Fat Farm
Chapter 27

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Lazlo Zalezac

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 27 - Denise is a fat woman. Her one and only friend introduces her to a unique weight loss program that helped her lose forty pounds. The only problem is the price she has to pay in order to participate in the program. Already filled with self-loathing, what is the loss of dignity in comparison to the loss of forty pounds?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie  


Day 251 Saturday

While anal sex had convinced Denise that she was nothing more than a whore, oral sex had that effect on Victoria. Ever since the first time she had taken Dale's cock in her mouth, she had called herself a whore. Even after several weeks of giving head, she still approached the task with extreme dread. Still it didn't prevent her from performing the act.

Surprising Denise, Victoria preferred anal sex to oral sex. Denise speculated that Victoria viewed sex as dirty and that since her neither region was dirty that it only made sense that filling her bowels with his cock was better than spoiling her mouth with his seed.

Denise knew that engaging in the act that made Victoria feel like a whore was only the first insult to her sexuality that Dale would inflict. He would seek out the sex act that would completely break the woman's sexual resistance. She had expected it to happen for Victoria when the woman was asked to eat Dale's come from her cunt. When that day came, Victoria surprised her.

Victoria's breaking point was not having sex with woman as it had been for Denise. She had handled that act with reluctance, but not revulsion. Denise had been surprised by that, but she didn't comment. It was true that Victoria's performance had been lackluster and had not led Denise to an orgasm.

The act that got to Victoria was immediately obvious the moment when Dale asked to stick her tongue up his asshole. She had paled and stared at him in absolute horror. Denise was surprised by that. She didn't particularly like doing it, but after the trauma of anal sex and eating come out of Susan it hadn't seemed like that big of a deal.

Victoria, on the other hand, had totally freaked at the suggestion. She fought and threatened to leave rather than do it. For three days, the battle of wills had been fought with Dale insisting and Victoria resisting. Each time Victoria had resisted, Denise had been called upon to do it and she was getting tired of it.

Denise watched Dale as he finally got Victoria to try it. He lay on his back and lifted his legs while spreading his knees presenting his asshole to Victoria. Denise stood by as Victoria slowly stuck her tongue out and moved towards Dale's ass. Her tongue almost touched him, but then she pulled away. She turned and vomited on the floor of the basement. She collapsed on the floor and curled into a tight ball lying atop the pool of vomit.

Dale sat up and looked at Victoria. He knew that the next time she did it would require her to be in a very special mental state. She'd have to be desperate for attention in order to overcome that level of revulsion. He looked over at Denise and nodded.

Denise understood what he meant. When Victoria refused to do it the next time, they would begin the shunning process. She remembered how it felt and pitied Victoria. At the time it happened to her, she had no idea why Dale was making her eat the come from Susan. Now she understood what he had wanted her to understand. There didn't have to be any artificial limits in what a person could do in terms of sex. A lover should be able to fulfill all of her partner's sexual desires. So long as something was done safely and with proper hygiene, there was no reason not to do something.

Knowing that Dale was hard and waiting to come, Denise knelt down and sucked his cock. She worked it over and slipped a finger into his ass to massage his prostate gland. After a few minutes he exploded into her mouth. She swallowed while looking up at him. In terms of her standards of late, it was not a particularly good blowjob.

When she finished, Dale said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I figured that you could use it," Denise said.

"Let's go upstairs and talk."

Denise followed Dale to his study. He gestured to a chair and said, "Sit down. This isn't one of those sessions."

"Okay," Denise said wondering what he wanted to discuss. She was pretty sure that it wasn't the quality of her blowjob. At least it wasn't one of those 'stand in the circle' discussions. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to handle that at the moment.

Dale took a seat and said, "You're wondering why I'm forcing her to give me a rim job."

"I know that you like them, but she's very averse to giving them," Denise said trying to avoid being too combative.

"Why do you think I'm forcing her to do it?"

Denise looked off to the side and then answered, "You want to force her to reach a point where she'll do anything sexual that her partner may want her to do."

"Actually, you're wrong although that is a consequence of what I'm trying to do," Dale said.

"Really?" Denise asked not believing him. She could hardly wait to hear his explanation.

Dale was disappointed by how little Denise understood about what she had experienced. It seemed to him that she should have gained some appreciation for her experiences. He said, "She has thousands of little self-imposed boundaries. She doesn't even know why she has most of them. When she reaches a boundary, she stops without understanding why she's stopped. They limit what she will do despite the fact that she can actually do them. She exists as a mere fraction of the person that she could be.

"She can't grow until we manage to knock down those boundaries, but we can't do that for all of them. There just isn't enough time and we'll never discover them all. Unless you are willing to take years to do it, the elimination of a very solid boundary has to be somewhat brutal. You have to force them to get through it or they'll never even try. Even if they do try, they'll give a half-hearted effort and give up.

"I think boundaries are often strongest in the area of sex. I don't know where they come from, but people react very strongly when it comes to hitting one of them. You saw how she vomited and curled into a tight little ball. She retreated mentally as a result of having even attempted it. Let's be honest, it was a half hearted attempt.

"She fought doing it the first time, but conceded after a lot of pressure. She got sick from even attempting to do it and that tells me it is a very deep and strong barrier. She's going to fight with everything she has to keep from doing it again. This is the barrier that we have to destroy in its totality. It is the key to unleashing her true potential.

