A Time of Conquest and Challenge
Chapter 1

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John was chosen by the Great General Hero Samuel to be his replacement. The problem is that John is a Lawyer from Earth and the rules that apply to being a Hero are open to interpretation. Can the rules for being a Hero remain when you let a Lawyer loose to challenge them? Will the Hero that Samuel saw in John emerge? What of Beth and her role as Caretaker? The questions from Time Waits for No One are answered and new challenges are revealed.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Time Travel   White Male  

We arrived hand in hand. “You brought me to Earth,” She turned to me, and we kissed. I felt her body shudder as I pulled her close to me.

When we had finished, I asked “Are you feeling all right? No pain?”

She ran her hands over her body to make sure, she was not hurting anywhere. “I’m fine but you’re going to be in trouble,” She said with a playful slap to my arm.

“I’m always in trouble with the Powers that Be. They were the ones who indirectly told me you would be all right here.”

“When did they do that?”

“We were discussing how they had brought other women from Cassandra to Earth during the times of Kings and Knights, and Damsels in Distress.”

“What will they do now that I am here?” she asked with a cute little smirk on her face.

“I don’t really know. I could end up with more community service,” I gave her a quick smile and ran my hand along her arm touching her face. She responded with a small shiver.

“It’s good to see you aren’t impaired.”

“You know what that touch does to me.”

“I want to make love to you. First time on Earth you know.”

She walked around the room. “Here on the desk” she leaned over it. Then she got up and walked to the couch “Or on the couch.” She laid on it and put a leg up in a very unladylike fashion. “Or will you take me to your bed and ravish me there?”

“I might ravish you against the wall, standing up if you keep teasing me with that scrumptious body of yours.”

“You say the most wonderful things Hero of mine. And you know full well that I never tease. I love you no matter where you want to love me, my Hero.”

We loved on the couch, over the desk and in the hall and finally in my room. Slow and tender was the call for the moment. There were no restoratives here so biology ruled. It was late in the afternoon when we left to find the kitchen.

The house was warm if you were clothed but much less so when you were walking without. I wasn’t much of a cook, but we found enough to sustain us. Afterwards as much as I didn’t like it, I got her some of Samuel’s old things to wear. Wearing a Hero’s clothes the likes of General Samuel was an aphrodisiac for her.

We went on an exploration of the house; she wanted to see it all. Room by room we went through it stopping to caress and kiss as we did. I was informed that with a bedroom as big as the master one was what we would need to move into. When I started to object to it being Samuel’s I got a look and a wink which told me it wasn’t worth the effort to discuss it. I was certain that we would enjoy that king sized with a woman as beautiful as Beth.

Back in the library Beth walked around the room looking at the books. I opened the safe and put my ring in it, locking it. “What would you be doing now at Crossroads after I left?”

“I would be researching for your next mission.”

“Well I think my next mission will revolve around community service. Do you think you could help me research what is in this room?”

“I’ll help you research anywhere and anything you want.” She licked her lips.

“And that would be more than I deserve. But I have just above a basic understanding of everything concerning Crossroads and Chaos.”

“Have you read the notes that Samuel left for you in the box?” She looked at me cocking her head to the side.

“I have been so busy during all of my missions that I haven’t done that. I thought those were just little things anyway.”

“He took a long time to make that book for the next Hero. By taking him as your companion you have been given so much more than any Hero before you. You should know that Heroes start out with nothing when they go to Chaos. Oh, and your thing isn’t so little,” licking her lips as she eyed me up and down.

I had to believe that this was the real Beth. How the women of Cassandra were when they we not duty bound. I was daydreaming about what it would be like at Crossroads when I was with so many caretakers, and they were not duty bound.

“Are you there?” She interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes. Sorry. I was distracted for a moment.”

“What had you distracted?” She cocked her head again and gave me this little grin.

“Your beauty always first and then the idea of the other beautiful women who I owe a community service too.”

“It’s a good thing they have the chamber and the restoratives for you.” She gave me a lick of her lips.

“You’re not worried about all of them?”

“You are not bringing all of them here. I am here and we need to get back to the topic at hand.” She reached down and caressed me.

