A Close Call - Book 1: A New Beginning
Chapter 1

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Doug Holmes, an ex-Ranger and now an anthropologist, gets accidentally bounced back to Clovis-era New Mexico of 12,000 years ago. Join him as he copes with the primitive life style of the natives and becomes an important leader as he gradually introduces more modern devices to make their lives easier and more fun. His attitude is, this may change history, but to hell with that--I have to live here!

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Historical   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Pregnancy   Violent  


"What the shit am I doing here?" Doug Holmes thought as he struggled to his feet. "Naked and in the middle of a desert of sorts. I've got to get to some shelter before I suffer fatal heat stroke! I'll worry about other things later."

He started walking toward some trees he saw in the distance. "Those trees can't be more than a mile away. I'll have to hurry, but not so fast that I tire myself out. Thank God for my Ranger training. If I can find shelter soon enough, I should survive until I'm rescued."

Doug made a point of stepping into every bit of shade that he could find. "God, this sand is hot! I've got to be careful where I put my feet or I'll develop blisters and never make it to those trees. There may be some prickly pear cactus around here; if necessary, I'll chew on a leaf for the liquid. It'll taste like hell and maybe make me throw up, but the liquid would save my life if I could keep it down."

An hour later, Doug had reached the trees and a small stream. "At least, I've got water. I can put off chewing on cactus for a little while. If I'm in the southwestern USA, I could be arrested for damaging a cactus. Say, maybe that's what I need to do to get rescued!" Doug dropped to his knees and used his hands to scoop up water to drink. He didn't drink all the water he wanted at once for fear of getting sick from it. He was already sweating profusely, so he knew that he would be thirsty soon, anyway, so he forced himself to wait.

Meanwhile, he needed to find food and a place to hide from the sun. All he needed was a bad sunburn. Fortunately, he had a good tan from all his field work, so he had not burned, yet. He also needed salt to counteract what he was losing in his sweat. He had a busy day coming up as soon as the sun started down from its peak. Since it looked to be nearly noon, Doug planned to rest in the shade for at least an hour. He wasn't hungry, yet, and knew that he could go for several days before he had a serious problem. Now that he had water, his next priority was getting rescued.

Doug leaned back against a tree and jerked forward, again. "Damn, that hurt!" Well, he did have a little sunburn, already. "Shit! Now I really have to be careful." Doug gave up on leaning against the rough bark of the tree and stretched out on the ground, instead. He didn't go to sleep, but spent his time trying to figure out what had happened to him.

Douglas Holmes was an anthropologist specializing in ancient Native American cultures. His current interest was in trying to find more information on the Clovis people of New Mexico. He was 32 years old and in excellent physical condition. As soon as he was old enough, he had joined the Army and had wiggled his way into the Rangers on merit and sheer persistence. He had lost a couple of toes in Iraq; he didn't think that he was slowed down by the injury, but the Army did, so he resigned and went to college. He got his BS in Anthropology and was now nearly finished with his PhD dissertation on the Clovis people.

He had traveled to Auburn University in connection with this to visit a friend in the Physics Department there who had invented a "time machine." This wasn't really a time machine that you could move things through, but one that let you view things as they happened in the remote past. He leaned a little on the ties of friendship and got his friend to let him spend a day looking at the people who had lived in the Clovis, NM, region about 12,000-11,000 years ago. He was trying to find when the first true Clovis points were made, so he was making jumps of about 500 years back before that. He had gone too far, and the site he was looking at was covered with ice.

Doug had just started turning the control back to more recent times when there was a tremendous arc between segments of the apparatus, and the arc finally jumped to him. The next thing he knew, he was naked and lying on the sand of a pseudo desert.

Doug was lounging in the shade by the stream when he spotted movement off to his right on the other side of the stream. A moment later, he recognized that he had seen a man; he was saved! Doug jumped up and shouted to attract attention. The other man had not seen Doug and jerked his head around at the shout. He trotted toward Doug, holding his staff in front of him, end first as he ran.

Doug was so happy to be found that he had had not consciously registered that the man running toward him was a Native American and wearing skins for clothing. As the man entered the water to come closer, Doug noted those details and that the staff was really a spear with a wrought stone tip! The expression on the man's face was anything but friendly.

The Ranger training took over without conscious thought on Doug's part. He stood in place until the man got close enough for Doug to reach the spear. As soon as it was within reach, Doug stepped to the side and knocked the spear the other way. Doug grabbed the spear shaft and pulled the man off balance. This caused the man to stagger and Doug held the spear with his left hand while he slapped the man's face as hard as he could with his right hand. At 5-feet 11-inches tall, Doug was at least 5 inches taller than the Native American and at 195-pounds, none of it fat, he had no trouble in knocking the other man to the ground.

The Native American man lay on the ground, too dazed to rise. This gave Doug a chance to examine the spear. The shaft was sturdy and well made, but the point was flint and very crudely formed. It showed none of the sophistication that Doug would have expected from a Clovis native. The man was coming around, so Doug tossed the spear aside and reached down to help the man to his feet. He said, "Let me help you up."

