From the Past, a Present
Chapter 6: Allurement and Lechery

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 6: Allurement and Lechery - David runs into his ex sister in law by accident. It turns his lfe around

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism  

We talked every night, willing away the time until the Friday. Ann decided that she would come round in her own car.

"Then I can drive straight to work on Monday." I waited knowing that there would be a cheeky comment to follow.

"Besides I may have trouble walking by then."

"I have no idea what you mean." I gave her an opportunity for another witty reply.

"Oh yes you do. If you spend as much time between my legs as I hope you will, they will be stuck in the open position. I may have trouble walking, but I shall have a very happy smile on my face."

I gave her the directions to my place.

"What are you cooking for me?"

"My repertoire is limited, but I thought Lasagne would be good, but no garlic bread."

"Sounds good, especially the bit about garlic bread. I intend that a lot of kissing will take place."

"That's what I thought."

"You see, David! We were made for each other."

What do I remember about that weekend? Of details few, of the senses much. The sight of Ann laying in my bed, naked and so beautiful, waiting for me. She didn't have the nightgown nor the panties, as she wanted to present herself to me without covering or inhibition. Then there was the way she reacted to my loving. The way I reacted to her need for me, and the need I felt for her. All of these things impressed on my memories far more than the actual physical actions. I had made love with some very nice ladies in my past, but now realised that it was simply sex. This was making love, and making love with Ann could take you to another plane where the senses overwhelmed the mind. When Ann confessed to me that some of what happened was new to her, I was surprised and worried that I could have offended her. With her reply I understood that she too had found that ethereal plane.

"My darling David. Never before have I felt such love. Nothing I have ever experienced came close to the joy I felt with you. No one has ever loved my pussy as you did with your mouth and tongue, but I was happy to let you do that, a little frightened as it was strange to me, then the fireworks went off. I couldn't believe how much pleasure that gave me. Then when you went inside me it was blissful, my whole being centred on my pussy, everything I felt was coming from there. I cannot think of any other terms with which I can describe that wonderful moment."

We had gone to bed at nine o' clock that Friday evening. It was four in the morning when we went to sleep, and eleven o' clock the next morning when I awoke. Ann was still in my arms. Looking up at me with a very contented smile on her face. I don't know how long she had been awake, but she had let me sleep.

"Good morning lover."

"Good morning my beautiful, sweet lady."

"I can't get enough of you telling me I am beautiful, even when I know you are lying."

"Never!" She laughed.

"Dear David. I have just woken up. I cannot be beautiful at this moment, It will take me at least an hour putting on all the slap to achieve that miracle."

"Beauty comes from within, and you are beautiful. However I must leave that beauty right now as I need the bathroom!" Ann assumed a tragic face.

"My lover, he is so romantic."

I got up and dashed to the bathroom. I stood sighing heavily as I relaxed my bladder. Sounds from the bedroom alerted me, and suddenly Ann was behind me, looking round my shoulder.

"Ooh that looks so funny. Can I hold it for you?"

"Be my guest." Ann took hold of my cock, then giggled.

"I can feel the vibrations running through it." She relaxed her hold a little and of course the stream threatened to go all over. It was impossible. Ann was giggling so much and shaking with laughter, and my errant stream was going with her. I took hold again. The stream finished so Ann pulled off a piece of toilet paper and wiped the end thoroughly. I flushed the cistern and Ann immediately sat down and impishly smiled at me as she too began to pee. The intimacy of the situation was overwhelming. Ann was laying down a marker for our relationship. No closed doors, no secrets, no false modesty.

We had a hurried breakfast, then I showered and shaved. Whilst I shaved, Ann took her shower. She got out to find me waiting with a towel. Drying her body led me to more intimate touches, and within five minutes we were back in bed again.

After the initial storm had passed, Ann propped herself up on one elbow and looked at me. I was still recovering from coming yet again.

"I want to do something for you." I must have looked puzzled.

"David, I want to suck your cock." She stopped and her face clouded with worry. "I have to say this, then I shall never make the comparison again. Rob wanted me to suck him, but once he was in my mouth, he would grab my head and force his cock into my mouth brutally. There was no pleasure for me in it, and sometimes he bruised my throat. I promised myself after we split that I would never do that again. And I haven't." I interrupted her.

"You don't have to do that." She shook her head.

"No, I knew you would say that. That's why I love you so much. But I want to because I love you. You are nothing like your brother, and the way you treated me last night has convinced me that there should be nothing that we couldn't do together. I want to suck you now, for you, and for me as well. To see if it is enjoyable. At some time, not now but sometime, I will want you to enter me at the back. I am a virgin there, and I want to give you something that no other man has had, nor will." I pulled her down to me and held her so tight. Ann snuggled to me as if the closeness had come to mean life itself. Eventually she pulled away, and smiled.

"Lay back, Darling." She reached own and took hold of my cock. I wanted to warn her.

"Ann, let me wash first. It's a bit mucky." She looked up at me from her position close to my groin.

"That mucky stuff has come from you and me. I would not want this any other way." I wasn't erect, but Ann did not mind. She took me into her mouth.

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