Desert Son
Chapter 1

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Deposed as Emperor, Tuk joins John, Zithrusa, Vedeya and his little boy Talus in a caravan back west. John is Caravan master, and Tuk is the caravan's hunter. This time they will take the southern route. Part Three of the John and Zithrusa saga. If you haven't already, please read Desert Dream, and Indian Steel first for best enjoyment.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Time Travel   Humiliation   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Black Female   Oriental Female   Fisting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Squirting   Pregnancy   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow  

Zithrusa and Vedeya took turns riding with Talus in the palanquin, carried by porters on the way to WhooWhee. They played games and sang children's songs to him, and taught him counting rhymes and the names of animals. He was having the time of his short life. Other times he rode before his Da John on the horse, or in front of his Uncle Tuk. Tuk proved surprisingly attentive and kind to the boy, feeling somewhat like a godfather, since after all, little Talus was his Heir. Heir of an abdicated Emperor.

The pace was much slower returning to WhooWhee, as they kept a pace which kept the camels with them. John missed Wong as his drover, but was glad his former slave was doing well as father and regent to the Imperial Heir. John had to take the droving job himself, but by now he was as used to walking as to riding a horse. It was funny, that although a fisherman, his last voyage in a boat made him not want to sail again, although he knew it was likely that he would at some point. If he wanted to see Stonehenge for instance.

The countryside became gradually more acrid and dry, as they moved inland towards the start of the caravan trail. No imperial guards asked for their pass, and it seemed that the ones they had slaughtered on Tuk's command were forgotten and erased, with no consequences.

It was a sad comment on what happens to the common man who gets caught up in the politics of the powerful. John hoped their families received a pension at least, but it was no longer their responsibility, and they were now just travelers on the road, and not any part of the political machine anymore.

They discussed trade items, and John jokingly suggested 'beads', which Zithrusa thought was a wonderful idea, and that there would be a lot of good barter at the gathering with pretty beads. They would be valued almost as much as the pretty rocks she and Vedeya had found in gravel of the Ceylon stream, because they would have a hole in them to attach them for ornamentation. John reminded himself that worth was what was valued.

So they started looking at beads, and selecting ones which would attract good barter at a gathering, and trading their soon to be worthless 'string money' for them. The nice thing was, the beads would go on strings also! They kept some of the taels, but used others to buy caravan camels, and hire drovers.

The standard practice was to pay ten percent of a wage, and offer either the balance or shares, whichever was greater at the end of the trek. John was becoming a Caravan master! It was thrilling for him, and he asked Tuk if he would like any responsibility, but Tuk wanted to emulate John's journey east, and offered to be the procurer instead, if he had the same terms John had, autonomy under attack.

John was more than happy to have Tuk be his own general, he had the utmost confidence in the responses and decisions of the young man in a crisis. Having the focused and competent warrior independently scouting and hunting about the trail would make all of them more secure and safe.

John suspected that at some point within the next few years, the young man would find love and a woman or girl, and would be just as obsessed and focused on that new interest as any of his previous ones. John didn't think the girl that he focused on would stand a chance of resisting Tuk's single-minded drive for his objective.

In order to not flood the market, or put all their hopes on one wish, they also selected other trade items. Silk was always good to take west from the east, and during the long trip, there would be plenty of time for the girls to weave raw silk into silk cloth for fine clothing or the ever popular waterproof silk tents. Of course they were merely water resistant, but even so were better than any other technology extant at this time, being light, and translucent, windproof and strong.

Silk was such a luxury that using it for a tent was extravagant and ostentatious, which was why it was such a 'value added' use. By having only limited tents available, and also limited fine robes in the latest Imperial style, they would much increase their wealth from the camel loads of raw silk skeins of thread.

Wanting to keep the Caravan family friendly, as he himself had two wives and his son along, John specifically hired drovers and guards who wanted to bring along wives an dependants. The only requirement would be that the wives would work with Zithrusa and Vedeya, for shares in the profit of the manufacture of silk weaving. The best weavers would only make the waterproof silk, but even the weavers of lesser skill could make shares in the fine clothing.

John needed help to figure out how much food would be needed, and if it would be economically better to purchase some of the supplies along the way. Vedeya was a huge help in this regard, and made sure that there would be enough basic dried provender for most of the trip. It would be augmented with meat from Tuk's hunting. John expected that Tuk would do well with acquiring furs, as well.

John gave Tuk three camel loads for his own use and trade, and Tuk thought that brass dishes, pots and kettles would be good barter. He also examined the kitchen chest which Zithrusa had been using all along, and stocked up on silver tea sets and copper and silver chafing dishes. Tuk wisely figured that young women would always need dowries, so good barter would be assured.

