Once in the Lifetime
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A romantic Dream comes true but turns to a terrible mess

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Slut Wife  

I, Ralf Broman, never regretted that I did the right things in the right time during the crazy nineties when the Scandinavian economy was a real bubble and everything, or almost everything, was possible if you dared to do that. I took big loans, bought real estate and the banks never did care that my loans were higher than the chimneys.

Everybody with a minimum of common sense ought to have understood that it was only a kind of pyramid game, which could only end in one way. I did, and when I began to feel the direction of where the wind was blowing, I sold off everything just at the right time with a nice profit.

I invested a little of my profit in a small real estate broker business, which I run together with a bright hired girl so I had somewhere to spend the daytimes.

During my heyday as a wealthy single, I spent much time in wild nightlife until I was stupid enough to try a downhill race with a mountain bike, which sent me to the county hospital for a week. There I met a lovely X-ray nurse by the name of Chistine. She had an easy smile with the most sparkling bright green eyes I'd ever seen. She was a tall slim brunette with nice hair and great legs. Without any doubt, she was the closest to my dream girl I ever had seen.

Somehow I succeed in persuading her to do me a favor and buy some magazines after her shift, bringing them to me at the ward. We made pleasant small talk and I promised her a dinner at the best restaurant in town if she would do the same thing again the next day to brighten up my boring time there.

She did, and when we joked about how much I had been looking forward to her visit, she put her hand under the blanket and squeezed my cock so it got stone hard within a few seconds. She released her grip and said laughing, "I think it is your little friend who is in some kind of need of company."

"Little? Are you spoiled with big friends?"

"No, because I'm divorced and don't have any such friends at all."

"Yes, you have. This little fellow will be the best friend you ever had."

She began to laugh and said, "I'm flattered and will give him a real kiss when I'll see two Thursdays in one week."

I smiled back and replied, "No problem, he loves you and look forward to that kiss. I will help him fix the double days."

She was a bright girl and blushed as red as a tomato when she understood how I could do it. Even at the cost, it was a piece of cake for a guy with my finances to fix that in the real life even though it was considered to be impossible in the old saying she had used for telling me, "No, thanks." It's a different world nowadays, indeed.

"It was only a joke."

"No, it was a promise. And I promise you will be able to experience that."

"Why should you take me on flights between some islands at the Pacific Ocean?"

"Because we can start at Hawaii, which is a great place for a honeymoon trip?"

She was newly divorced after a very short marriage and replied, "No, thanks."

However, she came to see me every day after her job and I really looked forward to that pleasant chat with her. I did my best to get a real date after I got out of the hospital but she always found excuses for a polite, "No, thanks."

Out of the hospital, I sent her a big bunch of roses and invited her for dinner. She replied with a polite voice message to my cell phone with her usual, "No, thanks."

The next day I sent her a new bunch of red roses, twice the size of the first. Now she accepted the dinner.

It was a pleasant dinner and I got a new date and sent her a new bunch of roses as thanks for the first date.

After two more innocent dates with pleasant chat at restaurants she invited me to her apartment for dinner.

She was a good cook and after the delicious dinner we sat down on her sofa with coffee and brandy where she asked me, "Why are you courting a divorced woman in such intensive way?

"Because I love you."

"I would like to believe you but I'm afraid you will only use me as a trophy for your 'little friend' because I teased him at the hospital."

Obviously she had feelings for me but was afraid of my reputation as a womanizer. What could I do? Not much. I laid my right hand on her right knee; turned toward her and laid my left arm around her neck, held her in a firm grip and began intensively kissing her.

To my great surprise she took a firm grip around my neck and began to take active part in the kissing. She didn't object when my right hand began to slowly slide up under her skirt.

A few minutes later I could feel her pussy from the outside of her thin panties and it felt damp, very damp. I whispered in her ear that my love for her was real and suggested we go her bedroom. She didn't reply, which meant that she didn't say no. I took that for agreement and carried her to the bedroom, laid her on the bed and began to kiss all new naked parts of her body while I slowly undressed both of us.

Her nipples had grown large and hard when I kissed them and she began to moan loudly when I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. Then she spread her legs and whispered, "Come in me as you are."

I translated that to, "Fuck me now without a condom," did what she wanted and found that though she was wet, she was still rather tight so I did my best to be tender at the beginning. Then when I felt that it was close to her, I increased the intensity, which drove her totally wild and got her to scratch my back really hard when she had an intensive orgasm and I released my big load into her. At first I was surprised because she dared to let me fuck her without a condom, but then I understood that they had tested me at the hospital.

Afterwards she began to sob about being afraid that I would dump her now when I got to the goal. I comforted her by saying that I still had a long way left to my goal, which included a hope of a wedding, two Thursdays in one week and kids together with her.

She calmed down and within a few minutes we did it again. It was great sex even this time, which lasted a little longer. Afterwards she asked if oral sex was any kind of condition for a marriage. Of course it wasn't and when I told her that, she really surprised me by doing it for the first time in her life and told me that 'my little friend' was much bigger than what her ex had. I never asked why she never sucked her ex. After a fumbling beginning she became good at it and got me stone hard again for the third fuck that evening.

