Fat Farm
Chapter 18

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Lazlo Zalezac

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 18 - Denise is a fat woman. Her one and only friend introduces her to a unique weight loss program that helped her lose forty pounds. The only problem is the price she has to pay in order to participate in the program. Already filled with self-loathing, what is the loss of dignity in comparison to the loss of forty pounds?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie  


Day 156 Thursday

Denise woke in the morning feeling tired. She had gotten no more than four hours of sleep through the night. She went over to the small clock and checked out the time. It was five thirty in the morning. Dale would be coming down in thirty minutes. She felt between her legs wondering if she would be wet enough to take him. Her hand came away sopping wet.

She wondered how he would take her. She went into the bathroom and prepared an enema just in case. She doubted that he'd take her in the ass right away, but he'd do it sometime during the morning. She was sure of that.

She finished cleaning her bowels and took a shower. Once she was clean, she dried off. Not having to dress made the early morning ritual a lot quicker. She paced around the basement stopping occasionally to look at the clock. It seemed to her that the time was dragging past.

At two minutes before the hour, she went over to the closet and got down on her hands and knees. She stayed there nervously waiting for him to rush down and take her. She had decided at some point during the night that the first time wasn't going to be all that pleasurable. Dale was driven by his needs and wouldn't look past them until they had abated.

The door to the basement opened and she tensed. Dale called down, "Breakfast will be ready in five minutes."

"What?" Denise asked. In none of the scenarios that had gone through her mind the previous night had the idea of starting the morning with breakfast appeared.

"Breakfast will be ready in five minutes," Dale replied.

"You aren't going to fuck me?" Denise asked incredulous.

"Later," Dale said.

Denise climbed up the stairs where Dale was waiting for her. He was wearing a robe. The front of the robe was tented with his erection. She stared at it wondering how he was managing to control his desires. In answer to her unspoken question, Dale said, "Discipline. No matter how strong the need, the only way to truly get it satisfied is with disciplined action. I don't want to destroy what I've built over the past few months by acting without control."

Staring at him, Denise realized that he had an iron will. She sank to her knees and opened his robe. Just before taking his cock in her mouth, she said, "Come for me."

For the first time since she had entered the house, she had reached out to him and gave of herself to satisfy his needs without concern for herself. He looked down at her and saw that she was looking up at him with wide open baby blue eyes filled with a desire to please him. It didn't take two minutes before Dale was emptying his balls into her mouth. She sucked him even after he was spent. He sighed and said, "Thank you."

Easing off his cock, she said, "My pleasure."

"Let's eat. We have a lot to talk about," Dale said feeling relaxed for the first time in more than twenty four hours.

"Okay," Denise said thinking about how much she had enjoyed giving him the blowjob. She wondered what it would be like when the circumstances were better.

Seated at the table, Dale said, "Sometime in the past five weeks, you stopped being a fat woman. I'm not sure when it happened or even why it happened, but I noticed one day that you had made the breakthrough."

"Susan said the same thing," Denise said.

"I wanted your first time as a real woman to be special," Dale said. He was feeling a little guilty about having allowed her to relieve him.

"It was," Denise said. She had watched his reaction to her actions. Maybe it hadn't lasted long, but she had seen that brief moment where he had surrendered to her. Susan's description of the blowjob that had changed her life now made sense. She had felt the power and pleasure of sex.

"After we're done eating, I'd like to take you to the bedroom for a long leisurely session," Dale said. He looked at the clock and sighed. He said, "I fear that we'll have to head for work."

"I took the day off," Denise said.

"You did?" Dale asked surprised by the revelation.

Nodding her head, Denise said, "Yes, I did. I have to admit that I've been looking forward to this."

Dale nodded his head and said, "You definitely aren't a fat woman anymore."

"I know," Denise said. She sighed and said, "I'm not sure what I've become."

"You are still in the process of becoming," Dale said with a smile. The time to start molding her into the woman that she would become had begun. This was the fun part of the program as far as he was concerned.

"I guess," Denise said. She looked around at the dirty dishes and said, "Let me clear the table while you call Claire. She'll want to know that you won't be in work today."

"Okay," Dale said.

Thirty minutes later, Denise entered Dale's bedroom and looked around. It was her first time in that room and she was impressed by the cultured masculine furnishings. It definitely wasn't a bachelor pad. This might not have been her first choice in a fantasy setting, but it was nice.

Dale slipped up behind her and circled her waist with his arms. She leaned back into him feeling the swelling hardness between his legs pressed against her ass. He nibbled on her neck sending little wavelets of pleasure though her body. The thought that this was what it meant for the neck to be an erogenous zone flashed through her mind. She shut off the intellectual part of her brain with a vengeance and surrendered to the feelings.

Dale eased her onto the bed and settled beside her. With soft kisses, he visited every pleasure spot on her body. Some she knew about, but most were amazing discoveries. Her body trembled and she reached out for him. The true dance of erotic pleasure began as she sought the parts of his body that reacted to her touch even as he sought hers.

Hours passed as the foreplay heated up to the grand conclusion. Delirious with pleasure, Denise realized that she was spread wide open with Dale thrusting into her. Her animalistic cries rang through the room. His grunts and groans as he drove his body through the act of love made the song a duet. She came with a roaring in her ears, fireworks exploded in front of her eyes, and her entire body went rigid overloaded with sensation.

