Fat Farm
Chapter 23

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Lazlo Zalezac

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 23 - Denise is a fat woman. Her one and only friend introduces her to a unique weight loss program that helped her lose forty pounds. The only problem is the price she has to pay in order to participate in the program. Already filled with self-loathing, what is the loss of dignity in comparison to the loss of forty pounds?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie  


Day 227 Saturday

Denise knelt in front of Dale and slipped his cock in her mouth. With practiced ease, she worked it down her throat knowing that he enjoyed the sensation during first half of a blowjob, but preferred that she concentrate more on the head during the last half. She reached up and gently fondled his balls. With her other hand, she tickled his asshole. Dale groaned at the triple assault on his nervous system.

"I want to come on your face," Dale grunted barely able to get the words out.

Surprised at the request, Denise redoubled her efforts on his cock. When his ball sack started to lift, she eased off on his cock and started to jack him off with her hand. She slid a finger into his ass and massaged his prostate gland. He exploded all over her face. When he finished coming, she took his cock back in her mouth and sucked it clean.

Leaning back, she looked over at Victoria and said, "That's how it is done."

Victoria had watched the scene unfold in front of her with wide-eyes. She didn't even know how to respond to Denise's statement. She shook her head in disbelief.

Dale looked at Victoria and said, "Wash her face off."

Victoria stared at him as if she didn't understand a word he said. She had one arm covering her breasts and a hand covering her pussy. She was hunched over trying to hide as much of her body as possible. She wondered if he was really serious that she should move around.

Suddenly understanding why Dale had wanted to come on her face, Denise said, "Victoria! Go get a moist face cloth and a towel."

"I can't move," Victoria managed to squeak out. Her cousin had brought her there an hour before and had made her strip. She had waited feeling brave until Dale had entered the room. All of her bravado had collapsed and she had become paralyzed to the spot. She hadn't even been able to speak when her cousin had left the house.

Dale said, "Snap out of it, girl!"

"I'm naked," Victoria said as if that explained everything.

Looking over at the fat girl, Denise said, "So am I and you don't see me standing there like that."

"I can't move," Victoria whimpered. The idea of walking across the room terrified her. They'd see her nipples and her pussy. It was hard to move in her current position.

Denise looked at the young woman. She'd had her twenty-first birthday the day before. At 5'5" in height she weighed in at a very heavy 187. For her frame size and height, her ideal weight was between 117 and 130. Dale had decided that she'd look best at around 127 which meant that she was 60 pounds overweight. Denise looked over at Dale and said, "The fat girl isn't going to move."

"You're right," Dale said after a studying Victoria for a few minutes. He sighed and said, "Wear my come until she cleans it off of you."

"Yes, Dale," Denise answered knowing that he was trying to use guilt to motivate Victoria to cooperate with him. She walked over at Victoria who was doing her best not to look at her. Moving so that she was right in Victoria's face, she said, "Thanks to you, I've got to wear this mess on my face."

Victoria shuddered, but didn't answer.

Dale knew that she was waiting for him to leave the room. He went over to the couch and sat where she could see him. He crossed his legs and leaned back to make himself comfortable. Folding his hands behind his head, he said, "I hate having sex with fat women."

"I can understand why," Denise said. She wondered if she had been as bad as that on the first day in the program. Of course, she had given Dale a blowjob rather than breakdown crying that she didn't know how like Victoria had done. After several attempts to get her to try, Dale had commanded Denise to show her how it was done.

"They don't try," Dale said.

"I know. What's so hard with sticking a cock in your mouth and sucking on it?" Denise asked.

"There's more to it than that," Dale said.

"It is a start," Denise countered.

"That's true," Dale said, "Have a seat and we'll just watch her stand there."

"Okay," Denise said joining Dale on the couch.

Victoria stood in the middle of the room trying to look as small as possible. Considering her size, she wasn't very small looking. She stood there for ten minutes withering under their calm observation of her. Finally, she could take it any longer. She said, "Leave."

"Who?" Dale asked.

