Geeta The Teenage Prostitute

by Julia Zenobia

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Julia Zenobia

Erotica Sex Story: After losing her virginity to her uncle, Geeta enters the sex trade, ruthlessly exploiting men for fun and profit.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Interracial   .


Geeta's arm began to tire as she worked her hand up and down her customer's rock-hard penis, trying hard to give him the release he desperately craved. But he'd been drinking before he dropped by the massage parlor where Geeta worked. Geeta often wondered why it took longer for men to cum when they'd been drinking. She preferred the sober customers, not only because they were more polite, but also because without the effects of alcohol in their system, men were so much easier to manage. Geeta was often able to have the man thoroughly jerked off, showered and sent on his way in less than 20 minutes. A fast (but not too fast) turn around time was what this business was all about, that and of course repeat customers. And Geeta had a lot of clients. She was also seventeen years old. She had masturbated literally thousands of men to orgasm (she knew this for a fact - she kept a detailed diary). At the busy small-rise office building in which she worked after school, she would often see a half-dozen customers before it was time to leave, getting home in for dinner at 6. And she'd often work a shift on weekends, sometimes two. She tended to see her good customers during the weekdays. Her work was located near the airport, and on weekends her customers were usually Americans, visiting Toronto on business.

Geeta felt the customer pawing at her breasts - he'd paid extra for her to be topless. It was rare for a customer not to have her at least partially naked. She often received customers while wearing her high school uniform - a simple white blouse and kilt. Her 38C breasts were very prominent under the blouse, which she wore with the ends tied together around her waist, leaving her midriff exposed, and causing her breasts to stand out. The men thought it was great that she was pretending to be schoolgirl, and often remarked that she looked young enough to be believable, most never realizing that the girl stroking their cock was a student at Our Mother of Divine Mercy Secondary School. Only a few special customers knew this about Geeta.

Perhaps a change of scene would make this customer cum faster. Geeta moved from the side to the end of the table so that she was over the man's head. Now she had to bend forward to reach his hard cock, and her breasts fell over the man's face. Immediately he began to suckle one nipple, then the other, squeezing her breasts as if he were trying to milk them.

"That's more like it," thought Geeta. "I'll be through with this one soon."

As she so often did when a man suckled her, she thought back again to her first time. She had just turned fourteen, and was at home watching T.V. with her uncle. Her mother had been in the kitchen cooking dinner. Her father wasn't home yet, and they had visitors - her mother's younger sister, Lakshmi and the sister's husband, Raj. Lakshmi was in the kitchen helping Geeta's mother cook dinner. Lakshmi and her husband were both twenty-eight years old. Raj was an investment banker in downtown Toronto. He was the star of the family, earning very good money. He was also a pervert, as Geeta discovered when she felt his hand curl over her breast. At first she froze in horror, then tried to push the hand away, but Raj kept trying to cup her breast. Geeta leaped up in shock, and ran from the room. She avoided her uncle the rest of the evening, and later when he'd left with Lakshmi, she got her mother alone as soon as she could and told her all about it.

"You stupid little tart!" her mother hissed in Hindi, as she rocked her daughter's face with a stinging slap. "Are you stupid? Do you want to cause a lot of trouble? You shut up about these things, you don't complain -I don't want to hear it. Just stay away from men, missy, and they won't touch you. But if you sit next to them in a room alone, what do you expect? You're fourteen now! Use your head!"

Geeta had fled to her room, crying. Geeta had hated living at home for some time now - a million rules, oppression, and her parents' unbelievable fixation with knowing where she was twenty-four hours a day so that they could keep the boys away from her. "You don't want to be like those Canadian girls!" her mother would warn (in their parlance, "Canadian" was pejorative. "Canadian" girls were white, painted their faces, smoked, got bad marks in school, slept around on their husbands and got divorced). "Stay away from boys - if you mess around with them, how will we ever find you a proper husband when it is time to get you one from home?"

Yes, this was the parental plan for Geeta - she was to live in despair at home, until it was time for them to find her some lout from India they didn't even know, whom they would then force her to marry so that she would have the same misery as an adult that she'd experienced as a child. Presumably Geeta was to raise her own children the same way so that the cycle would continue. Geeta had been enraged at her mother's hypocrisy, protecting her daughter from boys at school (whom Geeta could handle herself no problem), yet leaving her at the mercy of her uncle. She'd decided there and then that she would take control of her life. She would never again look to anyone for protection.

