The Club

by Scorpionicus

Copyright© 2009 by Scorpionicus

Erotica Sex Story: Bob and Linda join a club where there is a live sex show every night. It is the members themselves who provide the show, and Bob and Linda are selected for this on their first visit.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Bob and his wife Linda joined the club seeking new excitement and entertainment. It was a new and different place with an interesting twist on entertainment. The entertainment was a daily live sex show, but one put on by the club members themselves. This was different and exciting to the couple so they decided to join, despite the fact that sooner or later they would have to put on a sex show themselves.

The process of selection was random so any couple could be selected any night to provide the show. Bob and Linda were looking to add some new excitement to their sexual relations, which had grown to be somewhat routine lately. The idea of having sex together in front of an audience had an exciting appeal to it for the couple.

Soon after that the night came when they decided to make their first visit to the club. The couple was excited by the idea of watching a live sex show for the first time, as well as the idea they might be the ones to be the show themselves. The club was in an unmarked building toward the edge of town. Upon going inside they had to show both their membership cards as well as another form of identification. The club was very protective of its members' privacy and security and wanted to be sure of those who entered. Then they were allowed to enter into the club room.

Entering the club room they found the room dominated by a low raised and padded platform in the center of the room, surrounded by comfortable chairs and tables. Several pillows were scattered around the platform for use by those putting on the show. The chairs were arranged in such a way that everyone who sat in them would have a clear view of the platform. At the moment the platform was unoccupied but about half the tables and chairs were occupied. Bob led Linda to an unoccupied table and they both sat down.

After a couple of minutes a waitress came over to their table and asked them if they wanted something to drink. The waitress was only wearing an apron, otherwise she was nude. It was permitted for the club members to touch and fondle the waitresses, but for the moment Bob just ordered drinks for himself and Linda. He wanted to observe for a little while and see what was happening.

With the newness of the place and getting used to it, Bob and Linda quite forgot the fact they were subject to being called upon to perform at any time. Despite the fact they had been required to agree to it in writing before they were allowed to join. The couple soon found themselves enjoying themselves and both flirted with the almost nude waitresses.

Bob and Linda had been at the club for about a half an hour when a Asian woman came walking toward their table. This girl immediately caught the couple's eye because she was dressed in even less than the waitresses, wearing only high heeled shoes and nothing else. Both Bob and Linda admired the naked woman as she walked toward their table and they quickly realized she was coming to see them. The couple felt a thrill of nervous excitement at the implication of what this might mean.

When the woman reached the couple she leaned down to speak quietly to the couple. Because of the way her legs were positioned this also had the effect of opening her ass and displaying her shaved pussy to several of the other couples sitting nearby, which was the woman's intent.

"Bob, Linda, can you come with me please?" the woman said, still leaning over.

"OK," Bob replied nervously and he scooted his chair back to stand up. The oriental woman straightened until she was standing fully upright again, slightly disappointed the others who had been enjoying the extra view of her intimate charms. Bob helped his wife slide her chair back and Linda stood also. Seeing the couple was standing and ready to follow her, the Asian woman started walking back the way she had come.

Bob and Linda followed behind the woman single file as she wound her way around several tables toward a door in the wall of the club room. Bob admired the way the Asian woman's ass wiggled and flexed as she walked; it was really quite lovely he thought as he followed her. The woman was somewhat tall for an Asian, with slim hips and pear sized breasts of the kind that were just the right size to fit in a man's hand.

The woman and the couple passed through the door into another room that contained several comfortable chairs and a couch. This room was the prep room for the couple who would be putting on the next show and there was one other person inside it, the manager of the club. He was there to make sure the show got organized and to help the selected couple go through with what they needed to do. For this show he had decided a threesome would be nice and for this he had invited the Asian woman to participate as the third in the threesome.

"I'm sure you know why you are here," the manager started, addressing Bob and Linda. "You've been selected to provide tonight's show."

This was as the couple had both feared and hoped to be the case.

"We understand," Bob replied.

"Good. I hope you are up for a threesome with the lovely Talilia here," the manager said, gesturing toward the nude Asian woman, who smiled at the couple.

"I think we can manage," Bob replied. Both he and his wife were eyeing the oriental woman with obvious pleasure. A threesome with her, even with an audience, could be a lot of fun.

"Good. Please remove your clothes, both of you, and then I will announce you," the manager instructed.

Bob and his wife started taking off their clothes, piling them each onto one of the chairs. Bob turned his eyes affectionately toward Linda as she unbuttoned her blouse. Bob's wife had been a little bolder than usual and she wore nothing else under her blouse. Bob quickly stripped off his own shirt as he watched his wife continue to disrobe, and he noticed the Asian woman eyeing them as well in the corner of his eye. Linda unzipped her skirt and pushed it down off her hips and again she had worn nothing underneath it, she had gone commando to the club. Linda had carefully shaved off her pubic hair just before they had left for the club, just in case they might be the ones selected.

Bob quickly removed the remainder of his clothing. His cock came free, not fully erect but starting to lengthen and thicken, and both his wife and Talilia eyed his member as it was revealed to their eyes. If all went well both women would be having that penis inside them before the eyes of the appreciative audience. Bob stepped out of his shorts and tossed them with the rest of his clothes.

"All right, it's show time," the manager said as he opened the door that lead back out into the club room.

Bob walked a couple of steps to Linda and took her hand. The couple then walked over to Talilia who extended her hand to Bob who then took it. Together, hand in hand, the man and two women followed the manager out into the club room. The manager led them across the floor to the low platform, threading his way in between the tables.

Bob was aware of the eyes of everyone in the club room were upon him and the two women and he found this idea to be strangely exciting. The three nude people climbed the two short steps onto the platform where they stood waiting, every eye in the audience upon them.

"The moment has come everyone has been waiting for! For our viewing pleasure we proudly present Bob, Linda, and Talilia!" the manager said to the club room and then walked off the platform. This left Bob, Linda, and Talilia to their own devices on the platform.

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