The Game
Chapter 9

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Amanda Pierce

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Beautiful women kidnapped. Pawns in a game for the perverted rich.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   DomSub   Humiliation   Interracial  


Every seat was taken as all twelve collectors and their entire bevy of pets were present for the finals. Erik looked splendid in his tux while Elena wore a royal blue satin gown, her neck bejeweled with rubies. Coleen also was fetching in a floor length black gown which hugged her every curve. Erik and Elena were both impressed with how well the fifty year old looked. Coleen might never be a beauty queen but the years had been kind and she maintained a trim figure.

As before, Pierre served as master of ceremonies.

"My good friends, it has all come down to this! Erik and Elena versus Coleen!" There was applause and good natured laughter. "Now if the players will please step forward and choose your prizes."

"After you," said Erik gesturing.

"The choices keep getting harder," said Coleen as she walked down the line admiring Erik and Elena's pets. "But Carmilita tells me you are exceptional, my dear," she smiled, holding Ebonita's face in her hand briefly. "This one!"

Ebonita was fitted with the crown while Erik and Elena chose an especially attractive Mexican with flashing eyes, her long black hair reaching to her waist.

With the choices made, the players and pets took their positions.

As champions, Erik and Elena were given the first choice of moves.

"Defer," said Erik as he and Elena had agreed.

"K-3 to C-4" said Coleen and the game was underway.

Both were cautious through the first dozen moves or so, not wishing to make any rash move which might cost them dearly. Playing a piece light in Chess is not necessarily fatal, but in Entrapment, if not fatal it certainly put one at a decided disadvantage.

A half hour into the game they were still parrying and thrusting but neither with any conviction. Then when Coleen reversed, Erik looked to Elena who nodded.

K-4 to F-5" he said, feeling very self satisfied. Yet Coleen slipped the trap and wound up in a slightly advantageous position.

"Her game is better -- much better," whispered Elena.

At last there was an exchange of knights, but no advantage for either side. Ebonita tried to keep her eyes straight ahead but could not help a sideward glance now and then at Carmilita who once caught her eye and smiled coyly from the other side of the board. Again Ebonita felt her heart flutter. Why was this happening she thought? The woman had beaten her physically then raped her. By all rights she should hate the woman, yet her acknowledgment of Carmilita being bigger, stronger and more powerful filled Ebonita with an excitement both psychological and sexual.

"K-3 pivots clockwise," said Erik after he and Elena felt they had tested Coleen's defenses long enough.

"K-2 to F-4," responded Coleen.

Erik looked to Elena with consternation. The move made no sense to either of them. It opened up Coleen's flank to their strong knight side. "K-6 takes knight," said Erik.

"K-4 to B-3," announced Coleen.

Again there was a look of incomprehension between the husband and wife. Coleen had just exposed her other flank drawing her defenses to an area of the board where they would do little good.

"K-1 takes knight," said Erik sensing victory.

Another woman was stripped of clothing and sent to the sideline.

"Down two, Coleen. Care to concede?" Erik asked graciously.

"Not just yet," she replied.

What followed was a series of moves in which Erik and Elena were marshaling their forces, preparing for a feint to the right lateral while the main thrust would drive home with a frontal assault. Coleen seemed to be playing strictly defensively now, moving here and there to counter seeming threats, her play looking almost desperate.

A short consultation and the two decided it was time to dispatch their opponent once and for all.

"K-1 to E-3."

Coleen's response was a blocking move.

"K-1 to C-5."

Again a blocking move.

Erik looked to Coleen. Their five knights were now poised to obliterate Coleen's three.

"Queen to D-4," said Erik and he and Elena smiled at each other for they anticipated this move would bring concession.

"K-4 to D-3 and rotate - I believe that's entrapment.," said Coleen.

There was a moment of deadly silence. Suddenly the room erupted in pandemonium as Erik and Elena could only sit in stunned silence as what Coleen had just done struck home.

Now those seemingly stupid moves made all the sense in the world. It had not been them, but Coleen who was stealthily preparing the trap. Her seemingly random moves after going down two knights were actually positioning moves, hard to detect because they seemed defensive at the time. Instead she had been, move by move, positioning herself, allowing them to take the bait and they had swallowed it hook line and sinker.

By chance Ebonita and Carmilita had ended the game within two squares of each other.

Ebonita, dazed and heartbroken said to no one in particular, "But what happens now?"

"Carmilita smiled. "It means you come home with us!"

