Dammit Boy!
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Chuck was a DirecTV installer working the "Rich Folks" houses in Plano Texas. At a multi-million dollar home he found a more than friendly, lonely wife. Things were looking up all around until some asshole in a step van fucked them up beyond recognition.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Harem  

Man, this was the classiest house I'd ever been to, for work, or at all. I'd worked a four million dollar spec house last week and this place made it look like a dump. I couldn't believe people obviously this rich didn't already have DirecTV.

I hoped they weren't going to be an enormous pain in the ass like some big shots. I could already nearly feel the fight coming. They'd want me to hide all the wires inside the walls and leave no trace of my presence except one wire from the wall to their receiver near the TV.

Hell, I could do that, but with a house this big, and since the install order was for eight receivers I'd be working here long enough for them to put me up in a room. It was easy to see they had plenty of spares. I'd noticed one other disgusting thing about rich people too; they often didn't want to pay the satellite TV guy for the extra work they wanted done.

One hell of a lot of the discontent I'd been feeling about what was coming next went completely away when she answered the door. The woman looked like she might be twenty-one, someday. Her face was absofuckinglutely beautiful, maybe the prettiest woman I'd ever seen in person, the movies, on TV, or the Internet. She had a lovely smile too.

"You must be here to switch out our TV service," she said, with a voice that was just too low and sexy to believe.

"Yes Ma'am, but is it a switch out? The work order didn't mention that," I said, hoping against hope that she was telling me the truth since switching someone from Dish Network to DirecTV was usually no trouble at all.

"My husband might not have mentioned it, but we have Dish already. He got mad at them about something and canceled the service then ordered DirecTV. I hope it won't cause any problems," she said.

"It shouldn't. In fact, if you still have the boxes their receivers came in I'll be happy to pack them up and send them back," I said, doing my best to suck up to this vision who was masquerading as a housewife.

"Come on in and we'll look in the storage closet," she said, turning to lead the way.

Did I mention that this five foot eight inch, beautiful, green-eyed redhead must have come directly from their pool in the tiniest thong I'd ever seen? The top was tiny too and barely had enough cloth to cover her areolae. The only thing that kept this from being a perfect wet dream on the spot was she hadn't come to the door straight out of the pool. She wasn't soaking wet, but I could live with it. I followed the world's most perfect ass toward my fate, I hoped.

Whoa, I thought, as we entered the storage closet. It seemed more like a network installation room. This was where their Internet service entered too, but it wasn't a normal residential broadband setup. I knew damned well that was a T-1 drop feeding the hardware firewall which fed the commercial router that led to a panel of network switches. Somebody here didn't want to wait when they clicked on a porno site.

I nearly creamed my jeans when she leaned those fantastic titties against me and pointed to the shelves the receiver boxes were on, but I held on and dammit, she left me to it after that.

First things first - I carried all the boxes back downstairs and set them in the living room. She hadn't stayed long enough for me to ask and I wasn't going out to the pool for more info, not yet at least. I was going to give my pride and joy some time to settle down.

The next thing on my list was changing out the dish and aiming it. I went back out the front door and walked around the house, spotting the installation on a wall mount after I turned the first corner. It took less than thirty minutes to get that squared away and I carried the eight new receivers inside this time.

There wasn't a TV in the living room or den, but I found my first suspect in their entertainment lounge. The receiver was easy to get to, and even though it was hooked to the projection unit of the biggest screen I'd ever seen, all the connections were normal.

After things were plugged in and connected I found a remote for the giant television, pushed the button for the sixteen-foot screen to roll down. After it was operating, I managed to get it started on the rest of the account setup. I left the receiver to do it's downloading and other crap and went looking for the next room. I felt like I was ready for another look at the bombshell by now, but though I walked around into bedrooms unannounced, I didn't manage to catch her even more nearly naked anywhere.

Three hours later I was done. I hadn't seen the beauty again during the whole time. I packed everything back up, put her old receivers in my pickup, gathered the paperwork, and went toward the pool to look for her.

She'd been by the pool the whole time I guess, working on her tan. This made me really happy since I found her lying on her front on the lounger with her fantastic ass pointed right at me as I walked up to get the paperwork signed.

"Are you done already?" she asked, after hearing me walk toward her.

Somehow I was able to get a yes Ma'am out before I nearly swallowed my tongue. She'd been sunning for sure, since at some time she'd removed what little she'd been wearing before. That was plain when she turned over after I answered her.

By now even I had figured out she was getting her jollies somehow by teasing me, and it didn't bother me a bit. Hell, my part of the bargain was getting to see her naked. Sure, I wished I could just drop trou and crawl between her legs, but that wasn't going to happen. I concentrated on being grateful for the view while she signed my papers. I'd be leaving with an aching dick but what the hell; it would go down again, someday.

When I turned to leave she spoke up.