John, reminded by that, brought jade combs, boxes, and other items of women's luxury, such as mirrors and bracelets, earrings and fine gold chains. He wondered if he could interest women in belly chains, and in fact he was able to interest Vedeya and Zithrusa in fine gold and silver links to go about their waists, accenting their womanly charms.

This reminded Vedeya that John had neglected to shave her for several months, and she insisted that he rectify that lack forthwith. One thing led to another as such activities are wont to do, and soon all three of them were enjoying the new and still novel smoothness.

This reminded John of the womanly juices he used to consume from Zithrusa, and he found the women's lingams, and introduced Vedeya to the practice of the womanly fountain. Of course, she already knew of it from Zithrusa, but she pretended it was all new to her, not really fooling John, but it was in fact new between them.

Little Talus was soon the mascot of all of the drovers, guards, their wives and older children. He was the natural leader of the little ones around his age, and lead the little terrors into all sorts of innocent mischief. Mostly it was of the imitative and attempting to be helpful sort of unhelpfulness. All of his victims readily forgave him and his young cohorts, and set limits on their efforts, and redirected them to more useful pursuits,

They became the dung brigade, and collected the dried dung from previous caravans to be used as fuel for the cooking fires. They became scorpion scouts, and made certain that no snakes or scorpions stung or bit the livestock. They practiced with their slings, learning how to make sure the stones went in the general direction they intended, and didn't fly back and bean some unsuspecting drover or camel. And other such minor yet truly helpful tasks.

It was about this time that John discovered an unpleasant duty which devolved upon a Caravan master. Unless the drovers were just hazing him. Three of his camels were young female 'virgins' who had not come into their first heat yet. A caravan camel on the trail couldn't be allowed to become pregnant, and a novel way had been discovered somehow to prevent it, and it was John's job, he was told, to implement it. All of the older camels had one already, and would until they were wanted to breed again.

The device was the first use of the IUD, to prevent conception, in this case, an apricot pit was to be inserted into the uterus of the three virgin camels, and since John wasn't one to shirk his duty, he rolled up his sleeves and set to it.

Actually, on second thought, he removed his shirt, and his pants as well. Dressed only in his clout, he wisely attempted his task at the river, and armed with the pit, he approached the first virgin camel who was well in her heat, and confused by the imperatives of her biology, having no practical experience.

John had to dodge a few kicks until he laid his hands on Sukuli's flanks. (He figured that if he was going to be so intimate with the beast, he should at least know her name.) He used firm pressure of his entire fore-arm to seduce her and make her receptive, with the whole camp watching and making quiet comments to each other.

Before long, Sukuli was standing spraddle with John hanging his full weight off of her hind quarters as he rubbed her flanks hard. He began to caress her vulva, and was rewarded with seeing it wink and flare at him.

Sukuli had her head down, and a blissful expression on her face as John put the apricot pit in his mouth to keep his hands free, and while maintaining pressure on the hindquarters, started to insinuate his hand gently into the camel's pussy. Sukuli burbled urgently and lubricated copiously with a greenish white foam.

John withdrew his hand momentarily and spat the pit into his palm, closing it into a fist, and worming it back into the willing camel's tight but stretching slot.

Deeper and deeper he slid his arm, at times backing up to get more lubrication, although Sukuli seemed to have no problem producing plenty. He was in just past his elbow when his fingers found her uterus, the pit tucked against his palm with his thumb.

He wormed a finger into the tight sucking mouth, unable to prevent his erection at the sensation. He added another finger gently, opening the mouth slightly and managed to slide the pit into the womb.

He removed his fingers to the sound of Sukuli's increasingly urgent burbles, which were raising in pitch. He slowly slid his arm back out, and just as his fingers left the amorous camel's twat, she ejaculated an enormous quantity of greenish white foam which covered John from head to foot.

The watching drovers and guards burst out cheering, as Sukuli turned and nuzzled John fondly. With a grin the lead drover complimented John on his masterful seduction.

"Isn't that how it is supposed to be done?" Wondered John.

"No, we usually just tip the camel over, tie her up, and have twenty men sit on her head, neck and legs." The drover grinned. "But your way was very masterful."

John washed off in the river, the heat of his blush warming the cold water. John was Sukuli's favorite person from then on, and the legend of John began to grow once more. He didn't bother to learn the names of the next two camels, but had a bunch of men sit on them, and inserted the pit in the unwilling beasts.

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