Things Change

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2008 by Linda Jean

Sex Story: Young wife discovers her new husbands fantasies and gets caught up in them herself. he has no idea she knows. she gets blackmailed at work made to do a gangbang. goes out and has sex in front of her new husband. He eat his first creampie.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Cream Pie   .

Something happened to me about 11 months after my wedding day. No, I didn't get pregnant. Let's see, where should I begin? Oh, I know. Look, I don't want to bore you with the details of my wedding and honeymoon. Mainly because I look back and I do not see where it was all that great.

Now, maybe, if I did share a little you will understand why I say that now. My husband and I were both virgins. I had just turned 19 and Peter was 20. Oh, we messed around but we never went all the way, and we both wanted our wedding night to be that special, so we went to the altar never having made love.

Until my wedding night, the only time I experienced a climax was by my own hands. I say that so you understand why I did not know what making love was all about and that I could achieve a climax by doing it, (making love.) Let me just say that while we were both ready and excited, Peter was more ready than I was and he came so fast it surprised both of us.

Now I had heard that sometimes happens once in awhile. My problem was that is always happened to Peter and that meant that I still never experienced anything close to a climax making love with him. Hell, for that matter, I can't honestly say we actually made love. I mean, don't you have to at least receive two or more strokes into yourself to call it making love? (Or even fucking?)

I will have to admit that I was disappointed (to say the least). I now know that it was because of my/our lack of sexual experience and of course my desires at this point in my life.

To be honest with you, I did crave my climaxes, but the only way I was able to get them was to masturbate, even though Peter would get on me every night and get his rocks off. We have different sleep cycles, and by that I mean I go to bed early 9:30-10 p.m., while he would get up and go play his games on the computer. I would wait for him to leave the bedroom and then I would always masturbate under the sheets, holding my moans down so he would not know he left me hanging.

Now I did not have a job those first 11 months so I was always at home. I always waited until around noon and, after my lunch, I would lie on our bed and make wanton love to myself.

Look, I do not want to come across as if I was unhappy, I was very happy with Peter and my life. I loved Peter, and everything in our lives other than our sex life was just perfect.

Well, one day, after one of my private sex sessions, I thought about going into the office and trying to play one of Peter's games on the computer.

I figured since he was on it every night he saved the games in his "favorites." He did not have many sites listed, maybe 10 or 11. I did not recognize any of the game names, but I one called "other" caught my eye. I opened it and it had a lot of sex sites listed! Now, I never in my past looked at anything sexual on my computer before I got married. There was one that interested me in looking further, it was one called "" Now I have always liked reading and I never knew I could read books online. (I guess I am admitting that I did not get online all that much before I was married, aren't I?)

Anyway, I clicked onto the stories online site and discovered that it was almost all sex stories. When I was younger I had read some steamy romance novels but nothing as racy as what I had found at that site.

I saw that Peter had a membership and he had his computer set up to automatically sign in when he clicked on the site, so I was in under his name. I clicked around and found that he had his own library, so I began reading the stories that he had saved.

I was shocked. I mean, shocked to the bone. He liked reading stories of married women who had sex with other men. He liked stories of gangbangs. He had a lot of stories saved of lesbians.

I was at it all afternoon and masturbated almost all day while I read the stories. The thing is, after that one day, I became hooked, I read stories all day long and I went to another one of his saved sites called I found that of the two sites, one was more reserved and the other was not.

After about three months I was thinking of sex more than anything else in my life. When I came to that realization, I decided I had to get a job. Oh, we did not need the money; I just needed to break this nasty sexual life that I was cycling in every day.

Peter did not argue when I told him I was going to get a job. He thought it would be good for me to get out of the house. I went to the newspaper and began my job search. I went all over town filling out applications, and it did not take long to get callbacks. I finally found a great job working for ... hmmmm, I better not say who I ended up working for, I mean, after all, it doesn't really matter.