"You," she answered desperate for him to go. She felt that she could handle being naked in front of the woman, but not him.

"Nope. I'm going to watch you all day long," Dale said stretching out the word 'all' so that it was almost as long as the rest of the sentence. He cocked his head and stared at her.

Knowing it was time to add pressure on Victoria, Denise said, "I'm hungry. When's lunch?"

"We won't have lunch until after Victoria cleans up your face," Dale said in a conversational tone of voice.

"So you mean I have to suffer because of her," Denise said. Dale had warned her not to show any compassion to Victoria. She was to avoid providing any excuses for the girl. It was hard to do particularly when she understood how the other woman felt.

Nodding his head, Dale replied, "That's right."

Denise asked, "So how long do you think we'll have to wait?"

"We'll probably have to wait until dinner time. Victoria doesn't strike me as someone who cares too much about your problems," Dale said.

"I think you're right. She won't move until she's hungry," Denise said.

Dale nodded his head and said, "That's the problem with fat women. The only problems that matter are their problems. Victoria is focused on Victoria. She only sees her nudity and doesn't see that you are naked or that I'm half naked. Her nudity is a problem. Your nudity is just a little bit of the background scenery."

"That's pretty self-involved," Denise commented. She had been like that until a few months before. It had taken her a long time to just learn how to accept the situation as it was. It was even harder to accept that the rules existed before she showed up and that they weren't directed at her specifically.

"Slovenly, undisciplined, self-involved, self-obsessed, and self-centered are the characteristics that define a fat woman," Dale said. He wondered if Victoria would rouse out of her shame long enough to ask about the difference between being self-involved, self-obsessed, and self- centered.

"I'll remember that," Denise said. She already understood that, but knew the conversation was more for Victoria's benefit than hers.

"Fat women blame their weight for all of their problems. If they can't blame their weight, then they blame everyone else. They don't acknowledge that they are responsible for their problems," Dale said.

Denise looked at Victoria and said, "Sometimes their problems aren't even problems."

"That's true of everyone," Dale said glancing over at Denise. He returned to staring at Victoria.

Denise said, "All she has to do is walk across the room to the bathroom, get a face cloth and a towel, and come back here. What's the big deal?"

Dale laughed and said, "Oh it is a big deal in her mind. She's going to have to do something for someone else for a change. She's already naked and we've already seen all that there is to see, but she doesn't want us to see her body. She's locked in her little self-involved world."

Listening to the conversation, Victoria felt lower than an earthworm. They were discussing her as if she wasn't even in the room. She knew that they didn't understand. She couldn't just walk around in front of them without hiding her ugly body. She would be mortified by doing that. She glanced over at Denise taking in the come splattered across her face.

Victoria wanted to question how it was that she had come to be there, but knew that it was actually a very simple story. For four weeks, Karen had told her and her family about the program and how effective it was. She had edited some key details in front of the parents, but she'd basically told the whole story. At first, her father had put his foot down when it came to nudity and sex.

For the first two weeks of discussion, Victoria felt as if this was some abstract choice that would never be presented to her. All of that changed when she told her parents what she wanted for her twenty-first birthday. As a present, Victoria had requested that her parents pay for a surgical procedure to staple her stomach so that she could lose weight. Instead of surgery, her parents had embraced Karen's suggestion that she join Dale's program.

The tone her parents took when discussing the program changed. They didn't like the idea of their daughter getting an invasive surgical procedure to lose weight when there were less radical options available to her. Victoria couldn't believe her parents reaction to her reminders about the nudity and sex. She nearly passed out when her father had said, "Maybe you need to get laid."

Victoria knew that her family was aware of most details of the program, but she wasn't aware of how much they knew. Karen had been totally honest and had described in great detail what had happened to her. She told them how it had changed her and allowed her to learn how to love. With that kind of honesty, they trusted Karen not to recommend something that would harm their daughter. They announced their decision the night of her birthday.

