The Game
Chapter 10

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Amanda Pierce

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 10 - Beautiful women kidnapped. Pawns in a game for the perverted rich.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   DomSub   Humiliation   Interracial  


And so life as Sienna began, willing slave to Coleen, unwilling slave to Carmilita. As the months rolled by, Sienna found herself becoming Coleen's favorite, angering Carmilita who felt cheated of her prize because Sienna was spending so much time with Coleen.

A year passed and although Coleen found a beautiful young woman who she hoped would be chosen as prize, it was Sienna who wore the crown throughout the tournament. Coleen, knowing she might lose her beautiful companion played conservatively, perhaps too conservatively. Twice she hesitated allowed her competitor to regroup and barely managed to win. Fortunately for her, Maurice played well in the early going and Erik and Elena were eliminated leaving her to recover her usual style of play and take the crown once again.

During the ensuing year, it became evident to both Coleen and Sienna that there was genuine affection between them ... Although Salina and Carmilita remained at the villa, they were seldom invited into the bedroom where Coleen and Sienna spent virtually every night together.

Another year passed and again Coleen defended Sienna as her Queen and again fortune smiled on the older woman. She found herself in the finals with Erik and Elena once again and once again prevailed but not without a few moments in which she thought she had lost her beloved Sienna.

"Never again!" she proclaimed afterward. "Never again, will I put you in jeopardy!"

As time wore on Sienna was coming to recognize that there was a fundamental difference between Erik and Elena's ownership and Coleen's. While Erik and Elena had treated her and the other pets reasonably well, it was always evident that the pets were there for one purpose, to please their owners. Coleen, on the other hand, seemed to take a genuine pleasure in seeing her pets enjoy themselves. She showered gifts on them; perfume, jewelry and clothing and included them in almost everything she did and took them with her on most of her travels.

With the third year drawing to a close, Sienna and Coleen spent more and more time talking and sharing each other's company as well as making love. Their conversations covered a wide range of subjects and both women began to respect the intelligence and knowledge of the other. Sienna, at Coleen's prompting told her about her former life and family. Coleen was genuinely touched at the heartbreak Sienna had suffered.

"Do you still miss them?" she asked.

"Yes, very much."

"I'm sorry that you were taken like that. Erik, Elena and I and the others have talked about such situations. I have never and will never take a married woman for that very reason. I could not bear the thoughts of severing a family. I have tried to convince the others to take only single women and preferably those without close family ties, but they argue that limits the availability of such beauties as you. I suppose I must agree, at least to a certain extent, for you would never have come into my life if my own rules had been in effect."

Even though the entire idea of kidnapping and enslavement was reprehensible, Sienna realized that Coleen, unlike any other owner she had encountered, seemed possessed of a conscience. She was truly concerned with Sienna's and the other pets' unhappiness and although she certainly couldn't simply turn them loose, she did everything she could to make their lives as comfortable and "Happy" as possible.

Sienna found her respect for the older woman turning to affection and affection turning to...

"Are you happy here?" asked Coleen one night as they cuddled in each others' arms.

"I'm not sure how to answer that. I miss my family, my husband, my daughter, my former life. Yet, you have given me a life here that is filled with everything imaginable. I have learned much here I would never have learned in my previous life. I have traveled, experienced so much that is new and exciting."

"Including the tournament?"

"Yes, including the tournament which, as you well know, will be coming up shortly.

"I've decided to take you, but hold you back from the competition."

"Is that allowed?"

"I'm not sure. It's never been done before."

Coleen had taught her pets to play the game of Entrapment. While Salina could never quite grasp the strategy and Carmilita showed no interest, it was Sienna who quickly learned the game and the strategies involved. Very few days passed in which Coleen and Sienna did not play a game on the table top sized game board Coleen had had custom made. After several months Sienna managed a stalemate and just weeks before, she actually won her first game. Coleen seemed as delighted as did her beautiful black pet.

"You play so well that I intend to have you play as my partner."

Sienna smiled, a glow spreading throughout. Coleen was proud of her and she was experiencing a feeling of self satisfaction, something she had not felt in a long time.

"I ... I don't know what to say. Thank you," responded the former beauty queen reaching to kiss the older woman gently, both sets of lips tender and sweet.

"Do you enjoy making love with a woman?" asked Coleen.

"I enjoy making love with you," answered Sienna honestly.

"But do you favor a woman over a man?"

"I honestly can't say. The experience, the feelings are so different."

"Do you enjoy it when I use the strap-on?"