“Which is... ?” I returned the favor and ran my hand over her breasts lightly tweaking a nipple as I did so.

“Hard and in me.” she said in the sultriest tone I had heard from her since I met her.

So we straightened the items on top of the desk, picked up the other items from the floor and got dressed. She sat down in the chair and began to read. “As much as I like General Hero Samuel’s clothes, I would like to wear something a little more form fitting.”

“I think your skin is very form fitting?” I said kissing her neck which got the response from her body that was so enjoyable to share.

“Don’t make promises your biology won’t let you keep,” she whispered back as another small shiver crossed her body.

“I can go and find you some new clothes, but it is going to look pretty funny for me buying woman’s clothes.”

She handed me a paper. “These are my sizes. I converted them into your measurement system. You don’t have to buy a lot of them, just enough so I can get out of the house to go shopping for more.”

“So you’re planning on staying here then?”

“I can’t go back without you taking me.”

“You could get the ring and just leave.”

“You locked it away in the safe.”

“Ah, you’re a Damsel in Distress then. Think they will send a Hero to rescue you?” I kissed her again and her body responded.

“I don’t know. When a Hero has the Damsel, I have never heard of them sending another Hero to rescue her.” She was back in my arms.

We went to my room. Beth gave me the once over to make sure I was presentable for public consumption. Then I retrieved my wallet and keys.

I went on my way ending up at a little boutique where I wasn’t exposed to a large number of people watching me buy women’s clothes. One of the sales ladies came over and took pity on me. I dodged her questions about why I was buying these other than to say I liked to surprise my fiancée. I think the list of her sizes helped cast off some of her thoughts about me wanting these things to wear. Over an hour later with a good sized dent in my credit card I was on my way.

I couldn’t resist so I drove over to Wonder Burger and got us some food. There was just something about those burgers that made my life complete. I called out to Beth when I opened the door, and she appeared from the library. I brought more bags to the door, and she took them from me. Finally, I brought the food and had her sit down at the table. I presented her with her first of what I hoped would be a lifetime of wonder burgers including a strawberry milkshake to make the meal complete.

“Is this what you were eating when you’re here alone?” I detected something wrong in my version of paradise.

“What’s the matter with it? You haven’t even tried it.” I think I would be guilty of what non-Hero’s would call whining.

She was kind enough to eat it and not say anything to discourage me. But I knew that my days of eating them were numbered. She did enjoy the shake, though. So there might be some hope.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“You’re not eating a balanced diet.”

“I thought I would make it up by eating you.” I gave her a smirk and a wink.

“I am your caretaker everywhere you are. You need better habits here to be ready for battle on Chaos.”

“You’re not making this any fun.” I gave her a small frown.

“Heroes don’t pout and we will have more fun later. This is very important.”

“You are sounding like my mom.”

She stood up and dropped her clothes. “Do I look like your mother?”

So we picked up the trash from the floor after we got off the table. That of course was after we had gotten ... Never mind, you get the idea, I’m sure.

We took the bags of clothes up to the master bedroom and then we went into the shower to clean up. There were no restoratives here and try as we might I was just past being recovered.

I did make sure that she enjoyed her time while we showered and dried off. Then we went into the bedroom to open up what I had bought. I had the assortment of bras and panties, a couple of dresses, some slacks, blouses, and a jacket. I remembered some shoes at the last minute but had to guess at their sizes.

There was one bag left, and she reached for it. I think I blushed a little when she opened it. I had bought a bit of risqué clothing: a widow maker, fishnet stockings and CFM pump.

“You like this?”

“I bought it. So the question is do you like it?”

“I like anything you get me, my Hero.”

“Do you want to try it on?” I asked.

“I thought your biology was finished for the day.”

“Who knows what the extra visual stimulation might do. I understand we Heroes are a virile lot.”

She left with the bag of them and came out from the bathroom a few minutes later. My biology was certainly stimulated, and I showed her just how much. She was trying to remove the pumps and stockings when I told her to leave them on.

We didn’t leave the room until late the next morning. She took off the pumps before we went to sleep but left on the rest. During the night, she would run her leg with those fishnets over me until I woke up. We had a slow loving time before we got up and showered together.

