The Midnight Visitor
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college couple wakes up to some unusual changes. How will they deal with the world around them, and more importantly, themselves?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   School   Transformation  

Late Night, Sunday


"Love you too Sar. Pleasant dreams". I hung up the phone and felt a familiar doubt start. How did I manage to win my Sarah? The logical part of my brain reminded me again how Sarah isn't perfect. Sure, she is a little demanding at times, but isn't everyone? Besides she puts up with my quirks and issues. Enough issues to make me the worst dating prospect around. Not to mention husband or father material ... Ok, enough of that kind of thinking. I reached for the nearby light switch and flicked it off, feeling my eyes close as the darkness set in.

The Next Morning


I almost had that stupid unicorn. Stupid alarm clock. I took a glance over at the digital display, confirming the numbers I feared were there. Seven am is way too early to have to wake up.

"Sarah! Time to get up!" came the shout of my back-up alarm clock.

"Thanks Dad!" That's odd. My voice isn't usually that deep. Maybe I'm getting another cold? Doesn't matter though. I've already used all of my excused absences for Macro.

I heard the first of the flight upstairs creak as my father called out. "Sweetie, are you okay?" Huh, I guess he noticed too.

"I don't know dad". I raised my arm to check my forehead. Normal... then what else could it be? Putting my arm back down, I felt a tightness in my clothing that wasn't there last night. Maybe the cause is ... impossible. I'm stable and that visit isn't due for another two weeks. Besides, there is this odd pain. I sat up and reached for my glasses on the nigh table, hoping a look in the mirror might give me a better idea of what was going on. I stood up and turned towards the mirror, letting out a "What the fuck!"

"What's the matter?" He must be getting ready for work ... that one came from the bathroom.

"I'm ... I'm not sure. Do you know if any cleaning chemicals can cause delayed hallucinations?"

"One or two, but only in large quantities. Why do you ask?"

He's in front of my door now ... great. "I think I'm seeing things right now ... I swear I look just like David".

"How is that possible? You and your brother haven't looked alike since you were four". Still in front. Is he hovering there on purpose? That would be typical of him. "Maybe I can help?"

Maybe he can ... if I am just hallucinating, then I'll look completely normal to dad... "Sure. Just come in here and let me know that I'm only seeing things".

I heard the door knob start to turn. "Ok, if you insist". I watched the door open as dad walked in. He looked at me and his jaw dropped.

"Say something dad" Did I just break him?

"Uh ... Maybe you should borrow something from your brother".

Wait ... what? Of all the things to say, he chooses that? Typical dad and his ... uh oh. I felt my heart drop. This means I'm not hallucinating, and I've turned into David. "Can I have something of yours instead? I have no clue when David last did laundry".

I watched a blank stare form on his face. "Um ... sure".

He's still stuck. "The clothes dad?" And with a shake of his head...

"Right ... I'll leave them on your bed. You should shower".

Oh, right ... I have class in an hour. "Oh, yeah. Thanks dad".

I watched the stare return. "For what?"

I let out a loud sigh. "The clothes". Maybe if I leave the room he'll be able to think again. Besides, if I don't shower now, there is no way I'll be ready for school in time. I silently made my way to the bathroom and stepped into the shower, turning the water on. Ok, this isn't so different. My arms are bulkier, I have more muscles and my chest is flat ... that means I won't have to deal with anything flapping around anymore. No more bras... I proceeded to gently soap down my body. Everything was going fine until my hand arrived in between my legs. Suddenly it hit me... "Oh, crap ... I'm a boy now..."

I felt my body slip down the wall of the shower, until I was sitting on the floor of it. How the hell am I going to go to school now? Unlike Vic, I can't pretend this is part of some social experiment. What's going to happen to my job? How will my class mates think of me if I tell them I turned into a guy? What will Vic think? Will he still want to be with me? Will he be totally disgusted with my new body? "No! I do not have the time to think about this. I will get ready and deal with Victor later". He's not worth my precious time if he doesn't like me in this form.


A loud sign escaped from my lips. Is it really morning already? I'm too tired to go to class. I recognized this progression of thoughts, remembering my self-promise to break this habit. If I'm not here for class, then what reason am I here for? Ok ... getting up. A little coffee should help make it easier. Hopefully Fred already put some up.

"Vic, man, coffee's on" I heard Fred say, likely as he made his way back from the bathroom.

No time like the present. But, really, why didn't I listen to Fred and Matt? They warned me an eight-thirty Philosophy class was unwise ... but no, this semester was going to be different. I sat up, looked around the dim room for my towel, spotting it hanging on the wall. Standing quickly, I felt my balance slip as I fell back on the bed. Ok, too fast. Let's try that again. I moved slowly this time, eventually reaching the towel and throwing it over my arm. I made my way to the door, opened it, and stepped out into the hall. I continued towards the bathroom, noticing Fred as I did.

"Uhm ... miss, I don't know if Vic told you, but he has a girlfriend".

Huh? I didn't bring anyone home last night. I stopped moving for a moment and looked around. So who is he talking to? "What do you mean man? I haven't cheated on Sarah".

Ok, that was way too high to be my voice. I watched a grin cross Fred's face. "I didn't think Vic could surprise me anymore. He and Sarah have an open relationship ... so, how long has this been going on for?"

I could feel my mouth drop a little. Where would he get a crazy idea like that? "Wait, what gave you that idea ... and who are you talking to?"

He glanced towards my open door. "Is he even up yet? We warned him not to take another eight-thirty class".

This could be a prank, but I doubt Fred would take it this far. It's more likely I'm still asleep and dreaming. In that case, it won't hurt if I pinch myself. I did so, and yelped at the paint that followed. Ok, not a dream. That leaves one option. "I know you tend to start drinking early in the day, but before breakfast?" A look of bewilderment appeared on his face.