"Wait a second. You haven't even showed me how to work it," she said, and she was getting up off the lounger as I turned back toward her.

I wanted to apologize and tell her it had slipped my mind, but when I saw those big titties in their full uncovered glory all I could do was let my mouth drop open. Letting my eyes drop away from the big luscious milk fruit didn't help a damned thing either. Her sparse auburn bush came into view and I'll swear I could see just the top of her slit from this angle. She didn't give me time to gather my wits either.

"Come on," she said, taking hold of my hand, "You've got to show me the difference between this setup and the other one. I don't want to be stuck here by myself all weekend with nothing but a test pattern to watch."

Even though my brain was clouded and foggy at the moment, her words came through quickly. This was Wednesday afternoon and unless I was more confused than I thought, she'd just told me she'd be here alone until next Monday.

Why was she telling me this? Not to mention why was she leading me back into the house without bothering to even put on her light robe. She was holding my hand, leading me inside, and she didn't have one damned stitch covering that lethal body. Things like this didn't happen to me.

Sure, I guess my looks were acceptable, for a guy at least. At six two and a solid non-fat two-thirty-five I even stood out in a Texas crowd. Still and yet the girls weren't beating a path to my door. Even though I did ok when I went out to two-step with the ladies, a naked beauty dragging me into her house wasn't in my experience. Maybe I was making more out of her nudity than she was. Hell, of course I was.

Inside the house I expected us to head for the entertainment lounge and the giant TV but it wasn't the case. She led me upstairs and directly into what I thought of as the master bedroom. She stopped right in front of the custom made cabinet for her video equipment.

When I'd been in here earlier to get things connected I couldn't help but notice the decor. She had the biggest damned bed I'd ever seen. It faced a giant flat-panel TV and I hadn't missed the ten by twelve mirror directly over the bed. The cabinet near the TV had everything from an old fashioned VCR on up. Her DVD player had some kind of caddy that must have held fifty DVDs and it looked like it could change them on its own. That wasn't the problem right now though. She was nearly bouncing from foot to foot and hurrying me along to get the thing going.

"Find us a sexy movie," she said, as soon as I got a picture.

I didn't know a sexy movie from a kick in the ass. I knew porno when I saw it and in fact I knew exactly where to go to find some, but I didn't think that was what she had in mind. I moved the menu to the pay-per-view section and gave her the remote so she could make her own selection.

"Just scroll up and down until you find what you like, Ma'am," I said.

"Reanna, my name is Reanna, Chuck," she said, and I was bumfuzzled again.

My name hadn't come up before and from the way she called it I knew she knew it somehow. What I didn't know was how she knew it. That was something I decided I did want to know though.

"Uh, Reanna, how did you know my name?" I asked.

"Marilyn told me."

"Marilyn who?" I asked, but I had a sneaky suspicion of my own.

"The order girl at your office. I told her not to send some sloppy fat ass out here to traipse around in my house and leave dirty footprints on the carpet or I'd send him right back. She said Chuck was her best installer and she'd make sure you got my ticket."

That would have to do, but I was still feeling a little in the dark. What the hell did I have to bitch about though? While Reanna changed channels I busied myself looking over the good parts, and on Reanna, all the parts looked good.

When she found a movie she liked, Reanna led me over beside the bed and had me sit on it. I still wasn't sure what was going on but even a dim wit like me had a hint by now, though I could barely believe I could be right.

"You can't put those boots on my comforter," she said, and in a flash she had one of my legs between her knees and was bent over facing away from me and pulling the offending manly footwear off.

No matter what happened after that, I knew I could die a happy man. As she wrestled with my boot her spectacular ass was facing me, showing me her pink pucker and her lightly fringed vertical smile. By now I was sure she wanted some dick and I was also sure she was gonna get some of mine, unless she screamed loud enough to bring the law.

I'm as polite to women as the next man, and my mother raised me right. I'd never physically abused a woman in my life and didn't intend to start now, but enough is enough. I was going to fuck this auburn haired goddess whether she wanted me to or not.

When she'd pulled both boots off I stood up and started off with my clothes. She didn't say anything at first; she just stared as my shirt came off. She finally spoke up as I released my belt and dragged my zipper down.

"What are you doing Chuck?"

"I'm gettin' naked, like you. It's just plain bad manners for me to hang around fully dressed while you don't even have a stitch on."

She didn't say anything else, just watched me. When I pulled my jeans and drawers down in one move, letting my swelling dick jump loose, her mouth dropped open like mine had earlier.

"My God, what a dick!" she said.

Now I know my dick is big, it always has been. Showers with the other football team members had let me know early on that I got more in the dick lottery than they did. I'd never thought it was anything to blurt out about though, even if several girls had done a good bit of moaning about it from time to time.

"You're gonna fuck me with it, aren't you?"

"I've got it on my mind. What did you expect with the way you've been teasing me all day?"

