Aiko at Home

by Scorpionicus

Copyright© 2009 by Scorpionicus

Erotica Sex Story: Aiko's home from work and she has more fun with the people who work at her house.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Oriental Female   .

All her work was done for the day and Aiko didn't have anything more she wanted to do at the office that day so she decided to go home. She had taken her clothes off earlier, she decided not to put them back on. So she, packed up her laptop and called Sammy, her driver, to come pick her up at the office.

She gathered her clothes and sat back in her chair to wait for Sammy to arrive.

A few moments later Aiko's desk phone rang and she picked it up, listened for a moment, and then hung up again. Sammy had arrived.

Aiko grabbed her laptop and clothes and left her office, still nude. She relished the exposure and the opportunity to show off her body as she started on her way down to the rear entrance where Sammy was waiting for her.

Aiko left her office and walked down the corridor to the elevator. She pressed the down button and waited for the elevator car to arrive. Holding her clothes in her hands she stood enjoying the exposure and the idea that someone might see her.

But the elevator arrived before anyone came out of their office. Aiko walked into the open elevator and turned to face the doors just as they were closing.

The elevator stopped on the 7th floor and a man and two women got into the elevator.

All three of them looked at Aiko's nudity with appreciation but did not say anything. Of course Aiko knew everyone who worked for her company but she liked them not to comment during those times she chose to exhibit herself. The same policy applied for anyone else Aiko should show off their body around the building. She preferred silent appreciation and admiration at those times.

So it was with the three who entered the elevator.

Finally the elevator reached the ground floor and everyone inside got out. Aiko headed for the rear entrance where Sammy was waiting with the car. Aiko felt a surge of excitement as she reached the door and started to push it open. Being naked outside excited her even more than walking around inside that

Way. Aiko pushed the door open and walked outside.

Sammy was standing next to the car and when he saw the door to the building he opened the car door next to him. He smiled when he saw

Aiko was naked, it was always fun when she was in that mood. Aiko to the car and bent to slide her laptop case and clothes in ahead of her on the car seat. Sammy watched appreciatively as she bent down. Aiko felt even more excitement as this position exposed her even more.

Anyone who happened to be behind her would have seen her pussy and ass, open and exposed. After she had her stuff inside the car Aiko stood up and slid into the car, making sure Sammy got a good view of her breasts and pussy before sliding her legs inside.

Once Aiko was fully inside the car Sammy closed the door and returned to the drivers seat in the front. The rear windows of the car were tinted so that it was not possible to see inside but Aiko could see out. This gave her a feeling of exposure as Sammy started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. Aiko sat back on the seat and spread her legs. Her hand snaked down to her pussy and she began to stroke herself lightly as the car traveled to her house.

The trip home was about half an hour and

Sammy had some trouble keeping his eyes on the road but he managed to make it to the house without any trouble. Aiko continued to lounge in the back seat, playing with her breasts and pussy occasionally.

Finally the car pulled into the driveway to

Aiko's house. Aiko had a large 10 bedroom mansion on a 4 acre lot surrounded by a chain-link fence behind thick hedges. This gave Aiko plenty of privacy for those things she liked to do at home. Behind the house was a large, enclosed and heated swimming pool. She also had a tennis court and a wooded area, the whole enclosed and shielded by a thick hedge.

There was also a second smaller house on the compound where some of Aiko's household staff lived. Sammy had a room in that building. Aiko of course went wherever she pleased though she spent much in her suite of rooms in the main house.

In addition to Sammy her driver there was also Judy her tennis coach, Mary her swim instructor, Mike the gardener/handyman,

Maria her cook, and her private secretary, Susan. She would also have occasional house guests. All of them played their part in helping Aiko to indulge her sexual needs.

Sammy pulled the car to a stop in the drive in front of the house, leaving the engine running. He got out, came back, and opened

Aiko's door. He smiled appreciatively as he watched her get out, still naked. Once she was out of the car she turned and bent back inside to get her clothes and laptop.

Since she was well inside the secluded compound of her home she made no effort to hide herself as she bent over. In fact, this time she made sure her legs were well spread so her ass and pussy would be completely on display. Exhibiting herself in this way always excited Aiko greatly and she loved it when she could do it without restraint as she now could.

Sammy had moved to a position behind Aiko where he could get the best view of what she was showing. He saw Aiko bend over and her buttocks spread, showing off her anus and pussy. He drank in the beautiful sight as we waited for her to finish getting her stuff out of the car. He knew she was taking a little longer than necessary to prolong her show, he knew Aiko got off on exhibiting herself a lot. For Sammy this was just one of the benefits he received from working for Aiko.

Aiko pulled back out of the car, clothes and laptop in hand, and stood up. "Put the car away Sammy and you're done for the day,"

Aiko said, smiling. She turned and walked naked to the door of the house. Sammy watched this with pleasure, enjoying the view of her small, tight ass as she walked.

When Aiko disappeared inside the house

Sammy returned to the drivers seat of the car, closed the door, and drove the car further on to the garage. He parked the car and got out.

Sammy was free for the rest of the day.

He rarely went out, preferring like Aiko and the rest of her household to find his fun closer to home. Living on Aiko's estate always made that an easy thing to do.

Meanwhile once inside Aiko walked up the stairs to her suite and into her huge bedroom. She set her laptop on her desk and hung her clothes in the closet. She sat down in front of her vanity mirror and took off her high heel shoes, which had been the only thing she was wearing. She sat back in her chair for a moment and let herself relax, then her hand drifted down to her moist pussy. She sat for a moment thinking about what activities seemed the most appealing for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

After a couple moments Aiko decided to go downstairs and have Maria, her cook, make something for dinner. As well as take a little time to see and enjoy Maria before she started cooking. Aiko got up and went to find Maria.

Aiko found Maria down in the kitchen sitting at the table Aiko had placed there for the times she wanted to dine informally. Like

Aiko, Maria was nude. Usually the only thing

Maria would wear at home was an apron when she was cooking. Maria was a Latina girl with large breasts and a plump ass and a very beautiful face. Aiko liked her for both her great skill in cooking and her enthusiastic interest in sex.

When Maria saw Aiko enter the kitchen she stood up smiling. She rushed over to the

Asian woman and gave her a big hug. "Oh,

Aiko, you're home!" she exclaimed.

Aiko felt the other woman's embracing arms and hands moving downward on her back until Maria held Aiko's buttocks in her hands.

She squirmed in pleasure as Maria began to gently squeeze and knead Aiko's ass cheeks.

Then Maria kissed the other woman. Aiko returned the kiss with enthusiasm and pleasure.

Aiko moved her hands up to Maria's breasts and began to gently squeeze them. Maria increased her efforts with Aiko's pert ass, squeezing her buttocks more firmly.

Aiko started to play with Maria's nipples, the other girl let out a soft moan of pleasure. The two girls kissed again and this time their tongues played together as they kissed.

"69 on the table," Aiko said.

Still holding each other the two women moved toward the table with Maria's back toward the table. The two released each other for a moment and Maria sat on the table. She scooted back from the edge and lay down.

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