His voice shook with surprise. "How did you know about that? Vic promised not to tell that to anyone".

"I am Victor. What, are you going blind or something Fred?"

I watched him glance over me. "Impossible. Those are Vic's clothes, and he may not be in the best shape right now, but his man boobs are much smaller than what's bouncing about under that shirt".

I breathed for a moment, then responded. "I'm telling you Fred, it's really me. Look in my room if you don't believe me".

He stood there thinking for a moment. "Fine, but you should take a look in the mirror. If what you say is true, then something really weird may have happened".

Maybe he's on to something. My clothing does feel weirdly loose, and it feels like someone taped water balloons to my chest. That would explain why my sense of balance is so off. I continued toward the bathroom.

I flicked on the light as he asked "See what I mean?" I looked in the mirror, letting out a loud shriek as I did. A few moments later Fred stood just outside the bathroom. "Only two possibilities here Vic. One, Mike put loose clothing on you and made you look and sound like a girl. Two, something really weird happened last night. I'll leave you alone so you can see which one it is".

Hopefully this is only Mike's doing. I lifted my shirt, and noticed what looked like a pair of D breasts. I know Mike has some really good fakes ... this could still be his doing. As long as junior is still there, I'm okay. I undid the knot on my pajama pants, and watched both them and my underwear fall to the floor. Taking a few deep breaths, I looked down and screamed again. Crap ... they're not fakes. What will Sarah think?

"So? Do I owe Mike a friendly beating?"

I should have realized Fred's definition of 'space' would be so short. "I have no idea how this happened, but I've become ... a ... girl". I felt my breathing start to become more labored. What a perfect time to start hyperventilating.

"You know, this can't be all that bad. My friend, you are living every boob man's dream — you now have your own pair to play with".

My breathing normalized as the familiar anger kicked in. I pulled up my underwear and pants, tightened them, and pulled back down my shirt. I'm going to hurt him for that comment. How inconsiderate is he, knowing how difficult this is? I opened the door and aimed a punch at his chest, feeling a dull pain as it connected.

"Sorry man ... that comment was a bit off color. However, I think you're freaking a little too much about this".

"Too much?" I screamed, the stress clear in my voice. "I'll probably lose Sarah because of this!"

He looked at me again, then wandered next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. "Maybe. But think of it this way: if she decides to dump you over something out of your control, she's not worth the energy she demands from you".

The combination of the familiar advice position he'd assumed and his calming tone of voice destroyed what remained of my fury and calmed my nerves. "Maybe you're right. Do me a favor and see if Mike can lend me a bra".

"He'll probably want to put together a full outfit for you".

I started to panic again. "I ... don't like the sound of that. The fewer people that know about this, the better".

"You do know he'll need to see your new chest to find a bra that fits, right?"

Wait, how would he know that? Oh, right. "I forgot for a moment that for last year's Halloween you joined him in dressing drag".

"Besides, he is gay. It shouldn't matter if he sees you topless or not". This made sense, so I nodded my head. "Go shower and relax a little, maybe see how your new body works. I'll ask Mike for you ... I'm sure he'll help".

See how my new body works? Is he crazy? I should probably keep this quiet though ... or else I'll never live it down. "Have him wait in my room then".


I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I thought I had escaped flapping body parts. At least breasts only respond to touch and temperature. This penis reacts to everything. Stupid 'lower brain'. I dried quickly, wrapping my towel around my waist as I finished. I silently opened the door, hoping dad was far enough away that I could get to my room without him seeing me. Running quickly I made it and closed the door behind me. Looking on the bed I noticed a pair of jeans, some underwear and a t-shirt sitting on my bed. I let the towel drop and slipped on the underwear, grateful they were tag less. I put on the rest of the clothes, being pleasantly surprised when they all fit almost perfectly.

I heard a knock on my door. "Are the clothes okay Sarah?"

So it was just a lucky guess. "They're fine. Is it normal for my penis to react to almost everything?"

"Completely. I know girls sometimes don't believe us about that, but we are telling the truth".

"Right ... What's the purpose of the strange front on this underwear?"

"So you don't need to pull everything down to use the bathroom".

"Oh ... right. I forgot I can now easily pee standing up". Strange, ordinarily he'd be seeking permission to come in, or at least ask me to open the door.

"Have you given any thought to whether or not to tell Victor about this?"

Huh? How did he... "How did you know I was thinking about that?"

"That's the first thing that would jump to my mind if I woke up a woman. I'd wonder if your mother would still stay married to me".

He's recovered from the shock it seems. "Oh. What do you think I should do?"

"Ask him to meet you somewhere private. These things have a tendency to happen in pairs".

So Vic might be a woman right now? Impossible. "And what if he decides he doesn't want to be with me anymore?"

"Then he's not worth crying over".

"Thanks dad. Are guys allowed to hug?"

"Of course. I take it you'd like one".

Silly me. Just because popular culture says something doesn't mean it's true. "Yes. The door is unlocked and I'm decent". I heard the door open and watched dad enter, throwing his arms around me in a tight embrace. Stepping back, I turned from side to side looking at my new body in the mirror. "Do I need anything else?"

I watched him think for a few moments. "A male name. I assume you don't want anyone else but Victor to know about this right now".

"Yes. Any ideas?"

"How about Sam? It's close enough to your real name, but not so close that it's easy to figure out".

Wow ... dad's doing pretty good considering how shocked he was earlier. "That sounds good actually. Thank you for the hug".

A large smile appeared on his face. "You're welcome. No matter what happens, you know I'll always consider you my little girl".

I felt my own nerves calm a little. "That's the one thing keeping me sane right now. I need to finish getting ready for class".

Dad shook his head. "Skip class for today. I'll get a note from your doctor to excuse you. We do have to think about how to explain this to your school".

"I forgot about that for a moment".

He headed toward the door. "I'll take care of them. You contact Victor".