"It's exactly what I planned on, but it's such a shock to see that big thing. Don't hurt me," she said, pleading.

There was nothing more to be gained by talking. At least I couldn't think of anything. I never was much of a talker anyway and I'd been told on more than one part time retail sales job to stop selling as soon as the deal was closed. I took her in my arms and when she pressed herself against me my dick let me know what to do next. I think it got a hint from the feel of her bush against my ballsack.

Her mouth was hot and sucking as soon as I got my lips against it. I took that as an all signals go and tumbled us over onto the bed. My boots weren't going to muss the comforter since she'd pulled them off me, but I wasn't giving any warranties against dripping come. She wasn't looking for any either.

I couldn't last long swapping spit with her because those titties were crying for my lips. When I latched onto a nipple it swelled in my mouth and made my hands want to wander south. Her bush was merely pointing the way and finding her pussy made me feel like things were going better than I could have ever hoped.

Her lower lips were beginning to get slippery already and I let a finger tease them while I swapped nipples and sucked the other one up to match the first. Reanna was already panting and petting on my back. It surprised me she got so hot so quickly, but she did. Her legs were already squirming around and had spread to make room for me between them. She was ready to go and seemed like she hadn't had any in months. What was I waiting for?

She cooed encouragement as I moved between her long legs and when I took hold of my dick and swabbed its head between her love lips she gasped and her arms flew around me, hugging me tightly. I'm usually pretty patient at times like this, but I could tell she wasn't going to be. She wanted me in her and I put my knob in her slot and pushed it up slowly into a snug warm heaven.

She was hot inside too, noticeably hot. If I'd been thinking clearly I'd have realized that all women felt hot inside, but it was something I'd never paid attention to before. I couldn't miss it this time though. She was tight too and there wasn't a chance I could slide all the way up her in one stroke. I didn't mind a bit - working my way up was fine with me.

Reanna was hot and tight but she was a tall girl and there was plenty of depth for all ten inches of me. We both sighed when our bushes merged, and I let it soak for a few seconds, enjoying the feel of her inner grip along my length. I was sure I could just stay there up on her for weeks and never get tired of the feeling.

Reanna didn't have that kind of patience. She lay still for a few seconds and then cocked her hips, wrapped her long legs around my waist, and the fucking started in earnest. Naturally this got my ass going too and before you know it we were banging away at each other almost savagely. By the time she got her hands on my asscheeks and spurred me with her long fingernails we were rounding the final turn and galloping down the stretch.

I was relieved when I felt her tight tunnel clasping around me, since I knew she was going to come too. I always tried my best to make sure the girl got her goodies before I did, but I'll admit it hadn't been possible for me to hold out with Reanna. She was so beautiful and so hot that I was lost almost as soon as I got it in her. I've heard it said the mind is the most powerful aphrodisiac, and just the thought of getting a ride on this beauty had been nearly too much. Actually climbing between her legs and rutting had meant any bets on an extended performance were off.

When she hit her peak Reanna arched her neck back and howled like a hound. I could barely hear it myself over my grunting and groaning, but I was glad something I did set her off. Now that I'd found her I didn't want this to be a one and done party. As my hose drained into her I sagged against that perfect body and panted. We both did for a few minutes.

"Jesus God. You really know how to do a girl up right," Reanna said, when she had her wind back.

"It wasn't me, it was the inspiration I had."

"A sweet talker too."

"All I can say is this is the best installation I've ever been on. I just hope you don't intend to run me off right away," I said, fishing and I'm sure she knew it.

"You can count on staying, and on coming back anytime you have time," she said.

"Won't your husband be back soon?"

"It doesn't matter. He's as queer as a three-dollar bill. He did at least let me in on the secret before we married. I guess you could say I'm a professional trophy wife.

"He's a class action litigator. He specializes in doing massive suits for groups of construction workers that were exposed to asbestos or other types of nasty chemicals. How many he-men do you think would sign him up if they knew he'd rather lick their dicks than sue their X employers?

"He'll be happy that I've found someone to keep my nerves settled and take my mind off bitching at him. Hell, the next time you want to come over just call me and I'll send the limo. It'll keep the neighbors from getting nosey and everything will work out fine," she said, and I couldn't believe my luck.

After we had our strength back I got right back to earning my keep. She took a turn on top this time and it was even better than the first. I even got to watch in the big mirror. It was a lot more inspiring than I could have ever thoguht.

I stayed in her bed until it was nearly dark out and when I left she made plans to have the limo fetch me back out for the night after I finished work tomorrow. We kissed each other into another frenzy before she let me out the door.

I was a happy little satellite TV installer as I headed home. I'd been so distracted I hadn't even taken my tool belt off when I got in my truck, and it made me laugh at myself.

The asshole that ran the light at fourth and Main did not make me laugh at myself, or him. I got about half a second's warning before I slammed into the side of his step van. Then there was that explosion thing I got to see for about another half a second and that was it.

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