And so the next time her uncle came visiting, he found her again on the couch in the family room downstairs, watching television, and he sat down next to her. He'd been worried - after her reaction last time, perhaps she'd told her parents. But Raj had heard nothing - there'd been no angry calls from Geeta's mother, nor had his wife said anything, thank God. And so he wanted to sit with Geeta again, not with the plan of doing anything to her, but in the hope that he could pretend nothing had happened before.

"Hello Uncle," said Geeta, giving him her beautiful smile that made him leap inside. "Can I get you some tea?" He accepted her offer and waited downstairs while the tea was made. Lakshmi and Geeta's mother were in the kitchen, just starting dinner. Indian food takes a very long time to prepare from scratch. "I'm just getting Uncle some tea and a snack," said Geeta. She knew her mother would approve - her daughter was finally growing up, learning to act responsibly by taking care of men without being told. Geeta knew that if she was attending to her uncle, her mother would not expect her to help cook dinner. It would be a solid ninety minutes before dinner was ready.

She brought the tea down to her uncle, setting it on the coffee table. She turned as if to leave. "Oh do stay, Geeta!' said her uncle. She pretended to hesitate, then sat down next to him, her hands folded primly in her lap. He tried to make small talk with her, and she shyly answered, and as the stilted conversation continued, he moved closer to her on the couch, and in no time his hand was touching her breast once more.

"Uncle, you mustn't!" reproved Geeta. "What if someone should come downstairs?" But she made no effort to remove the hand that was now cupping and even kneading her breast. Although Geeta was very young, she had an intuitive understanding of men. If she'd really wanted to keep her uncle away, she'd have expressed disgust, but she knew that by raising a mere practical objection to her uncle's advances, she was only encouraging him. "No one will come down for at least an hour or more," said her uncle, one hand now firmly cupping her left breast, his other hand stroking her hair. Geeta let him push her gently back against the couch, all the while softly protesting. "You mustn't uncle this isn't right please stop before I get in trouble..."

"You won't get in trouble sweetie I promise!" whispered her uncle, who now kissed her gently on the lips. Geeta placed both hands on his chest, pushing against him, but making sure that she didn't use enough force to really fend him off. She turned to face him slightly as she pushed, so that her back was no longer against the couch. With nothing to hold her up, she found herself being pushed down onto her back, her uncle over her, their lips together, his hands wandering. She turned her head to one side.

"Uncle what are you doing to me? You have to stop! I'm barely fourteen. I've never kissed anyone before! They might hear us upstairs!" She kept her voice in a whisper so that her uncle would know there was no danger of their being overheard. Her head tipped back, exposing her throat as Raj tongued her neck, mad with lust for the beautiful young girl beneath him. Even through her bra and blouse he could feel the nipple he was holding becoming rock-hard. He hadn't planned to do any of this. It just happened, and now he couldn't stop himself. He was relying on Geeta to run away, but here she was beneath him, trapped by his weight. She wasn't going anywhere, and now his lips were on hers again for a long kiss, interrupted frequently by Geeta's urgent protests, which were whispered and ineffectual.

Raj now lay side by side with his niece, his right hand between them clinging to a very full teenage breast, and now his other hand snaked up her back, gently stoking her spine, marveling at the strong, firm flesh beneath his hand. "Oh Uncle you can't do that you just can't oh stop oh ohhhhhhhhh," said Geeta as she felt the wandering hand undo the clasp of her bra while Raj's other hand easily undid the buttons of her school blouse. Now for the first time in her short life, her breasts were exposed to a man, and Geeta was on her back, her uncle kneeling on the floor beside her, kissing her.

"Uncle we shouldn't be doing this," said Geeta, her arms now around him, "It's wrong!" But her voice was still only a whisper, and she was now talking of something being done by 'they', not 'he', and her arms were around him, one hand on the back of his head as he began to lick her nipples. She felt herself start to melt inside. "No, Uncle, no please don't oh Uncle you mustn't oh Uncle ohhhhh" she moaned as she felt her breasts being squeezed, the skin tautening and making her nipples stick out even more as her uncle began to suck on them now.

Raj did not understand what was happening. His niece was repeatedly voicing objections, trying to move away from him, yet not doing what really needed to be done if she was to stop him. He figured that she was too scared about attracting the attention of the adults upstairs. He had no idea about who was really in control. It was therefore with a mixture of lust and trepidation that he began to move a hand up his niece's kilt.

"Oh Uncle you mustn't put your hand there," complained Geeta. "I won't let you touch my leg!" and she moved her left leg out from under his hand. This stopped him touching her leg for the moment, but of course it meant that her legs were now splayed wide. Geeta now lay beneath him, her kilt gaping open, and now his hand gently cupped her mound, Geeta gasping with genuine shock as Raj's fingers began gently to stroke up and down through her underwear on the lips of her cunt. "It's dirty for you to touch me there, Uncle - please don't..."