"Ok". I looked around for my cell phone and unlocked the keys. Calling won't work ... I'll have to text him. The question is, how to phrase it so he doesn't think I'm intending to break up with him. I thought for a few moments. That works. I quickly keyed in the words. Now to send ... done.


I stepped out of the shower and dried my body, remembering to wrap the towel higher up on my body then I normally do. The shower had done its job, and I was feeling much calmer now. I opened the door, and spotted Fred exactly where I was expecting him to be waiting.

"So, what do you think of the new body?"

I shook my head in frustration. "Fred, I did not masturbate in the shower. I do not have the time for a process that could take a half hour or more". Nor do I feel comfortable with touching this body more than I have to.

He gave a 'cat-that-just-ate-the-canary' smile. "You'll have the time later. I guarantee it".

Great, what does he know that I don't? "What makes you say that?"

The smile persisted. "Ask Mike. He's in your room as requested".

I hate when he does this. Absolutely hate it. "Thanks ... and if you're hiding something bad from me, girl body or not, I will figure out a way to beat you up".

I heard a shout from my bedroom — "Just hurry up Victor. I only have a half-hour before I need to leave for class".

I hurried into my room, almost tripping over one of Mike's large trunks. "Like I have the time? Work quickly".

He looked me over thoroughly. "You certainly are a very beautiful girl. I'd do most anything to pull off a drag look like that".

I sighed and shook my head. "Just get on with it".

He gave me his 'you insult me greatly' look. Such a drama queen sometimes. "Now now ... I am an artist. You will work with my creative needs, or I do nothing".

I breathed loudly. "Fine. What does the great designer need me to do?"

He looked me in the eyes for a moment. "Firstly, don't kill me".

I gave him a surprised look. "Why would I want to kill you?"

I watched his fidgeting increase. "Sarah just left you a text message. Drop the towel a little and close the door".

The fidgeting increased again as I closed the door. "And did you read said message?" I asked as I lowered the towel so my breasts could be seen.

"Of course. You can't read and get fitted at the same time, and you know it".

Great ... this is what Fred was referring to. "Fine. What does it say?"

He motioned for me to come a little closer. I obeyed. "She says: 'I need to talk to you in person somewhere private, and it's not about breaking up or taking a break from each other. Name the location and time and I'll meet you there'. See, nothing ominous or scary".

I felt my breathing start to become heavy again. "Nothing scary? Are you crazy? There are a million different ways to interpret that message!"

He laughed and smiled his favorite odd little smile. "Already stepping into the role I see. Thirty four D. I have a plain white and a lacy black in that size — which would you prefer?"

I thought for a moment. "White. I'd rather not draw attention to myself".

"If that's the case, than you're better off with the black and a black shirt. Otherwise you'll look like you're trying to hide something. The black should fit better anyway. Try these and this long skirt".

I shook my head in surprise. What is he thinking? "A skirt? Are you crazy?"

He shook his head in disappointment. "Yes, a skirt. Try this blouse instead of the shirt you have there".

I looked at the blouse he was holding up. It looked like too fitted for my liking. "Why?"

He sighed loudly. "If you look like a girl completely, people won't give you more than a single glance. If you look like someone trying to hide their body, you'll stand out".

No more than a single glance? With this outfit, I'll get stared at. Although... "I hate that I'm saying this, but you actually make sense. Tell me then Mr. Know-it-all, where and when should I meet Sarah?"

He gave me his evil planning smile. "The woods on the edge of campus as soon as possible. They're usually empty at this time of day, and it's not like you can go to class in your state".

At least I get out of another Philosophy class. "True again. Fine, text her back while I try your outfit idea. How should I deal with the school? I can't exactly cut classes until I figure out how to fix this". I turned around and attempted to get the bra on.

"Have you forgotten what Matt does best?" I thought for a moment, and realized what he was getting at. Matt is a genius with computers. "If that fails, you can always say you're doing an experiment for your senior project".

I sighed again, and finally got the bra on. "Fine, but if Matt gets busted, it was your idea and you asked him".

His smile turned into a frown. "Forget Matt then. Besides, he'd have a heart attack just hearing about this".

I finished getting on the blouse and turned around. "So, does this work?"

His smile returned as he looked me over. "Beautifully". I heard the familiar beep of my phone. Mike looked down and read the message. "Response from Sarah: 'I can be there in 30 minutes. Name a landmark to meet by'. What should I say?"

"Uhm..." I thought for a moment. "How about the old well?"

"Secluded ... you naughty devil you. Sent".

I wondered briefly what the other trunks held. We knew Mike had a lot of women's clothing, but neither myself or Fred had made any attempts to determine exactly how much. "I don't have any shoes".

He pointed to the largest of the trunks. "That's what this trunk is for". I looked inside the trunk and saw at least two dozen pairs of shoes and too many packages of panty hose to count. "I think a size eight should fit you. I recommend boots". I started to rummage through the trunk for a pair of black size eights. "Another response: 'I'll have my Christmas present on'. What does she mean by that?"

I looked up, holding a pair of black high-heeled boots up. He nodded his head. "The patterned scarf I gave her for Christmas. I don't understand why though ... we'll be the only ones there".

"Maybe on the off-chance you're wrong?"

I slipped on the hose and boots. "Makes sense. This is the third correct sizing in a row".

He smiled again. "If there is one thing I know, it's women's clothing".

I stood up, getting a sense of my new balance. "You'll never pass for straight".

He flipped his hair in that way girls often do. "I wouldn't want to". He held out a black patterned piece. "Take this for a jacket, and make sure not to be late".

"Late? If I were driving in from town ... sure. But from here the woods are maybe a ten minute walk".

He sighed loudly. "In your old body, maybe. Without considering your altered center of gravity, you're not used to heels. That alone will make the walk longer".