Finished eating breakfast, we were cleaning up the dishes when she took my hand. I looked into her eyes, and she said. “I’m pregnant.”

“What?” You can imagine my shock. Yes, the Damsels would come out and tell me that, but I didn’t understand how they knew.

“I feel it. It’s like the Damsels you have rescued said it felt.”

“But I thought you couldn’t get pregnant.”

“That was on Crossroads. This is Earth.”

I was tempted to say something smart but thought better of it. “I think you’re stuck here now then.”


“I don’t think you can go back through the portal if you’re pregnant.”

“How do you feel about me being pregnant?” She had a very serious expression on her face.

“If it keeps you from going through the portal then I’ll keep you pregnant all the time.”

There are times I have heard tell when even a man can say the exact right thing. I must have said been lucky enough to have said that then. Beth’s face was awash in tears, so I kissed her and them.

“You know what this means, don’t you?”

“What?” she asked.

“You’ll have to get new clothes.” I tickled her for a little while and then took off as the chase was on. We caught each other as we weren’t really trying to get too far apart. My biology was recovering but I could still hold her and love her.

“I don’t want to leave you,” she said.

“I won’t let you leave. I won’t go back to Crossroads or Chaos if I have to give you up.”

“You can’t do that!” she said with some anger in her voice. The shocked look on my face must have been the clue for her to continue. “The others all want this feeling. They want children and you have proven that they can have them.”

“But what about us?” Was I? Ah yes I was. What they would call whining again.

“I know you love me, and I love you, my Hero, and more than just as my Hero. But you have so much more to do than just love me here.”

“A duty beyond that to itself,” I said holding my hand flat to my chest.

“You are so romantic,” she kissed me.

“I am a man from Earth. Would you expect less?”

“You are not just a man from Earth, you are a Hero from Earth sent to rescue Damsels in Distress who look to experience what I have.”

“You don’t care that I will impregnate thousands?”

“Will you love them the way you do me?”

“I don’t think I could do that. I will miss being part of the child’s life but my love is saved for you.”

“Then I have no worries.” I was awash in kisses.

“What about when they give me a new caretaker?”

“I’ll help you choose her. I won’t be jealous of her if I know about her.”

We held each other for a long time. I had thoughts of being a father one day, but they were never on these terms. Never in my wildest dreams with a woman who had the beauty that Beth has let alone the unbridled desires she exhibited.

For a moment I felt some sorrow for Samuel. He had missed this in his life. Yes, he had come to Crossroads for so many years but that was there with a duty. That thought passed and I returned to look at Beth.

Our days passed quickly as we enjoyed each other and explored the house. We went out and shopped and explored this little corner of the Earth. She told me of the beauty of Cassandra and how it compared with Earth. We transformed Samuel’s house into our home. It was now the earthly castle of a Hero as Beth liked to call it. She was not very happy that we were not working on the exterior of it. But I knew there would be a lot of explaining to be done in the future, and I didn’t want to draw any more attention to us than was necessary for now.

One afternoon we were in the library when she told me, “Get your ring. It is high time you returned to Crossroads.”

It had been a discussion we had many times, and I was confident that she was being honest with me. I opened the safe, got the ring out and put it on. She walked with me to the portal and I held onto her hand.

The portal would not let her come through. The EPT had confirmed that she was pregnant. I released her hand and entered Crossroads. Ted and Jed were there sitting on the couch waiting for me.

“Where is Caretaker Beth?” Jed asked.

“What? No hello? No ‘how are you’? Just an angry statement. Haven’t we been down this road before?”

“I want you to return her to Crossroads immediately.”

“Sorry, no can do.” I made my way to the couch and sat down.

“What do you mean ‘no can do’? Are you refusing to do as we ask?” Ted said.

“That is not it. The portals will not let her pass.”

“Is she sick?” Jed asked.

“Not to my knowledge, no,” I replied.

“Then go back and get her.”

“I told you that she can’t pass through the portal. I had her hand as I was coming through, and she could not pass. I had to release it to come through.”

“Then she has to be sick. Why did you leave her?”

I figured that I had pushed this about as far as I could. “You designed the portals; you made the rules for them. Even I can’t bend those rules.”