"Breaking through one of those very primitive barriers teaches a person that all lesser barriers can be destroyed. It is about reaching the primitive parts of the mind and changing it at a fundamental level. In the future when you reach a point where you say, 'I can't do that, ' the primitive part of your brain will think back to that episode and say, 'I can do it if I have to.' It isn't much of a step to teach the primitive part of the brain to finally drop the 'have to' part of that latter thought."

"I'm not sure that I buy that," Denise said looking over at Dale.

"How many times since you broke down and ate the come out of Susan have you said to yourself that you couldn't do something and then just went ahead and did it?" Dale asked.

"A dozen, maybe more," Denise answered after thinking about it. She hadn't ever considered how she had grown in that manner.

"I'm not talking about just sex. I'm talking about taking on little things that seemed beyond you for no real reason," Dale said.

"Like what?" Denise asked confused by his statement.

Dale took a few seconds to come up with an example and then asked, "How about giving a public presentation?"

"Oh, yeah," Denise said. One of the things that Karen had done was to start having her give presentations to potential customers detailing the documentation process followed by the firm. She'd been terrified, but did it anyway. Much to her surprise, she managed to do a pretty good job of it the first time she had tried. Since then, she'd done it several times without any fears.

"Or negotiating a change in the agreement with me as aggressively as you did when I had the problem with the manual?" Dale asked.

"I'll admit that I surprised myself on that one," Denise answered.

"How about when you faced your mother on the front porch and stood your ground on the assault against your sexuality?"

"Okay. Maybe I do believe you," Denise conceded. There had been a time when she would have crumbled under her mother's questioning by either lying or accepting what her mother said. This time she had answered honestly and argued back. She hadn't thought about the number of things that she had been afraid to do before starting the program.

Dale said, "It is a subtle effect and she won't realize what has happened to her when all is said and done, but it will have a dramatic effect on her life."

"I can see that," Denise said.

"You know what we are going to have to do when she refuses," Dale said leaning forward.

Thinking back to her experience, Denise nodded her head and answered, "We'll have to shun her."

"That's right," Dale said. He sat back in his chair and laced his fingers together. Looking thoughtful, he said, "This is going to be the hardest thing you'll ever have to do. She's going to do everything in her power to get you to notice her. You have to ignore her and pretend that she doesn't exist."

"I remember how I felt," Denise said wondering if she was going to be able to do it.

"I know," Dale said.

"How long do we leave her down there?" Denise asked.

"I'll go down there in a few minutes. If she comes to you, be supportive about her feelings, but don't support her reaction. Let her know that she wasn't asked do anything remarkable and that her reaction seemed a little excessive," Dale said.

Denise nodded her head. She said, "I will."

Denise went into the kitchen to prepare dinner while Dale talked with Victoria in his study. It was quiet in the kitchen while she peeled fresh vegetables that were to be part of the main dish. The silence in the kitchen actually felt rather nice.

An hour later, the shunning began after Victoria had a long talk with Dale in his study. Victoria didn't realize what was happening at first. It seemed to her that Dale and Denise were just too busy to deal with her. She took care of her own business without thinking about her situation. It wasn't until dinner time came and she found that she was eating in the basement that she realized that something had changed.

After dinner, they ignored her. She watched them trying to figure out what they were doing. She asked questions, but received nothing in return; not even an acknowledgement that she had asked them anything.

Denise sat in the dining room listening to Victoria and trying to ignore her. The initial attempts to get attention were modest, but they increased in volume and energy very quickly. It was hard to ignore. Memories of how she had felt by the time she gave in haunted her. She wondered how long Victoria would last.

At the regular time, Denise went down and performed her exercises in the basement. Victoria sat in front of her and kept talking. The talk became insulting, but Denise concentrated on her exercises.

Dale stood to the side and watched Denise. When she had finished, he said, "It is time to take your picture."

Denise went to her place and adopted the pose. He took her picture and then said, "Victoria, pose!"

Pleased to finally have someone say something to her, Victoria rushed over to the position and adopted the pose. Dale still took the time to make sure that the picture was framed correctly. He took the picture and then said, "Well, Denise that is that."

"Hmm, it is still early," Denise said knowing what was going to come next.

Dale looked at Victoria and said, "I want you to give me a rimjob."

"No," Victoria said backing away from him with a horrified expression on her face.

Dale turned his back on her and asked, "Denise, what do you feel like doing?"

Denise answered, "I'm feeling horny."

Raising an eyebrow, Dale asked, "Is there anything in particular you want to do?"

"I'd like to ride you," Denise answered smiling at him.

Dale immediately opened his robe and got down on the floor of the basement. Victoria watched as Denise mounted him. She rode his cock with slow easy moves intended to make it last as long as possible. She whispered in his ear, "I want to stay like this for an hour."

Dale groaned when she flexed her inner muscles. He said, "Your Kegel exercises are paying off."

"Thanks," Denise said enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding within her.

Dale lifted his hips hoping to speed up her pace. He said, "Faster."

"No," Denise said. She grabbed his hands and held them over his head. She said, "We're going to do this for an hour. I expect to have a dozen orgasms before I get off of you."

"Hmm," Dale said.

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