Pud Pudding

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2009 by Thesandman

Sex Story: A poker game leads to bi-sexual exploration

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Authors note: This story contains several bi-sexual situations, which I have written after having heard the details of this event and situation. So if this isn't your cup of tea, I would strongly urge that you not read this particular story. I also want to add that this is a true story as related to me, though I have of course changed the names, locations (if mentioned) so as to protect the identities of those who were involved as told to me in this writing. And though I have written it in the first person as it's easier for me to do, I have done so as it was given to me by the individual who wishes to remain anonymous. I also wish to mention there are sexual situations later on in the story, but it was important to tell the story and how it all came about prior to my going into detail about any of that. So if you're looking simply for a stroke story as well, then again, you won't find that here either. But I do hope you will find this story as interesting to read as it was for me in hearing it, and then in trying to write it and do it justice. -MF

I had known Larry Thompson for years, we had grown up together as kids. Larry and I had even lost our virginity together on the same night to the Jackson twins, though we'd been in separate rooms at the time. We had played football together, though Larry was a starting tight end, where I usually sat the bench. Though I was fast, I was also the smallest member of the team. My role then was returning kickoffs and punt returns, something I was very good at even though I didn't play much of the game.

What I appreciated however was that Larry appreciated that, perhaps more than anyone. And we remained the best of friends even long after we had graduated high school. We had both gone into the service too, Larry into the Army, and I into the Navy, so it was several years before we saw one another again, but when we did, it was just like old times.

Larry married soon after getting out, also pretty much picking up where he'd left off. He married one of his high school sweethearts, to which I was his best man of course. And then a year later, he was mine when I married a woman I had met when I was stationed in San Diego.

And though Larry worked at an auto repair shop, whereas I worked for a local newspaper, we managed to get together as often as we could, including nearly every Sunday morning where we played basketball with a group of guys Larry worked with at the shop.

Like I said, Larry was my best friend and I thought I knew him inside and out. I was soon to find out that I didn't know him nearly as well as I thought I did. And that took a little getting used to after having known him for all these years.

I had gotten to know several of the guys Larry worked with fairly well though I only saw them once a week when we played ball. One of the guys father was a janitor at a local high school, though not the same one Larry and I had gone to. He had given Brian a set of keys in order to let ourselves in and use the gym. And as long as we cleaned up after ourselves, and left everything the way it was before we got there, he allowed us to play a little ball on the court. We'd been doing so for several months now, something I looked forward to, and something my wife Chris encouraged me to keep doing. Another reason why I loved her so much, she supported my friendship with Larry and the guys, not to mention becoming rather fast friends herself with Larry's wife Suzie.

"Hey Larry, you playing poker with us on Friday?"

We had just finished playing ball and were dressing after showering. Most of the other guys had just left, though Larry and I usually hung around for a bit, sometimes grabbing a cup of coffee together afterwards. Mike was a new guy that had just joined us, he'd only been working at the shop where Larry did for a little over a month. He was likeable enough I suppose, but there was something about him that I found a little off. Not that he was stranger than anyone else mind you, hell, every one of us was a little strange in our own ways. But there was something about Mike I could never quite put my finger on. And when he addressed Larry in the locker room about the poker game, something I knew nothing about, I thought that pretty strange too. Especially when I saw the look on Larry's face that looked less than pleased about Mike's bringing it up.

"I dunno, maybe," he responded sounding somewhat irritated about it when he did, receiving a shrug of the shoulders from Mike as well as a confused look.

"What's up with that guy anyway?" I asked after he had left, purposely and completely evading the reference to the poker game. Larry knew how much I enjoyed playing poker. But if this was a private game just between the guys he worked with, then I somewhat understood his being uncomfortable by having it brought up since I obviously wasn't invited.

"Well for one, he's Stan's son-in-law, which explains why after he got laid off where he worked, that Stan invited him to come work for him ... with us," Larry explained. "And since one of the other guys took another job out of state, Stan hired him on."

