroom wearing only a tiny see-through nightgown evaporated any final remaining vestiges of self control.

"I decided that we'd have our dessert tonight in the bedroom, and I can see you're enjoying what is being offered on the menu. I think I'll make pancakes tomorrow morning, would you like that?" She asked. I couldn't peal my eyes off of her breasts so I just nodded instead. Her very naughty and flimsy nightie just sort of fell off on the way to the bedroom, but it was just in the way by that point anyway.

It would probably be extremely impolite and ungentlemanly to contrast and compare the sexual performance of two different girlfriends, so I'll dispense with most of the blow by blow details. Let's just say that she was not quite as skillful orally as Lindsey, but had no aversion whatsoever to swallowing my cum when it filled to overflowing in her mouth. She couldn't quite deep throat me the way Lindsey could, but she was skilled enough with her mouth and tongue to almost make up for it.

Vaginal sex turned out to be a different sort of problem. Unlike Lindsey, Marsha had only been on the pill for about a week and since it wasn't quite effective yet I had to desperately hunt for some condoms at the last moment. Being already rather large and thick, that extra minute layer made my fit inside her vise tight to say the least. As well as being a tighter fit, her vagina was a bit less deep than Lindsey's as well, so not quite all of me would fit inside her. I had to be careful then not to pound on her cervix too hard while we fucked. Marsha wasn't any help at all in that regard. She was most definitely a screamer and was cumming loudly about every ten minutes or so, arching her back to try and take me even deeper inside her to stretch her out more, if possible. At some point the pain of being nearly split wide open by my thrusting had turned to pleasure and she wanted it even rougher and harder, if possible. Her cunt was so tight that I just couldn't cum. I wanted to, but my cock was so squeezed tight by her vaginal muscles that my sperm didn't have a prayer of making it out. We must have kept on fucking for hours.

At some point during one of her louder and apparently stronger vaginal orgasms, something strange occurred that I had never experienced before. The resistance of her cervix suddenly disappeared as it suddenly dilated and my cock was allowed deeper, directly into her womb itself. She wailed like a banshee with pleasure and suddenly with the extra head room, I had enough clearance to cum ... which I finally did, filling that poor abused condom absolutely full, nearly spilling half of its contents inside her as I tried to get it out. I was almost disappointed that I didn't have that rare chance to empty my balls directly inside of her womb, but she promised me that in a few weeks once her birth control cycle was established I'd undoubtedly get the chance to do that again.

We were both too rubbed near raw to do anything else that night, but after a big stack of pancakes in the morning served by a cute longhaired brunette wearing nothing but an apron, I discovered that I might have just a bit of leftover ambition.

"Anything else I can do for you before I go and put one some clothes? Anything I offer you that your fancy tight assed big city slut won't do for you?" Marsha asked as she wiggled her cute bare butt at me.

"Actually, that saucy rear end of yours can use a bit of attention. It's getting far too uppity and smug."

"I thought you'd never ask, but you'll have to catch it and spank it first!"

The catching part was far from difficult. It was the spanking part that got interesting rather quickly. With Marsha spread ass upwards across my knees I started to give her a few token whacks, but she had very different ideas.

"No, harder ... much harder!" She grunted, and she meant it. By much harder she meant turning her ass a bright fire engine red by spanking it just about as hard as I could. The more and harder I spanked her, the louder she cried out for me to give it to her even harder still.

"Spank your naughty bad girl. Turn her slutty ass red all over and then give it a good hard fuck! Put her in her place and make her squeal for mercy! Make your slutty girlfriend submit and obey!" Wow, hot and spicy stuff. I was happy to oblige her. I'd had a past girlfriend who liked being spanked once in awhile too so her demands didn't come as a complete shock to me.

To say that Marsha didn't mind anal sex was a huge understatement. She loved and even seemed to prefer having my cock deep into her ass. Her cunt might have been vise tight, but her butthole was a prefect fit for me. I didn't last too very long with my cock deep into her ass with her hot inflamed butt checks mashed against my groin, but she wasn't at all ready for me to stop. Somehow her hot ass kept me hard enough to keep going and for nearly another hour I fucked her glorious ass as hard as I could while she screamed out with pleasure. My two neighbors were not going to be happy with me before long.

By the time I blasted my second and final huge load of cum deep into her bowels I had pretty well established that Marsha was extremely submissive in bed and that her pain and pleasure sensors in her brain were just a tad crosswired. Different than usual for me, but nothing I couldn't adapt to and live with.

Cuddling together immediately afterwards, Marsha asked me jokingly if she had proven that she would do anything for me, especially things that my other girlfriend wouldn't or couldn't.

"Just about." I agreed, but that wasn't quite the answer that she had been expecting.

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