"Yes, I love the feeling of you inside me, taking me, but I also enjoy us kissing each other to orgasm as well. I am, perhaps, not experienced with women as much as I should be to afford you the pleasure you deserve."

"Oh you're quite experienced enough!" laughed Coleen pulling back the covers to expose the exquisite naked body lying next to her. "My God Sienna, I've never seen a more beautiful woman."

"Thank you." She looked to her mistress. "A moment ago you asked if I enjoy making love to a woman? I have come to love making love with you. You exhibit a tenderness which no other woman has ever shown me. You give as well as take. Your lovemaking is unselfish. I know my place. I know I belong to you, that I am your possession to do with as you please, yet you have treated me with dignity and respect. You have brought me into your house and, short of giving me my freedom, you have tried to make me happy. For that I shall always be grateful."

"You're a wonderful lover, Sienna."

"As are you, Coleen."

"My dear, I'm afraid I'm falling in love with you."

"I ... I..."

Sienna knew not what to say. She felt the same, her heart having gone out to the older woman some time ago, yet she remained married to someone else. Could she profess her love when there was a life elsewhere, a life that had once been hers?

"Someday there's a question I want to ask you," whispered Coleen.

"Someday I hope to have an answer for you," Sienna replied.

Their lips touched gently at first, then for the first time, it was Coleen who surrendered her mouth to Sienna. Surprised, the lovely slave French kissed her lover to arousal and soon the two bodies were intertwined and lips were kissing labia except that again, for the first time, Sienna was on top in the dominant position.

The pre-tournament exhibition was held that year in France at a secluded Chateau near the Riviera. Everyone was expecting the unexpected from Coleen who did not disappoint. Coleen had secured a beautifully bronzed young woman from Brazil, not that unusual in itself, but as Coleen entered, Sienna on one side and Rivenna on the other, all heads turned. Not only was Rivenna's head shaved, but when the new pets took their places on the pedestals and dropped their gowns, it became evident that Rivenna had had every single hair removed from her body and just as Sienna had been for the last three years, Colleen's new pet was the talk of the exhibit.

The later fight between a blonde and redhead ending in the redhead impaling the blonde with a strap-on was almost an anticlimax as everyone at the exhibit was crowding as closely as possible to get a look at the gorgeous hairless pet -- and additional looks at Sienna.

Sienna realized she was being unreasonable, but she felt a pang of jealousy as Coleen took the girl to their bed later that night. The threesome lasted until the wee hours and Sienna later felt guilty that she had been rather rough in administering the strap-on to the new girl who moaned and groaned with each impalement.

She realized how foolish she had been the next evening as Rivenna was given the night off and once again Sienna had Coleen to herself.

A week later, joined by four other pets who Coleen had flown in from her other residences, Carmilita, Salina, Rivenna and Sienna, along with their mistress were flown to the site of the tournament: Indonesia. Arriving three days early the eight pets were treated to visits to the major tourist attractions as well as restaurants featuring exotic cuisine.

Even the jaded Carmilita seemed impressed and all enjoyed themselves. But it was Sienna who now realized how hard Coleen was trying to make the life of a pet more than just tolerable. She lavished gifts upon them and all enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Despite the fact that the women were kept together most of the time, Carmilita managed to corner Sienna alone in the remains of an ancient temple. Try though she did to resist, Sienna was drawn to the woman and, after throwing her across a stone altar and sodomizing her, Carmilita laughed.

"What a whoring little bitch you are," she sneered.

"I despise you," responded Sienna, pulling her thong back up.

"Yet you can't stay away! I snap my fingers and you come running."

Sienna could only hang her head as the beautiful transsexual spit at her feet and sauntered off.

The games were held in the home of a filthy rich Indonesian oil baron. His family had played both sides against the middle during World War Two and supplied both the allies and the Japanese without the other knowing. As a result when the allies won the war, the family had destroyed all records of their dealings with the Japanese and continued their lucrative dealings with the allies and later China.

The house was actually a retreat, not the residence proper, yet still contained over six thousand square feet of floor space. Tennis courts, swimming pool and exotic gardens completed the grounds.

As luck would have it, their first round pairing was against Erik and Elena. The other games played throughout the day were considered by all to be secondary as many thought the championship would be decided in this first round game.

"Choose your prize," smiled Erik sweeping his hand to indicate the seven pets he was offering.

"This one will do nicely. What is your name, child?" asked Coleen, selecting a lovely Canadian.

"Karen," came back the timid reply.

"We acquired her only a week and a half ago," added Elena smiling. "We had her taken on her honeymoon. Fresh, and learning fast."

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