I went to work and after my training period I was assigned to a section of the company that had to have a woman in order to comply with some sort of sex-discrimination regulations. I was the first woman ever to work in that kind of position or even in that section. I was given my own cubicle and I did my work. In an office of nine men and my boss.

One of the things that I signed as a new employee was that I agreed not to use any company-owned property for personal use. That meant I had to agree not to use the computer at my desk for anything other than my work. They did that because we were all on the Internet. Well, after a while I found that I was always caught up, and I had time on my hands. Well, yeah, I soon tried to see if I could go to the Web sites I used to go to every day at home to see if I could get on them from my office. I discovered within a few clicks that I could go to any of my sites. So, being the clever girl that I am, I decided it would be best to quickly jump in, then download a story or two, save it to a hidden file I put on my computer (or so I thought it was hidden.) so I could read them at a later date and time. And, of course, I checked my other regular sites (100% library and and Hardcore that I had found that were great sites for nasty pictures.

Over time at home reading the stories of women who have great orgasms when they had sex with dildos, cucumbers, zucchini and the like, I found I wanted to have that kind of feeling. I knew Peter would never give me pleasure like that, so I used cucumbers and zucchini just about every day and, yes, I did have wonderful, mind-blowing climaxes with them. You might even say that I became fixated on masturbation since that was the only way I achieved sexual satisfaction.

Well, as I said, I decided to download things like that from my office computer, and when I had time on my hands I would read a bit, look at women using toys to have sex with and after a while reading, I would get so worked up that I had no choice but to go to the ladies' restroom, get into a stall so I could get relief. Some days I even brought a nice vegetable with me and used it getting off.

Like my husband I really got hooked on those gangbang stories. One type of story that really would make me hot as hell, was when I discovered the different stories of women being forced to have sex by their bosses or they would lose their jobs. Worse yet, they would get blackmailed into becoming the company whore.

About four months into my job and two months after I began reading and hiding my porn on my computer, I walked back to my cubicle and I discovered my section boss, Mr. Case, sitting at my desk. He was using my mouse clicking through picture after picture that I thought I had so cleverly concealed. I had downloaded some pretty nasty stuff -- pictures of women using toys and vegetables; women with two men; women with three men, sucking a cock as she had a man in her ass and another in her pussy; and, of course, pictures of women with women.

Mr. Case noticed me standing in the opening and told me to sit. (I had a chair next to my desk facing my chair for clients to sit as I interviewed them.)

I have no idea what I looked like, I felt sick to my stomach as Mr. Case kept clicking and clicking. He made a statement (I did not take it as a question anyway), "Hmmmm, I see that you like some very nasty, filthy pictures, don't you."

I hung my head in shame, then I guess he came across my hidden stories because he then said, "It looks like you enjoy stories of gangbangs and even sex in the office place."

After about 20 to 25 minutes he stopped clicking the mouse, moved around in my chair and, reaching down, adjusted his crotch, making it very obvious as to what he was doing.

He looked at me and asked, "You are aware that this is grounds for dismissal aren't you, Linda?"

I looked at him and — look, I'll be honest here: I was two things at the same time. I was as excited as I have ever been in my whole life and I was also embarrassed like I have never been in my life. I knew he could fire me and I could not say anything in my own defense. I was as wrong as I could be.

Mr. Case had discovered something about me that my own husband did not have any idea about. Mr. Case discovered that I enjoy reading filthy stories and that I like looking at nasty pictures. I knew that in Peter's eyes I was nothing like that. Mr. Case stood up right in front of me; he again reached down to his crotch and adjusted himself. It was then that I saw just how big his package was. It was straining against his fly and it looked like it was huge. He took his time adjusting himself.

Then he said, "Let's go to my office. I need to figure out what I am going to do with you."

