Geeta The Teenage Prostitute Blackmails A Customer

by Julia Zenobia

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Julia Zenobia

Erotica Sex Story: Why do they never learn? A customer makes the mistake of trying to earn money off of Geeta, the teenage whore. He pays dearly for his foolishness.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   BDSM   Rough   Light Bond   Interracial   .


Geeta, while only 17 years old, was far too experienced a prostitute to feel uncomfortable with the load of cum that sprayed into her mouth. Instead she was glad that her customer had come to orgasm, despite the salty but unusually bitter flavour of the sperm she refrained from swallowing. In fact, she'd deliberately rushed his release by gently inserting a middle finger up his ass, massaging his prostate and quickly bringing him to the most powerfully shocking orgasm he'd ever had in his life.

The customer was younger than most, perhaps not even 30. He was in good shape - obviously went to the gym regularly. Tall, handsome, and not badly endowed, either - close to 7 inches in

Geeta's experienced and expert estimation.

Kneeling between the man's legs on the massage table, she continued to slowly move her head up and down, her breasts swaying as her customer moaned and bucked beneath her, her finger gently moving in and out of him. After he stopped writhing, she kept his penis in her mouth, sucking gently as it gradually softened. When she judged the time was right, she released the customer's cock with her mouth, and smiled at him, letting cum dribble down her face. She opened her mouth, showing the customer that it was filled with his sperm. She swallowed, then opened her mouth again, showing the customer that she'd taken his load.

"That was only a few minutes," she said. "Flip over and let me massage you for a while." She got up to wash her hands.

The customer was only too happy to comply. When he'd first arrived and Geeta had started to massage him, he'd instead flipped over and asked her to fellate him, and she was only too happy to comply. But once he'd cum, he'd assumed it was all over, and that the girl would send him on his way. That's what these whores usually did. He always tended to cum a bit quicker than he'd like. He was surprised to be invited to stay after cumming so quickly, and so he flipped over, and began to enjoy Geeta's very firm and professional back massage. It was only a minute or two before he felt himself begin to stir again under her touch. Maybe she'd give him another orgasm before he left.

But Geeta had other thoughts as she massaged the man's shoulders. She moved to the end of the table, and began to give him a foot rub, to his evident enjoyment - rarely did he get a real massage where every party of his body was thoroughly attended to. She reached behind her with her foot, and tapped loudly on the door with it.

"Sorry," she said. "Someone's at the door". She opened it, and then said to the man, "Sorry - I have to step out for a minute.

This should never happen. Just you wait - when I come back, I'll bring a friend and we'll put on a real show for you!!"

The customer was perfectly happy with this suggestion. He was not disappointed when Geeta returned with Alice.

Alice was practically an Amazon. The produce of Nigerian immigrants to Canada, Alice was 5'10" tall, 140 pounds - none of it fat. Her gorgeous figure was absolutely mouth-watering. She and Geeta became lovers after the owner of the massage parlour,

Mai, introduced Geeta to the delights of lesbian love-making

(see Tales of Geeta 2). But Alice hadn't come with Geeta to make love to her, or even to help massage the customer. She had an entirely different purpose.

When she had stepped out of the room, Geeta had run straight to the waiting area in the back, and was relieved to see that Alice was one of the girls sitting there with no customer to attend to.

"Alice - I need your help. I have this customer - when I came in, he'd opened the window blinds, and turned the lights on full!

Do you know what I'm thinking?"

"No shit, girl - he's got a secret camcorder going and wants good lighting!"

"That's what I'm thinking," replied Geeta. "He asked me right away to suck his cock, and I'll bet the bastard was filming every minute of it!"

A few months earlier, one of their co-workers had been devastated to find that a video of her giving a blowjob, bareback and to completion, had been posted on the web, her face clearly visible as load after load of sticky white cum was deposited all over it. To make things worse, the video even showed the man (whose face was not visible) giving a nice tip after saying she had definitely earned the money.

She had been outed as a whore. Thereafter she had dyed her hair black as well as cutting it, and had started wearing glasses instead of contact lenses. She had not been the same since. The sudden unmasking of her role in the sex trade had almost destroyed her. All the girls had been terrified by this, and wondered if the same thing would happen to them.

Geeta and Alice quickly discussed strategy, then returned to the room.

Yes, the customer did like what he saw. Who wouldn't? Alice's breasts were natural 40DD, her hips wide but tapering to a narrow, sexy waist. She encouraged the man to lie on his stomach, and started to work on his legs, while Geeta moved to the other end of the table. She rubbed his neck, her crotch right up against him.

