From the Past, a Present
Chapter 4: Reminiscence and Revelations

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 4: Reminiscence and Revelations - David runs into his ex sister in law by accident. It turns his lfe around

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Ann's home was exactly as I expected. It was comfortable, bright colours with some rather nice framed prints on the wall. She told me to take a seat and went off to make coffee. Then this black cat came in and looked at me suspiciously. Presumable deciding that I was not a threat it tested the water, by jumping up on the chair and walking all over my lap. Not round and round as cats do when they will settle down, but from one side to the other, across my lap, up on the arm, then back. I stoked it's back softly, and the cat immediately curled into my lap and purred. If I stopped stroking for a moment, the tail lashed angrily until I started stroking again. Ann came back with the coffee, and laughed.

"I am so glad that Sam likes you. If he didn't you stood no chance!"

"I am glad I have black trousers on."

"Well you could always take them off." She put her hand to her mouth looking horrified.

"Oh I'm sorry David, there's me with my weird sense of humour again."

"Ann, don't change. I don't have a problem with your humour, I have much the same myself. And I do understand when you are being funny, and when you are being serious ... well, most of the time." I added with a grin. Ann put my coffee within easy reach then sat down. Immediately Sam got off my lap and wandered out into the kitchen.

I remarked on the framed prints. "Tintagel, and that one looks like Mullion Cove. Do you like the West Country?"

"Yes. I love it down there, and you must as well, else you wouldn't have recognised the places."

"I get down there quite regularly with the job, but also try to get down two or three times a year, just to unwind and recharge the batteries." Ann understood what I was talking about.

"Unfortunately I don't go as much as I would like. It's not the same without someone to share it with."

"Don't just hint, Ann. Just come out with it." She laughed.

"I don't need to. You got the message." Ann took a sip of her coffee then became serious.

"You said something about what Rob had got up to before we were married." I nodded unwillingly. I didn't want to trash my brother now he was dead, but I had to tell Ann the truth.

"It was at his Stag night. We got to the 'Fox' about seven thirty. There was all his mates from work there, all wanting to pour ale down their necks, and Rob was going to keep them company. I was going to stay sober as I was driving him home afterwards. It was exactly as I hoped it wouldn't be. Loads of beer, and dirty jokes galore. Then just before nine Rob was at the bar and he was chatting to this girl. She was a right scrubber. Next thing I know is he come over and asks me for the car keys. Well it was his car, so I could hardly refuse, then he's gone! All these blokes who I didn't know from Adam, and the person for whom the party was planned had buggered off. The lads didn't seem at all fussed about it, one said something to the effect that Rob would never turn down the chance of some pussy, no matter how ropey the bird looked. Just after ten they all went off to another pub, but I had to stay as I couldn't turn up back at home without Rob. Half past ten was chucking out time so I waited outside in the rain until he turned up about ten after eleven. He told me to drive, and as I did he got his cock out and started cleaning it with his handkerchief, It was all bloody, evidently this girl was at her time of the month. Didn't stop Rob though." Ann sat there with tears in her eyes.

"He did that? To his own brother? Oh, David I am so sorry." I was shaking my head in denial.

"You don't have to apologise. I should have refused to give him the car keys in the first place, for that, Ann I am sorry. Anyway even though you didn't know about it there was hurt there for you as well."

"I knew Rob was cheating on me, that's why I was so unhappy. That was also why when the manager at work started chatting me up I eventually allowed him to seduce me. It wasn't about getting back at Rob, but more to convince myself that I wasn't doing anything wrong to drive Rob away. I chose badly, he was a married man, and his wife found out, and came round to our house and accused me of wrecking her marriage. Rob went ballistic and threw me out. I was so frightened, Mum and Dad wouldn't have me in the house, and I had to go to my sister who was none too happy. Everybody was against me, the only one who wasn't calling me all the names under the sun was you. I never understood why until we talked the other day. Thank you David. I know you couldn't do anything, but the knowledge that someone cared was very important." I shook my head.

"You don't need to thank me, I should have said something to you before you married him."

"Rob gave me Chlamydia you know."

Talk about a bombshell!

"You're joking."

"I wish I was. It wasn't diagnosed for three years, and by that time it was too late. I had become infertile. I also gave it to that man and he gave it to his wife. Rob of course decided that it was me who gave it to him." Ann was crying real tears now, running down her cheeks like rivulets. That was typical Rob, he would always deny responsibility for whatever bad happened in his life. I got up and went over to her and held her. She grabbed me and with her head against my chest shook with the pain of the memory. Gradually her sobs got less, and eventually she raised her face to me. Without thought I just kissed her. Ann returned the kiss frantically, opening her lips asking for my tongue in her mouth. Between kisses she was crying, "David, David." I held her as long as she clung to me. As she became calmer I released the pressure of my arms. She looked up to me. And smiled a weak little smile.

"I must look a mess. Let me go and fix my face." I got up.

"Don't go, David. Please don't go."

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