But now Geeta was having trouble even pretending to resist. She moaned softly in her girlish 14-year old voice as the gentle touching continued, and arched her back up in response to her uncle's renewed suckling at her nipple, her hand at the back of his head pushing him against her. Raj could feel her really responding to him and was wondering just how far this would go. He was encouraged to see Geeta's hips now moving up and down under him, and so he slipped his hand underneath the panties, touching now the moist virgin vaginal lips of the innocent schoolgirl, his hand easily sliding up and down, his niece wet, and now be began to touch her clitoris.

"Uncle oh what are you doing to me down there? Shouldn't we stop? Oh uncle do stop before someone catches us!"

"No one will catch us," assured Raj. "Lift your hips, sweetie!" He was gratified to see his niece comply instantly, and he effortlessly slid her panties down her legs. He sat her back up on the couch, kneeling between her legs, and began to kiss her again, and now she kissed back passionately, their tongues intertwining, her hands moving over his broad shoulders, through his hair, down his back. This time it was he who broke the embrace, gently moving her back while he moved down, and now his head was at her thighs.

Geeta gasped as she felt for the first time a man's tongue on her, like a hot wet snake exploring her core, teasing her at her entrance. Now Raj sucked the girl's clit into his mouth, in and out, in and out, and Geeta felt herself liquefying at the ecstasy. She was in a place she'd never been before. Her fledging masturbatory efforts had not given her pleasure anything like this, and of their own volition her hips now moved up and down, seeking to grind her clit against her uncle's face. She was not even aware that her uncle was undressing himself, and was puzzled when he stopped licking her.

"Oh uncle you stopped is someone coming?" she whispered. "No one, Geeta, there's only you and me," her uncle answered, now kneeling upright again, looking into her beautiful face. He moved raised her legs, putting her feet on either side of her ass on the couch. She moved her hands down his body, and realized with surprise that his pants had been lowered.

"Oh where are your pants? Why are you naked?" But Geeta knew the answer as she felt her uncle's hardness nuzzling her entrance. Instinctively she reached her hand down, grasping at him. "Oh uncle it's so big!" exclaimed Geeta, amazed that she couldn't get her hand around it. "You can't put that in me - there's no way it will fit!" (Geeta would learn later that Indian men are not exactly known for their size, and that Raj was unusual well endowed for his race). Again, Geeta raised only a practical objection to what was being done to her, and this was not enough to stop a young man with a sprawling, naked beautiful teenager beneath him. Raj was absolutely insane with desire for his niece - so young, and surely a virgin, unlike her sister, the bitch! Raj had never gotten over discovering on his wedding night that he was not Lakshmi's first. Since then he'd always wanted to make love to a virgin, but had never had the chance - until now. To him this was wonderful revenge on Lakshmi for disappointing him so cruelly at the start of their marriage.

Geeta felt her uncle's hard cock nestle again at her vagina, just barely moving past her lips. He moved himself up and down with his hand, lubricating the tip of his cock with Geeta's juices. He flicked his penis rapidly on her clit, Geeta moaning as he did so, and now he started to penetrate her, Geeta wrapping her long, slim legs around his waist, making it easier for him and for her.

She felt her uncle stop at her hymen. "Oh don't take my virginity uncle oh please don't I want to save myself for my husband please oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhh OHHHHHHHHHH" moaned Geeta, has she felt her uncle moving in and out now, more and more rapidly, his large cock stretching her vaginal lips and stimulating her clitoris. Now he moved her onto her back on the couch, he on top of her, his cock again pumping in and out, but nowhere near all the way.

"Do you like that, Geeta?" his voice husky. "Yes uncle I do but it's wrong it's so good but we have to stop what if I get pregnant?" Raj began to tongue her ear as the partial fucking continued. He kissed her deeply, she responding to him, and then he said, "Geeta, look at me!" She obeyed, the two of them locking eyes. She continued to stare into his face as she felt him now press harder against her barrier, which strongly resisted him. He pulled back and has he thrust into her once more she pushed back hard and he burst through! There was a brief, sharp pain, and now her uncle's hard organ was free to explore more deeply in Geeta, his shaft invading her and filling her. She hadn't imagined a penis would be so thick - she hadn't dreamed that she'd be stretched like this, or that it would feel so good. Now she lay underneath her uncle, giving herself up to him completely.

Her uncle rode her and rode her, his control excellent, and he was very gratified to see the way Geeta was responding to him. As the fucking continued, her head began to toss from side to side, her breathing getting faster and more shallow. Soon she was panting under him, her lust equal to his, and he felt her building towards orgasm.

