Book 6 - Revanche and Laurel
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A tale of Damsels, Dragons and Knights...and much more. See Disclaimer on author's page for more information. Have fun in fantasy!

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The little boy sat high up in the Oak tree watching the tinkers wagon down below, the tinker always had the most interesting things in his wagon but what had caught the boys attention was the child that was with the tinker, last time he had been here he had been all alone now he had a very dirty, ratty looking child. The child was rushing to do the tinker's bidding bringing things for him out of his wagon, the old sway backed horse was standing with its head hanging, the boy couldn't tell if the old horse was just tired or maybe it was sleeping on its feet.

Climbing down from the tree the little boy stood behind Margaret who was looking over the tinkers wares, holding onto Margaret's skirts the boy peeked around her very ample thigh at the dirty child. The child peeked through the spokes of the wagon wheel at the little boy, then deciding he didn't really look all that interesting went to stand by the old horse patting his neck crooning to him saying what a good horse he was.

Seeing that Margaret wasn't paying him any attention the little boy went over to stand on the other side of the horse, looking under the horses neck at the dirty child he reached up touching the horses mane "he is old and tired, shwould be in a meadow eating gwass." The dirty child looked under the horse neck "you talk funny" the little boy frowned "do not" the dirty child nodded "do too." The little boy laughed "your all dirty and smellwy" The dirty child punched the little boy in the nose "so what" the little boy yelped and hit the dirty child in the eye.

"Here now" yelled the tinker seeing the two children rolling around on the ground, the old horse snorting and stamping around trying to get away from the two under his feet. Reaching down he grabbed the two by the backs of their shirts, each child dangling from his hands, the dirty child still swinging kicks in the little boys direction, with a shake the tinker snapped "stop that now" the dirty child stopped but glared at the little boy, who glared right back.

Putting the children down the Tinker glowered at the dirty child "get in the wagon and don't be showin your face again this day" turning to the little boy he brushed the dirt off his clothes "I be real sorry about that bought the child off the Gypsies what thought the child be's possessed, they said they found the child wandering alone through the forest about a year back, good helper though ain't had no troubles before" he said hurriedly to Margaret who was fussing over the little boy, holding a cloth to his nose. Instead of rushing inside the little boy stood holding Margaret's hand listening to the tinker tell her all about the dirty child and the Gypsies until Margaret realized he was still standing there, told him to go find Jessie the housekeeper and tell her to help him clean up for his supper. The little boy peeked out of the window at the back of the wagon, the dirty child peeked out of the back of the wagon at the little boy in the window.

Revanche walked into the dining room with Hubert his tutor, that's what mawmaw called him, she said you couldn't call a man a governess. Hubert was an older man who always had a look on his face as if he was in severe pain, he had bright gray eyes that never missed a thing and a droll sense of humor, not to mention he rarely found it difficult dealing with a little boy who was also a dragon.

Rav raised an eyebrow "fall out of the tree again?" Revanche shook his head looking down at his plate, Hubert simply looked at Revanche, Revanche looked up from his plate "he hit me fwirst" Natalie with a worried look on her face started to get up but stopped at a look from Rav. "Who is he and why did he hit you?" Revanche's father asked calmly. With a stubborn light appearing in his eye's Revanche replied "I cwalled him dirty bwut he said I talk fwunny fwirst" Rav sighed inwardly "and did you hit him back?" Revanche nodded vigorously "he was bwought fwom the gyip ... umm gipsies by the tinker" Hubert interjected "Gypsies" spelling the word for Revanche.

Revanche started to eat his supper, glancing up again he frowned "what's powssesed, the Gypsies said the dwirty boy was powssesed" Hubert spelled the word for Revanche "possessed, it means to own or control something or have something, in this case I would surmise it means they thought the child was possessed by something or someone such as demons or spirits." Revanche his eyes wide thought about that for a few minutes while he ate, Rav and Natalie glancing at each other waiting to see what Revanche would say next. "He wasn't powssessed by demons cuz I don't think demons could powssess a dragon person who's special." Rav leaned forward slightly "the boy is a dragon? Are you sure of what you saw?" Revanche started to nod then stopped thinking carefully, with a emphatic nod yes "a special dragon pawpaw don't know why but is." Revanche spent the rest of the meal thinking about the dirty boy.