"Holy shit! You're kidding me, you mean to tell me he's married to Jaylin?"

I had known Stan for years. Everyone did. He'd started up the auto-parts/repair shop in the small town we all lived in years and years ago. Back then, he worked mainly out of his own home, his own garage. Eventually making enough of a go of it to lease a new building and grow the business. Now he had two additional stores in other small towns just like our own. As for Jaylin, I had once had a crush on her myself. She had been the head cheerleader at school, dated all the jocks or so it seemed, and eventually went off to some beauty college nearer the big city. I never saw her again, though I did hear she had eventually gotten married. Obviously Mike was the guy she had gotten married too.

"Man, that surprises me," I added. "He doesn't seem the type..."

Larry cut me off with one of his less than friendly looks, another oddity as I didn't get those from him very often. "Yeah well, he's the bosses son-in-law, and obviously one of the guys now, so that's that," he said standing in preparation of leaving.

"Want to stop for a cup?" I asked not really wanting us to part on hard feelings, though for the life of me, I couldn't understand what I might have said or done to see Larry's change in demeanor the way that it had.

"Nah, I really need to get home, promised to spend a little more time with Suzie today, which reminds me, she mentioned something about the two of you coming over for dinner tonight anyway."

Once again, I wasn't aware of the invite, but that was to be expected too, no doubt Suzie had just mentioned it in passing, and by now had called my wife setting it all up. By the time I arrived home myself, she'd no doubt inform me that we were going over there for dinner.

"Well alright then, I'm guessing we'll probably see you tonight."

"Probably so," Larry said finally smiling again, and then giving me a quick brief "guy hug", just as we always did whenever we'd said good-bye to one another. Something else we'd been doing even when it probably wasn't a cool thing to do as kids. But he had continued to do so, even in high school, especially if I had managed to score a touchdown during one of the games.

Sure enough, shortly after arriving home, Chris informed me we were going over there for dinner. I smiled at that, it meant two things, no doubt a great meal with good friends, but it also meant Larry and I would get to watch the afternoon football game together on TV.

We'd enjoyed the game as well as the meal, and now sat together at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee along with the dessert Chris had made and brought along with us.

"By the way, Pete called, he said they're switching locations for the poker game next Friday, it's going to be at his place now instead of Brian's."

Once again I saw a brief look of surprised irritation cross Larry's face, which then turned to one of near panic as Chris spoke up completely unaware of the change which I saw in him as he sat there. But in addition to that, I also saw the same look on Suzie's face when my wife spoke.

"Poker? Damn, Steve's been dying to find a group of guys to play poker with, why haven't you invited him?"

Like I said, I loved Chris, but sometimes she had a way of speaking her mind before thinking about the reasons why she might not have. Though in her defense, at the time, it seemed like a totally innocent question.

"Ah well, um ... it's not really my place to invite him," Larry stammered, his face suddenly growing beet red. He was obviously uncomfortable for whatever reason, though it was his wife who suddenly came to his defense, and rightly so as she'd been the one to bring it up in the first place.

"Larry just started playing a few weeks ago himself," she informed us. "The guys he works with have been doing so for a long time. The only reason Larry got invited was because one of the other guys quit coming when he took another job elsewhere, which is also why Mikey came to work for Stan."

"Mikey?" I thought to myself. That was a strange way for Suzie to address him, though she continued on without elaborating about the way she had spoken his name.

"So not that Steve wouldn't be welcome I'm sure, it's just that Larry just got invited to start playing himself." Suzie then turned towards her husband, though I saw a curious look pass briefly between them. "Maybe you could bring it up to the guys that if ever you're short someone, that Steve here might be able to come and play as a substitute," she offered, only then turning towards Chris and I, smiling as she said that.

"Yeah, I'll bring it up," Larry said simply, and then dropped it as quickly as that, which we all did.