He had something about the heels. "Okay, but if I get there early, you're watching Rocky with me tomorrow night".

He pretended to shake with fear. "Ooh, you're scaring me" he said, his voice thick with sarcasm.

I shook my head. "Is there no way to shake you?"

That blasted smirk returned. "There are a few, but I'm not telling".

I stuck my tongue out at him. "Spoil sport".

I made my way slowly towards the door and opened it, then continued towards the door to the apartment. Maybe he has a point about that whole center of gravity bit. This could take awhile.


The campus finally came into view. I turned in at the parking lot closest to the west entrance to the woods and parked, breathing a sigh of relief. If a cop had pulled me over, I'd be in serious trouble right now. I climbed out and made sure the door locked, then looked towards the woods. I think the well is a few minutes this way. I walked in silence, my thoughts being calm for the first time all day. Finally I found the well and looked around. Checking my watch I realized I was a minute late. Where is Victor? Shouldn't he be here by now? I looked around again, and only noticed a girl approaching the clearing.

"I don't know how Sarah manages long walks with the size of her breasts. Even with a proper bra, I still can't find my balance".

I took one last look around. Could that be my Victor? Maybe dad was right. If it is him, will he even recognize me? I decided to wait for a few moments and watched the girl look over at me nervously, then look away. Great. He's not going to make the first move. "Victor, where are you?"

"Right here". The girl stepped forward. "You changed too I see".

I nodded my head. "Yeah. I'm sorry I didn't believe you about this little brain".

Victor smiled. "That's okay. I'm still getting used to working around these". He pointed at his newly grown breasts.

I laughed, dimly aware of the slowly building tension between us. "You'll eventually learn to work around them. Was it a surprise to wake up with breasts so big?"

He smiled nervously. "When I finally realized they were there, yeah. Thinking now about how my mom's built, it makes sense. How about you?"

He's still skirting the issue ... then again, so am I. "According to dad, I'm the spitting image of him when he was younger". I felt the tension intensify suddenly.

We both looked around nervously. Vic finally broke the silence. "So now what?"

I knew what had to be said. I opened my mouth to say it, but felt my throat start to close up. No ... I can't put this off any longer. "I'm sorry ... I was worried I wouldn't find you attractive any more. Worse yet, I'm worried you'll want to dump me after seeing me like this. Somehow though, I still find myself attracted to you".

He breathed a sigh of relief and laughed a little. "I'd say turned on may be more appropriate". He paused for a moment.

My heart fell. I knew he was trying to break the tension a little, but instead had made it worse. "Are you okay?"

He nodded his head. "I'm still feeling a bit of shock from the change. I also feared losing you". I held my breath for a moment. "You can breathe Sar ... I can't take my eyes off of you". I finally breathed a sigh of relief. "There's also an odd tingling sensation starting to build in my body".

I smiled. "That means you're getting turned on too".

An embarrassed look crossed his face. "Oh. I should have realized that".

Is he kidding? I didn't figure that out for a few months. "Not necessarily. That's not exactly common knowledge. By the way, who chose that outfit for you?"

"Why do you ask?" he asked in a surprised tone of voice.

"It's so perfect I wouldn't have recognized you without that walking comment".

The surprised look got stronger. "Oh ... Mike".

I slapped my forehead. "Of course ... who else?"

"Any idea how this happened?"

I thought for a moment. "Nothing concrete, but I was dreaming about a child with a high-pitched laughter last night".

"I vaguely remember an odd flash of light around two".

I didn't prepare for this conversation. "So..."

Vic smiled. "You planned for a longer, different conversation, didn't you Sar?"

"Yeah". My legs started to cramp a little. "Is there anywhere to sit around here?"

Victor looked around. "There's always the well itself. The walls are thick enough to sit on safely".

I rolled my eyes. Vic should know me better than that. "Somewhere comfortable".

He scanned the area again and shrugged his shoulders. "The tree stumps?"

I glanced quickly at the stumps around us and pointed to a nearby large one. "That one". I sat down and looked back over at him. "Sit next to me?"

"Sure". He walked over next to me. "I'm starting to understand why you'd actually want to wear a bra sometimes. Even just walking to the bathroom from my bedroom hurt a little".

It was my turn to look embarrassed. "I've had to adjust myself three times already. I'll never complain about you doing that again". I paused for a moment. "That is, if we ever get our old bodies back".

He smiled uneasily. "We'll find a way. It's impossible that this is permanent".

"What if it is?"

He grit his teeth together for a second. "We'll deal with that bridge when we come to it. For now, we still want to be together, and we don't have to worry about what our professors will think until later. Let's just relax and enjoy being near each other".

I gave Vic that evil little smile I like to give sometimes. "Maybe we can mess around a little? This thing has been hard for some time, and it's very uncomfortable".

He grimaced. "Sorry. I'm nowhere near comfortable enough with this body to try anything sexual".

My grin widened. "Then let me teach you the pleasure to be found in your new body. I promise not to hurt you".

"Uhm ... okay ... but you stop the moment I tell you to".

"As you wish".


I watched Sarah slowly pull the blouse off my body. "I suppose Mike suggested the bra as well?"

I felt slightly confused. "Yeah. Why?"

A surprised look appeared on her face. "You don't remember what black lingerie means?"

Stupid, stupid, stupid ... why didn't I remember that? "Oh ... right".

"Just relax and let me do all the work. I promise you'll enjoy yourself immensely". I watched Sarah quickly undo the lacy bra. How did she ... of course. She's had years of practice at doing that. "So pretty ... you're so very pretty". I felt a light pressure from my breasts as Sarah started to massage them. "Close your eyes ... you can better focus on the feelings that way". I let my eyes close, and felt the light pleasure from Sarah's massaging increase greatly.