"I'll let you lick me, if you'd like," said Geeta, "see if you can reach me."

Eagerly the man extended his tongue, struggling to reach the beautiful Indian girl's snatch. It was rather hard, for he was lying face down, and he couldn't quite do it. He tried to turn over, but both Geeta and Alice held him in place.

"I don't mind letting you turn over to lick me, but I'm afraid things will get out of control. Some guys get carried away and get too aggressive. Just do your best from where you are," said


The customer kept trying, but he just couldn't move his head up far enough to get access to her clit. He had a raging hard-on that pressing into the massage table, and he was eager to give himself some room. He also wanted to bury his face into the girl's snatch.

"Please," he begged. "I'll just use my tongue - no hands!


"I'll tell you what," said Geeta. "Just hold still." The man complied. Geeta reached over to where she'd placed a set of handcuffs, and then knelt before the man. She reached her face up to his, and kissed him passionately, burying her tongue in his mouth - the man practically came on the spot. She broke of this kiss, and showed him the cuffs.

"Let me put these on you - they won't be tight, and I won't even lock them, but this way I know your hands won't start wandering when you put your tongue inside me. Is that ok with you, sweetie?"

Yes, it was ok. And so while Geeta stayed at the head of the table, the man willingly remained still while Alice cuffed him.

She locked the cuffs too, of course, not that the fool of a customer noticed.

The two girls turned him over, and Geeta let him lick at her snatch for a while, revelling in the sensations of having her clitoris sucked and licked. The man certainly knew what he was doing. While he worked on Geeta, Alice was giving him a handjob

- but not the usual fast up and down motion. She was working only on the head of his cock, slowly moving her hand around

- it was driving the man crazy, his body writhing and his legs going every which way.

Geeta let him bring her to orgasm, her knees almost buckling as she came and came and came. After she was done, she complemented the man on his technique.

"The only thing is that your legs were jerking around so much I was afraid you were going to kick Alice! But I know how to deal with that," said Geeta. She reached for the second pair of cuffs, and the customer meekly (and foolishly) let his ankles be cuffed together. Meanwhile, Alice continued to work on his rock-hard cock, keeping him so very aroused, but at the same time, no where near orgasm. He couldn't get enough of Alice's beautiful body. She was as black as an African woman can be.

Her areolas were twin circles of pure jet, the nipples long, thick and erect - had the man's hands not been cuffed, he would have been reaching for them. He loved the way Alice's breasts moved slowly back and forth as she jerked him off. So aroused was he that he didn't notice Geeta stepping back from the table, or that she was searching the room.

In less than thirty seconds, Geeta had found the camcorder - a very small and expensive model, hidden in the customer's jacket hung on the wall, only the lens showing. The man had had very little time to set it up - only few minutes before she'd joined him in the room. She wasn't sure it was even pointed straight at the massage table - it seemed pointed a bit too much towards one wall. She assumed (correctly) that the man didn't mind too much if the camera wasn't perfectly centred - he probably went from one massage parlor to another, using his camera repeatedly, needing only one or two videos in every ten to work out, so as to keep his pay website freshly supplied with recordings of unknowing service providers.

She returned to the table and gave the man another kiss. She told him he was in good hands, and that she'd be back soon.

In the waiting area, she telephoned Sharon, the girl who'd had her video posted on the web, explaining that she'd caught a customer filming her. She asked Sharon to drop by and see if she recognized the man. Sharon lived nearby, and broke speed limits and ran red lights to get there quickly.

While Geeta waited for Sharon, she returned to the massage room, where Alice was still keeping the unsuspecting man on the edge of orgasm. She's removed her hands from his cock, and instead was giving him an expert prostate massage. She was milking his prostate, dribbles of cum leaking from him as she worked her magic (in fact, Geeta had taught her this trick - she'd learned it from one of her doctor clients, a urologist). Geeta had brought a blindfold with her, and in no time, had persuaded the customer that nothing enhanced the excitement of a prostate massage like not being able to see or anticipate what was being done to him. Now in addition to being almost incapable of movement, the customer was also blind. In his state of extreme arousal, he did not hear the door open, nor notice the silent

Sharon entering the room. Sharon pointed at the man, and mouthed to Geeta, "That's him!" Geeta stepped out of the room with

Sharon, and they had a quick conversation in the hall.

"That's the bastard!' whispered Sharon. "He had the lights on bright, shades open - he needed good lighting for his camera, the fucker! And now my boyfriend's gone, and it's only a matter of time before someone tells my parents!" Sharon started to cry.

"We can't do anything about your video, but we sure enough can do something about this motherfucker," said Geeta.

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