Not too surprisingly, we had called it an early night after that, Larry stating something about needing to go to the shop earlier than usual as there was a lot of work waiting for him. On the drive home, Chris and I both mentioned and discussed how odd the last part of the evening had gone.

"Who's Mikey anyway?" she had asked me. And I then explained to her just who "Mike" was, though we had both found it odd having heard Suzie address him in that way. I then told her about the weird little conversation earlier that morning in the locker room after the game, and how I had thought there was something peculiarly odd about him, and even more so as he happened to be the one who had eventually married Jaylin.

Chris sat silently after that for a time mulling things over in her head. I knew she was, because she tended to chew on her fingernails whenever she did that, and I knew better than to interrupt her whenever she did.

"Suzie and I are having lunch on Wednesday, I'll see if I can find out more about this Mikey guy," she stated. "And why someone would be married to a girl like Jaylin according to the way you described her to me and told me who she was."

Which I had done, even going so far as to admit to her that I too at one time had had a crush on her during high school, but that she had never even given me a second thought, though she had in fact hooked up with Larry briefly. Just long enough according to Larry for the two of them to actually end up in bed together, though it ended shortly after that.

"Well, there's something weird going on there, has to be," I told my wife. "I've known Larry all my life, and I know when there's something going on that he's keeping from me, though I can't for the life of me figure out what it might be, or why he is. Just be careful when you talk to Suzie. I know the two of you have become pretty good friends and all, but I also saw the same look pass between them, so she's in on whatever it is, unless I'm completely mistaken here."

I arrived home Wednesday night, anxious to learn how lunch had gone. Chris was waiting for me when I came in with a smile on her face.


"Well, I'm not sure I learned a whole lot, but I did learn a couple of things," she told me. "For starters, Larry and Suzie have been spending quite a bit of time with them it seems. They've sort of been doing dinners at one another's places for a while now. And according to Suzie, she did mention that because of that, she can see why Jaylin is attracted to him, and she also called him Mike, not Mikey, not even once while we were there."

"That's it?"

"Pretty much," Chris said seeing the look of disappointment on my face. "Sorry baby, but it was like pulling teeth just to get that much out of her without my sounding overly suspicious about it. I got the impression that she and Larry were trying not to hurt our feelings by actually spending more time with the two of them than they have been with us."

Which made sense in a way, though I thought I knew Larry better than that. If he and Suzie had made knew friends with someone, he wouldn't have hesitated in the past in telling me that, and even more likely, because we were friends, by including us as well if that were at all possible. I then explained that to Chris.

"Maybe that's why," she said guessing. "Maybe because this Jaylin, whoever she really is, never did like you for whatever reason, and still doesn't. But if what you say is true about her and Larry, who knows ... maybe she's still carrying a bit of the hots for him, so having him as a friend, she can safely flirt with him a little if that's something she enjoys doing."

Chris's reasoning was as good as any other perhaps, but it still didn't explain the way I'd seen Larry react, nor the way he had purposely tried to keep whatever was going on between them a secret. Something else Larry had never done with me was keep secrets, unless it was between he and I.

"Oh well, guess there isn't much more we can do about it," I said giving into the notion. "They're certainly free to see and have other friends without us, but it's just not like him to do that is all. Maybe he'll say something about it to me in time. I guess all I can do is wait and see if he does and take it from there."

Friday came and went. I knew that Larry was off playing poker with his co-workers, something that normally wouldn't have bugged me before even had I known it. But this time it did. I was anxious then to see how he was around me on Sunday. We had gotten together, played ball with the guys like always, and had a typically good time. Larry seemed pretty much like his old self, and even Mike seemed friendlier towards me during and after the game. The big surprise came when he mentioned something about a barbeque at their place in a few weeks, and that Chris and I were invited. I was surprised at the invitation, and accepted it. But I was even more surprised by the look on Larry's face after I had. After Mike had left I once again suggested we go out for coffee, and was pleased when Larry agreed that we should. As we stepped outside to head towards our cars however, he stopped me.

"Man, we need to talk," he said seriously.

