Neighbor Girl
Chapter 5: Soiled

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 5: Soiled - He meets a single neighbor woman likes to act out the scenes from her CFNM videos

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Masturbation   Exhibitionism  


"But he makes such a mess onto the towel," Yuka commented. "Aren't you worried it might get soiled."

I once again knelt naked in the living room and in front of a coffee table, except this time it was Yuka's living room and Yuka's table. My wife was again masturbating me. And once again, naturally, Yuka sat fully clothed and watched.

"I suppose it does," My wife answered and then thought more about it. "Sperm is so nasty, you know, especially when he expels so much of it!"

The two of them smiled at this remark. I saw them both out the corner of my eye: Katie seated in the closest position and Yuka immediately beside her. I could tell that the two of them liked the humiliation caused by their words. It somehow gave them more power, more control over me: Katie because she once again got to embarrass me, and Yuka because she got to watch.

We had arrived at the back door about an hour before. Katie knocked with one hand while holding my dick with the other. Yuka noticed the placement of her hand right away. I suppose she also noticed my size. Naturally, the big thing stood upright and at attention. Her eyes looked down and her lips smiled to acknowledge it, but then she turned away as though to purposely ignore it.

It was movie night. After greetings and a few brief niceties, we were invited inside. Or rather, Katie was invited. "And bring along your slave too," I remembered Yuka pronounce as she stepped into the living room. I no longer was a person, but a slave that my wife took along when we went out together.

It didn't surprise me that Yuka had a whole library of x-rated movies. I almost expected it. What did surprise me was the fact she kept them all in full view. A combination of tapes and CDs sat neatly stacked side-by-side in a bookcase in her living room. They even had the original wrappers on, along with the pictures of naked men in bindings. I never noticed before, but then I never purposely looked around for x-rated videos either. Who would?

We sat down on the couch: The girls on either side with me neatly jammed in the middle. Yuka selected a movie a lot like the first. That is, the men were slaves and the women masters. The only real difference was the plot, or at least what little of a plot there was. The movie was done in some foreign language - German, I think - but the language didn't make much of a difference.

The opening scene was a room full of naked men rowing at the ores of a slave ship. They were strong-looking men, men with heavy muscles. They sat in what looked like the bottom-most hold of a ship, in a wooden ship, and in a gloomy room that ran most of the length of the ship. The time was that of the Romans, maybe two-thousand years ago, like perhaps in the time of Cleopatra. It was a slave ship where the women most obviously stood in charge and the men served as slaves.

The large quantity of men gave me an initial shock. I counted seven rows of them, two to each ore, and an ore to each side. That made 28 men in all, twenty-eight stripped men working at the ores. How did they ever find 28 men willing to make such a movie? Katie immediately liked it.

The women in the movie, predictably, held whips and wore leather. They also wore high healed black boots and two-piece leather braziers that barely covered the rest of their bodies. I dare say they were dressed sexy enough to get me hard, but then I was already hard. Katie's hand made sure to keep me that way.

Yuka might have made me hard too. She dressed in a button-down blouse that looked like it was about to bust open. Between the buttons lay boob and bra. I couldn't help but see between her buttonholes due to the stretching caused by her swelling mounds. She looked nice. She even looked sexy. My initial suspicions about the size of her boobs appeared correct. Indeed she did have a sizable pair. It looked as though all her walking and other exercises made her loose inches everywhere except her chest.

Meanwhile, back on the television screen, more sexily clad women appeared in the movie. It started with two: a slave-master who walked up and down the center row of men with a whip, and a second woman who kept time by thumping on a large drum in front. But soon, additional women joined the scene. They walked down into the gloomy room and selected amongst the men. The whip-lady in charge unshackled the chosen man or sometimes multiple men from the bench. They were then almost dragged upstairs and out of sight.

This continued several times more. One woman after another walked into the room to select her man or multiple men. It looked like they were proceeding down the ranks: First the captain and then the commander and then the lower subordinating officers. The reason this looked to be the case was because the first few women took the best men. Not only did the first ones look more handsome and carried more muscle, but they looked to have longer dicks.

"Oh, look at that one!" Katie cried out at the sight of the first one.

"Those two aren't bad either!" Yuka pointed at the selection of the next pair.

In only a few minutes, half the men were gone. Those remaining had to row twice as hard to make up for it as the drumbeat continued at the same rate throughout. You could see their extra effort by the sweat it made on their brows.

At first the movie didn't show what happened to the men after they were taken away. All you saw were their naked behinds as they were walked with shackled hands and ankles up the stairs. This, I'm sure, was done on purpose. It was done for dramatic effect, to make imaginations wonder, to make your minds picture what might be going on. Not only mine, but the girls too.

"I bet she's really going to get a good fuck out of that one," Yuka giggled after the selection of an especially well endowed young man by the third officer in charge.

"He's got to be like six inches while still soft!" Katie saw it too.

"And I bet he'll give a full nine inch salute when she gets him up on deck," Yuka joked.

