Fat Farm
Chapter 35

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Lazlo Zalezac

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 35 - Denise is a fat woman. Her one and only friend introduces her to a unique weight loss program that helped her lose forty pounds. The only problem is the price she has to pay in order to participate in the program. Already filled with self-loathing, what is the loss of dignity in comparison to the loss of forty pounds?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie  


Day 473 Saturday

"You're here," Claire said with feral grin.

"Yes," Denise said looking around the apartment nervously. The room was barely furnished. The furniture that was in the room was plain and utilitarian. She realized that the room was a perfect example of the Modern Minimalist style. She looked carefully at the furniture and realized that it was probably more expensive than anything in Dale's house.

"I was convinced that you'd chicken out," Claire said stepping forward.

"I almost didn't come," Denise said.

Claire walked behind Denise and whispered in her ear, "Oh, you'll come. I promise you that."

Denise had to remind herself to breath. With a nervous quaver in her voice, she said, "What now?"

Denise jumped when Claire ran a finger down her back. Claire said, "We talk."

"Oh, I thought I was supposed to strip," Denise said.

"You're in such a hurry," Claire said in a breathy voice.

The woman's hot breathe across the back of her neck raised goose bumps on Denise's arms. Not for the first time Denise wondered if she was making a mistake. She tried to calm down and said, "I'm not in a hurry. I just thought that was one of the rules of the house."

"That is what we will talk about," Claire said. She gave an evil little laugh and said, "You might not like the rules of the house."

"I'm sure it will be okay," Denise said.

Claire walked over to the only table in the room. Denise watched the woman walk with an exaggerated sexy gait. She licked her lips wondering what she was doing. Her questions were answered when the woman picked up a red silk scarf. Claire turned to her holding up the scarf and said, "Pure silk. It is so smooth that it is hard to hold."

"Nice," Denise said.

Claire walked over to her and ran the silk across her face. It sent tingles up and down her spine. She said, "Hold out your hand."

Denise did as she was told; staring at the silk cloth the entire time. Clair folded the cloth and set it in her hand. She said, "Hold onto this. You'll leave the moment you drop it."

Claire closed her hand into a fist and held onto the cloth. Not sure about the significance of the act, she said, "Okay."

"Dale says he teaches women discipline. I do too," Claire said with an evil little smile. She said, "No matter what happens you have to hold onto that silk scarf. If it hits the floor, then it is goodbye for you. One moment of inattention and all is lost."

Denise bit her lower lip and said, "I'm ready."

"You think you're ready, but you aren't," Claire said. She ran a hand along Denise's side tickling her. In her reaction, Denise nearly dropped the scarf. Claire said, "You're going to have to do better than that."

"You startled me," Denise said.

"Discipline," Claire said smiling at her.

Denise felt like a bird staring into the eyes of a cobra when Claire looked her in the eye. She clenched the scarf and concentrated on holding it. Denise realized that Claire was waiting for her to say something. She said, "I'll do better."

Claire reached over and undid the first button on Denise's blouse. She took her time; looking at Denise in the eye the entire time. She said, "You'll do everything I ask while you are here. Is that clear?"

"Yes," Denise answered. It seemed to her that Claire was taking forever to undo the first button of her blouse despite the fact that there were no fumbling or awkward movements. She realized Claire was intentionally drawing the undressing process out.

"Those are the rules of my house," Claire said starting to work on the second button.

"They seem easy enough," Denise said. She was half tempted to take over undressing, but knew that Claire would tell her to just stand there.

Claire gave an evil little laugh and continued working on the third button. She said, "They seem easy enough. Are you forgetting about the scarf yet?"

Denise realized that she had relaxed her grip on the scarf. She asked, "Would it be cheating if I wrap it around my hand?"

"You can try, but when you are having an orgasm we'll see if you manage to hold onto it," Claire said.

Denise wrapped the scarf around her hand. Claire undid the final button and the blouse hung open. She traced a fingernail down the length of Denise's front causing the woman to gasp. Denise said, "That tickles."

"Oh, I think it does more than tickle. You're nipples just got hard as bullets," Claire said licking her lips. She loved having a responsive woman visit her.