"Ok ... here? Or over coffee?" I again questioned.

Larry turned and started heading over towards his truck without answering. I followed as it seemed to me that's what he wanted me to do. When he climbed in, I did the same sitting in the passenger seat next to him. He seemed nervous and more than a little uncomfortable.

"You wanna tell me what the hell's going on?"

He swallowed and fidgeted. Something a guy Larry's size just didn't do, not unless he was truly nervous about something, which obviously, he was.

"Man, this is weird," he began.

"You can say that again," I stated interrupting him.

He shot me one of his patented looks, informing me as he did so that I was to remain quiet and let him speak, which I did.

"We don't really play poker on Fridays," he started again. "I mean ... we do, but we don't."

Now I did interrupt him again, even after receiving the look. I couldn't help myself. "Ah Larry? You wanna run that one by me again? You're not making any sense!"

I had never seen him this nervous before, even scared in a way, and that just wasn't Larry. Not a guy that had even been given a tryout with the Pros, though he hadn't made it. Larry was the kind of guy you wanted walking with you down a dark alley. He finally let out a sigh collecting himself, and I knew then he had found the courage to tell me whatever it was he was going to say.

"Jaylin," he began again, which I wasn't all too surprised to hear, I figured whatever it was, she for sure was part of it, though I was still curious to see how Mike, Mikey, fit in to all of this. "You know her ... at least a little bit, and you know how wild she was back in high school. Hell man, even I fucked her!"

"Yeah, I know," I tried teasing him. "Lucky bastard!"

"Well, as wild as she was back then, she's even wilder now," he went on, grabbing my attention. "Like Suzie told you, I got invited to start playing poker with the guys, but not before I was informed as to what actually went on when the guys got together to play. It's not just poker Steve, not by a long shot!"

I was obviously intrigued and settled back in my seat. At least now I didn't think the world was coming to an end, though I had no idea at the moment how things would turn upside down and inside out from the way I had known them.

"Man, I don't want to lose you as a friend," he then said suddenly switching directions on me.

"You won't!" I assured him, though I was now becoming nervous as well as a bit irritated with him the longer this went on with him not getting to the point, or telling me the full story here.

"Yeah well, we'll see about that," he almost spat. "But I might as well start at the beginning."

As he finally spelled it out, I sat in stunned silence, listening to him, disbelief on the one hand, and total shock on the other. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, or what he then told me, which had included some interesting tid-bits about Suzie, another unexpected surprise.

The poker games had indeed started out to be just that, poker games. Long before Larry had ever gotten involved, or even started working for Stan at the shop, the weekly poker night had become for the guys a part of the job, almost a brotherhood or ritual of sorts. One particular night however, the stakes had gotten a little out of hand, as had the free flowing booze. Added to that, Stan's wife Michelle had sat in as one of the guys hadn't shown. No one thought anything more about it, everyone liked Michelle, and like Stan, she spent a great deal of her day working at the shop as well, handling the customers, and maintaining the books. And Michelle was a looker too, Stan was a very lucky man the way everyone saw it. She had nice tits that she enjoyed showing off even at work, and Stan seemed to enjoy the attention she received because of it. But that night, as the stakes went up, and with everyone feeling a bit more tipsy from all the booze they'd consumed, added to the fact that Michelle had been obviously flirting with all the guys half the night, it had come down to a "winner takes all" last hand.

According to what Larry then told me, which he had eventually heard and learned about, one of the guys who was playing was well ahead on chips. Several others had even bought in again, though promising I.O.U's in doing so. Though Stan himself had already gone out, Michelle was still in the game, though far behind the leader in chips. It was then that Stan, with Michelle's approval, bet her as part of the last hand.

"What do you mean? Bet her?" I asked.

"Just what I said," Larry told me. "She bet herself, telling Brian who was the chip leader, that if he won, he could do anything he wanted to with her, or have her do to him."

"You're kidding me? And Stan was ok with that?"