Her hands then started to move upward towards my neck, and then back down again. Despite this touch not being sexual, I felt my arousal increase further. Her hands touched my breasts again, but somehow missed my nipples entirely. When is she going to touch them? Why is she teasing me like this?

As if knowing my thoughts, she replied "You did this to me once, remember?" She chuckled. "I did say I'd pay you back". I opened my eyes and glared at Sarah just as she pulled my skirt up and my hose off.

"Are you sure you want to go there?"

She laughed as her hands started down my legs. "It's not like I've never seen one before. Besides, I promised to make you feel good, and I intend to keep my promise".

She started to kiss down my legs to my feet. "This isn't good Sar, this is torture. Complete and utter torture". I could feel how close I was to orgasm, and she was denying me!

The kisses proceeded back up and stopped at my knees. "Maybe now, but be patient and it will all be worth it". Her fingers started to move again, circling this time around my inner thigh. "My my ... so wet already. You must really want to orgasm right now. Maybe I'll take pity on you and give you one".

I started to feel like I was going crazy. "Please ... I feel like I'm about to explode".

I heard her chuckle again. "Hmmm ... appeal denied". Her mouth latched onto one of my nipples and started sucking on it. I tried to open my eyes to lessen the sensitivity, and saw a slightly translucent black cloth in front of my face. Great ... blindfolded by my own blouse. I felt the pleasure spike.

"Too ... good ... you're so evil". Sarah started to alternate between gentle nibbles and firm sucking, an action that very quickly had me about to lose my mind. "Where'd you ... learn that?" She waved what had to be her finger and continued, now switched nipples what felt like hours later. Eventually, she stopped briefly.

"Now, why should I grant you an orgasm?" she asked, her fingers resuming their movements around my inner thighs.

My thoughts were extremely hazy at this point. "Because ... I love you ... and you promised..."

"Very well, but you owe me one hell of an orgasm in return". The blouse fell from in front of my eyes, and I watched Sarah sit down in front of me.

I was lost for a moment. "Wait ... what are you going to ... ohh". I felt myself shudder as her tongue made contact with clitoris. Too good. Wait ... why do I feel like I need to pee? "Sarah, I'm going to pee on you if you continue". I let out a gasp in surprise as she sped up. Moments later, everything slowed as a surge of pleasure seemed to explode through my body. I swear that feeling lasted a good ten minutes. Then, just as suddenly as it had arrived, everything faded to black.


I quickly caught Vic's body as he blacked out. So that's what a knock-out orgasm looks like. I caught myself staring at his body, smiling. He's cute as a girl ... I wonder if he's thought of a girl name to use while we're stuck this way. He started to stir. Ooh ... he's waking up! "Good morning sleepy Vic".

He looked all drowsy and confused. "Huh? What happened?"

I smiled. "Two things. First, you're a squirter. Second, you fainted from that orgasm".

The confused look disappeared. "Oh ... that explains a lot. I've never felt an orgasm that powerful before"

He sat up and fell back into me again. "So, are you still uncomfortable in that body?"

He smiled weakly. "Less than before. Was I able to make you feel like that before?"

His ego is still intact I see. "Not quite that strongly, but you have knocked me out once or twice. Are you comfortable enough to do me a favor?"

He grimaced slightly. "You want me to reciprocate, right?"


"If it were anyone else, I'd say no. But, regardless of what body you're in, you're still my beloved".

It was my turn to be confused. "So, is that a yes?"

He smiled. "Yes". I watched Vic remove my belt and jeans, and stare for a few moments. "That's quite a tent you have going there".


Vic pulled down my underwear before answering. "You're quite big. I don't know if I'll be able to swallow all of you".

I smiled, finally understanding. "Just do your best. I know how hard deep throating can be. How big do you think I am?"

"Looks to be about seven inches long and two thick. Just right if you ask me". I watched Vic's mouth start to envelop my member, until it was almost all the way in. Then he pulled back, and I felt the pleasure begin building rapidly.

This is so amazing ... I can see why he likes blowjobs so much. I lost all track of time, and found myself approaching orgasm. "Vic, I'm going to orgasm really soon. Can I aim at your breasts?" His look seemed to say yes. I felt the first spurt happen inside his mouth. He pulled back, and I watched the rest land on his breasts. As soon as I finished, Vic swallowed what was in his mouth.

He seemed to think for a moment. "It's not bad actually. I expected it to be far nastier".

I smiled. "So, I guess we'll be having a lot of fun then".

He smiled back. "Yeah. Although, I recommend we move indoors if we want to do anything else".


He looked around then replied. "Mainly because we don't have any protection here, but also because I hear some voices in the distance".

People at this hour? "Voices? You're sure?"

He sighed and slipped on the hose and shoes. "Yes, voices. Where did you put my bra and blouse?"

"They should be on your left. Do you need help putting the bra on?"

He looked embarrassed again. Somehow girl embarrassed always looks so much cuter than boy embarrassed. "Yes please".

I sighed, pulling up my underwear and jeans. "You'll need to learn how to do this".

"I understand, but now's not the time".

I quickly put Vic's bra back on for him. He slipped on the blouse and buttoned it. "We can go now. By the way, have you thought of a female name for yourself?"

"Not yet. Do I really need one?"

"We don't know how long this will last. And you know I can't keep calling you Victor during that time".

"True". I watched as he tried to stand up and started to stumble. "I'm still not quite used to walking in this body".

I smiled and held out my arm. "Lean on me for now. I'll teach you when we get somewhere private". I thought for a moment. "How about your apartment?"

He seemed to think about it for a few moments. "Uhm ... Fred's in class, and Mike wouldn't care ... I don't know about Mat".

I nearly choked on my laughter. "Matt? You're afraid of Matt seeing us? What's the worst that could happen ... maybe he'll faint. Besides, you know how wrapped up he gets in his projects. The only thing that would interrupt him would be the power going out. Your apartment it is".

