From the Past, a Present
Chapter 5: Past, present and future

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 5: Past, present and future - David runs into his ex sister in law by accident. It turns his lfe around

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism  

Explanation of a British term. 'end' a colloquial for the male penis, as in 'getting your end away' i.e. having sex.

I phoned Ann on the Tuesday. I had been down to the south coast, leaving at five thirty in the morning and got home at just after seven in the evening. I didn't feel like cooking for myself so decided on going out for an Indian meal. It was without conscious thought that I picked up the phone to ask Ann if she would join me.

"Hello David. It's lovely to hear from you."

"Oh I dialled the wrong number, I was going to order a take away."

"I am the only one on the menu, so you can take me. Delivered or collect?" Thirty seconds and we were at it again, banter and laughter. Eventually we calmed down and I could ask the question.

"Ann I have just got back and thought about going out for an Indian meal. I hoped that you could join me?"

"Oh David. I have already got my meal on the go. Why don't you come here and eat with me?"

"I can't come just like that." That was a far as I got before peals of laughter interrupted me. I waited having a suspicion of what Ann's next words would be.

"Oh yes you can Darling, and I will be very involved with the operation." I could hear some very dirty sniggers.

"Ann Selby, you have a very dirty mind."

"I know, and you David Cole are just as bad. Just think of all the fun we are going to have. Anyway back to reality. I can put on some more spuds, and there will be plenty for both of us. Please c ... No I can't say that again. Please join me David."

"I'd love to. Give me twenty minutes to wash and change and I'll be right round."

"You can have a shower here if you want, then I can sneak in and get an eyeful of that sexy bum of yours."

"And where do you suppose that would end?"

"I am only concerned where your end would end."

"Ann be careful. One day soon I shall challenge you to put up or shut up."

"No Darling, you have that wrong. You are the one who will put up, I will be your willing receptacle." There's no answer to that, so I simply said.

"See you in twenty."

I cannot recall what the meal was. All I could see was Ann, who was so happy to have cooked a meal for her man. Well that's what she explained later. All I knew that it was a delight to sit here with the woman I had known all those years ago. Then like Saul's conversion the light sudden hit me. I loved Ann. That I had loved her for years. Not just fantasised about but loved. So I said it.

"Ann. I love you." She stopped eating, put down her knife and fork and just looked at me. Then she did what most women seem to do, she cried. I got up and took her in my arms and licked the tears from her cheeks.

"I didn't realise it, but I have loved you for so long. All the years apart and you still held that special place in my heart, so imbedded that I couldn't replace it, and so much a part of me that sometimes I was hardly aware it was there. But it was." She looked up at me.

"When we were talking on Sunday and I told you how angry I was when you announced your engagement to Janice. I knew then that I loved you, that's what made me so angry. That I had let you go to another woman. I couldn't believe it when I tripped over you in the market place. It was if the fates had said 'ok, girl, we are giving you another chance. Don't mess it up this time'. This girl's not going to mess it up this time, Darling David. I love you, I always have."

The meal was forgotten, we sat holding each other not even talking as words were superfluous at that moment. Was this the time to abandon the dishes, forget the lights, let the tea go cold and go up to her bed and sink into each other. Nice thought, but we both had to work tomorrow. And as Ann had said there was more talking to do. Without words we both agreed to clear the table and wash the dishes. Ann washed and I dried. It was such a mundane task, but thoroughly enjoyable, particularly when I put the drying cloth down and standing behind Ann, who had her hands in the water, slipped my hands under her arms and cupped her breasts. It was only for a moment and I moved as if to take my hands away.

"Don't you dare. I have waited for twenty years for you to touch my breasts, and I want to savour the moment for a little longer." Ever the gentleman I found her breasts again, and manipulated them softly. I could feel her nipples erect, and pinched them gently.

"God! That is so good." She then started to unbutton her blouse, uncaring that she was soaking the fabric with her hand straight from the washing up. She guided my hand through the opening. I dipped into her bra and found her nipple. I caressed softly and flicked my finger up and down. I also took the opportunity to open her blouse with the wrist that was inside, and looked down. Ann understood what I was doing.