"Hell, the way I heard it, he was hoping she'd loose just so he could see her do it!"


"Yeah, no shit! Anyway, as it turns out, she won. And that chaffed everyone big time. Not only did she wipe everyone out, but that also meant they didn't get to see her do anything either. That's when Stan actually talked her into playing yet another hand, with even crazier stakes."

"Sounds crazy enough as it is," I told him, but I wanted to hear all of it, especially while Larry was in the mood to do it.

"So she does, but she tells everyone that in addition to equal shares of her and the money, anyone who stays in to play, in case they lose, she expects something special in return from each of them."

"Which was?"

"Pud pudding."

"Excuse me? What the hell's pud pudding?"

"I'll tell you in a second, but first I'll tell you what happened. So after she tells them the stakes, and what that is ... they're not too excited about it, squeamish even and all that, which you'll see why in a minute. But then she says that any one of the four of them who are still in the game, all it takes is one of the four of them to beat her, and they all get an equal share of the money, as well as an equal share of her too. So then ... after they think about it, they agree."

"So what the hell's pud pudding?" I ask again.

"Apparently, she's got a thing for cum, I mean she really does. Loves drinking it down and all that, and Stan's like excited beyond believe to see it, enthusiastic enough that he tells the guys if they do it ... go along with it, he'll even give each and every one of them a raise if they do."

"Fuck me! So then what?"

"So they agree, realizing if they lose this time, that they have to jerk themselves off into this bowl that sitting there, but not only that ... they can't do themselves, but have to do each other while she watches. After which, she gets to drink it all down."

"Holy fucking shit!"

"Yeah, for sure. So that's why they're a bit squeamish about it. A bunch of straight-laced guys that have to jerk one another off for her, even though she's the one going to be drinking their combined spunk. Yet on the other hand, if even one of them wins, not only do they get an equal share of the money, but then they get to have their way with her, with Stan's blessing!"

"They lost didn't they?"

"Yep ... they did. Hence the pud pudding."

"Ok, so now I understand all that, but what's any of that got to do with you and playing poker now, but not playing poker?"

Once again Larry looked nervous and uncomfortable. "Anyway, so the following week no one wants to play because everyone has outstanding I.O.U's as it is. But then Stan tells them that he'll forgive all the debt, and that they won't be playing for money next time if they agree to it, and Michelle of course is once again part of the deal. Only this time, each hand carries some sort of sexual favor to it, and from what I heard and learned, she had some pretty wild fantasies, which became part of the bet. But as the guys then did win several hands themselves, and no longer owed any money, and finally got to do Stan's wife whichever way they wanted to, it became a weekly event after that ... and still is.

"Oh my God!" I then said looking at him. "So how..."

"Yeah, I got sucked into it too, but so did Suzie."

"Suzie? How the hell did that happen?"

"Suzie and Jaylin had once been lovers."

You could have heard a pin drop.

Eventually the poker games got wilder and crazier. And as they did, so did everything, and everyone else. When Jaylin and Mike moved back to town, Jaylin was very much like, and had always been like, her mother. When the two of them were then included, it not only added additional spice to the game, but with their being both mother and daughter involved and now included, everyone seemed to begin accepting anything and everything that could possibly happen.

"Jaylin and Suzie had even gone out to lunch together shortly after her return, and she had confided in Suzie about their Friday night poker games, and how wild and crazy fun it all was, and that she would love messing around, and fooling around with her again, provided of course that I was ok with it," Larry continued. "So admittedly Steve, and maybe this will be hard for you to hear and accept, but the thought of seeing Suzie and Jaylin together really got to me, it aroused me like nothing else could. And as much as that may shock you, even disgust you to hear me saying it, I was all for it, and agreed to go, sit in on one of the games in the hopes of seeing something just like that."

"Fuck man," I breathed, understanding it sort of, but at the same time surprised to be hearing it. Even Chris and I had shared fantasies, some of which I would dare say were pretty out there as well. But so far, all we'd done is talk about them, fantasize about stuff, but had never gone so far as to actually do anything beyond that.