He sighed, clearly annoyed. "Fine. Name?"

"Victoria maybe? It's close enough that I can keep my nickname for you".

He shrugged. "What's your male name then?"

"Sam. Dad came up with it".

He started to pout. "But ... I'll need to come up with a new nickname for you".

I sighed loudly. "You won't need one ... it's that short".

He looked like he wanted to continue the argument. "We should get going before those people get any closer"

That was too easy. "True. What's with giving up so quickly?"

He looked at me funny. "What do you mean?" He started to walk forward. "I always ... whoa..." He started to slip, and I just managed to catch him in time.

"Don't worry. I have you ... slow down and let me help support your weight".

He smiled and looked up at me. "Ok. How did you always handle this?"

I laughed. "Silly Vic ... I was born that way ... the same way you learned to deal with having" I pointed at my crotch "this thing". We continued walking at a close to normal pace for awhile. "How much further is it?"


I looked around. "I'm not sure. I don't even recognize where we are right now".

A look of exasperation appeared on Sarah's face. "Great ... are you trying to say we're lost?"

I'd hate to tell Sarah that, but she'll know if I'm lying. "Maybe ... I just need to get my bearings, and we should be fine". Okay ... I recognize that odd rock pattern, and that may be the radio tower way in the distance. So, if we continue this way, we should be okay. "I believe we should be fine as long as we keep going straight".

"If you say so".

We continued in silence for several minutes. Suddenly, Sarah stopped. "What's the matter?"

"Vic, was the path ahead mud earlier?"

"No, but now I'm sure we're heading the right way".

She looked concerned for a moment. "Well, somehow it turned into a large ramp of mud in the two or so hours we've been out here, and I'm sure it didn't rain".

I still didn't quite get what Sarah was worried about. "Meaning?"

She got visibly angry. "Someone did this on purpose, and if it is who I think it is, we could be in really deep trouble".

Uh oh... "How deep?"

The anger faded and was replaced with deep concern. "Do you remember the campus e-mail that went out concerning a string of attacks on girls in these woods last year?"

I racked my brain for the e-mail she was referring to. "Kind of. Are you thinking this could be their work?"

"Yeah. It fits their MO".

I tried to remember the rest of the e-mail but couldn't. Well, the more I know about them, the better I can be prepared if Sarah is right. "And that is?"

I heard a twig crack, and a deep male voice rumble from the woods behind us. "You shouldn't have asked that question bitch".

"You have, quite possibly, the worst luck in the entire world. Normally we don't bother with chicks that have idiot body guards, but today we will make an exception" another male voice said from the same area.

"Do you mean I get to have fun this time?" I heard a woman ask.

"Yes dear. Did you bring what you needed to?" the first asked.

"Of course. I brought the big one today".

"Heh heh..." the second one laughed. "Too bad we forgot to bring lube" he added sarcastically.

"Yeah ... bitch and idiot ... you will never forget this day as long as you both live" the first boomed.

I smiled. Heh ... even with this body's limited strength, I should be okay. Besides, I've been the training dummy for that RAD class long enough that I can turn their strength against them. I prepared myself mentally, realizing my slight worry for how Sarah was going to fare from this.


I watched Vic turn around and take off his heels. Wait, why would he do that? Does he really think he can run from these guys? A feeling of great horror overtook me suddenly as the group stepped out behind us. I gulped as I counted four guys and a girl.

The one with the deepest voice turned toward Victor. "Now, if you don't struggle, this will end much more quickly. Don't even think about trying to stop us ... many morons have tried. All have failed".

I expected Vic to attempt to run. Instead, he did something unexpected. He put up his arms and walked toward them! What the hell is he thinking?

The one with the deep voice smiled. "Well, at least the bitch has some common sense. Remove your blouse and bra". He pointed to a tree near me. "Then toss them by that tree". I wanted to tear my eyes away from all of this, but found myself unable to.

Vic undid the blouse and tossed it over toward me. He looked in the deep voiced one's eyes and did something else unexpected. "I'm not very good at taking this bra off. It's brand new. Maybe one of you can do it for me?" he asked sweetly.

The redheaded guy smiled a creepy smile. "I like this bitch boss. Maybe we can recruit her into the group".

The deep voiced one turned toward the red head. "Maybe". He then turned back to Vic. "Answer this for me bitch — how would you like to have all your holes stuffed?" he asked.

Victor smiled sweetly again. "I don't know. I'm still a virgin".

Finally it made sense. Vic knows what he's doing it seems.

The boss licked his lips and smiled. "Goodie. There's nothing better than poppin' a bitches cherry". He alone of the group walked forward.

Wait ... has Vic really lured them into that deep a sense of false security?


I smiled inwardly. I have him now. He continued forward and pulled off my bra as quickly as Sarah had earlier. Now, I just need to wait until he reaches for my breasts.

"Damn bitch! You're stacked!" he said as his hands started to travel to my breasts. I waited until he was close enough and... Now! I snapped my left knee into the man's unprotected groin. He fell to his knees, clutching his groin in pain. "You ... stupid little bitch. I thought ... you were ... different" he grunted out in between stunted breaths. He glared at me.

Good ... now finish him off then focus on the others. The girl will probably prove to be the hardest to take down. But how to finish this one off? Perfect. I brought a knee down on the back of his head, listening for the low thud I expected. I heard it, and watched the man fall flat on his face. The others stood horrified at what they had just seen.

The redhead was the first to break silence. "Boss?" He looked at me then back at the other guys, shouting, "Come on ... we gonna make this bitch pay".

Crap! I realized they were going to come at me all at once. I looked forward and noticed only the redhead. Where did the others ... oh. They're going to try sneak behind me. The redhead continued forward, and I saw the other two appear out of the corner of my eyes. They all reached me about the same time.

"Grab her. I wanna beat the shit outta her!" the redhead barked. I smiled.