"Sorry my love, I don't have much for you there." I made no direct answer, I simply said.

"They are beautiful! As beautiful as the woman." She leaned back against me and surrendered herself to my pleasure. After a few minutes I heard her say quietly.

"I think you should stop now, otherwise we will be in bed together in the next five minutes." I kissed her ear, and murmured that I understood. She turned to face me.

"Do you, David." I nodded.

"Yes. We know we will make love soon, but there are things to talk about before that. We have to clear the air of the history. Understand how we came to this point." She was of the same mind.

"But I want to be in your arms while we talk."

"Why do you ask me for everything that I want to give?"

I sat at one end of the settee, and Ann curled herself up in that double-jointed way that women manage and relaxed into my arms. She was facing up, so from time to time she would indicate that a kiss would make her happy. She started a conversation that was going to be painful for me.

"Why did your mum dislike me so much?"

"Any number of reasons, but mainly because you were taking her first-born away from her."

"Don't all mothers of boys face that?"

"Yes. But mum was extremely attached to Rob, actually to the exclusion of her other children." Ann's eyes opened wide.

"Your not suggesting..."

"I am not suggesting anything. It's just that to mum, Rob was God's gift to her on earth. She would speak no ill about him, nor hear no ill about him. She favoured him in everything. If we were naughty as little boys, I was the one who had led him into it."

"But you were the younger!"

"Didn't matter. I was the conniving, deceitful one. Rob was innocent."

"How about Lizzie?" Lizzie was my younger sister.

"She was a girl, and dad had wanted a girl all along so mum was not going to upset dad by showing favouritism. But with me she did.

"How do you mean?"

"I'll give you an example. It was eighteen months after you divorced, and Dad had died. Rob was in Australia, he lived there for about four years. I had gone to visit mum straight from work. I may have overdone the aftershave that morning, because it was obviously still lingering. Mum commented on it and asked me what it was, I told her, and she made me make a note of it for her. Two months later it was Christmas, and I had brought mum up to my place for a couple of days. As usual we phoned Rob, and he was waxing lyrical about the expensive aftershave she had given him. I immediately knew what brand it was. And I was pleased that mum for once had decided to buy a good brand. Later when we opened the presents to ourselves, mum had given me a bottle of aftershave. Not 'Gentleman' from Givenchy, but some cheap crap from a discount pharmacy, and it was horrible, stank like a gents urinal. So Golden boy gets the good stuff, and the afterthought gets the crap. It's almost as if she said "oh anything will do for you. You don't count. There's lots of other things but that sums it all up."

The episode had always hurt for me, although it was one of many and remembering it brought me pain. Ann saw that pain, and reached up to share my sorrow.

"My gentleman will always have 'Gentleman' for Christmas. And he will be always number one in my life."

"It wasn't about being number one or two. It was about being recognised as an equal."

"I know my darling. But you have to be number one as there will never be another." She wiped my eyes, because she thought that I had shed a tear. I denied that, but she just smiled that woman smile which says ok you can think that, but I know the truth. She them raised herself for a kissing contest, whose tongue could reach the furthest down the other's throat.

"I would have thought, then that she would be happy when Rob and I broke up."

"Oh no. You had cheated on her boy. That was a heinous crime in her book, how could any girl do that, he was the best at everything. She had this gift of being able to deny or ignore facts that didn't fit her theory."

"Was Rob terribly upset?"

"Oh his pride was hurt. He believed that he was the superlative lover, and how could you consider being with someone who was not a patch on him. Apart from his hurt pride I don't thing he was really upset. Because could get back to his randy ways without ties to keep him from his pleasures." Ann mulled over that for a moment.

"Rob was very impatient. I took to using hand cream to make it less painful, because he never bothered to wait until I was ready." Was I surprised? No. I had no evidence to back that up, but knowing my brother it didn't come as a shock. Now it was my turn to comfort Ann. She wasn't particularly in need of comfort, but we both enjoyed the comforting anyway.

"If you keep kissing me that way, David, I will never be able to get out of our bed."

"Speaking of that..."

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