Fat Farm
Chapter 28

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Lazlo Zalezac

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 28 - Denise is a fat woman. Her one and only friend introduces her to a unique weight loss program that helped her lose forty pounds. The only problem is the price she has to pay in order to participate in the program. Already filled with self-loathing, what is the loss of dignity in comparison to the loss of forty pounds?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie  


Day 254 Tuesday

Denise walked into the house after work and started to take her clothes off. Victoria was in the living room watching her with tears in her eyes. Denise did her best to look past the girl and focus on other things. She had just removed her blouse when Victoria said, "I give up."

Denise didn't know what to do. She chose to ignore Victoria until Dale arrived at home. She continued to get undressed. She unsnapped her bra and pulled it off. Victoria said, "I'll stick my tongue in his ass."

Denise continued to undress. She kicked off her shoes and then removed her skirt. Victoria said, "Talk to me. I said that I'd do it."

While Denise removed her panties, she said, "If I were a disembodied voice and wanted to talk, then I'd talk to Dale."

Victoria stormed out of the room and slammed the door to the basement. Denise looked over at the basement door and sighed. She decided that she'd better take a shower before Dale returned home. It was likely that she'd end up with Victoria's tongue in her ass before dinner.

She had just stepped in the shower, when she heard someone knocking on her door. It was an angry sounding knock. Convinced that it was Victoria, she ignored the sound and washed herself paying special attention to her bottom. She got out of the shower and dried off. She could hear Victoria shouting, "I said that I was going to do it. I'll stick my fucking tongue in his ass. Talk to me."

Denise wished that Dale would return home already. In an attempt to pass time, she watched the video documenting her weight loss. She set it on loop staring as the image of her went from fat down to a much thinner woman. Each time it jumped back to the fat version of her body, the contrast shocked her. She slowed the playback so that it showed one picture a second. Looking carefully at the video she remembered each day based on the expression on her face.

She stopped the video when it reached the time when she had been shunned. She had looked pretty miserable. It was like her eyes were dead. She stared at the image and thought about how Victoria looked. Victoria didn't have that same dead look to her eyes. She looked angry. Looking at the monitor, she said, "She's trying to trick me."

Going over to the bed, she got in and closed her eyes. She knew that if she were to leave her room that Victoria would follow her around trying to get a reaction. It didn't take her long to realize that the strategy of hiding in her room wasn't working. Victoria continued to bang on the door screaming at her.

Tired of the noise, Denise opened the door and pushed past Victoria. She went into the living room and got on her back. Presenting her asshole to the other woman, she looked up at Victoria and said, "Stick your tongue in my asshole."

Shocked that Denise would ask that of her, Victoria backed off and shouted, "No!"

"Stick your tongue in my asshole," Denise commanded. There wasn't any compassion in her voice.

"You always take his side, you bitch!" Victoria shouted at her before she turned to run off to the basement. The slamming of the basement door let Denise know that she wouldn't hear from Victoria anytime soon.

Denise got up from the floor and went into the kitchen. She didn't want to miss dinner because of the antics of Victoria. There were three Cornish hens in the refrigerator. Looking around on the counter, Denise found the recipe that Dale had left out for her. She said, "This looks good. I think I'll fix up a nice romantic dinner with Dale."

Gathering the ingredients, Denise prepared the Cornish hens. After she slipped them into the oven, she went to work on the side dishes. The note from Dale recommended green beans and she decided that she'd boil the green beans rather than steam them. Dale liked them either way, but she much preferred them boiled. She also liked them cold with vinegar and oil dressing with a dash of dill added to it.

After washing green beans, she stood at the sink snapping them into easy to eat pieces. As she worked, she tried to remember when she had learned how to do that. It came to her that she and Susan used to do that at Susan's house when they were little girls. That had been before life had beaten them down. She filled the pot with enough beans for dinner and then added the water.

The other side was a simple tossed salad. She knew that wouldn't take her much time to prepare it. Leaving the salad for later, she went out into the living room. The room hadn't been dusted, so she got a dust rag and went to work.