Okay ... on three ... two ... and one. I ducked as the two on my side attempted to lunge at me. Doing so, their hands locked together. I elbowed both of them in the groin.


I stood stunned. Where did Vic learn to do that? I didn't know he took martial arts. A second later, the two on Vic's side fell to their knees. Their heads hit Vic's sides. I watched smiling as a moment later he elbowed each in the back of the head. They fell to the ground with a satisfying thud.

"Shit. Did you take RAD or something bitch?" the redhead asked him.

I heard Victor chuckle. "You could say that. Time for lights out". Saying that, I watched Vic drive his head into the redhead's groin. He fell to his knees just like the others had.

"That ... really ... hu..." he started to say as Vic's fist smashed into the back of his head. I became puzzled at this.

Vic's elbows, knees and head makes sense as weapons. But ... not his hand. Especially since it's slightly open like that. Why would he keep it like that? I got my answer as a flash of gray caught my eye and became a rock, aimed at the girl in the distance. I felt my jaw drop as she casually stepped out of the way of it.

"I know every trick you could possibly think of. Now, I will make you pay for what you did to my friends!" She started to charge toward Vic, her hand partially open as well.

Crap ... that means... "Vic, watch out! She has a rock!"

Vic turned his head toward me. "Huh?"

I heard a soft thud and watched Vic fall to one knee. The girl smiled and quickly closed the gap between them. She let out an evil chuckle. "Now, I have a surprise for you bitch". The venom on the word surprise was so strong I could almost taste it. "Instead of losing your cherry to a real dick..." As she finished saying this she reached down and unbuckled her skirt, revealing a large strap-on dildo. " ... you're gonna lose it to a fake one!" She pointed at the dildo. "Focus your eyes on this, bitch ... after I ream both your holes, I'm gonna do your pussy boyfriend's ass too".

I started to panic. Here Vic was, about to be raped, and I was powerless to help him. I couldn't follow his trick with the rocks ... my aim was nowhere near as good, even if I had the arm strength to throw one far enough. Which I don't. I looked around me. Maybe if I found one small enough I could distract her long enough... No good. Only large rocks. And I can't rush at her ... the moment I do, she'll see and... I paused, remembering how muscled my arms actually were. I should be able to do it then ... I just need the right moment.

She looked down at Vic for a second. "Suck it bitch! Suck it like it's a real dick!" she shouted.

I quickly bent down and grabbed the nearest rock. Aim ... and... I rose, throwing the rock as if it were a medicine ball. "Vic! Look out!" I shouted, hoping he'd get out of the way in time, and watched him duck to the side as the rock smashed into her face. She fell backwards, hitting the ground with a loud thud. I looked over, and saw her nose bleeding profusely. Oops ... too big of a rock. I then looked back at Vic, who was staring at the girl. "Are you okay?"

He was still staring at the girl. "A little shaken, but otherwise, yeah".

I smiled. "Good. Where did you learn those amazing moves?"

He looked puzzled for a moment. "Oh, right ... You remember how I was never available for dates Tuesdays and Thursdays?" I nodded my head. "You never asked what I did those days. Basically, I've been the live training dummy for the RAD class for about two years now". He paused for a moment. "I never thought getting the crap beaten out of me all those times would help me now".

So that's where he got all those bruises from... I looked guiltily at Vic. "I feel kind of bad. It seems there is a lot I don't know about you".

He gave me a guilty smile back. "I could say the same for myself. I mean, I enjoy the conversations we do have plenty, and I really do care about you, but I don't know you as well as I'd like to".

My smile this time was a happy one. I looked over at the knocked out five. "We need to report these idiots to the police anyway, so as they say..."

"No time like the present?"

I laughed and smiled even brighter. "Yeah"

He looked around and sighed loudly. "If only we had rope".

I smiled and patted him on the shoulder, then checked my cell. "I have sufficient reception. I'll call while you get dressed".

His smile returned as he punched my arm very lightly. "Why, you don't like what you see?" He pretended to pout and turned around.

He learned that one from me ... I don't like how this feels at all. "I personally love it. The police might not".

He turned back towards me and gave me an evil smile. "Actually, I think it's better if I don't put any of my clothes back on yet ... they might need my bra or blouse as evidence". He looked at my blouse.

Did he just say what I think he did? I created a monster! "You just want to see my chest bare, don't you?"

He gave that smile again. "I did learn from the best".

I sighed loudly and shook my head in frustration. "Yeah ... you did. Pay back is a bitch sometimes".

He laughed. Even his laugh is cute. "I completely agree with you". He held out his hands and pointed at me. "Shirt?"

I sighed again. "If you insist". I pulled the shirt off quickly, smiling as I caught his eyes lingering at my chest for a few moments. "So?"

"Wow ... I'm getting wet again". He paused for a moment. "That sounded kind of weird from my mouth".

I watched him slip on the shirt. Only to you my sweet ... only to you. "Regardless, it seems to have started turning me back on too".

He smiled and nervously kissed my cheek. "Call first. Then we can go back to my apartment for more fun. Besides, I imagine my chest being bare for so long was the real turn on".

"Only partly. My personality hasn't changed you know".

He shook his head and sighed. "Yeah, just your natural reactions. Call".

I shook my head in surprise a little. "Strong willed are we? It seems by losing your balls you actually gained a pair".

The look he gave was filled was pain and annoyance. "Sar, you know I really care about you". He paused, took a deep breath and continued. "But, sometimes your own way doesn't work so well, and I need to stop being afraid to call you on it".

I shook my head a few times, stunned for a few seconds. "Fine ... calling". I dialed the number for emergencies. "Officer Baron speaking. Would you like this call to be anonymous?"

"Yes please".

"Your number is seven, three, nine, four, two".

"Vic, remember this number: seven, three, nine, four, two".