I stood and followed him to his office; I was going nuts trying to understand what I was in for. Almost every day I would masturbate, fantasizing about things like this, and yet I did not want to really do anything. I loved Peter and I felt if I got fired over this, I could always go get another job, but what would I do if by some chance Mr. Case decided he wants to take me? What do I do? How do I respond? Do I get mad and stomp out of his office? Should I not even follow him and go get my purse and just go home?

But I followed along, and as we entered his office, he closed the door and closed his mini-blinds. We were alone; Mr. Case walked to the front of his desk and sort of leaned his ass against it as he gestured to one of the two chairs in front of his desk, telling me to have a seat.

I sat down in the chair directly in front of him; my eyes were level with his crotch. I could hear him talking and all I heard was words; I really wasn't making any sense of what he was saying, I just stared at his hard dick pushing against his pants. I remember watching his right hand move to his crotch as he spoke and he gave his cock a nice squeeze, then he dropped his hand. Moments later, he did it again. That next time, instead of dropping his hand when he let go of himself, he began to slowly unzip his pants. I watched as he undid his belt and then worked his cock free, right in front of my face.

I realized that he had stopped talking and he just stood there with his big dick hard as a fucking rock inches from my face. He put his hand around his dick and began stroking himself as he moved even closer to me. I don't honestly know if he came to me all the way or if I leaned forward to him. I do remember opening my mouth as I watched the head of his cock come to me.

Now, I guess I should tell you that the one thing I really love doing with my husband is sucking his cock. The times that I do suck my husband's dick, I jerk it as I suck him. With my other hand I like to masturbate myself. I can do it without him even noticing I am giving myself pleasure and, to be honest, I don't think he even cares. Heck, it is always good for him, and needless to say, it is good for me. So now you understand that sucking cock gives me pleasure and that isn't even taking into account the fact that I also get joy from simply knowing that I my mouth is giving pleasure.

As Mr. Case inserted his dick into my mouth, I reached for it with my right hand and I took hold of it so I could stroke it as I sucked. Without thinking, I brought my left hand to myself under my dress and began experiencing the pleasure I loved so much.

With Peter, he can last longer when I give him head, maybe three or four minutes, than when he's fucking me. Time enough for me to have a climax. But Mr. Case was moaning and as he held the top of my head with his hands he kept telling me what a wonderful cocksucker I was and how much he liked my mouth sucking his cock. I came right away and then again. I was beginning to achieve a milestone in my life -- having a third climax -- when Mr. Case ejaculated in my mouth.

I have always liked the feel of sperm in my mouth, and I love the way it feels going down my throat. As my boss began coming in my mouth, I went nuts. I jerked hard and fast on his cock as I worked my head up and down his shaft. My other hand was taking me over the climax edge at the very same time and never in my whole life had I ever experienced anything so wonderful.

After Peter comes in my mouth, and pulls away; Mr. Case gently held the top of my head as he slowly moved his cock in and out of my face, as I held onto him. He went a little soft but he did not want to stop and I sure as hell didn't. We both moaned as I kept making love to his cock with my mouth. I had never been so fucking wet between my legs as I was that day. I could hear my hand making noises as I worked my fingers in and out of my hole. It sounded nasty and that in itself was a big turn-on.

After a bit, Mr. Case was hard again and he pulled back. He did not say a word, he just took my hand and I rose up, as he wanted me to stand. He directed me to the front of his desk. I knew what I wanted and I knew what he wanted. I leaned forward on to his desk, I felt him raise the back of my dress onto my back, I spread my feet apart, waiting to feel that cock of his inside of me.

I felt the head of it at my opening and I closed my eyes as I felt him slowly push inside. Peter flashed through my mind and I wondered if my boss was going to be like him: give it a push in, leave his sperm and pull out. I felt one difference right away; my boss was much larger than Peter. I never felt full when my husband's Peter (Peter's "peter" ... get it?) went inside me. (I am smiling as I type that ... Peters "peter.")

I felt stuffed and what really surprised me the most was, when Mr. Case began fucking me, he was deep inside and I do mean DEEP! He began pulling all the way out and slowly pushing all the way back inside. Then he repeated the process.