Jacob chuckled as he handed Laurel her supper "you're going to have a shiner, lass, shouldn't go hittin lordlings most don't take kindly to it, coulda got both of us in real trouble." Laurel frowned touching her sore swollen eye and shrugged "he hits like a baby, called me dirty and he does talk funny" Jacob laughed "you are dirty lassie, wouldn't hurt to use a little soap and water yea know, these be good kindly folks here abouts, they don't turn their dogs on us, they don't try and cheat us using high lordly words thinkin I don't understand, so don't be goin fightin with the little lordling, I don't want to lose the good trade I get from them, yea understand lassie." Laurel nodded sullenly silently eating her supper.

Jacob watched the child wash the supper dishes after she was done instead of tossing out the water she frowned at it as if it was going to bite her then splashed the water on her face rubbing with her hands. Chuckling Jacob got up fetching a bar of soap and a towel "here now yea can't get clean in dirty water" tossing out the wash water he scooped more out of the small stream adding hot water to it from the pot over the fire. He handed the bar of soap to the child who glowered at it but lathered up her hands then bent over the basin scrubbing her face and neck, splashing water everywhere she rinsed off quickly grabbing for the towel.

Going into the back of the wagon Jacob came back out a few minutes later with a traveling pack, he put it next to Laurel "this be yours yea can keep the soap and towel and your private things in it, I added a comb and a few other items to get yea started with, I will teach yea how to sew then yea can be makin your own clothes but for now I added a clean pair of britches, a shirt and undergarments for yea, them clothes yea got on need to be washed somethin fierce."

Jacob smiled kindly at the child as she snatched the pack up and held it against her chest, she had been with him almost a month now. The first two weeks she had jumped at every sound, hidden in the wagon snarling at him each time he got too close. It had broken his heart the day he came across the Gypsy camp, seeing the child with a rope around her ankle tied to a wagon wheel being tossed scrapes of food, the other children teasing and hitting her with sticks.

He hadn't always been a traveling tinker, at one time he had a family, a small cottage and a cobblers shop then sickness had swept through the small village taking his wife and five children along with most of the population. Still grieving for his lost loved one's he had taken to the road with his wagon, it was a lonely life but it suited his need at the time for a solitary existence. It had taken him days of hard bargaining to buy the child using their talk of demons possessing the child to lower the price. He laughed to himself demons indeed, the only thing that possessed this child was anger, anger at being treated like an animal, anger at the human race for all it's misdeeds perceived by a child's eyes.

Sitting down by the fire Jacob stirred up the embers tossing in a few more sticks, Laurel still clutching the pack she had been given lay down by the fire curled in a blanket that Jacob had also given her. "Will yea sing me a song tonight lassie" Jacob asked as he poured himself a hot cup of tea, just last week he had woken to the sound of a voice singing, it was a voice to make angels weep and grown men fall to their knees, barely opening his eye's he had seen Laurel sitting in the light of the moon her arms stretched out wide at her sides, moving as if she were flying through the skies like a bird, she had sung to the night. The look on her face both yearning and filled with rapture she had sung of days of long past, of magical places and things.

Laurel rolled over and looked at Jacob "to pay for the pack?" Jacob smiled "no lassie yea earned the pack by helpin me with the wagon and the chores, it's because I like to hear your lovely voice singin." Laurel thought that over for a while then nodding she started to sing, her voice filled the small clearing, it seemed to soar with each rise and fall of her amazing voice. Once again Jacob sat in amazement listening, not for the first time he wondered about the child, her speech, the things she sang about, the way she held herself with such dignity even looking as she did, unkempt and scrawny but she would not or could not tell him anything about herself beyond the fact that her name was Laurel.

Laurel abruptly stopped singing seeing the old woman entering the clearing, Jacob turned slightly in the direction Laurel was looking, smiling he bid the woman welcome asking if he could be of assistance. The old woman smiled back saying perhaps, perhaps not, she was on an errand. Sitting down next to the fire the old woman thanked Jacob as he offered her a cup of tea, "your child has a lovely voice" Jacob handed the old woman a cup saying the child wasn't his but his helper.

Marti'en knew the child was watching her very, very closely, sipping her tea Marti'en casually commented that most parent's didn't let such a young child go off on such long trips. Jacob nodded in agreement saying that was true but he didn't think this child had any parents that she had been found wandering in some mountains by a band of Gypsies and thinking that they might be able to ransom the child back to her family they had taken her, but no family had ever come to retrieve the child. For a moment Marti'en felt a wave of pain radiate from the child that was quickly replaced by anger.

While Marti'en chatted with Jacob she silently said to the child "where do you come from little dragon" Marti'en felt sheer terror fill the child. Jacob blinked in surprise as Laurel, her blanket dragging behind her ran to him "please Jacob don't let her take me, I will be good, I won't hit anymore Lordlings" Jacob held the trembling child "Laurel lass, only place yea be goin is with me, this woman has just come to visit that's all."