"So that particular night, it's Stan and Michelle, me and Suzie, and Mike and Jaylin, and two of the other guys from work, Brian and Pete. Fuck Steve, I honestly don't know what I was thinking, and maybe I wasn't, or at least I wasn't thinking with the right head or something. But the very first hand I win, and after I do, I'm told that I can have anyone ... anyone at all, any two people at all, do anything I want them to do to me, or to one another. That's the bet, those are the rules. Needless to say, I'm all about seeing Suzie and Jaylin licking one another's cunts."

"Yeah well, I can see that," I told him understandably, but still more than a bit surprised by all this nonetheless.

"Yeah, and it was fucking hot too Steve! And it got hotter and wilder and crazier after that too, for all of us. Stan wins the next hand, and though he wasn't into doing anything incestual with Jaylin, which was certainly cool with me, he did want to see something else, something else that sort of blew me away, especially as I had known him, worked for him for all these years, and all this time now."

"Which was?"

"He wanted Mike and Suzie to suck him off ... together."

I didn't know what to say, the image of that suddenly planted firmly inside my head. "Stan? Stan wanted his own son in law to do that ... and, and ... your wife?"

"That was ... the bet, yes. Like I said Steve, up until then I maybe didn't realize the stakes we were really playing for. I mean I'd already come to accept, and was ok with it, that Suzie would be doing other stuff with the guys there, and certainly the girls. We'd already talked about it beforehand, so I was ok with it, like I said. And it was exciting to think about, consider, and since neither one of us had any qualms about it, we went. Especially since I knew that it was the only way according to Jaylin, that she and Suzie might actually end up fooling around together. She wasn't willing to do it otherwise, outside of that. But there again, even that had a lot to do with Stan and Michelle."

"Obviously, Mike is what ... bi-sexual then at least yes?"

"Yes, not gay exactly no, he does enjoy being with women too, but ... he also enjoys being with men almost as much. Something Jaylin knew about from the very beginning, and which was something she had always wanted to see herself. Especially as she likewise considered herself more bi-sexual that either totally straight, or lesbian for sure, as she enjoyed being with both sexes just as much as her husband did. So it was the perfect solution for the two of them."

"Well, that makes a lot more sense now," I said thinking about it. "He certainly doesn't act gay, not like a few men I have known who certainly are gay, but I knew there was something about him that I couldn't quite put my finger on, now I know."

"Yeah, now you know ... about Mike, Mikey as Suzie and Jaylin call him in private, not to mention Stan and Michelle. But what you don't know, is the rest of the story."

"Like I said, we played several more hands and things got wilder and crazier as the night went on. It was like each time someone came up with something they wanted someone else to do or see, then someone else came up with either a variation of that, or something even more kinky, more decadent the next hand. Of course by now, we're all naked too ... everyone is."

"No surprise there either," I admitted.

"So it's starting to get well on into the evening, and we decide to play two last hands, no holds barred as Michelle put it, no limits on what, or whom or the number of people involved. Winners choice to decide what happens etc etc etc."

"High fucking stakes," I said trying to imagine it.

"Yeah, it was, and here's where it gets hard for me Steve, and where I hope you try and understand, and not get too freaked out when I tell you the rest of it, but ... here it is. Stan wins the next hand, he then informs everyone that he wants the guys to have an equal amount of time fucking the three women. After each hand, there was a ten minute time limit, so we figured out what that would be, and then with the girls all lined up together, we fucked them doggy-style until it was time to play the last hand."

"Interesting, but that doesn't freak me out any," I informed Larry. "In fact, I find that pretty damn exciting, just imagining what it must have looked like. So where's the freaky part?"

"I'm getting to that," he said nervously. "Now ... since it is the last hand, there's no ten minute time limit on this one. And in fact, only Stan, Brian and Michelle have actually had an orgasm during the evening, so the rest of us are about ready to bust a nut at this point. I certainly was. Even sticking my dick in each of the three girls didn't quite get me there. So anyway, we play the next hand, and it's Jaylin who wins that one."

