The Player Plays On
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Aurora

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a second helping of The Player Played and you need to read that first. This develops the theme and ties up loose ends. On the way it introduces an interesting new character. Dom is very light.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Light Bond   First   Pregnancy  


The next morning I got back for breakfast at about the normal time. Yes, Emma had been a very happy bunny, but she had to get up quite early to attend to her charges, brainless little feathered things whose short life was essential to the game side of this estate making a profit. I had said to her the night before that we were going to have to get someone in to help. This was written into the original business plan, so there was no problem there, but with the revised and extended ideas for joint operation we hadn't done anything about it.

Speaking of the previous evening, Emma and I had snuck off to a pub a few miles away for supper, which had been most enjoyable. This was not because I didn't want to be seen with her in any of the places where I would take HL, but I knew that her wardrobe would cause her embarrassment in any posh joint, and I didn't want that. I had promised, almost Svengali like, to mould her into something special and I meant it. When we arrived at her flat we took a mug of coffee to bed, but after we had made love very slowly it was stone cold. As she lay there she asked if I regretted her pregnancy.

"No," I replied, "not in any way." And I caressed her tummy. "I'm looking forward to this swelling up."

"Huh! All fat and bloated you mean."

I ignored that and caressed her breasts. "And these being full of milk that I can suckle. After junior of course."

"Well, it might make them a reasonable size," she said. "They've always been so small. Everyone takes the piss out of Miss Tiny Tits"

"I love them just the way they are. But milky will be good. Big you don't need, look at poor Laura, she says they are always getting in the way."

"Yes, of her working when you want to get your hands round them!"

"Do I detect just a teensy touch of green eyes there? Laura is an interesting dalliance, she has certain ... attributes that are ... interesting."

"Oh yes," she giggled, "and what are they?"

"I couldn't possibly say anything about a lady, you'll have to find out for yourself." I told her.

"I might just do that."

I laughed. "Then we'll compare notes."

We then went into round two, forgetting all about coffee. But faced with Emma you could do that very easily.

When I entered the kitchen, whistling as is my wont, and also to give notice of my arrival, I found two happy ladies preparing breakfast.

"We're eating for four." I was told when I queried the amount of food on offer. "And then there's you and Emma, so that makes at least seven."

"Is Emma coming?" I asked.

"Well I hope she already did," giggled HL. "But, yes, she'll be here." I didn't ask why I didn't know.

When Emma arrived we all four, or possibly seven, sat around the kitchen table and enjoyed breakfast.

"Where's Chrissie this morning?" I asked.

I don't think I'm psychic, but at that moment she came through the back door like small tornado; whirlwind I suppose, and she obviously wasn't happy. She shot through the kitchen in floods of tears, and we all looked at one another.

Sarah stood up and went after her, returning about ten minutes later.

"She's in her room, but she won't talk to me."

"Shall I..." I asked.

"Yes," said HL. "You might do better than us."

I found Chrissie in her room crying, and knocked on the door.

"Can I come in?"

There was no reply, just renewed sobbing, so I entered. Chrissie was on her bed sobbing away so I went and sat on the end of the bed. She sat up and moved to me and I put my arm around her.

"Tell me what the problem is."

"It's Dad," she sobbed. "He's leaving us. He's got another woman."

"Well, that's not good. How's mum taking it?"

"She just sits around crying. Why are men such bastards?"

"D'you know I'm not the best one to answer that. I don't think we all are, in fact I don't think many of us are really. Think back to how mum and dad have been getting on over the last few years. Perhaps that'll tell you something."

"Well," she sniffed. "I know mum's been much happier since she's been working here." Dangerous ground, I thought. "But dad's spent most of his time out over the last year or so anyway, so I reckon he's had a girl friend all that time. And mum had got awfully boring and frumpy before she started here ... this wouldn't have anything to do with you would it?" And she sat up and looked at me.

"Hmm ... not from what you are saying." I side stepped. "But don't be too hard on your dad, remember he is your dad, and it's not you that he doesn't love anymore, I'm quite sure. If your mum's attitude has been as you say then I expect some woman that he has met has taken a fancy to him and he's fallen for her. Don't have a go at him, just be supportive for your mum."