As she cleaned, she thought about Victoria. As a college student, Victoria had a lot more free time than she did and it was not considerate to leave the housework undone like that. Victoria had a definite predilection for laziness. Her actions earlier had bothered Denise and made her feel a little guilty, but now she was starting to get angry. The woman had lied to her.

Denise took a break from dusting to take care of the green beans. It didn't take long to get the green bean salad prepared. She threw together a quick lettuce salad. A couple of small carrots, slices of a cucumber, black olives, and bell pepper completed the salad. She put it back in the refrigerator for later.

She hadn't finished dusting by the time Dale returned home. He took one look at her and asked, "What did Victoria do?"

"She tried to convince me that she was ready to give you a rimming," Victoria answered. She looked at him and said, "She was lying."

"How do you know?" Dale asked wondering just how much interaction there had been between the pair of women.

"I told her to give me a rim job," Denise answered.

Dale chuckled and said, "I take it she didn't."

"That's right," Denise answered.

"Okay," Dale said, "How much of a conversation was there?"

"None, really," Denise answered.

Dale smiled at her and said, "You did a good job."

"Dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes," Denise said glancing over at the clock. She hadn't realized that he had been so late in getting home.

"I'll go see if the ghost has changed her mind," Dale said with a smile.

"Okay," Denise said. She headed to the dining room to set the table. She put out the nice dishes and wine glasses. She also put a nice bottle of white wine on the table. With a little effort, she made the table setting just a little nicer than usual. Rather than leaving the lights on full, she turned them down to make it more romantic.

Dale returned to the dining room and said, "She said she wasn't interested in giving me a rim job and then yelled at me to talk to her."

"She's angry," Denise said.

"She's about to break," Dale replied. He looked at the table and said, "It looks nice."

"Thank you," Denise said. She said, "I don't think we have enough time for a blowjob if we want to eat a dinner that isn't burnt."

"We'll eat first, then," Dale said. He looked over at her and added, "Besides, we need to really have a good time in front of Victoria. We need to show her that human contact is pleasurable."

Denise went into the kitchen and prepared three plates with food. She left one in the kitchen and brought the other two into the dining room. Dale had opened the wine and poured two glasses for them. He had also lit the candles on the table and turned the lights down even lower. Dale was seated at the table and looked at the food appreciatively after she set the plate in front of him. He said, "It looks good."

"Thanks," Denise said looking at the Cornish hen. The skin was a nice golden color.

The pair started to eat. Their meal was interrupted when Victoria went into the kitchen and got her plate of food. She glared at them going and coming from the kitchen, but she didn't say a word. It put a damper on the mood for a few minutes, but the atmosphere was just too nice for it to stay ruined for long.

After finishing off his plate, Dale said, "That was great."

"It was your recipe," Denise said with a smile. She would add it to the collection of recipes that she had started. She hadn't thought about it, but living with Dale had taught her a lot about the preparation of fine meals.

"Let's relax for a few minutes and head down to the basement," Dale said. While the basement floor wasn't the most romantic setting, he'd take a blanket down to make it a little more comfortable.

"You were late. Was there a problem at work?" Denise asked.

"There was a problem with a variation of Claire's program that we sold to another customer. It is more of a requirements issue than a programming issue," Dale said.

"Oh," Denise said.

"We'll be sending it over to you in a couple of weeks. I guess you'll be working on it," Dale said.

"I've worked on every one of the manuals for your company," Denise said.

Dale smiled and said, "No wonder we've always been pleased with the quality of the manuals."

"For a long time that was the only thing I was any good at," Denise said.

"And now?"

"I'm good at a lot of things. Let's go downstairs and show Victoria one of them," Denise said with a smile.

Dale nodded his head and the pair of them went down to the basement. Along the way, Dale picked up a blanket out of the linen closet. Once in the basement he spread the blanket on the floor and then helped Denise get down on it. Victoria, seated on her bed, watched them with sullen eyes. The last thing she wanted was the face covered sex that she got from Dale, but she would have accepted it just for the attention it would bring.