The man on the ground said, "Ogan tzay uvan? (Who are you?)"

Doug said, "Oh, shit! I never heard that language, before."

The man grabbed Doug's hand, but, instead of getting up, pulled Doug closer and tried to grab Doug's balls with his other hand. Doug grunted, "Oh no you don't!" and dropped his knee with his full weight behind it onto the man's solar plexus. The man's breath whooshed out, and he rolled over in agony. Doug laughed and sat down to wait for the man to regain his ability to breathe.

It must have taken 10 minutes for the man to regain full control of himself, but finally he did. He also looked at Doug with new respect. The man assumed a sitting position and looked questioningly at Doug. Doug tapped his own chest and said, "Doug." Doug did this a few more times, and the man finally seemed to get the idea.

The Native American tapped his own chest and said, "Little Bear" Doug pointed a finger at the man and said, "Little Bear" The man pointed a finger at Doug and said, "Doug." Doug smiled and nodded his head, hoping that the man understood that to be a sign of agreement. Fortunately for Doug, he had a great facility for language, so he gained a working vocabulary very quickly as the two men "talked" over the next three hours.

At the end of this time, Little Bear stood up. Doug stood up, too, and pointed at the spear and said, "Little Bear take spear." At this, Little Bear picked up the spear and waved at Doug to accompany him. As they crossed the stream, Doug paused long enough to pick up a baseball-size rock; every man should have a weapon.

They walked toward a range of hills for two hours until they came to a large grove of trees. By this time, Doug had figured out that he could not possibly still be in the 21st century. Doug could see a number of small huts among the trees, so he figured that this must be Little Bear's village. They entered the trees and Little Bear said, "Doug wait here." Doug leaned against a tree while Little Bear entered the village and ducked into a hut. Little Bear came back shortly with a piece of meat which he handed to Doug, and said, "Doug eat. Wait here."

Doug figured that this was an excellent sign, so he sat down and gnawed at the hunk of meat while Little Bear returned to the village. Little Bear went to a different hut and scratched on the wall beside the door. Apparently, he was called in. Little Bear was inside the hut for nearly an hour before he came out with two other men, both old and richly dressed.

The three came to where Doug was waiting and one of the older men said, "Show how you fight." This had to be repeated by Little Bear before Doug understood what they wanted.

Doug said, "I show how I fight." and turned back to Little Bear just as he charged. Little Bear ran at Doug with his arms open as if he wanted to grab Doug around the waist. Doug did not want to cause a serious injury to Little Bear, so he had to be careful which moves he made. Doug stepped to one side and grabbed one of Little Bear's arms and pulled hard while sticking out his leg at ankle height. Little Bear fell hard to the ground, as if he had never before faced this kind of fight.

He reached down to help Little Bear to his feet and Little Bear again tried to grab Doug's balls. Doug dropped onto his solar plexus, but not as hard as the last time, but enough to make his point. When Little Bear had regained his breath, Doug helped him up while keeping his balls out of reach. Little Bear charged again and Doug this time rolled onto his back and sent Little Bear flying through the air for several feet. All three men were surprised at this. When Little Bear was able to regain his feet, The old man held up his hand and grunted; Little Bear stopped attacking.

The old man said, "Doug fight funny, but Doug fight good." He then beckoned for the other three to follow him back to the village. They went into the man's hut and sat down. A woman brought them some food and they ate quietly. After they had eaten, the old man pointed to his chest and said, "Chief Raven," and pointed to the other old man and said "Giant Sloth." He then said, "Doug, why do you not wear clothes?"

Doug said, "The spirits sent me here just as you see me. They must have a plan for me, but I do not know what it is. Can you give me some clothes and weapons so that I will not look foolish?"

"Yes. We will do that." He beckoned to a woman, "Daughter, get some clothes for Doug. He is an honored guest. Little Bear, do you have extra weapons you can give to Doug?"

"Yes, Chief Raven, I have an extra spear. I would like for Doug to live in my home while he is visiting us. Is that acceptable?"

"An excellent idea, Little Bear. You will make an excellent host. Doug, here are your clothes. Please keep them as long as you need them. My daughter will help you to dress, now."

"Thank you for the clothes, Chief Raven. May we leave as soon as I am dressed?"

"Yes, if that is your desire. I am sure that you are tired and would like to rest."

Doug dressed with the help of Chief Raven's daughter. She didn't stare, but she did look at every opportunity at his sexual equipment. After they left the hut, Little Bear laughed and said, "You made quite an impression on Evening Star, Chief Raven's daughter. She took every opportunity to gape at your equipment. I think she was sizing you up as a possible mate."

Doug laughed and said, "I liked what little I could see of her. I'm surprised that she is not already taken."

"Oh, she would be, if she was not so choosy. Every man in the village would like a chance at her, but she has not seen anyone she liked until you came along. Her father indulges her and will not force her to marry anyone she does not want."

"I am not sure that your marriage customs match what I know. What would be necessary as a bride price?"

"She wouldn't come cheap! I think that three giant sloth pelts or the equivalent would be required, but somebody she wanted might get a special price." Little Bear grinned at his own joke. "Here we are at my house; please enter as my honored guest."