"Ah oh..."

"Exactly," Larry said once again taking a deep breath. "So that's when she tells everyone what it is she wants to see for winning the last hand." Larry paused taking another breath. I could see he was really struggling with this.

"Go on Larry, tell me. What happened then?"

"Well by now Steve, you know that Jaylin, and her family for that matter, which includes Stan and Michelle who both had some pretty wild tastes, not to mention Jaylin. So we're all sitting there wondering what she's going to want to do or see, but it still comes as a bit of a shock and a surprise when we do. For starters, she wants Suzie to go down on her while she watches everyone else, which she then informs us is Brian and Pete sucking one another off, as well as me and Mike. As for Stand and Michelle, she just tells them to amuse themselves in whichever way they see fit."

"Holy shit Larry ... so you,"

"Yeah, so I sucked another guy's cock, and he did the same thing to me. So ... like I said, I don't want to lose you as a friend, my best friend over this, but there it is."

I could only sit there in stunned silence for a moment, trying to digest all this. The images he'd just painted for me still swirling around inside my head. But even more oddly, I actually had an erection myself as I sat there.

"So ... did you, um ah ... did you cum then?"

He blushed, "Not yet, but damn near. I mean you need to understand, we were all pretty damn fucking horny at this point, with everything else that had been going on, and with no one else having busted their nut yet, we were all sitting there with prick's leaking and about to go off without even being touched. So though I didn't come yet, I was laying there enjoying it. When Mike started sucking me, I just sort of closed my eyes and forgot it was him doing it, and let the sensations take over. And likewise, when I began sucking his prick at the same time, I just sort of focused on what I was feeling even more than on what I was doing."

We'd probably been sitting out in the parking lot in Larry's truck for the better part of an hour, but I wasn't about to leave yet either. I knew that it had taken a lot for Larry to admit to all this, after all we'd been friends for years, and I felt like to leave now, would leave him wondering how I truly felt about hearing all this.

"Finish it," I told him. "Tell me the rest of it, all of it, and don't leave anything out."

He looked at me in surprise, with just a bit of relief in his eyes when I said that. "You sure? I mean, that's pretty much the jist of it all, without going into all the dirty details."

"No ... I mean yes, I am sure, but no ... I want to hear all the dirty details as well. I want to try and experience what you did to some extent so I can wrap my mind around it a little easier, so please Larry ... tell me. Tell me all of it."

He took another deep breath and began to finish it, "Well, Jaylin was obviously really getting off on watching all this, especially with my wife going down on her. Which to be honest with you Steve, helped me with everything else that was happening. Just being able to look over towards them kept me aroused enough, though as I said, just focusing on the sensations was doing that too. I mean it's still strange for me to think back on it, let alone say it, but Mike knew how to suck a cock, even better in some ways that Suzie does it."

"I can sort of see that," I told him. Especially the part about Suzie and Jaylin going at it. That's something that even Chris and I have discussed, you know ... naughty dirty pillow talk and all that. And I'll tell you something else too, Chris has even said she's fantasized about being with Suzie, and we've had some of the best sex we've ever had afterwards."

Larry finally laughed, which was a relief of sorts in hearing him do so. "Yeah, well we've done the same thing too," he told me. "Suzie's even hinted at perhaps mentioning it to your wife, just to see how really open she might be to the idea. But I told her to hold off from doing that, until you and I had had a chance to discuss it, and then ... all this happened of course, so I never did."

"Well, now that I do know that," I grinned. "But anyway ... go on, tell me the rest of it. But before you do that..."

I'd been sitting there thinking, wondering how I could ever convince Larry that what he had finally managed to share with me hadn't turned me away from him as a friend, nor would it. And though what I was about to do myself was a bit of a gamble perhaps, I also felt it was one for sure way to show him that. I reached down, unzipping my fly. The look on his face said it all.

