From the Past, a Present
Chapter 7: What of the future?

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 7: What of the future? - David runs into his ex sister in law by accident. It turns his lfe around

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To be honest I was glad that the following week was very busy for me. I had to spend a couple of days at the Head Office, then move on to London. I had some new ranges that needed to be shown to our most prestigious customers. To be honest I hated London. With a boot full of samples, far too heavy to carry further than a couple of hundred yards, I could never find anywhere to park within easy reach of the accounts. Consequently I parked in the suburbs and took a taxi. The cabbies usually looked askance at the bag of samples, but if you are willing to join in their chatter, they became quite happy to help with the load, even on more than one occasion getting out of the cab (that's a miracle) and toting part of it up to the buying offices. That deserved a good tip. The busy week took my mind off Ann. In the moments when she did come into my head I wondered what I was going to do about her. The solution was quite simple really but it took me some time to accept that it was the obvious course.

I phoned her on Thursday evening from the overpriced and under equipped hotel I was staying in. She of course would not recognise the phone number so I gave her a big clue as to who was calling.

"Are you walking any better now?" Ann collapsed into laughter. She was only partly recovered when she said.

"Somewhat, but I am expecting to be just as bad on this coming Monday." She paused for just a moment. "And speaking of coming I hope to be very bad over the weekend. Any offers?"

"Very definitely. But at some time there is something I would like to talk about."

"David, that sounds ominous."

"It isn't meant to be. Shall I pick you up? Or will you use your car with the pedals spaced especially wide for a lady who will spend her weekend with her legs far apart?"

"I'll come in my car, and I will come in your bed, and in the bath, the shower, over the dining table and anywhere else you choose to fuck me."

"Oh getting ambitious are we?"

"David. I have twenty years with zero rations, I need to catch up, even if it kills me."

"More likely it will kill me."

"Oh no. I shall be very gentle with you."

Ann arrived at my house just after seven. She was wearing a long coat. Now I had a fantasy for years that one day a woman would meet me wearing just such a coat, and would open it to reveal herself completely naked. Ann did just that. I took her in my arms, kissed her lips, kissed her breasts, then dropping to my knees kissed her pussy before inserting my tongue. She was wet! Ann gasped.

"Oh God. That's fucking magic." I thought so as well. She didn't allow me to complete this very pleasant task. Before long she dragged me upright and started undressing me. Her haste made her clumsy so I had to help.

"Yes, David. Get naked. I want to see that lovely cock. I was in a hurry too, and got myself out of my clothes in record time. I sat on a chair and indicated my erection.

"It's yours." Ann had been expecting me to lay her on the carpet, so I pulled her over me, indicating that she should put her legs either side of me, and then guided her to the position where she could sink down on my cock. As she sank down, her eyes turned up like a gauge measuring fullness. She quickly learned that she was in control. The rising and falling would be tiring for her as she had to balance on the balls of her feet, but the knowledge of her power easily outweighed the discomfort.

"Now, Ann. You fuck me."

"Yes. Yes I am fucking you. It's bloody fantastic. Fuck!" That last exclamation was wrenched from her as I bent forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth, sucked hard and then bit it gently between my teeth.

"Do it again ... Fuck!"

Such was the passions which had been simmering all week, they boiled over very quickly.

"I'm going to cum. Oh You bastard! You bloody bastard! David, you lovely fucking bloody bastard." That was it. Ann climaxed, shaking and moaning and calling me all the names under the sun. Just as she was coming down, I got into the act and spurted a weeks worth of memories of the last weekend, straight up her cunt. That renewed Ann's diminishing climax with cries that sounded as if they were being wrenched from the very heart. Gradually they died away and she flopped down on me like a rag doll.

We were getting our senses together neither moving but nature has its way, and when my cock slipped out of her she moaned.

"Oh no. I like him there." She put her hand down to feel the oily limp appendage.

"But he's still sweet even when he's like this." Most men would take umbrage at their pride and joy being called 'sweet' But before I could say anything Ann started to interrogate me.

"Where did you learn to be so good? Who was she? I hate her!" The smile on her face told me, as if I didn't know, that she was not serious, so in the same vein I answered her.

"It comes naturally. I suppose I am just gifted." Ann was laughing now.