All those times reading my sex stories I never heard of doing it like that. In the past I had tried many different things with my vegetables, I even tried two at a time filling both of my bottom holes at the same time. But this, oh my God, this was wonderful. Being empty one moment and then stuffed completely full the next. It did not take long for me to get to yet another climax and this time, this time it was going to happen while I was being fucked and I was not rubbing my clit. I was going to have a climax from fucking! I felt it build and it built fast.

I began to pray out loud, "Don't let him stop, oh God, don't let him stop, please don't let him stop, I want to feel it, I have to feel it." I remember when it hit me for the very first time in my life. I had a living cock ramming in and out of me, getting ready to give me its seed, and I wanted it, I fucking wanted it bad. As my boss began to pound into me harder and faster I came, I remember screaming out, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH JESUS, OH MY GOD, FUCK ME, MAKE ME COME, MAKE ME COME!"

I lost it, I came and I came hard, but Mr. Case never stopped. I heard a commotion behind me and a slight draft on my exposed legs as he kept fucking me and I rode out my climax. It seemed as if I was never going to stop having that feeling he was giving me and I did not want it to stop. I felt him take hold of my hips and he went as deep as he could, I felt him give me his seed and he pulled out. I stayed there relaxing in the moment. I felt movement as I felt him back out of my opening.

I felt him move away from me and I just laid there bent over his desk with my eyes closed. I felt him move in behind me again, and then I felt as he pushed back inside. This time he felt like he was a little smaller, he also seemed a little longer this time, and then it hit me. It wasn't Mr. Case! It was someone else. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Case stand on the backside of the desk approaching my face with his cum-dripping cock. I knew what he wanted and I opened my mouth to take him.

I heard the man fucking me say to my boss, "I don't fucking believe this, you got her to fuck us all. Charlie, you son of a bitch, I'm buying the drinks tonight." He kept fucking me as he spoke to my boss. I opened my eyes and I saw Mr. Case's office was full of the men I worked with. I knew at that moment I was going to live out one of my many nasty, filthy fantasies.

As they took turns fucking me from behind they called me names and they worked the top of my dress down so they could play with my breasts as well. I closed my eyes and took in every moment that I could, I did not want to forget one tiny moment of this sex going on. I figured if this was my last day working for (oops, I almost told you, didn't I?), I may as well go out with a bang, enjoying it to the fullest.

I could smell the aroma of sperm in the air. As each guy would finish fucking me and depositing his sperm inside. Then they would move around in front of me of so I could clean them off and suck them hard again.

My mind was going crazy with lust because I had masturbated months fantasizing about doing something this nasty. I had climaxed so many times about being taken against my will. Having men just fuck me over and over, then make me suck them hard again so they could fuck me some more. I know, I know, I am a very sick woman. Hell, here I was a 19 year young wife living out one of my sick sex dreams and God forgive me, loving every moment of it.

In a way, I was a little disappointed because in all the stories I had read (well, almost all of them), the men fucked the girl in her pussy and her asshole. I expected that to happen and it did not. I honestly do not know if I was happy about that or not. I had never experienced it (being fucked in my ass), but I knew I wanted to try it. I knew how wonderful it felt when I used two cucumbers, fucking myself with them, one in each hole. I realized only when I felt the back of my dress get pulled down that it was over and no one had taken me there.

Mr. Case helped me get up from his desk and I sat down. I put my breasts back in my dress, and I sat there, trying to wrap my mind around what had just happened. I found my shoes (they had come off) and when I bent forward to put one on I let a lot of air out from my bottom (all right, my pussy!). And you know what? That embarrassed me. Yep, farting out of my pussy made me blush. Sucking and fucking my ten co-workers did not embarrass me. Farting with my cunt embarrassed me. How fucked up is that?