I kept my word, changed my lifestyle and after six months she moved into my house. After a further six months as a good faithful guy, she said, "Yes," when I proposed and we had a romantic wedding almost two years after my mountain bike accident.

When we had our two children, Chris demanded that I stay at home half of the Parental Benefit time with each child, which is rather unusual as most of the men normally stay home only those 30 days of their joint time that the wife can't use.

I've never regretted those months with the children though I had to hire one more employee for my business. I found a clever girl who did a good job and I kept her even after we began to use day care for our kids.

Our marriage was like most other marriages with ups and downs but neither of us had ever had any serious complaints. At the age of 39, twelve years after our wedding, Chris was still a gorgeous woman and I had plans for doing something special for her 40th birthday. I promised her that it would be the "party of the year" among all our friends and relatives.

Chris used to be out one girls' night out a month with her old girl gang from the hospital and I had never had any objections about that or suspected her of any kind of cheating.

During the beginning of our living together and before our wedding I had some clues, which could be cheating but I never got any real evidence about it so I dropped it.

When Chris had an extra day off in the middle of a week, she used to go alone and see her parents, other relatives and childhood friends in her old hometown. That was okay with me because I wanted to stay away from her parents as much as possible because her dad didn't like me very much. He was an old union man and hated the way I had earned my money. In his opinion I had done it without creating anything of any real value. He used to accuse me of only having sold bubbles with air for high profit to some square heads. Chris' mother was little more understanding about me because her daughter had developed a pleasant life.

When she came back from one of her overnight trips I happened to ask her why none of those cousins or childhood friends ever came to see her at our house in the county capital. We had a spare room and there is much more nightlife in a county capital than in her sleepy small hometown. Chris had become furious and accused me of being a control freak for not trusting her.

But I got my revenge only two weeks later at one of her cousins' 40-year birthday party in her hometown when I heard the cousin say to Chris that it was long time since they had seen each other and they ought to do it more often. When she understood what I had heard, she blushed and got red and white in her face as a war painted Indian brave when I invited two of her young single female cousins to visit us.

Back home after the party, I asked her what the hell she'd been into back there. When I didn't get a sane answer, I told her that I didn't own her and if she was fed up with me, she was free to leave me whenever she wanted but I would never accept any damn cheating behind my back. Chris cried like a baby with colic and swore that she had never cheated on me.

The next day Chris' mom called me at my job and told me a strange story about Chris and her ex. Everybody regarded him as an easygoing good young man and Chris really loved him and they had big plans for the future when they married. But only six months after their wedding, when they had a quarrel about some rather unimportant thing, he had lost his temper and given her a hard beating.

Of course, a few hours afterwards the ex had been remorseful, promised never do that again, cried and begged her to forgive him. But she knew from her job as nurse that a man who beat a wife once always did it again so she got a quick divorce, since they didn't have any children.

After a while Chris had regretted the divorce but then she had met me and had several sleepless nights before she made her choice between the ex and me; she chose me. But she still felt sorry for the ex and promised to help him in his new business as much as she could. But only as a friend and her mother told me that she had spent all nights in her old room at her parent's house.

When I confronted Chris about her doings, she told me the same story as her mother but with much more detail about the business and I told her that if she hadn't gone behind my back, she and I together could have given much better assistance to the ex. She promised that she would never lie to me or go behind my back again. I forgave her but had got a warning that she could be a bit careless about the truth.

Her two cousins came to visit us two weeks later and Chris took a day off her job to go shopping with them and in the evening Chris took them to some of her favorite spots in town. Obviously they had a good time during the evening because they were in a jolly mood when they left the next morning. I never had a chance to be alone with them and ask them about their knowledge or bribe them to find out about Chris' doings on the visits to her hometown.

However, rather soon after their visit to our place both of them had new boyfriends so they lost their interest for girls' nights out with Chris, whose visits to see her mom had been limited to one-day trips.

The following years went without any family problems until the hospital sent Chris to a conference far in the north. At first I didn't care much about that because she had been to many such events before without having any problems. The only strange thing was the unusual time, at the beginning of June.

She left and called us as usual when she was at the hotel. She told me that everything was fine and promised to call our daughter Emelie the next evening for some advice about clothes the girl wanted to discuss with her mom. One hour later she rang again and asked if I had any objections if she took an evening flight home on Sunday instead of her booked morning flight on Saturday. I said that I had, because we were invited to a very close friend's 40-year birthday party and asked what she had regarded as more important for her.

The next evening Emelie waited and waited but no call came from Chris. I tried to calm her down saying that her mom was a little busy but she would not forget to call her. That kept her calm for about an hour and when she begged me to get mom talking to her, I began making attempts to contact Chris. I made many attempts, indeed, but regret to say that it didn't matter what I did, I failed. Chris' cell phone was switched off, which was okay during the conference time and the meals but she always used to have it on during the free time. I sent several text and voice messages to that phone. She didn't call back.

