A Splitting of the Soul
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2009 by David Caspian

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The sequel of "Chenosh", this story picks up where the last story left off.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Superhero   Extra Sensory Perception   DomSub   FemaleDom   Interracial   White Male  

Chenosh was faced with a hard choice. Before retiring to her own home Connor, her male alter ego had received a report that Johnny was in danger. It had set a conflict within her. As a Ki changing to a female and a male were possible, that was why she had hidden her secret so well. Any who knew were few and controllable, but it also meant that Chenosh had to be twice as careful. Thus far the government hadn't come down on Connor. If he started a gang war to save one man the police would become involved, but she couldn't let Johnny die either. Every night for the past week she had dreamed of the choice she had made back then to stay. After a year of holding in her love for him she couldn't anymore. On one hand she wanted what she had, but on the other she wanted him. Both could not coexist as things were.

'Perhaps what I did with Sebbun could provide the answer, at least temporarily. Johnny must survive, and only I can find him in time.' Chenosh said. The decision made she closed her eyes and focused. Bringing forth the image of Connor, her male half, she tried split her energy between them. Keeping enough to maintain one form, she felt the other come into being. Drowsily she opened her eyes, and saw Connor turn towards her.

"It seems we succeeded." He said.

"But now we must separate." Chenosh replied laying there beside him.

"Yes we must, for more reasons than one." Connor said.

"Our powers are growing. We did not want to admit it." Chenosh said thinking over what had happened since splitting off from Sebbun, her twin. They too had shared one body, and this time things had been easier. Already Chenosh and Connor were regaining there strength. Both got up and began to pack as they talked. They shared one mind, so it was a lot like having interior monologue that was now being voiced aloud.

"Is this wise? Sebbun knew that our powers would increase. Often we have to contain our power, so no one knows." Connor asked.

"We are still connected, if not physically. I imagine we can share any stress that comes up." Chenosh said.

"Perhaps, but we should be careful. A cover story showed be made just in case we need introduce it." Connor said.

"Twins?" Chenosh suggested.

"That would suffice. Caution has always been our strength, even we act arrogant." Connor said.

"We will continue to use it." Chenosh agreed with herself.

Using one of her hidden accounts Chenosh arranged what was needed and took a plain to Liberty Arizona, a small town where Johnny was hiding. The Triads were due to arrive the following day. Connor had made a point to keep track of his rival's hitters. Information like that could obviously prove useful as a crime boss. While Connor could take a bullet easily enough without harm, having to explain why exactly he wasn't dead or injured was a different story. Things like that made headlines and certain members of his family would not take kindly to the bad press her grandfather Diun being at the top of the list. While he was kind and gentle to his family and friends, he was a Harreden, and Connor knew deep down that if Diun decided to make an example of him, Connor for all his growing power wouldn't stand a chance.

The older Harreden was holding back more than anybody, and all who truly knew him were aware of it. As the former champion of his people he was a forced to be reckoned with, Connor didn't want to cross him. Now Chenosh could move about more freely, and even if something did happen, she wasn't a public figure, so that meant less consequences in both the short and long run. These were the things going through her mind as she stepped off the plane at the airport. It was the middle of the night, so she took a taxi instead of a rental car. Even they pulled up to Johnny's small home in a suburban neighborhood she could feel him already asleep. Paying the driver she headed to the front door.

Taking a deep breath she reached out with her mind and let it feel out the lock. The tiny mechanisms inside began to move and shift, until Chenosh heard a small click, that no human ear would have been able to pick up. Smiling in satisfaction she entered as if she had used a key comfortable and seemingly at home.

Once inside she had a look around. Carpet covered most of the house, with the exception of the kitchen and two bathrooms. Chenosh could hear Johnny snoring in the bedroom down the hall. Moving about the house she made sure she got the layout of the place. While she did this she looked for any evidence of patterns Johnny might follow. Probing his mind might prove to be a problem. If he were sensitive to her, then he might wake up, and Chenosh couldn't deal with that. She needed not to be distracted right now with the hitters coming.

'I just need to do this and get out of town before I risk letting my guard down, and he finds out I'm here." Chenosh thought. Heading out the door she locked it again, and started walking down the street alone. Walking helped her go over her plan. Inside she had seen that Johnny had gotten a job as a mechanic at a shop barely a mile from his house. The pay check stub she recognized, as well as the written directions on the back of an envelope, so he wouldn't get lost.

'Judging by the date he got it yesterday. Probably how the Triads found him. Either they have a contact there, or some one saw him and reported back to their bosses. I'll pick up my stuff and start my surveillance tomorrow. If they are in a hurry they'll make their move right away, if not then I'll have time to do some digging, maybe even put some listening devices and sensors in Johnny's house to keep him safe. Anyone makes a move I'll have plenty of warning.' Chenosh thought.

First thing was first she would need a car or truck. After walking down a few streets she found a white pickup truck that would suit her purposes. The door was locked but the keys were inside.