"Fuck, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to jerk myself off while you finish the story," I said. "Believe it or not ... hearing it's got me rock-hard and horny. So yes, I am ... unless you tell me you'd rather I not."

He didn't say a thing, just sat there watching me as I fished out my prick, which was indeed hard swollen and leaking pre-cum fuck juice already, which I immediately captured with the tip of my fingers and began rolling around the head as I sat there.

"So? Then what happened?"

It took him a minute to gather himself, but he finally spoke though he glanced nervously about, out the windows of the truck around the parking lot, and then back to me. "By this time, Michelle comes over, and the next thing I know, she and Mike are now licking and sucking me together. Pete's on the verge by the sound of it, so Stan tells he and Brian to come over to us. Michelle's already informed everyone that she wants us to come all over her when we do. Next thing I know, she's rolled over onto her back, spreading her cunt a part with her fingers, sort of a target if you know what I mean."

"Oh yeah ... I can see that," I said actually groaning, still slow-stroking my own cock as Larry sat watching me do it, his eyes no longer looking anywhere else but at my prick as I did so.

"Anyway, so now all of us are standing up, gathered around Michelle. I now feel Stan's hand on my dick, Mike's now holding Stan's, and Pete's jerking on Brian. Next thing I know, I'm doing the same thing to Pete, so we're all standing there jerking one another off when Pete groans and I'm standing there watching his prick squirting while I'm pumping it, and then aiming it at Michelle's cunt. She's going crazy of course, fingering herself while Pete's shooting on her, and then suddenly Brian is, and shortly after that, we all were!"

"Fuck man ... that had to be messy!"

"Oh yeah, it was. And that's when Jaylin and Suzie come over and start massaging all that cum cream into Michelle's body, I mean she was fucking covered in it! Like someone had dumped out an entire bottle of lotion on her or something. And as weird as it all was, it was fucking hot to see them doing that too."

I nodded my head, now more forcefully stroking my cock as I sat there. "I wouldn't have minded doing that myself," I told him then. "Always wondered what it would be like, and look like, something that Chris has even mentioned to me as being one of her really secret, private, most decadent fantasies."

"Yeah, but what about the other?" He then asked. "I mean, a bunch of guys jerking themselves off like that onto a girl is one thing ... but doing another guy?"

"I don't know ... never really thought about it, certainly haven't done that before either. But hell Larry ... I'm sitting here jerking myself off in front of you now. And it's not freaking me out any to be doing so ... is it you?"

"No ... it isn't. But shit, after everything I've experienced lately, why would it? And I don't mind telling you this now Steve, just remembering how that looked, how it felt, well shit ... I'm hard myself now too."

"Then go for it," I told him. "Go ahead, take it out, jerk yourself off, never seen you do it before either."

I was pleased when he did so, obviously it was somewhat of a relief and acceptance for him, that I had accepted without too much difficulty everything he had told me. And I wasn't too surprised to realize his cock was somewhat larger than my own, which I'd never considered as merely average in size either. But his was indeed considerably thicker around. He had no sooner taken it out and began working it, when I suddenly reached over placing my hand around him.


I looked at him, saw the surprise in his eyes as I gripped his prick, but he let go, allowing me to fondle it.

"Might as well find out for myself what all the fuss is about," I told him. "Never touched another man's prick before."

"Fuck!" he said again as I began jerking it. "You sure?"

"Yeah Larry ... I'm sure."

I proceeded to fondle his prick pretty much the same way I fondled my own. It was an interesting sensation. Though his cock was obviously a bit larger than mine, it was a strange sensation to be doing so, feeling and sensing the subtle differences between us. Especially the ridge around the head of his cock, which was a bit more, pronounced. He had a slightly larger, more bulbous head, whereas mine was a bit longer, more pointed than his was. And as I sat jerking him, thumbing that ridge which I enjoyed doing to myself, I then felt Larry reach over wrapping his hand around mine.

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