"I know it comes naturally, and from now on it will come naturally in my pussy, my mouth or over my breasts." She stopped for just a moment. "And one day soon it will come in my arse!"

"You're determined about that?"

"Yes David. It is important to me."

"In that case I shall be very happy to accommodate you in that b..." Ann interrupted.

"No! I shall be accommodating you." She couldn't resist the parry. Not ignoring it because it was quite neat, I carried on with what I was going to say.

"But! I have not done that before." That stopped her and she looked worried. Then her face cleared to one of absolute happiness.

"Then my darling David, we will be giving each other something that is a new experience. I am so happy that I can give you something that no other woman has given. That's wonderful." I concurred.

"We are writing our own story, Ann. That's what I want for us." I could say no more as Ann had glued her lips to mine.

When I was released I had something else to say. I reached down to where my clothes had been discarded so haphazardly, and managed to find the little box in the jacket pocket. I held it clasped in my hand as I retrieved it so Ann would not see it.

"Ann I wanted to talk about us, and I know you were worried. I was wrong to tell you that way, so I going to say it now. My dearest Ann, I love you totally, no if's, no but's, absolutely. And I want to change your name to Cole again. Will you marry me?" I opened my hand and the ring box was there. I flicked the catch and opened it. Inside was a ring I had bought in London. It was white gold with a centre solitaire, shouldered by two Ruby's. Ann was dumbstruck, and I knew that later I would pull her leg outrageously. But for the moment I waited. At last she found her voice.

"David. Yes, yes, yes." that serious shaded her face. "But you don't have to do this. I am yours for as long as for ever if that's what you want. You don't need to do this for me."

"I am not. I want this for both of us. Yes, we could live together. But I want to be your husband. It will say something about us, that we are one and indivisible." Ann gave that some thought.

"Then yes. David. I want to be Mrs. Ann Cole again. But this time married to the right brother, it's putting the record straight."

How surreal this was. Both of us naked except I had not had time to take my socks off, Ann sitting legs astride on my lap, facing me with my cum running out of her pussy and I offering her a ring. She held out her left hand palm down, and I slipped the ring on her finger. It was just a little on the large size but that was no problem, we could get it sized next week. I suggested that we should have a bath, then get something to eat. That wicked twinkle came to her eye.

"I know what I want to eat, I am going to have sausage, and the great thing about it is that when I have eaten it, it's still there for me to eat again. What are you going to eat?" Could I not know what she was talking about? I slapped her bottom.

"Come on, hussy. Bath, food, then eat." Ann got off me, and we started upstairs. Halfway up she turned to me.

"I liked you slapping my bottom, does that make me kinky?"

"It's a great bum, definitely worthy of the slapping. It probably makes us both kinky."

"Oh goody!"

Ann ran the bath, pouring in some herbal bath essence I had on the side. She got in then scooted forward looking cheekily at me.

"Room for you as well." I had intended to get in with her anyway, so stepped in behind her. Shit! It was scalding. I moved gingerly getting used to the temperature. She laid back against my chest, relaxing into the heat. The only place I could put my hands was of course to cup her breasts. I had to be still and quiet until I could get acclimatised to the heat. No such problem for Ann, like most women she seemed to enjoy temperatures that would boil a lobster.

"I cannot believe all this. This is a dream, I am going to wake up soon. I am relaxing in the bath with the man I have loved seemingly forever. Who has just made love to me better than anything I could possibly envisage, and with whom I shall make love again shortly. And he has just asked me to marry him." She turned slightly to look in my face.

"Tell me it's not a dream, David."

"It's not a dream, my beautiful, adorable Ann. We are writing our story, it's not fiction, it's real." Tears were running down Ann's face. I moved to wipe them away with my hand.

"They are tears of happiness, David."

"Oh, and I thought it was because the water was too hot." She was still at first, then she shook once, then again and again, until at last she was giggling fit to burst. Her shaking had got me smiling, after all it rubbed parts of her body against parts of mine, and that was very pleasant. She managed to speak through the giggles.

"You bugger! You always do that. Make me laugh when I get too sentimental." She turned again.

"Don't ever stop, David. I need laughter as much as I need love." There was a moments quiet. I waited.

"Anyway. I needed to cook the sausage I am going to eat shortly." I pretended to be affronted.

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