“If she isn’t sick, then she should be able to pass through it.”

“For powers that be you’re pretty uninformed. I read that if she is sick or pregnant that a woman would not be allowed to pass.”

“You got her pregnant?” Ted asked.

“She had a part in it too.” I smiled at him.

“What were you thinking?”

“Well now I wasn’t thinking about more than release.”

“You know full well what we mean,” Jed said.

“I suggest you change your tone of voice with me,” I stood up and leered at him.

“Don’t threaten me,” Jed said.

“Who is going to save you from me?”

“Enough,” Ted said.

“My thoughts exactly, I’m going back to Beth. You figure out how to handle your uprising. I am more than content to just go back and live the rest of my life with her,” I turned to walk back to the portal.

“Please don’t leave,” Ted said.

“Tell me one good reason not to.”

“I can give you four thousand two hundred and thirty-seven reasons.”

“That is your problem. I am fine going back and closing the portal forever. I didn’t ask to be a Hero. I have found the woman of my dreams. You have a problem and it does not concern me.”

“It has to concern you. You created it,” Jed was near panic. He had not been this panicked since I had his neck in the choke hold.

“I exposed it. How you fix it is not my concern,” I was tired of them holding things over my head. I had Beth and yes she would be more than a little upset if I didn’t help out the other women, and if I didn’t continue as a Hero but for now Ted and Jed didn’t know that.

“Do I stay or do I go?”

“Please stay,” Jed said.

“What about him?” I said pointing to Ted.

“Yes, please stay.”

“Are we done with this whatever it is you’re trying to do with me?”

“You’re just bending the rules and pushing. The others are not happy.”

“That last one is your own fault. I thought about taking Beth with me. But you told me you had taken Damsels to Earth and left them there after they were rescued.”

“Do you intend to ever bring her back to Crossroads?”

“She is the mother of our children. Do you think I would risk losing her? Look at it this way: Who better to care for me on Earth than a Caretaker from Crossroads?”

“I see your point. So will you stay and help us?” Ted said.

“I understand my responsibilities and accept that I have to work and correct what I have done.” I gave a small chuckle.

“You are just so full of shit,” Jed said.

“I’m an Attorney at Law. Part of the requirement of that is we need to be full of shit,” I laughed outright, and then they did.

“So where is this going to happen?”

“Here. We will send them to you.” With that they left and the door to the bedroom opened and five naked and beautiful women walked out.

I spent the next eleven years completing the agreement I had made. There were times when I was simply tired of it all but biology rules and a trip to the chamber or restoratives, and I was ready to go. Do not get me wrong. Eleven years with nothing to do but have sex with beautiful women is not hard time, not by a long shot. But the loss of eleven years without Beth was weighing on me. Yes, I knew it would be fifteen minutes but my mind had a very hard time coming to grips with it.

I had finished my sentence as I came to think of it when Ted and Jed showed up again. They had three folders in on the table. They were no doubt the new caretakers for me to review.

“Thank you for doing that.”

“Did I have a choice?”

“You always have a choice. We have been hasty in judging you,” Jed said.

“Thank you for the compliment. But I really want to go back to Beth now.”

“We have something to offer you if you would like it?”


“With all that you have done for the past eleven years. We don’t want you or Caretaker Beth to suffer from your fulfilling your obligation.”


“We can erase this time from your memory.”

“I appreciate the offer but I will pass. I have met and loved some very warm and caring women during this time and would not want to forget them.”

“We underestimated you again.”

“If you say so, I would like to take those with me and get back to Beth, I miss her.”

Folders in hand I stepped back through the portal to find Beth sitting at my desk. She had a sheet of paper and was writing on it. She came over to me and gave me a kiss. I pulled her to me and tried to draw the very life from her and into me. It had been so long since I had seen her.

When I let her go, she looked at me and said. “You only left fifteen minutes ago.”

“I was eleven years in Crossroads.”

“Oh, my Hero!” She smothered me in kisses and took me upstairs to our room. I had been with so many women during that time. I loved on Beth now. It would take some time to get past the time jump as I was coming to think of it. Holding her made it much easier.

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