Victoria had protested, but her parents had turned a deaf ear to her arguments. She would have fought harder to stay out of the program, but she had come to believe Karen's comment about how the program would lead her to a long-term weight loss. In her desperation to be slender, she had agreed to join the program.

Although she had been warned, Dale and the rules of the house had shocked Victoria. Karen had praised the man who was in charge of it making him sound like some sort of saint. She couldn't believe that a saint would actually require her to be naked and do everything he said. The sex acts that were described in the rules were absolutely disgusting.

She knew that she had made a mistake the moment that she had stripped. She had thought she would be able to handle the nudity, but she wasn't dealing with it. She didn't know what to do to get out of there. She couldn't run out of the house without her clothes and she didn't know where her clothes were. She felt trapped in the house and convinced that he was going to rape her anytime now.

Denise watched Victoria almost able to read her thoughts. She sighed as she thought about what the young woman was feeling. She wondered what she could do to speed things up. She said, "I'm hungry."

"You said that before," Dale commented.

Denise said, "I didn't say it for your benefit. I want her to know that I'm hungry."

"Don't bother. She doesn't care," Dale said.

She knew how hearing about food would spark Victoria into action. When a fat woman was faced with a choice between hunger and pride, pride always lost. Denise asked, "What are we having for lunch?"

"I thought we'd start with some French Onion Soup. It is made from scratch. I started it last night in the Crockpot," Dale said.

"With the melted cheese on top?" Denise asked.

"Of course," Dale answered. Victoria stared at Dale wondering how that was part of his program. A soup like that had to have a ton of calories.

"I love that," Denise said. She asked, "What about the main course?"

"I thought we'd have lean roast beef sandwiches made with homemade bread. I've got lettuce, tomatoes, and onions ready," Dale said.

"Vinegar and oil with oregano?" Denise asked.

"Of course," Dale answered.

Victoria said, "Are you crazy? I can't eat that. The calories would make me swell up like a blimp."

"We don't count calories," Dale said sharply.

"Sounds good," Denise said, "I think that is one of my favorite lunches."

Dale said, "I thought that since we had a new participant in the program that a good home cooked meal would be nice."

"Wasted gesture," Denise said looking over at Victoria. It was obvious that all of the talk about food had awakened the woman's hunger. She would have smiled, but that would have ruined her effort.

"You and I would have enjoyed it," Dale said with a sigh. He said, "I put a lot of work into it, particularly the soup."

"You really make the best French Onion Soup. What kind of stock did you use?" Denise asked.

"A veal and beef stock," Dale answered.

"So thick and rich," Denise said.

"I even got some pumpernickel bread," Dale said.

Denise could see that Victoria was listening to the description of the meal. She said, "Since I'll have to wait until dinner to eat, I'd like to know what is for diner."

"Grilled shrimp kabob on rice pilaf. I got the really large shrimp. I figure we'll have two skewers each since I've got a ton of vegetables to go on the skewer with the shrimp. I thought we'd have a tomato and onion salad to go with it," Dale said.

"That sounds delicious," Denise said.

Dale said, "The weather has warmed up enough to grill outdoors."

"I love food that's been grilled outside. It just tastes different somehow," Denise said.

"I know. I was having a hard time deciding between shrimp kabobs and steak, but I figured with the lunch that the shrimp was a better choice."

Denise nodded her head and said, "I agree. What's for desert?"

"I got a chocolate cake for desert," Dale said.

"All of this talk of food is really making me hungry," Denise said.

"I'm hungry, too," Victoria said half afraid of drawing attention to her naked body.

"What do I care?" Denise asked scornfully.

"Well, I am," Victoria said shrinking into herself. Dale hadn't taken his eyes off of her during most of the conversation. There was no way to hide from his gaze.

"You don't care enough to wash this come off my face, so why should I care if you're hungry?" Denise asked.

'You should care because I am hungry, ' Victoria thought. She wasn't going to give that answer aloud. She knew that it would make her sound like a horrible person. Of course, even thinking the answer made her feel bad.

Denise said, "I know what she's thinking. She's thinking that I should care because she's the one that's hungry."

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