"Thank you very much, Little Bear. Your courtesy is deeply appreciated."

They entered the hut, and Doug was introduced to Rising Sun, Little Bear's wife. After the exchange of pleasantries, Doug was shown the pile of furs that he could use for a bed. Everybody slept nude, so Doug quickly noticed that Rising Sun was pregnant. He hoped that this meant that his hosts led a happy home life.

The next morning, Doug was wakened by Rising Sun's busy preparation of breakfast. The two men ate, and then she ate what was left over. There was plenty for her, there was no chance of Rising Sun not having enough to eat.

Little Bear handed Doug a spear and said, "Take this spear and use it as your own."

"Thank you. I am honored by your gift." Doug could tell that Little Bear was pleased by the courtesy of Doug's reply.

They went outside, both men carrying their spears. Little Bear showed Doug around the village, pointing out the flint napper's home, and how it was empty now that its former occupant had been killed in a hunting mishap. He said that they hoped a skilled napper would join their village soon, since most of the tools and weapons currently in use had been made by amateurs.

This was particularly interesting to Doug, since he considered himself to be a skilled flint napper. He would look into this very soon, as he felt that he needed to establish himself somewhere in case he was stuck in his present era. To Doug's surprise, Little Bear asked, "Do you know anything about the art of napping flint? We are really desperate for help there."

"Yes, I have some skill in napping flint. Would you like to see what I can do?"

"Yes, I would. Can you do anything to improve the point on my spear?"

"I don't have my tools with me. Can I see what might be in the napper's home? I can do something for your spear if I can find the tools there."

"Yes, If you can work flint with any skill at all, Chief Raven will give you everything you find in the napper's home and the home itself. Let's go in and see what is there that you can use."

They went in and Doug looked around. Everything needed to nap flint into practically any form was there, along with plenty of raw materials. Doug said, "I will make you a new spear head, instead of trying to rework the one you have. That way, if I fail, I will not have ruined a workable point."

Doug picked through the raw materials until he found a suitable blank and began to work. A spear point is a very basic and relatively simple job, so he was able to rough one out in about 15 to 20 minutes. He worked on refining the shape until he was satisfied; this took another 15 to 20 minutes. He handed the finished point to Little Bear and said, "Is this adequate for the job?"

Little Bear was stunned by the speed and quality of Doug's work. He took the point and said, "Come with me. This is very important!"

Little Bear hurried to Chief Raven's hut, so fast did he move that Doug had to jog to keep up. Little Bear scratched next to the door and waited until he heard an invitation to enter. Without comment, he handed the spear point to Chief Raven and stepped back.

Chief Raven examined the point very carefully and asked, "Where did you find this point? It is the finest I have ever seen!"

Little Bear answered, "That point was made by Doug from a blank in only a few minutes. He is a master napper. We must persuade him to join our clan!"

"That is truly a remarkable piece of work. Doug, can you make other things besides spear points?"

"Yes, Chief Raven. I believe that I can make anything you have now, and maybe some new things. Would you like for me to become the flint napper for your village?"

"Yes, I would. We badly need someone who can work flint with the skill you have shown here. Would you be willing to take on that responsibility?"

"Yes, I would be happy to live in your village and work flint for your people. What do I have to do to earn that job?"

"You have just earned the job! I will assign a woman to keep house for you and to cook, so that you will be able to devote full time to working flint. Is that agreeable?"

"That is most agreeable, Chief Raven. Can I move into the napper's hut right away? I don't want to impose on Little Bear and his wife."

"What do you say, Little Bear?"

"My wife and I would be pleased to have Doug stay with us as long as he wishes, but we know how badly our village needs a skilled flint napper. We will gain status just from being Doug's first friends in the village."

"Yes, you will. Please do what you can to help Doug get set up in his new house. I will send him his housekeeper sometime this afternoon."

"Very well, Chief Raven. We will leave now to get started." Taking his spear point from the chief, Little Bear led Doug back to the hut. "Take a little while to become comfortable in your new house, but plan to eat lunch with me, today. I must go now to show my new point to my wife. She will be astonished."

Doug bid Little Bear goodbye and looked around to get an idea of just what he needed to do first. Doug decided that the first thing he needed was some advertising, so he decided to make a few more spear points. But he would make them while sitting in front of his home, so that the other villagers would see him at work and know who had made the points.

Doug rummaged around through the disorder in his house and found five blanks. "This is enough to keep me busy most of the day. I can use the same stones and bone that I used to make the first point, so I have everything I need to get started."

Doug found a comfortable place to sit and started working on the first point. Almost immediately, he drew a crowd of curious children. This caused some adults to drop by to see what was the reason for all the interest. Before long, most of the village was standing as close as they dared, watching Doug turn out fine quality spear points almost casually. He looked so relaxed that he hardly appeared to be working at all. As far as the villagers were concerned, Doug looked like a worker of the strongest magic, the way he was able to turn a chunk of flint into such a fine quality tool, and do it so quickly.

Doug had made 3 points before Little Bear came to tell him it was time for lunch. The villagers were awestruck!

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