Only later did the movie hint at what was being done to the men. I suspected it all along. Not exactly, of course, but I could pretty much guess at what was being done to the men upstairs. It was confirmed after the first of the men returned.

"Oh my!" Katie stared wide-eyed at the condition of the man upon his return. He wore a partial erection. He also sweated and looked like he had just worked as much as the remaining half of the men who still worked at the rows. But what she noticed most of all, and what I noticed too, was the globby white substance that dripped off his dick-head and lay splattered over his stomach and chest.

"He's been milked!" Yuka spoke with glee.

"Indeed he has!" Katie agreed with delight.

The female officer had most obviously taken him upstairs, laid him down on his back, and then proceeded to masturbate on his cock until she forced him to cumm. He was bound when he left and probably stayed bound the entire time. I suspected the officer hardened his cock and then masturbated upon it while he lay helpless to stop her from doing whatever she could dream up.

A second man returned the same way, and then a third. Each of them returned in the same condition as the first.

Finally, the scene shifted upstairs.

"Goody!" Katie squirmed in her seat with delight.

Naked men lay shackled to the deck. Six of them in all, I counted, lay naked and shackled by their wrists and ankles. Female officers knelt down beside each of them and worked. Some stroked on their cock-slaves. Others sucked them. The third in charge and the one who left with the longest dick was busy riding her's.

Each man naturally wore an erection, and I noticed all of them were blessed with unusually long dicks. Some of the women even talked to each other as they worked. I didn't understand what they were saying because I did not know the language, but I could imagine them talking about the cocks in their hands, mouth, and even the one with a cock up her cunt.

"Look at her ride her buck!" Katie seemed most interested in the woman who was riding her cock-slave.

"Wait 'till you see where she's riding him too!" Yuka hinted at what was to come.

A minute later the woman cried out with what must have been a powerful orgasm. It could have been overacting, but after she rose off him and we all got to see his ten inch cock, I didn't think any acting was involved at all.

Katie got more and more excited as the movie progressed. Her hand kept on my cock the entire time, holding it, squeezing it, and occasionally giving it a quick stroke. Sometimes she would almost let go. Other times she pointed it straight up into the air with a single finger as though she was showing it off to Yuka. The whole time I remained erect and eventually started to give her copious amounts of pre-cumm. Half way through the movie my cock was thoroughly coated. By the time the closing credits crossed the screen, it was drenched.

Yuka looked, and she wasn't at all shy about looking either. I suppose she had already seen the movie numerous times. My dripping cock interested her a lot more. She seemed to look especially close when Katie modeled it for her. The sight of her staring eyes made my juices flow more than usual.

One by one each of the men on the television screen were jerked off into submission. Most of them fought at the beginning. None put up much of a fight. It was as though they had been jerked off many times before, maybe they were even made to do it multiple times per day.

Katie and Yuka made comments while sitting on either side of me. They talked about the men, the size of their cocks, and then about them being masturbated and how much they cummed. They talked right in front of me, a naked man, while I sat between them. They acted as if I wasn't even there.

"Nice cock!" Katie would say about one of the men.

"Wait 'till you see his load!" The sweet young Yuka turned increasingly crude.

Like I said, the movie didn't have much of a plot. It was a simple movie of men being masturbated and then jerked off until they cummed. We watched it until the end, and then it was time to switch to the live show.

"Are you sure his sperm won't soil the towel," Yuka went about her worry. "I don't want him to soil my towel. He might cumm too much jizz for me to wash back out."

"I'm pretty sure he won't," Katie assured her. "I can always stop if you're worried about it."

"Oh no!" She insisted. "Go right ahead and keep going for however long it takes."

It had already taken quite a bit of time. First the movie, and then the live show. Counting Katie's prep time and the walk over, I must have already been hard for about an hour. I did get a little soft a couple times while they watched, but a few quick little strokes by Katie was enough to quickly put me on full display again.

"You know, I've got an idea on how I could keep the towel from getting soiled," Yuka perked up a minute later. She behaved like she had just made a major discovery. I cringed with the thought of what might be up the sleeve of this little vixen.

"Really?" Katie grew curious.

"How about if I take the place of the towel?" She offered. "What if I took the place of the entire table?"

"Take it's place?"

Katie appeared confused. So was I. How could she take the place of the towel and the coffee table? What nasty new idea did she have in her mind?

"It's kind of difficult to explain," She answered with a devious smile. "It would be easier if I just showed you instead."

My wife hesitated. Her stroking action continued unabated. It looked as if this part of the evening was not planned out ahead of time.

"Well, I suppose you could show me."

In the end she agreed, naturally, just as I knew she would. She was willing to agree with anything Yuka suggested.

She also stopped stroking. The two of them got up and moved the coffee table out of the way. It wasn't heavy. With one on each end, they easily lifted the table and placed it out of the way.

Meanwhile, they left me where I was, kneeing on the floor with my hands grasped behind me. I didn't understand. I didn't know what Yuka was up to, but understood enough to know it would somehow involve my cock.

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