"Well that's convenient I guess. The lock is easy enough, and apparently the owner forgot his keys in the ignition." She said aloud. Unlocking the doors she got in and drove off.

Slipping the warehouse the package had been shipped, Chenosh opened it up. The security guard had felt a powerful urge to fall asleep. Chenosh saw him pass out as she passed by, and she smiled.

'The container was never on record anyway, as long as I remove it before sunrise none will be the wiser.' Chenosh thought. Finding it she picked up the large wooden box and carried to the back of the pickup truck. Dumping out her bags in the cab she opened the box and emptied the contents of the box into them. Pulling back onto the dirt road that led back out to a paved road she headed to the nearest motel. She rented a room on the second floor, not wanting to deal with carrying the now bulking bags up the narrow stairs leading to the second floor.

Safely inside she laid out everything on the bed. Inside was an entire arsenal of weaponry, not to mention the listening devices she would need. Chenosh had bought a lot of things in her last job as a hitter, back then she had been unsure of how she would kill her last mark. The explosion had actually been a last minute plan thanks to all the police surveillance that would have made any other methods of killing extremely difficult. As it was Connors had still been arrested, though he had been released the next day due to lack of evidence. That close call had reminded Chenosh why it was it was important to be so careful.

Sitting down in a chair she began cleaning and checking each weapon, before setting it back down on a brown cloth she had laid out on the bed. Moving from left to right, she set down the throwing knives first, next came her handguns, a shotgun, followed by a rifle with a scope. Chenosh found the scope unnecessary, but it was one of the things she might have to use for show. Even without the scope she could easily pick out anyone's features or movements if she wanted to, and that was with her eyes alone. Add in her other senses and she could hit targets blindfolded or through a wall, as she had clearly shone with shooting the guard through the door when hitting the Italian Mafia boss. Right now she had part of her mind trained on Johnny, and any possible danger to him. Feeling an odd prick at the back of her mind Chenosh turned her full attention to Johnny's home. Someone knew the address and was heading towards it. She saw four men in a black suburban heading there directly from the airport.

Packing her weapons Chenosh headed to the truck. It would take her ten minutes to get there, and them fifteen, that was if traffic was good on her end. She began speeding towards the house, hoping to get there in time. A stop light turned red, and she was halted five minutes away. To make matters worse a cop pulled up behind her.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" Chenosh said looking into the rearview mirror. When the light turned green she hoped that he would turn, but he didn't. Chenosh was forced to travel more slowly while wondering what she would do when she got to Johnny's house. Hopefully the hitters would see the cop car and change their minds, if not this would suck.

As they pulled in close gunshots rang out. Chenosh saw the flash of Johnny firing into a hitman who tried to burst through the door. The man took two to the head and fell, blocking the doorway. A series of gunfire followed, and Johnny was using his bed as cover.

Chenosh saw the cop call in through her rear window, before getting out and drawing her gun. In that moment Chenosh knew she couldn't head in, and wished she had control of his body he was going to get himself killed. Courage was one thing, but this was just plain stupid. She felt a sudden tug on her inner energy reserves, as part of it flowed out of her and into him. Passing out she awoke standing beside the police car. Looking around she noticed that her clothing and body looked different. Using the side mirror on the car she saw the cop looked back at her.

Hearing more gunfire, she decided it now wasn't the time to consider the how, and immediately went in through the front door. The moment she crossed the threshold she had the sudden urge to hit the ground. Diving to the floor she heard four shots strike into the door frame where her head had been a moment before. This body was slower than her own, but it was fast enough. Firing into the two men trying to track her with their own guns, she dropped them one after the other. One bullet to the head was all it took. She saw the third man make a break for the guestroom to the right down the hall. Rising to her feet, Chenosh mentally peaked into Johnny's room, and saw that his gun was trained on the door. As excited as he was, anyone who crossed his line of fire would be shot. Chenosh would not risk the officer's life. Withdrawing, she left his body, allowing the cop to wake up.

Returning to her own, she opened her eyes in time to see the last hitman start the black suburban, and drive off. Starting her own car she followed him at a distance. With her new awareness she tried to divide her attention between driving and manipulating the driver of the other vehicle. Sirens could be heard in the distance, and focused on driving them both to a secluded place to hide. Since the hitter wanted to avoid the police, he was predisposed to listen to the suggestion. Feeding his fear and nervous she chose a place on the outskirts of the city, and backed off so she would not be noticed. Chenosh knew where he was going, and parked some distance away. Sneaking in, she saw him lighting up a cigarette to help his nerves.

The man stood at about six foot, and wasn't a small man by any stretch of the imagination. Right then he was trying to focus on the stars, as he let things die down in the city. Chenosh saw that his flight wasn't until the next morning. He figured he would hide out here for a few hours, that was until he heard a voice behind him.

"Hello Danny." Chenosh said before delivering a solid punch to his chin.

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