Dale surprised Denise by turning what she had thought would be a quick fuck into a long passionate love making session. He kissed her body from head to toe before moving to the more sensitive bits. By the time he reached her breasts, they were hard nubs that were so sensitive that his breath sent chills down her spine. Denise came when he made his way between her legs with his tongue.

Denise returned the favor. Her tongue covered every inch of his body. She licked and kissed his nipples. His hips shot off the floor when she gave one of them a little love nip. She sucked his cock and balls.

The session lasted an hour. It was tender at times and filled with furious fucking at times. Both of them enjoyed it tremendously. Victoria had watched the entire thing feeling more alone than ever. That was how she had always imagined making love would be like. What she had been experiencing hadn't been making love. It was not romantic having the front half of her body stuck in a closet while he took her from the rear. She hated them for the intimacy that they demonstrated.

When Denise and Dale finished, Victoria said, "Can't you do that somewhere else?"

The couple ignored her. Denise sighed and said, "That was wonderful."

"Yes, it was," Dale said. He asked, "Would you like to sleep with me tonight?"

"That would be lovely," Denise answered.

Victoria fumed. They were treating her as if she wasn't even in the room with them. Dale hadn't even asked her to tongue his asshole. She hunched over feeling isolated and more alone than ever before. It was horrible.

Denise said, "I'll go clean up the kitchen."

Victoria said, "I'll do that."

"While you are doing that, Denise, I'll prepare a little surprise for later tonight," Dale said. He sighed and added, "I'm going to be pretty horny since I doubt that I'll get that rim job that I'm waiting for."

"Okay," Denise said.

"I said that I'd clean up the kitchen," Victoria shouted. It hurt that they ignored her even when she was volunteering to do something nice.

Dale and Denise left the basement leaving behind a room filled with the scent of their lovemaking. Victoria watched them leave and then broke down in tears. Sitting alone in the large basement only drilled in the point just how absolutely alone she was in the world. The only people who treated her halfway nicely were her parents and her cousin, Karen. She felt that they had abandoned her as well.

Denise didn't notice the ringing of the telephone while cleaning the kitchen. It had rung while she was running the disposal. Giving a last wipe of the counters, she turned and found Dale standing behind her with a grin. He said, "We're going to have a surprise visitor."

"Who?" Denise asked knowing that it wasn't Susan or Larry. Susan was still on her honeymoon and Larry was off to some conference.

"Karen," Dale answered.

Unable to stay in the basement any longer, Victoria went up to the living room. Much to her surprise, Dale and Denise were talking with Karen. It was very strange looking at her cousin sitting around naked talking with a naked Denise and Dale in his robe. She was positive that Karen had come over to see her and to learn how she was progressing through the program. Excited at seeing a friendly face, Victoria shouted, "Hello, Karen."

Rather than reply, Karen turned her back on Victoria. Talking to Denise, she said, "I was sitting around the house feeling lonely while Albert was off at that conference and felt that I'd like to enjoy your company. I hope that I'm not ruining your evening."

Victoria stared at her cousin with a sick feeling in her stomach. She had hoped to explain to Karen how she was being mistreated and to get her to help get out of the program. Although she knew that she could walk away from the house and that would be the end of it that was too big of a step for her to take alone. She needed Karen to give her blessing to the decision. She said, "Did you hear me? I said hello, Karen."

Denise answered, "You aren't ruining anything. We didn't really have any plans except for the usual bouts of debauchery."

Victoria waited for Karen to answer her. When she realized that Karen wasn't going to answer her, she really wanted to cry. It was hard to accept that Karen was siding with them rather than her. She reached up and wiped a tear from her cheek.

"I'm glad," Karen said with a smile. She looked over at Denise and asked, "Would I be imposing if I asked to join in that debauchery a little?"

Dale said, "Not at all. The more the merrier."

"I'd enjoy it," Denise said.

Victoria listened to the exchange unable to believe her ears. She knew that Karen was engaged to Albert and here she was making plans to have sex with Dale and Denise. Shocked, she said, "I'm going to tell Albert."

Ignoring the comment, Dale said, "Denise has a date Saturday with Lawrence. Maybe you and Albert can come over for a little fun that night."

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