Surviving the Plague

Copyright© 2008 by Southpark

Drama Sex Story: Prologue - How does one survive the end of civilization? Homage to one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, and one of my favorite books, "The Stand." Slow story to start, codes will change and be added to, and we'll see where it leads...

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Slow  

It was a nice, cool autumn afternoon in New England. Trees were changing colors, going from their normal lustrous green to that violent kaleidoscope of colors ranging from bright red to dull brown, as typical during this time of year. Alongside Interstate 95 this was the scene that would be portrayed to the passing motorist, interspersed with the growing population of evergreens that lined the highway as well.

However, there were no motorists passing this beautiful view. Even stranger, there were cars scattered all around the highway - some burned out hulks, others overturned, and many more just pulled to the side of the highway, or tangled up in multi-car crashes. In the far distance, one could see the remains of an overpass, melted and charred from the fire of a tanker truck that crashed into it. There were no police at the scene, nor fire or rescue vehicles to help the people still inside the vehicles. All the people in the vehicles were beyond help anyways, as they all were in various states of decay.

There was one individual who could appreciate the view. That person was walking along the interstate, negotiating in between cars and around the accidents that littered the roadway. However, he wasn't looking at the trees, or the cars. In fact, he wasn't really looking at all, just walking, with enough awareness to not walk into the various objects in his path. If you ever seen videos of those in war, or the prisoners in Auschwitz, you'd recognize the look on this man's face. Despair. Withdrawn. Acceptance of a horrible fate ahead. The look of a man who's very life had been sucked out of him, but was still walking and breathing. Just like the ticking of the clock, he continued not because he wanted to, but because that was all he could do. Continue. Until he heard the screams.

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