Above her, Dale ground his cock into her accepting cunt. The release came from deep within him. His whole body felt it. Not all orgasms deserved the title, La Petite Mort, -- the little death, but this one did. It descended upon him taking away all thoughts and leaving only feelings. He felt helpless in its throes.

He recovered finding that he was laying atop Denise with his full weight. He started to roll off of her, but she said, "Stay there."

He stayed in place but took a little of his weight on his arms. He said, "Thank you."

"Thank you," Denise said. She didn't need to ask if he had enjoyed it. There were no doubts in her mind that they had just finished having the best kind of sex that was humanly possible.

"That was intense," Dale said.

"That was long overdue," Denise said with a satisfied smile.

"Yes," Dale said thinking that he had not expected this day to come for another month or so. Susan who had come from the same background as Denise had been much more resistant to opening up like this. He couldn't help wondering what had been the difference.

"I prepared my ass for you. When you've recovered, I want to you take me there," Denise said. It was hard to get the words out, but she felt a great need to say them.

"Your wish is my desire," Dale said once again surprised by her actions.

"Thank you," Denise said.

"For what?"

"For freeing me," Denise answered.

Forty minutes later, Dale sank his cock in Denise's ass. She pushed back against him accepting the intrusion. The act that had once devastated her had lost all power to cause shame. She participated willingly and enthusiastically. Dale remained gentle, taking her slowly so as not to cause pain. The tightness of her neither passage made him want to just shove it in, but he knew better than to do that. Slow and easy led to the best sex.

The session lasted a long time and finished with him filling her ass with his spend. It was only after finishing that he realized that he had taken her in all three holes before noon. He rolled off of her and then gathered her in his arms. She said, "This is nice."

"Yes, it is," he said in agreement.

They laid there for a few minutes and then Dale said, "Let's take a shower."

"Okay," Denise said despite wanting to savor the moment a little while longer.

"Come on," Dale said releasing her and rising from the bed.

"What?" Denise asked.

"Let's go take a shower," Dale said.


"Of course," Dale answered.

Feeling shy all of a sudden, Denise followed Dale into the bathroom. He had a huge shower that could easily hold three people. There were jets for spraying water distributed across three walls and the ceiling. Denise had seen a shower like that on television once, but the reality of actually standing inside one was overwhelming.

Dale pressed a button and she was suddenly surrounded by a gentle spray of water. It was one of the most sensual things that she had ever experienced in her life. It was like standing in a warm summer rain, but more pleasant. She turned around enjoying the feel of it.

Dale said, "You like it?"

"This is amazing," Denise answered.

Leaving the shower made her realize just how wealthy Dale was to afford things like this. The front of the house which was all that she really had seen demonstrated an understated wealth. His bedroom and the attached bathroom were much less subtle reminders that he was wealthy. There were at least five other rooms that she had never seen during her stay there. She could only imagine what she'd find in them.

Dale led her out of the bedroom and into the living room. Once there, he said, "We'll move you out of the basement this afternoon."

"Okay," Denise said surprised by the statement.

"The basement is for fat women. You aren't a fat woman anymore," Dale said.

"Oh," Denise said.

Dale said, "You'll have Susan's old room."

"Oh," Denise said. After that glorious session that morning, she was a little disappointed that he didn't want her to move into his bedroom.

"Don't be disappointed. You're going to need the privacy that having your own room will provide you," Dale said knowing that it was time to manage her expectations. It was important that she trust him, but he had to make sure that she didn't fall in love with him.

"You're probably right," Denise said.

Dale knew that he was right. He was tempted each time that a woman in the program made that transition away from being a fat woman. The one time he had succumbed to temptation and escalated the relationship had ended with a near disaster. She had grown clingy and tried to manipulate her way through the program. She finished it, but the result had been disappointing in the sense that she had left nursing a small kernel of resentment. Smiling at her, he said, "Let's go out for lunch."

"Okay," Denise said. She had the perfect outfit to wear.

"Great," Dale said, "Go get dressed and I'll meet you at the car."

"Okay," Denise said. She wandered down to the basement and looked around at what had been her room. After living in it for five months, she was shocked at how attached she had become to it. She went over to the closet and pulled out the black and white dress that she had purchased with Susan. It was a little loose when she put it on. In a way, it looked even better loose. The skirt seemed to move more when she walked. The only place that it remained tight was around her bust. Her breasts were squeezed together revealing an inviting bosom.

Satisfied with her attire, she went into the bathroom and applied some makeup. She went through her normal process and then stopped to look at the result. It was a little heavy. She cleaned off her face and went with a lighter gentler look. Pleased with the result, she stepped back and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She not only felt sexy, she felt that she looked sexy.

Happy with the results, she went outside and found Dale waiting by the car. He looked at her and nodded. In a gentle voice, he said, "You look great."

"Thank you," Denise said.

"Men will envy me," Dale said opening the car door for her.

She slid into the luxury car marveling at the interior. She realized that this was the first time that Dale had taken her anywhere in public. The fact that it happened the same day that he had told her that she was no longer a fat woman was not lost upon her. Looking over at her, he asked, "What do you feel like eating? Seafood? French? Italian?"

"Seafood would be fine," Denise answered. She wasn't sure that she could handle spaghetti without ruining her clothes and she'd have no idea what she was eating if it was French.

"Seafood it shall be," Dale said starting the car. As he pulled out of the driveway, he said, "We're going to Don's Seafood Palace. It is a special little place that is in the middle of nowhere. Don't let the appearance of the place bother you, the food inside is outstanding."

"Okay," Denise said. She'd never heard of the place.

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