"Uh," Denise said biting her lower lip. She clenched her fist around the silk scarf thinking that it would be so easy to drop.

Claire slowly removed Denise's blouse. Denise felt far more naked standing there than if she were completely nude. Claire ran a finger tracing the outline of her bra. She said, "That's a nice lacey bra. Sexy. I think you dressed for the occasion. Too bad it doesn't hide your excitement."

"I thought you would like it," Denise said swallowing heavily.

Claire reached down and slowly undid the skirt. It dropped to the floor in a puddle at Denise's feet. Smiling Claire said, "Matching panties. My, you did put a little thought into dressing up for me."

Claire traced a finger around the band of the panties with a fingernail. Denise couldn't believe how that simple sensation brought chills to her spine. She knew that she was already wet between the legs. She said, "Yes."

Claire walked around Denise slowly. She said, "Very nice body. It is so responsive to the touch."

"Thank you," Denise said watching the other woman until she disappeared behind her back.

Claire reached out and ran a hand across Denise's back. The pressure was just enough to be felt. She said, "I enjoy women with your kind of build. You're soft to the touch."

Denise started to answer, but Claire stepped in front of her and put a finger to her lips. In a sexy voice that sent shivers down Denise's spine, she said, "Don't say a word. Let me enjoy stripping you naked."

Denise swallowed and tried to watch Claire, but the woman kept circling around her while occasionally reaching out to stroke her with feather light touches. Claire said, "Don't forget the scarf. Drop it and it is all over."

Denise clenched the scarf tighter wondering how she was supposed to concentrate on it while Claire was distracting her like that. She realized that was the whole point. With a quick snap of her fingers, Claire undid Denise's bra. She eased it off the woman's body. It joined the rest of her clothes on the floor. Gently supporting the breasts with her hands, Claire said, "You have beautiful breasts. They're nice and soft. I love naturally large breasts. They feel so much better than the harder silicon filled ones."

Despite the fact that the woman hadn't touched her nipples, Denise couldn't believe the sensations she was feeling. Her nipples burned to be touched. Her pussy was flowing. Claire released her breasts and moved behind her again. She felt the woman's hot breath on her neck and wondered if she was going to kiss her. She shivered in anticipation. Claire said, "You smell heavenly. I can smell your excitement and we haven't even begun."

It felt to Denise like they had begun a long time ago. She looked around and then felt her panties being pulled down. Claire walked around her taking delight in the nude body standing before her. She said, "Gorgeous. My brother does good work sculpting women's bodies."

Claire traced a hand down Denise's front; starting at her neck and ending just above her slit. She said, "I like how you trimmed your pussy hair into a nice little patch. I tire of bald baby cunts."

She traced a finger around the small patch of pubic hair. She whispered, "You must have gotten waxed just for me."

For the next half of an hour, Claire walked around Denise making little comments about her body. Standing for a half an hour like that was nothing for Denise. Dale's discussions in the circle lasted a lot longer than that. Despite that, Denise's legs were shaking and she could barely stand still. The soft little brushes against her body had slowly morphed into little shocks of electricity. Claire had to remind her occasionally to hold onto the scarf.

It slowly dawned on Denise that Claire wasn't seducing her body through touch; she was seducing her mind with words. Suggestive little comments backed by touches were eating their way into her. She was responding to the words more than the touches.

Claire took her by her free hand and said, "Come with me."

Denise allowed herself to be led to a bedroom. A bizarre looking table occupied the entire room with the exception of a single chair that was placed next to it. Claire said, "This cost more than a luxury car. It will hold you perfectly immobile. I can adjust your body in any position I want."

Denise's eyes grew large staring at the table. Claire savored the moment watching as Denise started breathing heavier. She held up a bottle of water and said, "Drink this."

"I'll have to go to the bathroom later," Denise said.

Claire smiled and said, "No, you won't. You'll need every drop of water in it over the next few hours."

Denise drank the bottle of water wondering what Claire could possibly do to her that would last for hours. She shivered and then looked at the table. Claire had opened the straps that would bind her into place. It seemed to Denise that there were an awful lot of straps. She finished the bottle of water and said, "I'm ready."