Several times I called the room phone. No answer. I bribed one of the girls in the reception to go to her room and leave a message there. Nothing happened. I felt very sorry for Emelie, who gave up at ten o'clock and went to bed.

Whatever Chris did up in the North, she had neither been to her room nor switched on her cell phone since the conference closed for the day and now it was almost midnight when I got a silly idea. An old saying says, "Who dares, wins," and I dared to ring the bar at her hotel. The bartender who took the call obviously regarded me as a maniac at first but a fair bribe to his private account changed his mind and I heard in the phone that he did what I suggested he do.

He went to the dance band, took the microphone between two tunes and spoke my message, "Mrs. Christine Broman, you forgot a very important phone call to your daughter today. If Christine isn't here and anybody here knows her, please give her the message."

I'll never know if she was at the bar or somebody there knew where she was but she rang me about fifteen minutes later from her cell phone. I couldn't hear any sounds in the background either from the bar or any other sounds. But I could hear from Chris that she was rather tipsy and angry as a teased wasp when she shouted, "You damn jealous bastard, what the hell do you mean by humiliating me among the whole conference?"

"I can't hear that you are among any whole conference. Sounds more like you are in somebody's room. Where are you now?"

"Sleeping in my room, of course, where else? What the hell do you think of me?"

"I don't think anything but now I know for sure that you are a damn lying bitch. Try to call Emelie before she goes to school tomorrow." I hung up.

I was startled about her swearing at me but didn't found any reason for further arguing with a tipsy bitch. What could I do almost 1000 kilometer away from her?

But two minutes later she rang back to me, still as angry as before and shouted, "What the hell do you think gives you any right to accuse me of being a liar?"

"I have acquaintances at that hotel and know for sure that you are not in your own room at this very moment. So I would suggest you to say good night to the pussy hound you intended to fuck tonight and start hauling your cheating ass to your own room. Alone."

When she went to her own room, with or without a lover, and found the note on the pillow, that along with the knowledge of my message over the loudspeakers in the bar must have made her a bit confused about my connections at the hotel and probably calmed down her intentions about having an affair, at least some levels.

I had always trusted her and never denied her going partying during her conferences or "girls' nights out" and never asked a lot of questions when she came home. As far as I knew she had always, since her story with her ex, told me the truth when she had mentioned something about those matters. But her lying tonight had put me on the warpath so I rang her on the phone in her room about fifteen minutes after her call.

She answered and, having seen that the note on her pillow included the time when the reception girl left it there, she understood why I had caught her lying. She had calmed down and replied with a soft voice, "It is not what you think."

"Don't forget to call Emelie tomorrow morning. Good night."

Chris rang as expected in the morning and they solved their matters. Chris and I didn't say much to each other, mostly because I wasn't interested of hearing, "It's not what you think."

She even rang and had a long talk with the kids during the evening.

We neither had time nor wanted to begin arguing with the children listening to us before we went to the party on Saturday. Our friends immediately noted the chilly relations between Chris and me and several of them asked if it was a serious problem. I could only say that I didn't know.

On Sunday afternoon Chris told me her story about how a gang from the conference had skipped the dinner and left for the local hospital, which had offered them very well paid jobs during the main holiday season during July when many of their ordinary staff was on vacation. Back at the conference hotel they had discussed the matter in the bar, but left it for a walk in the surrounding park area when one of the girls in the gang had gotten a call from a friend still in the bar, who told her about the barman's message to Chris.

Chris' story sounded reasonable and why shouldn't it after more than 60 hours of thinking it out. I didn't swallow it without some doubts, and asked her, "Why the damn lie about 'I'm in my room' when the truth about getting some fresh air after partying in the crowded bar had sounded much better? If that was the truth and not a story created two days later?"

Instead of a good explanation for my question, she released her heavy bomb, "I took the job and will be there the whole of July. But I will be free the weekend after two weeks and have the flight home paid. I made my decision on Friday after our quarrel because I think it will be an advantage to our relationship to be separated for a while. And it suits me perfectly because the X-ray at my job will be closed the whole of July for installation of new equipment and the money up there will be great. They need me and we need the time to heal our relationship."

That was it. What could I say? Chris had cancelled all our plans for a pleasant summer together with our children. She had taken an important decision without a word to her family and we didn't need the extra money. I said only, "It's your choice."

She had probably expected a real quarrel and I got the impression that she was disappointed because I didn't start one. She continued, "I've always wanted to hike in the vast wilderness in some of the National Parks during the midnight sun up there. Now I can do it during some spare time."

I had spent a midsummer holiday up in the north before I met Chris and still remembered the enormous quantity of aggressive mosquitoes, which made it almost impossible to do anything outdoors. I think I had suggested a trip there, which she had declined.

"You've never been interested in that before. It's the same sun as everywhere, the only difference is the time when it's up. If you've seen it one night, you'll be satisfied. Hiking in the "mosquito land" isn't the most fun thing to do, but if you had mentioned it to us, the whole family could have gone there together for a few days until you got enough."

I continued, "When are you going and when will you be back?"

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