The beautiful black turned to find Erik and Elena beside her.

"I'm so sorry, my dear. We never dreamed..."

"We'll be glad to buy her back," began Erik. "Just name your price."

"No, I think not," replied Coleen. "She is indeed a lovely prize. I am going to enjoy her for a long time to come."

I'm sorry," Erik said reaching to take hold of the gown.

"No, please," cried Ebonita. "You promised!"

But with no choice, Erik ripped the gown form her and Ebonita stood naked before the collectors and pets. The collectors had all seen her naked at the exhibit but the sight of that perfect body, skin and face still brought a few "oohs" and "ahhs."

"I ... I am yours. Do with me what you will," sobbed the black beauty as she handed the crown to Coleen.

Coleen saw the tears in Ebonita's eyes. "Now, now my dear. No need for tears. Everyone just wants to admire you."

She took the black hand in hers and together they walked the circumference of the board while collectors and pets alike (though they didn't want to admit it) were in awe of the magnificently beautiful woman who now belonged to Coleen.

"Get her another gown please," said Coleen when they arrived back at their starting point. Collectors were filing by to congratulate Coleen and console Erik and Elena who were still stunned at the way the game had turned so suddenly.

"Come my dear," said Coleen, "the night is still young!" and with that she swept them away to her waiting limo where they ate a sumptuous dinner and danced at three different night clubs.

Ebonita had caught sight of Carmilita twice and once in dancing the two had crossed paths.

"I'll have you again," Carmilita whispered in her ear as their bodies touched on the dance floor for but a moment. Ebonita shivered to think of the possibility, not sure whether the shivers were because of fear, excitement or both.

When they finally returned to the hotel suites, the other pets were dismissed for the night while Ebonita and the Italian girl Coleen had won the night before were invited to their new mistress' suite.

"Dance for me," smiled Coleen, just a bit tipsy from the wine.

Ebonita and Salina began a slow and sensuous swaying of hips. Both began stripping seductively and Ebonita noticed that Salina was much younger than she had thought. The girl couldn't have been more than seventeen at most. Her body as well as her face was certainly attractive, but would become even more so in another two or three years. But the girl had already learned to make herself desirable and her movements were sensual and arousing.

"Make love my darlings," cooed Coleen and the two pets closed the distance between them as their dance continued. When the thongs of both women were at last discarded, they danced naked for several seconds before their bodies touched and lips brushed then pulled away only to be drawn together again. The kiss was light, then romantic and finally passionate. Hands found breasts and buttocks, crept up backs and found every crease of legs and thighs. Salina's kisses of Ebonita's breasts were definitely arousing and although she had not expected to enjoy this, Ebonita found petting the other woman quite enjoyable. Her own kisses, first of the girl's mouth, then her throat and neck were met with arousal as well. Both women were working themselves into a state of sexual desire and Coleen was enjoying every minute of it. Ebonita felt a finger penetrate her slightly then withdraw, then reenter. The girl was very good for Ebonita could feel the desire building. Her own fingers found Salina's anus and first lightly stroked the small dark target until it puckered around her finger. Next came a slight penetration and the girl was breathing heavily.

"You want each other, don't you?" asked Coleen, her own body writhing in sexual anticipation.

"Yes," they answered in unison.

"Then enjoy each other. I'll take you both afterward."

Ebonita and Salina were soon into the classic sixty-nine position, Salina on the bottom. Each licked and teased the other before their tongues found labial lips and the lovemaking began in earnest. Each was determined to bring the other to climax and so bodies humped mouths in ever faster tempo until both women screamed as the avalanche was loosed and their bodies shook violently in unison.

"Now my darlings, now!" cried Coleen and both women were instantly beside her licking, touching and sucking her every orifice. It is said that older women take longer to orgasm, but if so, Coleen was the exception. While Salina was tasting Coleen's orgasm, Ebonita was kissing her rectum, then both younger women reversed roles and Coleen climaxed again.

On her knees, Coleen then provided cunnilingus to Salina who lay on her back, legs spread while Ebonita brought her mistress to ecstasy again with both fingers and tongue from beneath.

A short rest followed, the two pets curled up beside Coleen who asked Ebonita to tell of her former life.

"It seems so long ago. I was married. My child was two."

"Do you like the name Ebonita?"

"Not particularly. It is a name given to me by Erik and Elena."

"What were you called before?"

" Tammy."

"Would you like to go back to being called Tammy?"

"I ... no. That was a different life. I am no longer that person."

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