My hair was a mess. I was wet between my legs from all the sperm. I was sore down there and my jaw hurt. Mr. Case sat down and asked me, "Well, my dear, was it what you had hoped for and expected?"

I looked at him, trying to figure out how he thought that or why he even asked such a question. I must have looked as puzzled as I felt.

He said, "Come now, Linda, didn't you think it odd that a busy company like this one would be so busy everywhere but your cubicle? Didn't you think it rather odd to have all that time on your hands so you could read your porn and look at your pictures? When I farmed out your work to the boys, they all knew why they had to pick up your slack, and I told them you would reward them for it. And you just did.

"Now the ball is in your court, honey. What do you have in mind to do? Are you going to scream rape and try to charge sexual harassment? Before you even think of doing that, look over there."

He pointed over to a camera on a tripod facing me. He said, "It caught every word coming from you as you begged all of us to keep fucking you and how demanding you got, wanting to suck another and another cock. You may have a hard time crying rape."

I looked at him and thought, "Just like the stories, they get the girl, they fuck the girl, they record the girl and they blackmail the girl." I smiled to myself inside and decided to play it the way he expected me to. I said to him, "Oh, please, please, Mr. Case, don't show that to anyone. I won't cry rape, I'll do anything, anything you want, just don't show that to my husband. I'll work hard, I'll make you happy, but please don't show that to anyone."

I saw a huge smile come across my boss's face like he had me. I dropped my head and put my face in my hands. I faked as if I was crying and I kept begging him, and telling him I would do anything he wanted any time and any place. He walked over to me, patted my head and said, "Go get cleaned up, dear. It is quitting time, and we'll talk more about this tomorrow. Oh, I hope you are on the pill because you are going to be fucking your brains out from now on here at work. Don't you worry your pretty little head about us telling your hubby. This is just between you and us boys here at the office. You are going to be our own little den mother taking care of us boys.

"From now on, I want you to come to work and the only assignment you have is to keep reading your stories and looking at your pretty pictures. The boys will keep doing your work and you will be giving them their rewards for doing it, won't you, dear? Now you do know what I mean by that, don't you, dear?"

I looked up at him with my puppy dog eyes and sniffled as I said, "Do you mean I can just read and be myself, masturbating, and you and the boys are going to use me, fucking me and making me suck your cocks? That if I do anything you and they want you will not show my husband that video of me doing a gangbang and loving it and loving every inch you boys gave me? God, Mr. Case, yes, I understand and like I said, I'll do anything, anything at all, just don't show my husband that tape."

My boss took my hand and I stood up. My legs were still a bit shaky but I managed to walk to the restroom. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was a mess. I had sperm in my hair and the sperm was flowing out of my cunt like it had no end. Knowing that brought yet another fantasy of mine to mind. I had discovered that Peter liked reading about men who ate their wife's cream pies. What got me so perplexed was Peter would never ever go down on me. He wanted his dick sucked but eating my pussy was, in his words, "sick."

I stood there looking at myself, part of me was excited that I had actually just did one of my many fantasies. The other part of me was yelling and screaming at myself for betraying my husband. He did not deserve a wife that would not only allow herself to get put in a situation like I had, but to enjoy it as much as I had. Now that is fucking sick.

I told myself that it did not matter if my Peter did not know how to control himself when we make love. Just because he could not make me climax was no reason for me to desire other men who could and did to make me climax by fucking me.

Just because Peter's interest was reading about wives who get off fucking other men did not mean that he wanted me to be that way. Just because he would get out of our bed after making love and then go to the office and read his stories and jerk his cock off did not mean I had the right to be used like I was.

He would fuck me, go sit in front of the computer read about eating women who had fucked lots of men and then he would jerk off while all the time telling me that I was sick for wanting him to eat my pussy. While I know that is so wrong it doesn't give me the right to want to be bad.