"Thank you," she said, and stretched up and kissed me. And then she did it again, and I joined in.

"Can I have a knicker allowance?" She asked shyly.

"Oh! I don't know about that. I don't take advantage of young ladies."

"Only older ones? I'm sure I could do just as well. I not a virgin you know. Mum thinks I am of course, but I haven't been since I was twelve." Ah! Kids today. "Yeah, that was Jimmy Winton, didn't do much for me, and I've had one or two since then, and they haven't been up to much either, just fumbling and groping, but I understand that older men are much better" And she gave me a knowing look.

I sighed and handed her a couple of twenties. "Get something nice. I'll see you later, possibly not until tomorrow."

She kissed me again, got up and skipped around the room. Skipping runs in the family, I thought.

"Thankyou, and thankyou for talking to me, I do feel much better now. I'll look after mum, but I think dad ought to have a bit of a hard time. I must go and get some work done."

"Yes, and say sorry to Mrs Johnson."

"Sarah? Oh, she'll be all right."

And off she went.

When I got back downstairs the party had broken up and I found HL in the library.

"How did it go?" She asked.

"OK, her dad is leaving her mum, but I think I've made it a bit easier for her."

"Good, you can have a cup of coffee, and then deal with Rose, she'll be here in about half an hour."

"House agony aunt, am I?" I laughed. "Well I'll see what I can do for her."

I met up with Sarah in the kitchen. She gave me a big hug.

"Coffee?" I nodded. "And thank you," she said, "you seem to have done her a lot of good."

I decided not to mention the knicker allowance.

"And she's really over the moon with the knicker allowance. HL is taking her into town this afternoon," she continued.

"I didn't touch her, honestly."

"I'm sure she'll be delighted when you do. Here's your coffee."

I sat down and cuddled the mug. Were all these women into procuring I wondered?

When Rose came in, a little later on, I was in my study reading. She knocked and came in.

"You wanted to see me?" She asked.

"I'm always delighted to see you Rose. But you seem to have a bit of a problem, and I wondered if I could help. Sit down, please."

She sat opposite me. "You've been talking to that daughter of mine," she said.

"Yes, she's told me the bare bones of it, I had to do something because all she was able to do was cry. It seems that your husband is leaving you, and I told her that although you were upset about it that it was you he didn't love, not her, and that she should look after you."

"That's all very well," she said. "It's kind of you to talk to her, but it doesn't sort out where I'm going to live, because he is insisting that the house is sold." And she burst into tears.

I moved over to sit next to her. "Look," I said. "There are several empty cottages on the estate, I know that they need some, well quite a lot of attention, but we can soon do that and you'll have a roof over your head." I put an arm around her to comfort her.

She turned into me. "Thank you, that's very kind, but what'll become of me when I'm old?"

"The estate will look after you, that's the way we do things, you work for us, we look after you, it's like a pension provided by your employer, seems fair doesn't it?"

"Yes," she said. And she sat there leaning into me. "And Chrissie?"

"Of course." And she turned her face up for a kiss.

Naturally, the kiss lengthened and became more enthusiastic.

"Which knickers have you got on today?" I asked.

"Oh! Just plain old white ones. I didn't think you'd want me all red eyed and ugly."

"Now Rose of course I want you. And you can take off those knickers and the plain bra that I know you've got on, because I'm confiscating them. You will never wear things like that again."

"I can't do that," she exclaimed. "I'll have to work with a bare bum, and my tits flopping about."

"Well you should have thought of that," I said, stripping the offending underwear off her. "And your tits don't flop." I gave them a good massage. "You'll just have to spend the rest of the day like that. By the way, you're not pregnant are you?"

"Oh no, quite definitely not," she said with evident surprise.

"Well we'll just have to see about that then." And suited action to words, slipping into Rose's seemingly ever ready velvet glove.

Rose giggled. "Just how many babies do you want?"

Oh, I reckon I could manage a football team, possibly even a full fifteen for rugby at the rate I was going.

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