Claire gave a sinister little laugh and said, "You think you are ready. Get up on the table and don't forget to hold onto the silk scarf."

Strapped onto the table, Denise tried to move. The only part of her body that she could move was the hand with the scarf. Claire had even inserted a gag in her mouth. That was bad enough, but the blindfold sent a tsunami of fear coursing through her veins. Claire leaned over and asked, "Are you comfortable?"

After a pregnant pause, Claire said, "Oh, I forgot. You can't answer me. All you have to do to stop this is drop the silk scarf, but you don't want to do that, do you?"

Denise struggled to answer, but it was impossible. Her legs started spreading as the table changed shape under her. She breathed through her nose trying to get enough oxygen to satisfy her bodies need for it. She shivered.

If she had thought that the thirty minutes under Claire's attention in the living room had been exciting, she discovered that it paled in comparison to what was happening to her on the table. Claire played her body like a violin. Feather light touches here and there on her body excited her like nothing she had ever experienced. She never knew where she was going to be touched next. Her nipples, not yet touched by Claire, were so stiff that it was becoming painful. She could feel her juices gather under her ass.

At some point, Denise realized that she trying to hump the air in order to get just enough sensation to come. Her attempt was limited as a result of the straps that held her motionless. She was on the verge of coming when all of the touches stopped. If she had been able to do it, her screams would have filled the room.

Denise was left alone on the table for some period of time that was immeasurable to her. It seemed to her like she was losing her mind. She swore that she was hearing things and feeling phantom touches. She would have jumped if not for the straps when Claire said, "You have a visitor."

Denise tried to figure out what Claire meant. Claire leaned over so that her hair brushed against Denise's chest sending little waves of pleasure through her body. Claire said, "It seems that a certain young man wanted to make sure that you had a ride home. He made the mistake of asking if he could wait for you in my apartment."

Denise knew that Claire was talking about Larry. She wanted to ask what Claire had done to him. She struggled, but to no effect. Claire said, "I'm going to remove your blindfold for a minute so that you can see your poor little boyfriend."

The removal of the blindfold nearly blinded Denise. The lights which weren't all that bright burned into her eyes. It took her a minute to realize what she was seeing. Claire had arranged a mirror so that she could see the Larry's cock. It was swollen and purple. Claire said, "He's a little tied up at the moment and can't move. He doesn't look comfortable."

Denise stared at Larry's cock. She knew that he was about to have the worst case of blue balls of his life. At the moment, she understood exactly how it felt. Claire ran a hand over her thigh and said, "Watch his cock react when I touch you."

The strap around Denise's waist relaxed and gave her limited movement of her hips. It puzzled her until Claire started to brush the bottom of her breasts. She humped her hips trying to get any kind of contact. She watched fascinated as Larry's cock reacted in time to her movements. Claire said, "Isn't that amazing? I touch you and he reacts as if I was touching him."

The world seemed to disappear around Denise it. It shrank to her body and the reflected cock in the mirror above her head. There were periods of time where the touches drove her towards climax, but stopped before she was able to reach it. There were periods of time where she was able to regain a little control of her desires. Her desire to come was quickly reaching a point where she thought she would die if she didn't get relief.

Denise slowly became convinced that she had started hallucinating. Her eyes weren't working correctly. Her body felt as if it was adrift on an ocean. Every nerve in her body was on fire. Even the air blowing across it was almost too much for her to take. Muscles fought the straps that held her down. Claire's voice seemed to echo in her ears. The constant reminders to hold onto the silk scarf were all that kept her grounded in this world.

Time lost all meaning for Denise. She stared up at the swollen cock in the mirror imagining that it was plunging into her. She could actually feel it. Her mind doubted itself and wondered if it was a dildo being applied to her. She couldn't see and had no idea. When Claire finally touched her nipple, she nearly went into convulsions. She was ready to orgasm, but it was still denied her.

The sight of the cock disappeared to be replaced by Claire's smiling face. She said, "I wonder if I should relieve your need or let your boyfriend do it."

By this time, Denise didn't care who gave her the release she desired. The next words sent chills down her spine, "That will have to wait. I've brought a friend in to give me a little release."

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