Marti'en smiled kindly "I'm not here to take you away, my dear, have no fears of that, Jacob is right I just heard your singing and stopped to visit" Silently Marti'en told Laurel "calmly little dragon, I wish you no harm, the man does not know it seems, if you need a kind word or want to ask anything just silently say my name which is Marti'en, I will hear you and silently respond" in confusion Laurel still standing behind Jacob looked at the old woman "I'm going traveling far and wide with Jacob, I am his helper, he even gave me my own pack" Laurel said aloud, Marti'en silently replied "it doesn't matter where you are I will still hear my name called." To Jacob, Marti'en said she needed to be going and thanked him for the tea and the chat, she looked forward to seeing them again the next time they were in the area. Jacob getting up thanked Marti'en for stopping by saying he usually came through the area every four to six months. Laurel watched the old woman leave the clearing with large fearful eye's.

Rav sat in the study reading over an old tome his father had found interesting, he set the book aside hearing the pad of small paws on the floor. "PawPaw?" Rav held open his arms, Revanche flew into his pawpaw's arms and snuggled, curling up he rested his chin on his fathers arm "does it hwurt PawPaw?" Rav lovingly stroking his paw down Revanche's back asked did what hurt, "to be bouwght, to be sold like the dwirty boy was by the Gypsies." Rav purred soothingly "yes I imagine it would hurt alot to have something like that happen to you, perhaps that's why the boy is such an angry little person." Revanche was quiet for a few minutes "it isn't rwight is it PawPaw to sell people" his eyes filled with concern for the dirty child and confusion he looked up at his father. Rav shook his head "no it isn't right, it's a terrible thing that unfortunately happens in our world and probably others, hopefully one day people will wake up to how wrong it is but in the mean time we can still condemn it as wrong."

Rav tipped up Revanche's little chin "are you going to hit everyone that says you talk funny? If you do your going to find yourself hitting a lot of people and becoming very unhappy." Revanche his big violet eye's sad shook his head "no PawPaw swometimes it hwurts lots an lots but Hubert and MawMaw both say my words get better all the time, Hubert says as I get older my twougne will remember if it's a boy or a dragon twougne" Revanche gave his father a little boy grin touching his own little snout "bwut if I get hit, I can hit back an I was good an didn't become a dragon when I got hit, bwut I wanted too." Rav hugged his son tight "I'm proud of you son, I know it can hurt when other children and grownups are cruel, you did very well today, I don't approve of fighting but you stood up for yourself and that's important, just remember sometimes it takes more of being a good person to walk away from a fight then stay, as you get older you will learn the difference." Rav chuckled catching Revanche's tongue between gentle talons "and this silly tongue will get things right eventually so don't you worry."

Marti'en appeared in Rav's study a soft smile on her old face looking at the two dragons, Revanche sound asleep all snuggled in his father's arms, Rav's deep purr rumbling through the room. Rav holding up a paw whispered that he was going to put Revanche back in his bed and would be right back, Marti'en nodding sitting in one of the old comfortable chair's by the fireplace. Rav returned a few minutes later, sitting down he gave her a questioning look.

"She is a hatchling no doubt about, her name is Laurel, when I tried to find out where she came from she became very frightened both from my asking that question and by the fact that I recognized what she was. This man Jacob the tinker appears to be a good man and treats her kindly, all he sees is the human child before him nothing more." With a frown Rav nodded "then you think it's safe to leave the child with him? Did you see anything special about her? Revanche said she was a special dragon."

Marti'en who could still hear the child's song filling the night sky smiled, Rav surprised at the look on Marti'en's face, one she usually reserved for Marluxion waited for her to answer. "The little one has the gift of song, using her voice to tell the old stories, it was a voice that made you want to weep with sadness and joy, it filled your heart and mind with such wonder and spirit you felt as though you were part of her song, this is indeed a very special little dragon. The tinker will take good care of the child and she wishes to remain with him, I think to try and remove her would be asking for trouble, I will just keep track of her, I also told Laurel she could contact me if she wanted to or if the need arose."

Marluxion grumbled "done with your wanderings for the night old woman?" as Marti'en the dragoness curled up against his chest, Marti'en chuckled "for now old dragon, go back to sleep or you'll be grumpy in the morning." Marluxion wrapped his tail around them with a snort of indignation and went back to sleep, Marti'en lay awake for a long time hearing a song sung by a little human dragoness."

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