I lifted the front of my dress and I looked at myself in the mirror. My bottom was an absolute mess -- I had wet and dried sperm all over my pussy lips. I was glad I never allowed myself to grow any hair or it would be caked in sperm. I ran my fingers through my lips and my hole had closed by then. I dropped my dress, washed my face and decided to leave my bottom alone. I wondered just how long whatever was left inside of me would stay inside of me.

I had a very wicked, very nasty thought: Would Peter even notice if I was a mess like this tonight? What would he do if he discovered I was crusted with sperm and that I had sperm oozing out of me? Would he say anything? Would he be mad? Would it break up our marriage? Would it turn him on? Would it make him want to have sex with me?

All of a sudden, I was slipping back into my sexy, horny mode, wondering what, if anything, I could do to get my husband to want to do those things he read about as he jerked off to all the time at night.

There was no question in my mind that he desired a slut for a wife, I knew that before we got married. But did he? I say that because of the clothes he always asked me to wear. Clothes that only a whore wanting to fuck lots of boys would dress in. The times I would kneel in front of him and he would talk nasty as hell calling me his slut, his whore, even though neither of us had ever had sex.

Maybe that is why our sex was so bad; maybe he did that to me on purpose, driving me to become something I wasn't. No, no way was that possible, was it? No, it couldn't be, could it? I stood there puzzled as to what I should do and trying to figure out how Peter would react. Look, I didn't want to hurt the man I loved.

Yes, I said I loved him. Peter was my life and I wanted to be with no other man but him outside of sex. But as I had just learned, when it came to sex, it would appear that any man fucking me could make me climax and climax very hard. Well, any man other than my husband, that is.

I looked at myself and said to the woman in the mirror. "Well, my dear, we are going to find out tonight. It is going to make this marriage better or break it. You know what he likes and you know what turns your man on, so tonight will be your turning point."

I fixed my lipstick, my hair and my dress, and I walked out to leave. Jack was still there and he came to me and said, "Look, Linda, I'm sorry for what I did, I really am, look let me buy you dinner."

He handed me some bills and stuffed them in my hand, he said, "Take your husband out tonight and try to put this past you." I looked in my hand and I had two $100 bills in it.

I looked at him and said, "Thank you, Jack, I just may take Peter out. This is going to be a big night for us, and don't fret about what happened earlier. I think I wanted it as bad as you boys did. I'll keep your money and anytime you feel the need to give me money to ease your conscience, I'll take it as well. Mr. Case has already fixed it so I will be doing anything you nasty boys want me to do, so I'll see you tomorrow."

I walked past him and got into the open elevator.

My mind was racing, and now that Jack gave me that $200 I pulled out my cell phone and called Peter. I told him that I had received a bonus and I asked him if he would like to go out to dinner and a drink or two. Peter actually sounded excited when I asked. He agreed and I told him to meet me at the Shanty Shack on Fourth and State streets at 5:30.

I had a thought but, to be honest, I had not worked it all out in my mind yet. I remembered how many of the stories that Peter had in his library about a couple going to a bar, the woman would dance and turn on men, then have sex with them there at the club someplace. Most of the time, in the bathroom or a storeroom or on a pool table. They would then go home and the woman would have the husband clean her out with his mouth.

Many of the stories had the woman doing it with black men that were huge or had monster dicks. And the husbands always had small dicks or tiny ones. The women controlled the husbands, dominating them to do whatever they wanted. Some of the crap they made their husbands do was really sick, way beyond anything I'd even bring up here.

I drove over and parked in the parking structure. I walked into the place and it was very busy. I knew that the place was a hip bar and restaurant. I also knew that many people from my company went there after work. I saw a stool at the bar open up, so I took it before someone else could. I was not there one minute before a man stood next to me and said, "May I buy you a drink, honey?" I looked at him knowing that my husband would be arriving in about ten minutes or so and said, "Sure, you can just as long as you dance with me later. I get horny as hell dancing. Would you save this seat for me? I need to go to the ladies' room. I'll be right back. I am drinking a vodka martini."

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