"Oh uncle it's soooo good what you're doing oh don't stop keep fucking me fuck me uncle oh goddddddddddddddddd oh godddddddddddddddd!" and now the most powerful orgasm of her young life washed over Geeta, consuming her with pleasure as her uncle started to fuck her like a jackhammer, pulling out almost all the way, then slamming back inside her to the very hilt, over and over with tremendous speed. He could feel the young girl's vaginal walls contracting in ecstasy around his cock, and now he felt himself too reaching the edge.

"Uncle, don't finish in me - I'll get pregnant!" warned Geeta, but she was far, far too late, and now Raj moaned as he began to shoot over and over again into the fourteen-year old girl, his invading cock reaching her very depths, firing off repeated blasts of sperm deep inside her. His orgasm went on and on, and even after he'd finished, he continued to move himself in and out of Geeta's sweet cunt, reveling in her.

Finally his thrusting stopped, and he remained on top of his niece, their arms intertwined, their bodies slick with sweat, his penis gradually softening inside her. He kissed her once more, she eagerly responding, and then the broke apart, quickly getting dressed. Geeta ran to the basement bathroom, feeling wet cum and blood dribbling down her leg as she did so. She washed up, and then so did her uncle.

It was not long before dinner was ready, and the two of them went upstairs, Geeta smiling sweetly at her mother, thinking about the revenge she'd just gotten against her. So her mother didn't want to protect her from her uncle? Fine. She'd just fucked him, and would do so again as often as she'd like.

She got revenge on her uncle too for violating her innocence. What he didn't know is that shortly after the first time he'd touched her, she'd gone to the family doctor, and gotten a pill prescription. When her uncle took her virginity, she knew there was no way she'd get pregnant. But her uncle didn't know that, and when she told him two months (and a number of fucks) later that she was pregnant, he believed her, and paid without question to her the $5,000 she said she needed for an abortion. The price was ridiculous, of course, but he believed her when she said that most of the money was a bribe so that the clinic would do the abortion without a parental consent form being signed.

Once he'd paid money to her the first time, it seemed natural to do so again, and Raj found himself constantly giving the girl cash, along with jewelry and electronic gadgets. He didn't know how this developed, but they had settled into a routine where Raj would pay Geeta after they'd fucked. Soon he was giving her several thousand dollars a month. At first he thought he'd only seduced the girl. Then he thought he'd acquired a mistress - but he was wrong. Geeta was a succubus. After almost a year of this, the amounts getting larger and larger, he found he was spending so much on Geeta that it was depleting his finances - there was a danger that his wife might notice. And so he arranged to be transferred to New York, far from Geeta. He knew that if he stayed in Toronto he'd never be able to stay away from her.

Geeta had mixed feelings about seeing him go. On the one hand, she despised him for taking her virginity. On the other hand, she now had her own bank account, with a balance of just over $30,000. She had saved most of the money she'd earned by fucking him. She wondered how she would replace the earnings that she'd lost with her uncle's departure.

A few months after Raj left, Geeta found herself both horny for sex and also wishing that she could increase her bank balance. She started searching the web, finding out how to make money in the sex trade. She found a website for a local massage parlor, and in no time arranged for an interview with the manager. On the appointed day, before leaving school Geeta changed out of her uniform into normal clothing, doing her best to look older. She was only 15, but she was 5'8" tall and had quite a presence. Although she usually wore contact lenses, for the interview she wore her glasses, making her look a bit more mature.

The manager, a Chinese woman named Mai, was delighted with her new find. The girl was exquisite. Indian girls were very much in demand, but there weren't many in the trade. Everyone liked Indian girls. White guys, black guys, Orientals - they all would go for Indian woman. And Indian men loved them as well. She knew Geeta would be a real money maker. Geeta hadn't fooled her one bit - Mai knew Geeta was underage, but she didn't care about this at all. What with 9/11 and then SARS, the whole entertainment industry had been hurting, and the rub-and-tugs were no exception. And so Geeta quickly found herself hired. Mai made arrangements to get Geeta fake ID, so that if the police ever raided the place, Geeta would be charged under her fake name, the police never realizing that they were dealing with a minor. Mai explained to her how it worked. Geeta made money only on tips. The customers paid $60 at the door for a 30-minute session, which was to culminate in a hand job. If they didn't order "extras", such as topless, nude, nude reverse or bodyslide, then Geeta earned nothing. For topless, the tip was $20, nude was $50, nude reverse was $80 and bodyslide was $100. But the customer could tip more, of course.

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