He gave me a thumbs up. "Got it".

"What's the nature of the emergency sir?"

"We encountered the forest five".

The officer sounded shocked. "Are you somewhere safe?"

"For now, yes. They're unconscious for the moment".

Another brief pause. "Where should we send the officers?"

"The path between Fingerman and the old well".

"Officers will be there in five minutes".

"Thank you".

Vic looked at me hopefully. "ETA?"

"Five minutes. Think you can keep them down for that long?"

He smiled. "No problem". A look of nervousness appeared on his face for a few moments. "Besides the bookstore, where else have you worked?"

That's what he was worried about? Silly Vic. "The café on main".

He cringed as I said the name. "The one that just shut down, right?" I nodded my head. "How did you survive that place?"

I cringed as memories of the place came up. "Not well. That place was torture".

He grabbed my hand and held it tightly. "So I've heard".

"How about you?"

He cringed even harder and groaned audibly. "Old man Fred's. Hours about as bad as yours, but half the pay and no breaks".

My jaw dropped. "Half the pay? How? We only got minimum because they had to".

"He only got away with it because he paid in cash. And half of minimum definitely sucks. The only perk we had was his hearing issues". He smiled a little. "That let us get away with quite a bit".

Vic's other hand started to stroke my hair. "This feels nice".

He looked at me. "The non-sexual touch or the conversation?"

I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Both. Why didn't we do this before?"

He smiled back. "Don't know. What else do you want to know?"

I looked at the bruise on Vic's arm. "Any other ... dangerous hobbies I should know about?"

He shook his head. "Nah. That's the extent of it, and even that's on the shelf until this gets fixed. I'll admit I'm more nervous about how I'm going to explain this to my teachers".

I smiled. "I actually thought of that earlier. You could always say that you're conducting research for your senior project. I'll have less leeway when dealing with my boss".

He tensed up. "Uhm, Sam, did you just hear footsteps?"

Sam? Hmm ... if he's being cautious I probably should be too. I turned around and noticed two figures in the nearby distance. "Vic, be on your guard just in case".

As they approached closer, I saw light bounce off something metallic on one of them. "Relax sir. Are you the one who called in the emergency?" the first man asked.


Sarah's face went from nervous to calm in moments as the officers came into full view. "Yes officers".

The other one pulled out a notebook and flipped to a page in the middle. "Number then?" he asked.

I began to open my mouth when Sarah just shook her head. "Seven, three, nine, four, two".

The first stepped closer to Sarah. "My partner needs to speak to your friend. Is that okay?"

I sighed loudly and gave Sarah a "let me" look, then turned toward the officers. "Please, officers, I'm not so shaken up that you need to go through my boyfriend to talk to me".

The second officer approached me. "Our apologies ma'am. It's just standard procedure we need to follow when a female officer isn't present. How far did they get?" He pulled out a pen and looked down at his notebook.

"The big one took off my blouse and bra, and the girl hit me with a rock. That's about it". I watched his pen move as I spoke. He looked up a moment later.

"Wow. You got off lucky. Was your boyfriend the one who took them out?"

I sighed loudly again and shook my head. He must not realize we have a RAD program. "I took care of the guys. My boyfriend had to take care of the girl".

His pen stopped moving again as he looked up at me with a puzzled look. "How? It looks like those three came at you all at once".

I smiled. Maybe now the school will put more money into the RAD program. "That's true. I've taken RAD classes, and remained calm enough to use what I had learned".

He turned his attention back to his notebook. "I'll need you to tell me exactly what happened".

I sighed loudly, then began. "We were just walking through this area when they ambushed us, and said they'd have their fun regardless of whether or not we cooperated. I decided to play along, figuring I'd have a better chance at escape that way". I pointed at the leader. "I had him take off my blouse and bra, and kneed him in the groin as he reached for my breasts. While he was still stunned, I brought a knee down to the back of his head, knocking him out".

I pointed at the other guys. "The non-redheads attempted to sneak behind me while the redhead charged directly at me. I ducked as they tried to grab me, and elbowed them in their groins while their arms were still tangled up. I brought my elbows up and hit them in the back of their heads, knocking them out next".

I pointed at the redhead. "While he was still stunned I head butted him, again in the groin, and grabbed a nearby small rock. Using the rock as a weight, I knocked him out with a fist to the back of the neck. I then attempted to throw the rock at the girl. She dodged it and hit me with one instead".

I grimaced. "She walked over to me and said she was going to fuck me with the strap-on she revealed. She then told me to suck it. My boyfriend then came to my rescue by throwing a very large rock, which knocked her out and possibly did a bit of damage".

The officer looked up again. "Is that it?"

I nodded my head. "Do you need anything else?"

He looked around quickly. "Your blouse and bra for evidence, and a phone number we can reach you at".

I pointed toward the blouse and bra. "The clothing is over there. I don't have a phone at the moment though".

He shook his head in surprise. "That's unusual".

Uhh ... I need a reason fast... "My old phone died a few days ago. I sent it in for repair, but that won't be done for a couple of months".

He looked at me with raised eyebrows. "Ma'am, if you don't wish to give us your cell phone number, you're not required to. Just please don't lie to me".

I laughed nervously. "I'm sorry officer. I guess I'm a little more shaken up than I thought I was". A few weeks? What was I thinking?

He nodded his head in understanding. "Would you like to press charges?"

I pondered this for a moment. If I do, they'll probably need a name, and then our situation will come to light. If I don't, those five may get off... I looked at the officer. "I'm not sure officer. How soon do you need to know?"

He looked hesitantly at his partner, then back at me. "As soon as possible". He reached into a pocket and handed me a business card. "You can contact me at this number when you have an answer or should you have any questions".

I glanced at Sarah quickly. "Thank you officer". I looked back at her. "Ready sweetheart?"

She smiled. "Yeah honey".

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